Western RP Transcripts (edited)


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Nov 10, 2008
30 March, First Session (part one, new arrivals, a missing person)
Michael is escorting a caravan west, to a small frontier town built around an old fort. Originally used as a post for the Dwarven Empire to guard against the Savages of the West, the fort was abandoned for a time; but with the recent Southern victory against the North, human refugees have steadily moved to frontier towns such as these. Michael is on foot, walking at the front of the caravan with another gunman named Saul. Saul is decent company--he barely ever speaks, and never more than necessary.

Michael, a Tetragene of dark complexion, walks with his upper set of arms crossed and his lower set hanging loosely at his sides. His two normal eyes are closed, and his upper third eye is squinted and looking ahead. On his body he wears a custom-tailored tan duster, the front open and revealing his bare chest, and a pair of tan cotton pants on. Strapped to his waist are four revolvers, two in cross-draw positions, and two in straight-draw positions just behind them.

DM62: It's evening, and rain is pouring down upon the caravan. Walks-Softly, the expedition's native guide, returns to the front of the expedition from scouting ahead. "Not far. One hour, or two. Sign." He points ahead to a wooden sign, worn and barely visible a little ways ahead of the group. Saul gives a small nod, and the guide disappears further down the trail again.

Michael: "Tellin' you, Saul, this rain is going to be the death of us." Michael says as he continues walking, his two eyes opening to look around at the terrain as they walk.

DM62: Saul's response is a nod, followed by spitting a black and foul spittle onto the mud--he's chewing tobacco as usual. Saul wears two pistols in a heavy sash, cross-draw, and carries a large bowie knife in his boot. Within a few moments, Saul and Michael can read the sign: "Fort Wilreph" on top, then "one mile" under it in smaller writing. Saul shrugs at the sign, continuing. The caravan is moving along behind the guards at its usual slow pace.

Michael looks at the black gunk Saul spit out, shaking his head as he looks ahead, hoping to see the fort soon.

DM62: Saul and Michael arrive at a fork in the trail, and can look down to see the town situated in a small valley. Above it, to the right along the same ridge that the caravan is on, is the desiccated ruins of the old wooden fort. To the left, the trail runs left and right down a series of switchbacks, designed to prevent rain and use from turning the trail into an eroded stream. Saul spits again, and points down the trail to the left. "Atta way."

Michael nods and follows Saul's urging, his upper arms still folded over his chest as they lead the Caravan onward.

DM62: The town is built along a single muddy main road, with secondary roads running on either side through the town, and alleys between the buildings every so often. Almost every door is closed, though lights can be seen within. A little ways into town, the caravan's leader, Marcus, rides up atop his brown stallion. "Gentlemen, a job well done." He hands a small sack of coins to Saul, and another one to Michael. "Twelve dollars on arrival, plus the twelve you got at the start. I recommend Sal's Saloon--you can get a cot for the night, and someone to keep it warm for you, too." The fat merchant rides back to get the caravan ready to disperse.

Michael takes the sack of coins and stores it in one of his duster's pockets, nodding at Marcus "You take care." he says, before the merchant walks off, and the Tetragene heads towards the saloon.

DM62: Saul shrugs and pockets the pouch, then walks to the saloon behind Michael. The saloon itself is clean and dry. A well-fed minotaur is working behind the counter, serving drinks to a few patrons. He's huge--clearly strong and muscular, but sporting a massive pot-belly as well. He snorts at the two new arrivals. "Wipe the mud off your boots and take your coats off, gents, or get the fuck out."

Michael enters and smirks, wiping his boots off on the outer edge of the door, and retrieving his money from his duster before taking it off, hanging it on a rack nearby. "Least you don't take one look at me and give me the boot." he says, walking towards the bar with an intent to get something to drink.

Willow: "They're pretty tolerant of odd ones, here." A woman spoke up from the far end of the bar. She was human, but clothed and adorned like Walks-Softly had been, in the style of the halfling natives, simple leathers and odd paint on her body, a necklace with a small skull hanging from her neck.

DM62: The minotaur stands to his full height, his horns almost brushing the ceiling. He pulls out a pair of small lockboxes, opening each with a different key. "You gents'll need to check your weapons. That knife, too." He then produces a bottle of whiskey. "And it looks like you've come a long way... I can take care of your drinks, or we have lovely girls like Willow that can address other needs. Just gotta pay me for the room, and Willow for... whatever. Five dollars a fuck, plus two more if you plug a girl in the ass. And if you want, you can buy a bottle off me and take it with you and one of our ladies. The deluxe service." He snorts, eyeing the weapons suspiciously.

Michael reaches his hands down to draw his weapons out by the cylinder rather than by the handle, holding them out to place in one of the boxes, before reaching back behind him and pulling a pair of thick hunting knives out from crossed sheathes on the back of his belt to also put inside of the box. "Willow, huh? Where'd a Human get a name like that? And why's she all trussed up like one'ah them?"

DM62: Saul also complies with the weapons rule. The large minotaur locks the boxes, handing a key to Michael and a key to Saul. "You don't claim these in five days, we keep your weapons. As for Willow's name and story... well, you should probably ask her. As long as you pay for her time, first." He places the locked boxes under the counter. "You gents be wanting that drink?"

Michael: "Now that I know how good the prices are, I think I'll pay for a night with her." Michael says, doling out the appropriate money and pointing a thumb at Willow.

Willow: "Hehe, the story is usually part of the deal, aye. I will tell you though, It's not as worthwhile as the rest." She said with a knowing smirk, which broadened some as he agreed to pay, giving a gracious nod.

DM62: "Whoa there. You just give me a dollar for the room for the night. You don't give the five to me... I ain't gonna fuck you. You give the five to Willow. Or seven." He takes one dollar from the pile of money, putting it in something behind the wooden bar.

Michael clenches the money back into his hand, looking over at Willow. "What say we go ahead and get settled?" he asks, taking his key in one of his other hands.

DM62: Saul settles himself at the bar, buying a bottle for himself. A slender elf female offers him her services, which he turns away with a grunt and a head shake. He pours himself a shot, the first of many. The minotaur (whom Willow would know as "Gorey" Jimmy, or just "Gore") begins polishing an unoccupied part of the bar with a rag, done with the Tetra for now.

Willow: The woman stood, looking up at him with a smile. "Absolutely. Right this way." She said, taking one of his hands and leading him towards a hall in back. The third door on the left was hers, the woman opening it and leading him inside. A rather large bed occupied most of the space, but there were a few chairs as well, and a corner with a dresser for her own things. Plants dominated most of the walls, carefully grown from ornate pots lining them. "I think the chairs may not accommodate, but the bed is quite sturdy, I promise." She said in a playful tone, turning to face him once she shut the door. "So, what do you wish, hmm? Storytime, or something else?"

Deputy Loveless: Back in the town, a figure on a horse rides into the rain-soaked streets, a wide-brim hat and large duster coat helping to keep the figure from getting drenched. While there wasn't much to see of the figure beyond those two features, the hazel-brown braid down the back plus the substantial swell at the front helped identify a woman under this garb. Moving to a hitching post and securing the horse, the figure moves towards the bordello, but for a different mission than the men before...

Michael smirks as she leads him on, moving to sit on the bed when she offered. "How about a little of both? You tell me about that paint and that clothing while I ogle you. Then we get to have some actual fun." he says, leaning back and resting his lower hands on the bed behind him.

DM62: The minotaur looks up as the woman enters the saloon. "Evenin', deputy. You mind wipin' off them boots and hangin up your jacket? Sal's been in a mood, and she can't abide a mess." He stands, looking at the female deputy with about as much courtesy as a callous minotaur can muster.

Willow: "Works for me, mhmm." She said with a smile, standing in the open and shifting slightly, turning some to let him ogle all he wanted. "It's simple enough, really. I was raised by the locals. Story was they found me after a bandit attack on a caravan, only survivor. Raised me as their own, though I think I started looking over all their heads from my tenth year or so." She explained. "Even taught me their magic. I was gonna be one of their shamans."

Deputy Loveless: The deputy pauses at the door after entering before giving a short nod, sliding her boots on the mat and shrugging off the large duster coat. Underneath the coat was a simple pair of slats that fed into the boots, with chaps across those, a rawhide vest and a blouse struggling to contain the ample chest of the woman. She gave a groan as she shook her hat out, revealing a short set of horns and a pair of cow ears that was messed into her hair. Also noticeable is that this lass is a walking arsenal- a rifle, sawed-off shotgun and revolver all hang along her curves and back in various holsters and sling positions, all in easy draw reach. "Aw, what gave me away? Don't worry, I won't be long, pardner. Just need to ask if you've seen someone..."

Michael: "Oh? So how'd you end up charging handsome gentlemen like me for a night alone with you, hm?" Michael says, observing her and actually moving to stand slowly. "Not that there's anything wrong with that. You're a damn sight better than some of the other Frontier working women I've seen." he says, approaching her from behind, though keeping his hands to himself for the moment.

DM62: "Gorey" Jimmy is unable to resist staring at the ample breasts of the deputy. Unable to tear his eyes away from her chest for more than a few moments, he stammers a little. "Uh, come on, deputy. I... uh... never forget a face. But how can I have... I mean, how can I help you?" He exerts an incredible amount of will to look the deputy in the eyes for a moment.

Willow: "That bits... A little more personal, I fear." She said in a sadder tone, leaning in towards him a bit. "But suffice it to say, I won't be going back any time soon. I do thank you for the compliment, though." She added quickly, her tone brightening again.

Deputy Loveless: The deputy moves to the bar herself now, giving him a slightly sour look, as if she's tired of this being one of the first reactions someone sees of her. "I got wind of some feller having moved into the gambling rings round these parts. Some dapper southern snake who's clearing the houses out of even the pennies before they can even tell that he's swindling them. This feller wouldn't have happened to have pass through and have a go at your customers, did he?" she asks, leaning onto the bar, with the added side effect being her curved backside was giving a bit more prominence to the lucky gents behind her, and a glimpse at the short, wispy cowtail that stuck out from under her chaps.

Michael smirks as she speaks. "Well, then, I hope they don't mind me putting my grubby hands all over you." he says, reaching his upper arms around to fondle her breasts, his lower hands moving around her waist to reach down towards her more erogenous zone. "You ever sleapt with a Tetragene before, darlin'?" he asks as his hands grope her breasts through her clothing.

DM62: Jimmy pours a whiskey shot for himself and one for the deputy. "On the house, ma'am." He clears his throat. "I, uh... I ain't seen nobody like that round here. And I... don't think you'll ever see them round here, either." He raises his shotglass, hoping to share a drink with the buxom lawwoman. "And I mean... ever again. Ma'am."

Deputy Loveless: Loveless takes the glass, giving him a withering stare. "'Ever again'? Come on, Jimmy. If ya seen him, lemme know and I'll stuff him where he belongs. Stuffed in the huscow with all the other swindlers and vipers." She glances behind herself reflexively, ensuring that it's not just her figure that's giving her that crawling 'being watched' feeling.

DM62: Jimmy leans over the bar, moving close to the cowgirl. He looks her in the eye, a little nervously. "You... ain't followin' me, deputy. I ain't seen nobody like that. Ain't nobody here seen nobody like that. People like that... sometimes they just move out of town and never, ever come back. You... uh... you understand? You're wasting your time."

Willow: "Mmm, I'm sure they don't." She said softly, leaning into him as he started to slide his hands over her. "To be honest, I have not even met one, before. You seem to know what you're doing, though." She purred, her own hands sliding behind her to run across his belly and the sides of his hips, rubbing her own hips across his thighs.

Michael: "I make it a point to spend the first of my earnings on a woman in every new town I come across." Michael says, holding her against him as he grips at her lower clothing "What do you say we get you out of this stuff and I can show you just how good a Tetragene can be with his hands?"

Deputy Loveless: She frowns, giving a light swill of the drink. "In that case... You wouldn't happen to have heard the not-existing direction this person you never seen or heard of, would you?" she says simply. "Because with or without you, I got a job to do myself, sir. Take or leave it, I don't care, but obstruction of justice?" A low whistle leaves her lips. "Well, a place like this could get shut down for that. Bit of a shame..."

Willow: "Oh my, how generous." She giggled. "I think we shall. But let's free you as well. Perhaps I'll show you a thing or two new, as well." She teased, spinning in his grip to face him, a sultry grin on her face.

DM62: Jimmy snorts, downing his whiskey shot. "Deputy... we been here for a while. And you know that Sal... and Sheriff Felborn... are close. You might also notice that while the Sheriff asked you to look into this, he ain't lookin' none too hard himself. He's gonna give you a hard time when you can't find this... person. And then nobody will ever talk about it again." He pours another shot for himself. "Think about it, deputy."

Michael's hands loosen as she spins in his grip, moving to grip at her buttocks and his upper hands working to free her of her top. Soon, his lower hands drift up to help remove her own clothing, making no effort to stop her from putting her own hands on his body and clothing. "I make it a point to make sure I give as good as I get, even with working women." he says, arousal apparent in his voice as his third eye closes.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Western RP Transcripts (edited)

30 March, First Session (part two, going to the pigs, a good porking)
Deputy Loveless: "Mind, I don't mean nothing against you Jimmy, and I respect the sheriff, but I wasn't made a deputy to sit on my laurels for my good look's sake. I want to do good, and there's more filth on them plains than that there rain will wash out. I don't care how much people jus want to swipe whatever is going on under the rug, but I'm not gonna quit," Lawless said back, having drowned her own shot between her little speech. "I can understand you not being willing to stick your neck out, but come on. Any leads, please? I can even promise to pay ya back out of my paygrade for what ya had swindled." She's giving a slight puppy-dog pout at him now, begging for any scrap to work with. Poor dear, first real position of this type...

Willow: "Mmm, Much appreciated, I'm sure." She answers back, her own clothing just a few laces short of falling off her already, which was a bit surprising, given how well together it seemed to look at it. Her own hands slid over his skin, sliding under clothes and teasing them away deftly, seeming well practiced. Once they were both naked, she pressed in close again, her skin warm and soft as she urged him towards the bed again. "How much have you tried with these other women, I wonder?" She said softly, her hands teasing his hips and thighs between them, staying away from his bits for the moment.

DM62: "Look... deputy... this person never existed as far as the rest of the world is concerned. And anyone who... dug too deep... wouldn't be exactly safe. I wanna help you. And anything else, I'm your man. I'm... I like ya, Loveless. Digging too deep into this one would be bad for you. Bad for your career, bad for your health. And the little that I don't know would prove useless, even if somehow I... started knowing it."

Michael: "Never gone much further than petting and a rough fuck. Not a fan of sticking it in the other hole either." Michael says as his lower arms grab her ass and pull her against him, his upper hands wrapped around her torso, pulling her breasts into his chest as his member starts to harden.

Deputy Loveless: Loveless gives a sigh, rubbing her temple for a few moments, her ears slowly drooping. "Damn it all... I know Jimmy, I know. But this, well, I can't just let some pretty little punk ass city slicker walk all over us just because we're out in the boonies, connections to bury us or not. If I can't get the info from you, fine. Back to good ol' fashion footwork as usual. Thanks for the whiskey, Jim, hopefully I won't be hobbling back here." The deputy pushes herself off the bar and straightens her hat a little, going to retrieve the heavy coat and head out.

DM62: "Deputy, wait." The minotaur come around the bar, gently taking Loveless by the shoulder. "Look. Them city slickers that come round here... they don't get to walk all over us. That's what I mean when I say... you won't ever meet them. Because nobody will ever see them again. So don't go thinkin' we're lettin' anyone walk all over us here. Just understand that... problems like this have a way of quietly getting worked out. Forever."

Willow chuckled, sounding a little breathless from the tight embrace, feeling him swell between their forms. "Hmmf... I Have quite a few other talents, if you like to experiment. Someone of your size though, may have to play a bit nicer than usual, when we make it that far." She teased, pausing to kiss him along his upper shoulder blades.

Deputy Loveless: Loveless pauses as she lets the words sink in, before getting a light hiss and a shake of her head. "Vanishing off the god's green earth, assisted or otherwise isn't due course. Even if he is a snake, he dserves the law. And dammit if it's gonna take me all week and my badge that's just what I'm gonna do, Jimmy." Shrugging off the minotaur, she slides the duster over her collection of guns and goes for the door. "And dammit Jimmy how many times have I told ya'll to call me Margaret!?!" she shoots back on her way out to her horse.

DM62: Jimmy sighs, talking quietly to himself as the deputy huffs off. "Margaret... you'd probably find him if you ate a pig from that gnomish pig farm at the ass end of town." He shrugs, moving back to the bar.

Michael: "Well, I'm only rough when she likes it." Michael says, chuckling as his lower left hand reaches around her and presses his middle finger against her slit and slowly teasing her. "But first, let's get you ready." he says, as his member now stands at full size, a ful eight by two. "That is, if you think you can take me. I know plenty of women say I'm too big for them."

Deputy Loveless: As she was almost out of earshot, a parting flick sending a five dollar coin towards Jimmy was Loveless's only reply, the cowgirl yet again all bundled up and headed for her horse. Giving the steed a gentle pat and a muttered 'I gotta get a poncho for you, fella, if this keeps up," she gently mounts the horse and rides towards the indicated pig farm, her tail flicking behind herself now.

Willow: The woman cooed a bit at the attention, spreading her legs a bit wider for him as he started to tease, her eyes widening a bit as she felt the fullness of him on her belly. "Mmm, why now. Might take some doing, but it feels fun, for sure." She purred back, shifting back some. "Should I have a taste first, perhaps?" She asked, the Tetra feeling her nipples stiff upon his own chest.

DM62: Jimmy catches the coin, sliding it into a pocket in his britches. The deputy reaches the far end of town, frequented by the poor, the addicted, and the gnomes from far to the west. The small pig farm is guarded by an impressive looking gnome with a long, flowing mustache, dressed in foreign silks with his arms crossed over his chest. He looks up at the mounted deputy, silently. Two other gnomes move up to stand behind him, knives tucked into their sashes.

Michael: "Well, if you really want it, I'm not going to stop you." the Tetra says, licking his lips and working his middle finger up and down her slit teasingly, his upper hands moving up to rest on her shoulders and lightly press down, showing he actually means yes.

Deputy Loveless: Arriving at a hitching post and settling her horse in, Loveless slid from the saddle and eyed the gnomes guarded the entry with a bit of a raised eyebrow. She slides an arm out of the sleeve of the duster, holding it inside the bulky coat with a comfortable distance near her sliced-up twelve gauge. She approaches calmly though, watching for the slightest twitch of them reaching for their own weapons. "You the owner of this place?" she asked, indicating the richly-dressed gnome in the center with a tilt of her hat-covered head.

DM62: The gnome raises a hand, shaking his head at the guards. He turns back to the deputy, speaking with a thick accent. "You buy? Pork?"

Willow just chuckled, sliding down under his grip to seat herself below him, himself seated on the side of the bed. she gripped at his base, holding his manhood steady as her tongue flicked out, running along and around his shaft.

Deputy Loveless: "Nope, on business." Loveless gently slides her visible hand into her jacket and pulls out her badge, showing it off and sliding it back in. "You see a man around here? Well-kept, gambler type?" Her eyes are still watching the two in the back as much as the one she's speaking to as she speaks. "I heard he was down this way, so no telling me porkies, ya'hear?" Heh, she couldn't help it on that last one.

Michael rests his upper hands on the woman's shoulders, his lower hands reaching down to grip at the edge of the bed. "Mmmm. If that's your idea of tasting, I'd love to see your idea of a feast." he says, his manhood twitching as she licks at him.

DM62: The joke seems to mean nothing to the well-dressed gnome, who shakes his head. "No man. No gambler. Sell pork." He adopts a somewhat sterner expression upon hearing that the deputy was not a potential customer, but neither he nor his guards make any threatening gesture.

Willow: She paused long enough to answer, looking up at him with a grin. "Ask and ye shall receive." She purrs, before dipping down and taking his head into her mouth, her tongue swirling around his cock head.

Deputy Loveless: "I... see. You'd not mind if I take a look around at any rate? I admit, it's not often I get to see such... fine establishments such as these," she adds a bit. "Cides, maybe you can talk me into a sale while you're at it. Still need to get a meal eventually today, and all that..." Clearly, she's reasoning that the best way to get in would be through his wealth.

Michael: The Tetra groans as she takes him into her mouth, his upper hands moving from her shoulders to rest on her head. "That feels very good. I wanna feel more. Eat to your heart's content."

Willow: "Mmm..." Was her only response, her head slowly working the first few inches of his shaft, his width filling all of her mouth, though she seemed to do well at keeping her teeth out of the way. Her other hand slid along his thighs, softly cupping his balls, a finger teasing the sensitive spot just under them.

DM62: The gnome nods, walking with his guards and the deputy in a circle around the pig farm. The guards walk a little behind the deputy. The pig farm itself is not very impressive--twelve pigs are eating an unidentifiable slop from a trough, in an area enclosed by wooden slats. There's a very small office/living space in what would barely qualify as a shed, an area where the meat is cut and salted, and then there's a meat house where various pork parts hang on hooks.

Michael groans as he twitches inside of her mouth, his hands pressing lightly on her head to urge her to take more of him inside of her.

Willow: The woman lets out a slow groan, his cock head tapping at the back of her throat as she takes him in even deeper, her body slowly writhing beneath him as she works.

Deputy Loveless: Loveless mostly nods her way through the discussion, not really paying very much attention beyond the mention of the meat house. She's thinking about what Jimmy suggested and what was discussed thus far... While they're moving through the meat house, she takes a closer scrutiny at the areas around the place, looking for potential hiding places, nooks... hell perhaps if some of the meat didn't look anything like pork...

DM62: There doesn't seem to be anything hidden. An offensive odor reaches the deputy's nose--the pig farm is rather close to the town dump, and occasionally a good breeze will waft the stink over the area. The tour completed, the gnome turns to the deputy with a smile. "You buy. Pork?"

Michael: The Tetra leans back as all three of his eyes begin to roll back, approaching his orgasm slowly. "I hope you're hungry. Cus here comes your meal." he groans out, his testicles pulling tight against him and his shaft twitching, before he starts to spray his seed into her mouth, his hands holding her head to prevent it from backing off any more.

Deputy Loveless: "I admit, I am.. impressed," she manages to get out through a forced smile without sounding too insincere. The dump is close to the pig farm... maybe... She does buy some small jerky portions if only to appease the gnome, though her suspicion on the man is nowhere near sated. Who needs a pair of toughs to care after pigs, after all? Instead, she moves from the farm to her horse, and makes a point to take a wide-angle approach to the dump soas to not let the gnomes see her head straight there.

Willow moans, starting to pull back before he stops her. Despite her reluctance though, she swallows his release with little issue, a few lines of it slipping from her lips to trail down his shaft. Once he finished, she tried again, slipping off his shaft with a light slurp. "Mmm... I do hope you have more, Dear. I wasn't planning on wearing you out that soon." She purred, climbing onto his lap slowly.

DM62: The dump is a pile of refuse and junk... anything that won't burn easily, really. It smells to high heaven--rotten meat and vegetables, decomposing and being eaten by flies. A scrawny dog scampers away at the deputy's approach.

Michael inhales deeply and then sighs as she finishes up, looking down at her with his third eye, the other two closed. "Well, my kind were bred for endurance. I'd be a damn sorry Tetragene if I couldn't go more than a couple rounds." he says, grinning as his hands begin to roam her body. "Turn around. I want you to feel good too." he says, obviously referring to how she was climbing up onto him for a second round.

Deputy Loveless: Tying her horse to the fence of the dump- much to it's protesting- Loveless wrinkled her own nose with disgust. Even the rain wasn't washing the stench out, this was gonna get messy... Still, she moves through it, specifically looking for the fragment of dump near the pig farm. If they were acting as a 'disposal' of some kind, they'd probably not bother to drag parts through the main fragments of the dump...

Willow: "Mmm, I think that will happen pretty definitely." She purrs, licking the last of his cum from her lips, before leaning in to kiss and suck on his neck for a brief moment. "But I can do just as much from there, as well." She finishes, turning away again and leaning backwards, draping herself across his chest.

DM62: The deputy manages to locate a portion of refuse that looks like it may have come from the pig farm. Detached cloven hoofs and rotten pork assail the deputy's sense of smell relentlessly. The deputy does spot a small bit of white in the pile. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a pair of humanoid teeth--one canine and one incisor.

Michael's lower hands move to her hips, positioning them over his still-hard cock, as his upper hands reach up and grope at her breasts. "You seem like you're ready, so here goes." he says, before guiding her down to press his member against her folds, his upper hands working her breasts slowly.

Willow: "Mmm, I am." She agreed, her arms grabbing his wrists, helping support herself for the start, feeling the pressure on her lower lips. "Nice and sloooooow, Mmm..." She moaned, felling him split her wide and start to fill her, head rolling back to rest on his chest.

Michael: The Tetra grunts as he starts to slowly thrust his hips in and out, his lower left hand moving to reach in front of her and press his index finger against her clit. "Feels good, being fucked and fondled by someone with more than two hands, doesn't it?" he asks, slowly working to bury himself deeper.

Deputy Loveless: Quietly, she bends down, giving a grunt as she picks up the teeth- evidence, but one could argue that it was circumstantial. Dammit... so close and yet... She thought quietly to herself, trying to think of her options now. The farm didn't have too much for security beyond it's goons, sure, but where would she be able to find the right time and place to penetrate and get a non-sheparded look in the farm... She'd have to try and stake it out, that's for sure...

Willow: "Mmm... Oh yess..." She purrs, hands reaching up to hand around the back of his neck, melting in his grip as he teased her from every angle, hips slowly grinding as he pressed in further with each stroke, her knees spreading out wider to take him easier.

DM62: The breeze dies down, and the deputy's horse whinnies in protest from the strengthened stench of the refuse pile.

Michael begins to pick up his pace when she puts her arms around his neck, holding her close and continuing to fondle her breasts and toy with her clit. "You're so much better than most of the others I've had." he pants out as he fucks her, pushing ever deeper into her.

Deputy Loveless: Growling a little to herself, she kicks in the debris with a curse, giving a quiet wretch at the sudden kickup of pork stench. Shaking her head woozily, she heads back to her horse to get the poor animal back into town. She'd tie him up at the Sheriff's office and then try to sneak her way into the farm from there, she reasoned. No sense for the poor animal to suffer too much in this rain without it's stable.

DM62: Jimmy is standing outside of the saloon, his massive frame leaning against one of the establishment's pillars. He calls out to the deputy as she rides by. "Hey. Margaret. Got a second?" He seems to have had a few more drinks, though the deputy doesn't believe Jimmy can really get drunk on regular spirits.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Western RP Transcripts (edited)

30 March, First Session (part three, wearing out a minotaur, the search continues, temptation)
Deputy Loveless: Margaret slows down her horse, pausing for a moment. "I suppose," she added, moving to the hitching post near the saloon and getting her horse secured. "What's up Jimmy? I hope I didn't get your britches scorched from my last visit..."

Willow: "Mmm... And you're... Great, too... Ooooh..." She answers back, starting to pant in time with his rhythm, the pair starting to bottom out, hips lightly slapping together with each thrust, wet slapping heard as her lust starts to seep out around him. She reaches out for his free hand, guiding it to his mouth so she could suck on a finger, threading it like she had his cock just moment before, sending more shivers down his spine.

Michael groans as he starts to bottom out in the woman, his pace picking up steadily as he assaults her sensitive areas and presses the finger deeper into her mouth. "Getting real close. Hope you want it inside." he groans out, his testicles pulling close with his impending climax.

DM62: Jimmy moves forward, looking a bit more nervous than before. He whispers to the deputy. "Look. You know what happened. Now take my advice and leave it alone. I dunno if you found anything out there... but it's not worth being a target. Not like this. I'd feel guilty for the rest of my days if something bad happened to ya."

Deputy Loveless: Loveless gives him a flat look. "Who went after ya Jimmy? I got a clue now, and I don't want ya getting hurt because of this either. Cides, you know me, I got enough bullets to flatten half the county on me too." Surreptitiously, she opens her hand, showing the broken teeth she had found before returning them to a pocket.

Willow just moaned, rocking her hips a little harder at his declaration, feeling him near his peak and urging it on all the more.

DM62: Jimmy gulps as he sees the teeth. "Margaret. I'm tellin' ya. You won't find no more than those teeth. And they don't mean nothin' without records or witnesses. Troublemakers... don't last long in this town. And I'd hate to see you... go missing. Or worse." He shudders. "Trust me. Keep this to yourself. Your bullets don't mean shit this time. Not alone."

Michael continues thrusting in and out of her a bit more, before his hands squeeze her breasts tightly and his lower hand works furiously at her clit, slamming all the way in and releasing his seed into her with a sigh.

Deputy Loveless: "Nu-uh. Sugar, this ain't right. Vigilantism isn't the way to go here, and no fat bastard pulling the strings isn't gonna help with this either. I joined up to serve and protect, that in some ways that includes the scumbags I hauled into jail thus far. If I'm going alone? Means you don't get hurt." She gives the minotaur a peck on the cheek. "Time's a wasting, darling, I need to go before they really get pissed at you."

Willow: The woman gasped and sealed her lips around his finger even tighter, screaming as the hot flood burst inside her and the touch to her jewel both sent her into her own peak, writhing and bucking in his grip as he spent himself a second time.

DM62: "I ain't told ya shit. And I won't testify. And... dammit, Margaret. You're the prettiest deputy I ever seen. But you're an idiot for chasing this down alone. Mark my words... this is gonna end badly." He backs away, shaking his head. "Remember--Jimmy ain't told ya shit." He ducks back into the saloon.

Michael begins to lay back, keeping himself inside of the woman as he does so, sighing. "So? How was that?" he asks, a smile on his face.

Deputy Loveless: "Ain't told me what?" she added with a playful grin before returning to her horse. Yet again, she mounts it and wheels it towards the sheriff's area, to put the poor beast in it's stable until she'd need it again. She had to admit, Jimmy's fears were starting to get to her, but dammit, this WASN'T right. She couldn't just let someone kill off anyone without due process, especially if some idiot got framed and then got the noose by this shadowy fear-mongers. If she wasn't bothered again, she'd store the beast and then start working her way through town again- back the way she came.

DM62: Sheriff Felborn is sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of the sheriff's office, slowly rocking and rolling a cigarette by hand. He places an end in his mouth, lighting it and giving it a drag. An elven sheriff, he's almost never seen without a flask or a bottle in hand, though he generally keeps himself at just the right level of inebriation to stay perfectly functional. "Evenin', Miss Loveless." He tips his hat at the pretty cowgirl deputy.

Deputy Loveless: The deputy slows a bit as the Sheriff comments to her, having safely stored her horse out of the situation. "Evenin'" she replied, moving to keep going. As much as she wanted to get his opinions on things, she wasn't sure she could necessarily trust him in this. And yet... "Hey Sheriff? I got a bit of a bone to bite with you..."

Willow: "Mmm, you are good." She answers slowly, purring as she rest a moment herself, still pulsing around him from teh aftershocks of her climax. "But we haven't even started in on the kinky stuff, yet. Do let me know when you're ready for more, Sweet Thing."

DM62: The sheriff chuckles, dragging on his cigarette again. "This should be good. I hope this is news about that swindler we keep getting complaints about." He raises an eyebrow, looking at the cowgirl inquisitively. An attractive elf, the sheriff has surprisingly rugged features for his race. Margaret even saw him shirtless once, helping to build the new sheriff's office--she remembers thinking to herself that his body looked almost sculpted, it was so perfectly defined.

Michael: "Oh, I will. Just need a moment for a breather." Michael says, groping at her breasts some more.

Deputy Loveless: "...Kinda. Circumstantial at best. Problem is, everyone I'm asking is shriveling up in the ball department. Hell I got stuff suggesting where the boy was last, but any mention of anything to do with the deadbeat makes asking for the Pit after church seem like a good idea." She holds up the teeth again, but quickly returns them to a pocket. "So... Do I got the Sheriff's blessing to keep going the course? I got a good idea where those teeth were kicked out at."

DM62: "Huh. Who told you that the swindler was where? Also... let me see them teeth again. Our swindler was elvish by account... and elves don't have canines." He shows the deputy his own smile, revealing the lack of canine teeth. "Vegetarians by nature. And drinkers. We can stomach meat, but it's not exactly our first choice."

Deputy Loveless: She pauses, giving a loud sigh. "May not be our swindler, but SOMEONE got beat the crap out of, with evidence pointing right smack at a specific spot." She pulls out the teeth again, holding em at arm's length. "Dumped with a bunch of pig parts that I localized was near the pig farm next door."

DM62: "Well... some gnomes don't take kindly to being swindled. Losing a couple of teeth seems about like something they'd do, especially if someone were to actually threaten them. They're small... but they're vicious in a fight. You get 'em really cornered? Then you get to see red magic. And that's the end of the rail." He leans back, taking a swig from a metal flask. "You should keep looking. Leave no stone unturned. But this complete lack of evidence or witnesses is a little ominous."

Deputy Loveless: "It's less a complete lack, sir, it's the fact that everyone in town is acting like the dude didn't exist. Even the betting house that first called us after his hide. For fuck's sake I've had to thumbscrew Jimmy to get where I was and he's pissing himself now! Someone showed up after I went poking at the farm before and booked the fear of the gods into the poor kid, I know it!" Loveless is getting quite agitated now, her face screwed up in emotion. "This isn't justice, and we're lawman dammit! I'm not gonna tolerate this bullshit!"

DM62: "Or maybe..." The elf takes another drag on his cigarette. "Maybe Jimmy lied to you about the pig farm because he wanted your approval. And giving you a lead, even a false one, would help with that. And maybe then he got nervous because he was worried you'd find out about his fib. We can't do anything without evidence. You know that, Margaret. I expect better from you."

Willow: Two hours after the door to her room shut, Willow stepped out of it again, closing the door behind herself and heading back to the bar, fully dressed and looking clean, but walking a bit oddly as she went to take an empty seat again.

Deputy Loveless: "I ain't giving up Sheriff, if that's what you're going on. I will figure this out. You running scared too, ain't you?" she gave a accusatory glare at the sheriff as well now, crossing her arms. "Pig farm or not, boss? I'm gonna figure out why everyone's pissing themselves at the mere mention of this bloke, with you or without you." With that, the deputy moves back towards the road again, on her only real lead she had at all.

DM62: Sal is behind the bar. The well-tailored drider is quietly poring over the ledger. "Willow, I trust you've got something for me?" She holds out her hand for the usual $4 ($5 for anal). Jimmy is behind the bar, looking positively spooked.

DM62: "Welp. You bring back any actual evidence, and then we'll talk." Sheriff Felborn leans back, drinking from his flask.

Deputy Loveless: "Don't worry Sheriff, this time, I will." she shoots back, continuing to stomp her way back towards the farm. She'd delay herself slightly to try and get the night to fall a little and to cool her nerves. She was admittedly getting a little hot-headed now, she needed to cool herself off before she tried to sneak her way into the farm.

Willow: "Absolutely, Dear." The woman answers, passing over the owner's share without further delay. "Jimmy, you look like you've seen a ghost. What's the problem?"

DM62: The rain has slowed, and a chill has settled in the town for the evening. Doors are shut all along the muddy road, to conserve heating. The deputy can hear what sounds like a minor commotion down one of the alleyways.

DM62: Jimmy gives a look at Sal, then shakes his head at Willow. "Nope. I ain't saying shit to nobody no more, Willow. Sorry. You'll just have to be curious."

Deputy Loveless: Loveless slows down, halting as she hears the voices. Slowly and as quietly as her spurs will let her, Loveless moves towards the alleyway, her ears perking up to catch hints of conversation as she approached. If she knew her instincts, alleyways were favored spots for this type of job.

Willow: The whore chuckled. "Really? After all those times you've bugged me for bedroom gossip? I was starting to think you were jealous I was sleeping around, Dear." She teased, winking at the minotaur. "How about a stiff drink then, I could use something that burns right about now."

DM62: It appears to be a male centaur, groping a protesting female harpy near the back of the alleyway, his cock erect. "Come on, sweetie... you know you wanna feel what a real stallion can do to a dirty birdy like you." The centaur slurs his words, the harpy struggling feebly to defend herself.

DM62: Jimmy gives a little chuckle. "I got somethin' that'll warm you right up. But put your lips around this, for starters." He slides a whiskey shot over to the human.

Deputy Loveless: Bah, just a drunk. On the bright side, this will be a great stress reliever for her. "I think the lady said no, boyo," she pipes up, stepping into view and smoothly drawing out the sawn-off, leveling it at the drunken centaur's upper torso. "Kindly let go of her and I might even let you off with a warnin'."

Willow: "Aye, That'll do, to start." She says, raising the shot glass to him before doing just that, wrapping her lips around the shot glass in a teasing fashion before tipping it's contents down her throat, growling a bit as the glass hit the counter again.

DM62: The centaur turns to the cowgirl. "Wait... you... pointin' a gun at me? Cos... I've got a bit of a gun, too." He indicates his erect cock, now pointing directly at the deputy. His musk hits Margaret, making her wish she'd gotten some relief lately from anywhere... Jimmy... or the sheriff. The harpy moves back, shuddering against a wall in fear and confused lust.

DM62: Jimmy downs a shot himself, then pours another pair of drinks for the two of them. "So. How was that Tetra fella? You was up there for a little while."

Deputy Loveless: The sheer musk flareup of the centaur caused the gun to waver slightly, but she shook her head and growled as she slid the coat off her badge, drawing herself into even more focus. "I said, drop the birdgirl you slushed-out palimino! Sherrif's deputy and I'm gonna take ya in for disorderly conduct, and in a minute that'll be resisting arrest!" She was also glad she had brought a good chunk of rope as well- handcuffs just didn't work with most species, so out in the frontier it was a better option.


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Re: Western RP Transcripts (edited)

30 March, First Session (part four, giving in)
Willow: "Aaah, there it is." She chuckled, taking her time with the second drink once Jimmy passed it over. "You know I can't say much, buuut... You're bragging rights are safe for now. That fella may have you in girth though..." She said, shifting a bit on her seat. "God damn, is all I'm sayin'."

DM62: The centaur shrugs, putting the harpy aside. "Don't go anywhere, toots. I need to talk to the nice lady, explain we're just playing a little game." He clops toward the deputy slowly, his hands raised and empty. "This is just a misunderstanding... and you and me and my tweety-bird can all talk about it in the morning, if you're feelin' lonely." His musk grows a little stronger as he slowly approaches... and the deputy is already having rather dirty thoughts.

DM62: "Well... maybe I'll pay for a retrial, when you're fully recovered." The overweight minotaur eyes Willow's tight human body. "Your own record is... quite safe. Not a lot of women that can get a minotaur to cum more than eight times in a night."

Deputy Loveless: "Understanding, right..." the sound of sarcasm was getting louder, and she growled slightly as she shook out more of those dirty thoughts. Fuck's sake being a female sucked sometimes, she thought to herself. Keeling the gun held on him, she draws a little nearer and tugs the rope from her side- pre lasso'd naturally- and takes a second to look to the harpy. "You can go now, lass. I got no issues with you. YOU, however, put your hands behind your back, you're getting a one-way ticket to the drunk tank."

Willow: "The real trick is waking them back up after the sixth." She said with a laugh, smirking dangerously.

DM62: "I'm... not even drunk. Just had a little... wine with my dinner." The harpy doesn't go anywhere, hesitating to see if the deputy was going to win out or not. The centaur complies with a smile, putting his arms behind his back for the deputy. "You... might have to climb up here to tie my hands. I don't get a whole lot of cowgirl riders, and I'm not wearing a saddle... this should be interesting." The centaur smirks, his musk still working at the deputy.

DM62: "Yeah, well... I've always been a light sleeper." Jimmy gives Willow a wink. Sal speaks up. "Just don't forget to pay Willow the employee price. And I get my percentage." She looks back down at the open ledger in front of her.

Deputy Loveless: Loveless's legs press together slightly, her nipples starting to strain at the blouse under all her clothing, but she takes a moment to bite her tongue, hard, electing a loud yelp from her and helping to keep her clear-headed enough to stop any attempts to give in. "Bullshit, you're barely able to keep on your hooves... Now hold still or I'll tie this to your nutsack and drag you to the sheriff like that, and don't think I won't do that!" With a copper taste in her mouth now, she chucks the lasso loosely over the centaur's head and gently reaches up to help drag it further down to secure his arms slightly, currently nearly right beside him and still fighting with her willpower to resist the centaur's effects. God, when she got done with this she was gonna have to finger her arm off...

Willow: "Sal, you know I always give you the proper cuts. You need to relax some yourself, by the sounds of it you got your spinners in quite a twist." Willow answers, her tone going softer as she spoke to the drider, slipping off her stool to walk to the portion of counter Sal was behind, leaning on it to come a little closer. "That Tetra will be out for at least four or five more hours, so I got plenty of time to undo that twist of yours. If you like, of course."

DM62: Loveless can feel both of her wrists being grappled by talons, twisting them behind her back. Metal clamps down around them--the harpy has deftly stolen the deputy's handcuffs and managed to use them on her. She puts a thick rag over the deputy's mouth, holding her by the middle of the manacles with one set of talons. "You sure this is the right girl... 'Stallion?'" The harpy giggles, as the centaur reaches down and relieves the cowgirl of her sidearm.

DM62: Sal shrugs, and looks over at Jimmy. "Jimmy, Willow and I will be in my office. Nobody's to disturb us for four hours. Got it?" She indicates for Willow to head up to her office at the top of the stairs. "I'll be right behind you."

Deputy Loveless: "OH SUNOFA-?!?" Loveless squeals as the harpy suddenly goes turncoat, with not only her hands and mouth silenced, but revolver and sawed-off tugged off of her in short order. She growls angrily, at least lucky her rifle is slung through all her clothing so it'd not be taken off for a while. She struggles angrily with the harpy, even as she's left with nothing to do but threatening more succumbing to the centaur musk.

DM62: The harpy laughs at the cowgirl's struggles, as "Stallion" reaches down and rips off the deputy's overcoat. He whistles at the breasts under the blouse, the nipples standing up hard and erect, tenting against the material. He runs his fingers over the nipples, pawing at her breasts roughly. "Damn... sometimes this is the BEST job." The centaur laughs, his overpowering musk still working on the cowgirl.

Willow smirked, giving her boss a simple nod, her gait mostly back to normal as she turned to stride for the office, the familiar sway back in her hips.

DM62: The drider follows. The office is rather large, with webbing strung all over the place. Some of it was elastic, other parts not so much. Sal closes the double doors behind her. "Welcome to my parlor." The drider smiles darkly, then picks up the hapless human and tosses her backwards into a sticky web. Willow lands with her back against the web, her body splayed open in every direction for the drider's amusement.

Deputy Loveless: The poor captured lawman whimpers as her legs rub against each other, the overcoat shoved out of the way. The strap to her rifle is pressed right between her breasts now, thanks in part to the rain and soft trickles of milk from her aroused body, with only the vest helping to keep some of her modesty as she struggles with the tag-team of troublemakers. With a muffled growl she kicks a boot backwards, trying to dig her spur into something before she entirely gives into the male predator's musk.

DM62: The harpy curses as a spur catches her. She grabs a handful of the cowgirl's hair, giving it a savage yank. "Go ahead. Make it harder on yourself... We can make things MUCH harder on you." "Stallion" laughs at the altercation, then rips open the blouse, removing the rifle. He licks his lips. "Mmmm... I do love me some milk." One rough hand squeezes at the cowgirl's right breast.

Deputy Loveless: The harpy's grabbing of her braid elected in a loud squeal from the cowgirl, her tail nearly standing up on end as she was manipulated so savagely. Her rifle clatters onto the ground as her blouse is shredded, leaving more view of the cowgirl's pale skin- occasionally it's blotted with dark patches of natural spots along the back but she's mostly pale-skinned like most southernites. When her breast is squeezed, a short stream of milk is formed and splatters into the ground unless the centaur stops it, electing a weak little whimper. Fuuuuck, milking always gave her such a wet little slut, and it was getting even harder for her to block out the mental image of trussed up on a milking machine while being endlessly rutted by beastmen...

DM62: The centaur grins, leaning down to suckle savagely at the swollen right breast. His cock twitches visibly, the centaur clearly ready to breed the cowslut senseless... and Margaret feels like it would be so perfect. The harpy seems to sense the loss of willpower in the deputy, and keeps a set of talons on the handcuffs while her other set rips the deputy's pants and underwear down to her ankles. "Ooooh... she's already dripping wet. I think we're going to enjoy this one." Margaret can feel a talon sliding along her sex, from behind.

Deputy Loveless: Margaret's not in a position to argue as the harpy's talon starts to stem the tide, the rain only helping to add to the sensation the cowgirl was getting forced into and causing her to get rapid shocks of cold on her swiftly-heating skin. A half-whimper-half-moan leaves her as the centaur suckles her teat, her head shaking listlessly while her body rapidly gave in to the demands of the two beastkin.

DM62: The harpy places a blindfold on Margaret, as the centaur finishes suckling for the moment. She can feel ropes being run around her body, and begins to realize that she's being tied to the underside of the centaur... her sex completely exposed to his throbbing horse cock. She can feel the harpy's talons teasing her sex, and then holding her open and guiding the stallion cock to her pussy. It begins pressing at Margaret, not quite going in, but driving the cowgirl crazy with anticipation.

Deputy Loveless: With no other visuals, the poor slutted-up cowgirl can't do much to struggle her way free, and unfortunately, Loveless isn't in the mindset to stop herself even still. She whimpers as the centaur's cock presses at her slit, the horsecock pressing easily at her soaking snatch as her udders dangle downward. She groans weakly, twitching and nude with not much she can do to fight against the situation.

DM62: The cowgirl can hear the centaur's hooves begin clopping in the muddy alley, the movement bringing the centaur's cock into her snatch with a small "pop" as the flare gets into her. The ride gets steadily bumpier, each bump bringing the huge cock a little deeper into her. Cold mud and water splatters up from the road, making the poor deputy feel even dirtier as the mud covers most of her body. "Let's take her for a ride... then a proper milking while her memory gets... fixed." The ride grows even rougher.

Deputy Loveless: The first movement was more than enough to shove the horse in, causing a blissful whimper to come from her with the movement of the centaur only adding to the feelings she was going through. She was quickly convulsing in bliss as the creature moved into a full canter, a loud scream of pleasure echoing through the town while the horseman rode to it's destination. She'd not look too pretty thanks to all the mud, but thanks to the horseman's cock locked tight in her convulsing snatch she'd not be a very fussy woman to deal with along the ride, dripping consciousness slightly by the time they would get closer to the destination.

DM62: Three orgasms later... the centaur still hasn't finished inside of the cowgirl yet, and his movement slows and then stops. Margaret can feel multiple hands moving her... manipulating her body... and she feels herself being placed in what feels like some manner of milking apparatus, her body clamped face-down on a soft round surface. Multiple hands scrub and rinse away the dirt, and then suction cups are placed over her full breasts, adhering to them via the vacuum. A rather large but lubricated plug is pressed into her anus. "Right. Let's get this cow milked before we wipe her recent memories. No permanent damage... Boss said so."

Deputy Loveless: A quiet moo leaves her as she's tugged from the rope, her tail twitching in agitation with the deliciously large centaur shaft leaving her body. Margaret whimpers and whines at the many, many hands toying with her body, though it's proper lucidity slowly begins to work back into her, as she quickly starts to realize that something is very, VERY wrong with what is being said. She starts to tug along her limbs, looking for faults and weaknesses to get herself free, her true mind coming to the front faster and faster.

DM62: Laughter echoes around her... she seems to be in a rather large chamber and become aware of various sexual sounds around her. She isn't the only one in this predicament, it seems. Her ankles and wrists are clamped down tightly, preventing further movement. Her tail is tucked along her right thigh, strapped out of the way. The buttplug begins to vibrate inside of her, and the suction increases, bringing a spurt of milk from each breast.

Deputy Loveless: The poor cowgirl whimpers as her limbs are swiftly tugged away and shoved out of use, the milker and butt plug swiftly beginning it's work on breaking down her barriers again as she squeals in forced pleasure. The short spurts from her breasts quickly became massive floods, putting out a output only matched by a proper cow as she twitches in the restraints. Dammit she was not liking this one bit, despite what her body said...

DM62: Things go from bad to worse as Margaret hears familiar clopping behind her, and then the sounds of hooves landing on something hard on either side of her shoulders. "I didn't get to finish... those 'rides' never quite hit the sweet angle." Margaret feels the centaur's familiar shaft prodding up against her, then thrusting in deep, getting a much better angle for deep-fucking this way.

Deputy Loveless: Well, fuck. Literally. A scream of surprise pleasure leaves the blinded, gagged woman as the centaur goes to work feeding those mid-ride fantasies, her body swiftly starting to lose to the beastly musk again and ensuring the poor woman was entirely lost and powerless under the creature's untender mercies. Her insides twitched as she was stretched with the massive shaft properly now, her covered eyes rolling in her head as her milk process redoubled itself...

DM62: An open gag is placed in the screaming cowgirl's mouth, holding her jaw wide open as another smaller cock is pressed into her mouth and throat. The centaur gives a triumphant howl of dominance, his own equine shaft burying itself cruelly inside of the cowgirl, thrusting without mercy into the deepest parts of the deputy. He ruts wildly into her. "That's it... take it like a proper little broodmare."

Deputy Loveless: The poor little cowslut was being mentally bombarded by the sheer amount of fucking she was undergoing, to the point when the cloth gag was ripped from her jaws, a weak little cry of 'Moooooooore....' was the only reaction before the new gag spread her jaw open wide. Her hips twitch and grind into the centaurs, drooling nectar all the while, even as her chest continued to give a bounty of milk from her udders.

DM62: "More? Don't worry... you'll get plenty. I'm gonna breed you, like a little submissive cow-bitch should be bred. We're gonna take turns... but you're gonna carry a bellyful of my young with you. Until you give birth and forget about troublesome questions." The centaur gives a particularly rough thrust, panting. He ruts the poor cowgirl even harder, his throbbing cock ready to release inside of her.

Deputy Loveless: Instincts were all that was left at this moment, the cowgirl need for breeding and milking winning out over the strong deputy for now. She madly runs her hips back into the shaft currently filling her to capacity and beyond, groans and moos leaking from her stretched-out mouth and filling the room with the many others in the chamber, another victim to this terrible secret...

DM62: The centaur thrusts in again, then thrusts harder once more, his cock throbbing and then flooding the cowgirl's insides with a hot geyser of semen. She can feel herself being rapidly filled to capacity even before the cock in her throat begins shooting its load into her throat, as well.

Deputy Loveless: Another orgasm is ripped from her again, the deputy's body spasming and gripping the shaft in her belly even as she screams in bliss, suckling against the shaft in her mouth as much as the gag allows. Her belly twitches as the flood starts to spread it lightly, even with her lust-lost mind gratefully bathing the cock ahead of her with her tongue.

DM62: The centaur stays buried for a little while, the copious amounts of semen starting to stretch her to a ridiculous amount before the centaur slowly begins pulling back. He turns to the others. "You. Jimmy. You should have a go next... after all, you've got the crush on her. And we need to see your true loyalty." Margaret can feel a belly over the next cock, and familiar hands running over her body.

Deputy Loveless: Loveless whimpers as she hears the familiar name, a clawing feeling of regret and pain rubbing through her as she realizes just the scope of what was going on. Was the entire town on this place's pay grade?!? How deep did this go?!? Even worse, her mind was more focused on just how deep Jimmy would go... She hoped his sperm overwrote the centaurs, at least she cared for Jimmy as well...

DM62: "Sorry, Margaret. I DID try to warn you." Jimmy pushes a plug into Margaret's cunt, blocking the outward flow of semen, then removes the plug from her asshole. "This is the only way I really get off." He thrusts his cock into the deputy's well-lubricated anus, burying half of his massive length in the first thrust. The new plug in her pussy begins vibrating.

Deputy Loveless: Loveless whimpers as he starts to thrust in her ass now, her body shivering as the minotaur ravages her ass instead of her cunt, her body being forced to take the abuse even during the crawling pleasure from the reactions. She wails in half a lament, half pleasure as the minotaur gets to work 'proving' himself.

DM62: Margaret can hear a small group cheering around her, urging Jimmy to fuck her asshole harder, deeper, etc. Jimmy grows rougher, growling as his own instincts take over... the musk is overwhelming.

DM62: ((Scene. Deputy Loveless will awaken the next morning with a hangover and hazy memories of goading a centaur and a minotaur into a threesome. Her breasts are particularly sore, though she's not quite sure why. She has no memory of being sent to chase down a swindler.))


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Re: Western RP Transcripts (edited)

31 March, Second Session (deputy wakes up, bandit meets an elf)
DM62: Deputy Loveless wakes up around noon in a small bedroom. Vines cover the wall of the room, and the deputy is covered with a blanket of thick pelts. She has a splitting headache. A human woman, dressed as a native, is sitting nearby.

Loveless groans weakly, slowly shaking her head as she works to push herself up. As far as she can tell she's unharmed... dammit, what did she do last night? Loveless groans and rubs her temple, her ears drooping.

DM62: Meanwhile, Viridi has returned to Fort Wilreph after a few years away, seeking a trading deal through Sal, the proprietor of Sal's Saloon. As she nears town limits, she sees a familiar sight: the Pit. The entrance is literally a hole in the ground, covered with a thick, round metal door. A blonde female elf is standing outside, sipping from a flask and looking at the door indecisively.

Willow: The woman approached quickly, sitting on the edge of the bed and helping her sit up. "Good morning, Deputy Lovely. Take a moment, you'll be fine. Though you may not feel very well just yet." She said soothingly, reaching over to the dresser for a tall glass of water. "Here, have a drink, it will help."

Loveless: With a quiet groan, the cowgirl leans against the native woman, her ears twitching slightly as she takes the water. "Thanks..." she groaned, taking a sip as she tried to get her wits, and unsuccsessfully, her memories. "Y-ya wouldn't happen to know what happened last night, would ya? Or where my stuff is for that matter?"

Viridi yawns as she unburrows. She had left her mount to go do her usual stuff and dug the rest of the way here. Easier to avoid notice that way. Still, a sight for sore eyes for the lamia. She was a curvy creature, with a long brown serpents tail from the waist down, wider near the hips. She wore a an ornate corset, and frilly riding gloves, a pair of sickles strapped to her belt. She adjsuted her hood, it usually covering her eyes, before glancing over. A familiar sight, and welcome, the Pit. And an even more welcome one, fresh meat after a long trip. She smiled a bit and slithered over behind the elf. "Hey there, goin' in or stayin' out? Or jsut wonderin' what that is?"

DM62: The elf starts, her blond hair whipping as she turns to look at the lamia. "Uh, I... um..." She gulps. "I was... thinking... about going inside." She takes a quick gulp from her flask, looking at the curvaceous lamia with wide eyes.

Willow: "I would, actually." She answered, a smooth hand on the deputy's bare back, helping keep her upright as she drank. "Jimmy brought you back, said you had a few more drinks than you should, and wound up at The Pit, just outside town." She explained, giving her a moment to let that sink in. "The sheriff should have your weapons, but your clothing... Most of it was torn beyond repair, and what was left... I couldn't wash it enough. I'm sorry Lovely."

Viridi: "That right? Well, seems t' me you’re weighin' the odds. Thing is I find thinkin' too hard about that sorta stuff just leads you into talkin’ y'self out of it. You came this far right? Why not go in, and live it up? S'not like you're gonna be stuck forever or anything. Try it, and if you don't like it, you just don't come back after, right?," smiles Viridi, "Personally I love it. S'like a home away from home."

Loveless groans and smacks her forehead. "Oh the Sherriff's gonna tan me for this... I was supposed to be doing something and... dammit I can't remember, guess it wasn't important..." she mumbles, looking a bit dejected. "This like what, fifth time this month? Some deputy I'm turning out to be..."

DM62: "Oh... I'm just nervous. I'm... not very strong, and I like being controlled, but then again... anyone or anything could try to claim me. Are you going in?" She looks up at the lamia, biting her lip a little.

Willow: "You're doing just fine, I'm sure." The woman reassured her, taking the empty glass back and setting it on the shelf once more. "The Sheriff does want to speak with you, though. Rest until you feel up to it, not to fret."

Loveless: "No, no sense keeping him waiting, get the pain out of the way and then try again. Gotta earn the badge, eh?" she teases, giving a bit of a smile as she gets up. "Er, you and Jimmy wouldn't happen to have something for me to wear on the way there?"

Viridi: "Yup, just figured I’d see what the poor lost lookin' elf was up to.," smiles Viridi, "And yeah, they could. Anyone who want's t' could have you. Technically don’t gotta go in there for that, but at least in there you're guaranteed to come out of there free. Eventually, anyways. I always find it a lark m'self! Hah, sometimes I get tied, sometimes I do the tyin'. Sometimes I tie someone else up while tied up." She wiggles her tail tip a bit, "You could come in with me if y' like. Can’t guarantee nobody will take you or take us both... But if y' wanna have just a taste of all the things you could enjoy as a nice lamia toy without shackin' up permanently, I can provide that in spades... Whaddaya say?" She slithers around in front of the elf, and offers her a hand.

DM62: The elf blushes. "Um... okay. My name is Rose. What's yours?" She reaches out and places her delicate fingers in Viridi's hand, taking a deep breath and getting ready to enter the Pit.

Willow: "Of course, deputy." She answered, both in support of her decision, and the request for clothing. Standing up, she sized up the other woman. "You're a fair bit heftier then I am, but I think I can rig something to keep you modest." She said, moving to a drawer and starting to pull out more of her clothing, all the simple leathers of the natives. "It's mostly cowskin, I'm afraid, but I do so enjoy playing Tailor. Stand, if you can." She urged the other woman. Her clothing was mostly tied with straps, so it was a simple enough matter to lace a few together to make larger patches for the Deputy.

Viridi grins, and opens the door of the pit using her tail, before scooping up the elf and slipping in, shutting the door, giving the elf a wink from beneath her hat. Not that she could see it easily cus of the hat. "Name's Viridi, Viridi Nightscale. Mighta heard of me. Though don't worry, in here I;m just another patron. This place is way too much fun t' follow the rules in to go breakin' em."

Loveless simply nods a little. "Eh, it'll do until I can stop at my place. Thanks Willow, I'd toss ya some coin for this but I think my coins were in my pants..." she admitted, blushing slightly as she got up in all her curvasious glory. She'd flush slightly as she was clad in the native leathers.

DM62: Rose squeaks as Viridi sweeps her off her feet, involuntarily clinging to the lamia, her breasts pressing deliciously against the lamia's scales. She relaxes a bit after a moment, leaning back and letting herself be carried. A werebear stands at the entrance in his hybrid form, next to a curvy half-ogre futanari that Viridi recognizes--it's Mama Clara, the owner of the Pit. She runs her eyes up and down the lamia, then blows a kiss to Rose. "Viridi, darling, so good to see you again. And you brought... a date? Who is this tasty morsel?"

Willow: "Not to worry Deputy Lovely. We didn't have any fun last night, though from what I gather, I'm a little sad I missed out. Jimmy there covered you for Sal's books, as well. That big guy's taken a shining to ya, I think." She teased, giving the other woman a quick hug. "You just make sure to get those leathers back to me when you're done with 'em, and we're plenty square. Good luck, maybe I'll see you in here again sometime, under better circumstances."

Viridi: "Hey, ma'am. Brought y' somethin', token of our appreciation and such.," smiles Viridi, her tail reaching into her corset and bringing out a cock ring sized for the ogre with some soft looking spines similar to a Lamia's on it. "Aqua figured y' might get a kick out of lettin' the spines drag over all those sensitive spots like we do. Anyways, this here's Rose, found her hoverin’ outside the door. Not often we get a softy who comes in here but says she likes bein' controlled. Whaddaya think, she came t' the right spot or what?"


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Re: Western RP Transcripts (edited)

31 March, Second Session (part two, cowgirl and minotaur, half-elf and half-ogre and lamia)
Loveless: The deputy nuzzles against Willow slightly and nodded a little. "I know he is, pardner, I know he is... Don't worry, I'll give em back after I get done with the Sherriff!" With that, the cowgirl started down the stairs, a healthy flush at her cheeks at the awkward dressage she was now in. She couldn't really understand how the halflings could be ok with just this...

DM62: Mama Clara giggles, taking the cock ring happily. "Ohhh my baby girl bringing me presents! You charmer." She leans in, giving the lamia a soft kiss on the lips over top of the elf, pressing the elf's head in between the two pairs of large breasts. "And I think she came to the exact right place. I'd be happy to... show her the ropes, unless you're taken with this one already."

DM62: Jimmy looks up from the bar, looking very tired and drawn. His facial expression brightens as he catches his first glimpse of the cowgirl. "Margaret! You're awake!" He runs over from behind the bar, wrapping her in a close hug. "I was really worried about you, babe." The minotaur gets a good whiff of Loveless's scent, though, and has to back off a bit, his pants starting to tent a bit. "Um... leather. Good look for ya. I mean... it looks good... it makes you look good... it's um..." He clamps shut his mouth.

Viridi kisses back happily, making sure the elf get's nice and squeezed in. "Mmm, aw shucks, y' know you;re practically family t' us ma'am. It;s got some neat little tricks to it too. And cmon now, y'know we share everything with family, we'll show her toghether. What better way t' get welcomed in, than t' get split between us two, eh?" she grins, giving Rose's chest a grope, "Way I figure, either she lvoes it much as I do, or... Well, she get's her monies worth either way, right?"

DM62: Rose squirms under the breast-rubbing and groping. "Um... how... much do I owe you, ma'am? For the visit?" Mama Clare laughs. her own monstrous hands giving Viridi's breasts a good grope. "Your first time here. Well, it's a dollar for a day's access. If you spend seven dollars that way, we have to throw you out for twenty-four hours. Otherwise we'd be guilty of slaving, and I'm all about the freedom thing, honey." Mama Clare gives Viridi's neck a lick.

Loveless: Margaret chuckles, letting herself get held in the hug for a little longer than usual as Jimmy holds onto her, giving a soft peck at the minotaur's cheek. "Ello big guy, told ya I was a big girl... Just need to stop doing overtime at the wrong places is all," she teases back, ensuring she hadn't fallen out of the unfamiliar clothes. "Can't say it's my favorite attire but apparently the Pit wasn't too nice with the old stuff, so borrowing this from Willow until I can stop at my place."

Willow: The native ornamented human watched her go, her tongue flicking out to lick her lips as her eyes gravitated to the Deputy's behind, barely contained by the leathers she had worked together. She probably could have added a couple more, but where's the fun int hat? Sighing, she put the rest of the clothing back, taking the glass to the bar and setting it aside to be washed for now. "I'm going to go tend to my namesake. Back in a couple hours. Dear, try to get some rest yourself, when you can." She told both of the pair, smiling contentedly as she left.

DM62: "It's uh... it's a very good look..." Jimmy's cock seems to do more honest communication, starting to bulge his pants now. "I wish you didn't... need to run off so soon." His eyes wander down the leather-clad cowgirl.

DM62: Jimmy mutters something non-committal at the departing human native, utterly enthralled by his cowgirl crush in leathers.

Viridi groans pleasedly, her tail running along Clare's hips, her shivering eagerly, her own tongue slipping along Rose's cheek then up Clare's. "Heh, think y' want me more than her, if y' keep on that way, Ma'am. Wanna make it a pile driver instead?" She grins down at Rose, "See, told y' you;re in good hands here. Can get out all those impulses. I get t; rail you much as I like til then, and well, get railed in turn, and you get to play slave til then. Course, if y' decide you wanna go home with some fellow of your own free will later that's y' own business. For now, you just relax and know we;re gonna use you til y' don;t know y' crotch from y' face hehe..."

Loveless: "Eh... If I hold back the Sherriff's gonna give me the tanning I deserve for flubbing up, no matter what I do... Least I can do get it over with soon, then probably have a few days where he'll not trust me to even touch a case file. During that time I can stick around here for a bit, how's that?" she asked, giving yet another twitch on the cheek before she feels the bump pressing at her leg. "Though I suppose it could wait for a little..." For some reason she was feeling frisky, usually the pit was good for keeping that down for a few days. Huh.

DM62: "You know Mama Clara is... a very greedy Mama." She reaches down, running a large finger lightly over the elf's crotch, making her squirm a little more in Viridi's arms. "I want it all."

Viridi: "An' that’s why we get along so much, ma'am. Similar tastes.," grins Viridi, "But unless you want me in you too, you’re gonna have t' do one at a time. So who y' want first? Fresh meat? Or to try and pack my tail so full it looks like a pillow? Either way, I'm gonna make m' favorite lady, and m' new friend very happy and very spent girls."

DM62: The minotaur leans in... and then the scent hits her. Jimmy seems to be going into rut. He leans in closer, licking softly at the cowgirl's neck. "I... I love the taste of your sweat. Your skin. I want you... I want to breed you, to milk you..." He gives her neck a little nibble, running a finger down the front of a leather-clad breast.

DM62: Rose leans back against the lamia, her flesh burning. "Please... Viridi... I want you to... breed me. Hard." Mama Clara raises an eyebrow, looking at the lamia. "Darling. I'm in the mood to try out your new present on someone. Would you like to feel how well it works?" Her dress is bulging in the front, the half-ogre cock being rather large even for a full ogre.

Loveless: The cowgirl whimpers as the musk starts to hit harder, starting to lose sight of the rest of the bar as the soft leather lets plenty of ways for her to get the scent off him. "Mmmmgh... r-right, definitely can wait. Dammit Jimmy, you may be outta shape but you k-know how to get a lady going..." she murred slightly, her tail twitching a little bit as she hangs against the minotaur with her arms around his neck, letting his hands twist through the lace.

Viridi: "Course, Rose. You're gonna be packed for a good long time.," grins Viridi, before her tail reaches up and runs it along Clare's shaft. "Mmm, well, suspect Aqua was expectin' y' too. And ah'm sure y' are hopin' I come in all fat tailed after y' pound me. Maybe the ring will make the diffrence. Why not, why don;t we sow Rose somewhere comfy f' her first time. Plus I been on the road long while, I want somethin' cushy to have m' vents wrecked on."

DM62: The minotaur picks up Margaret, sitting her on top of the bar. He turns to a patron sitting at the bar. "Hey. You. Get the FUCK OUT, please." He bellows at the man, who darts out of the saloon. Jimmy gives a hearty chuckle, then tries to undo the leather top around the cowgirl's bosom. "Dammit, how do the natives... I don't..." The material threatens to tear.

DM62: Mama Clara smiles, leaning back. "Of course. Come with me, and we'll take care of both of you. Garth, watch the front." The half-ogre leads the pair through a crowded area, with various couples and groups having sex in all manner of positions... some rougher than others.

Loveless: Having watched Willow tie it on, Loveless quickly reaches up and tugs at a tie on the front, loosening the wave of lace in one fell swoop. "Here hun let someone who knows how ropes work do it..." she murmurs, all the while her body succumbing more and more to the rut-filled monotaur, nipples tenting the cups of leather over her mammeries and feminine juices leaking onto the bar. Hell, a hand slid down and tweaked with the ties there too, trying to work those free in time.

DM62: Jimmy is beyond words at this point, one hand clutching at the cowgirl's breast as he suckles her roughly. He groans, reaching down with his other hand to undo his belt. He thrusts his pants down, revealing a massive erection, pulsing hard with a drop of precum at the tip.

Viridi grins and follows after Clara, running a hand down to run her gloved fingers over Rose's slit, groping her chest under the shirt as she slithers after. "Mmm, lucky you hun. Y' gonna have both of us wreck you. Me an her are gonna see who can leave the best lastin' impression on you. In the sexual sense, not gonna bruise you that is, heh. Gotta watch m' words. No tolerance f' the real nasty folks round here. Someone pulls knuckles on y', call out and I guarantee they'll be regrettin' startin' trouble. This place is rough yeah, but we do care still."


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Re: Western RP Transcripts (edited)

31 March, Second Session (part three, smutting and more smutting)
Loveless: Margaret lets out a weak little moo as her breasts are quickly manhandled, the rough suckling quickly resulting in a burst of cream filling his mouth and her hips twitching slightly on the bar. A hand reaches down to gently rub along the head of his cock, the leather having been tied out of the way now and leaving her slit ready and willing for Jimmy to make use of, already dripping quite ready. God, when she got going...

DM62: Rose writhes back against the horny lamia. "Mmmm... please fuck me soon... I've been... wanting you to breed me... since you startled me..." She moans, her body imprisoned more by pleasure than restraint. Mama Clara reaches the destination: her personal fuck chamber. A large, silk, circular bed is in the front of the room, covered with silk sheets and pillows. Further back, the gear grows kinkier... retraint devices, stocks, chains, whips... it gets more depraved towards the back.

DM62: One whiff of her naked snatch is enough to send the minotaur into overdrive--he flips the cowgirl over, sprawling her over the bar with her ass facing him. One massive hand presses her stomach and chest flat into the bar, and she can feel his cockhead pressing up against her, the heat unbearable. Jimmy pants, ready to breed his lover.

Viridi gives a hiss of reverence as she slips in. "Ma'am, if ah didn't need t' work with the gang f' our jobs, I'd move int' this shrine of beauty. Mmm..." She licks up Rose's cheek again, "Mmm, ah know pet. I can taste how much y' want me on the air... Don't worry, y' will have it soon, more than y' can handle..." She slithers towards the bed, winking at Mama Clare, "Mmm, now, question is, y' want me t' give you a show while y' keep our new toy on the edge, or shall I jsut ram her right now while y' slip on the new toy and choose which vent y' gonna ruin on me?"

DM62: Mama Clara moves back, pointing at the bed. "Why don't you... go with the second option." She licks her lips, producing the new cockring that her friend bought her. "This is no longer the Pit... this is my home. So remember that I get my way in here. But at the moment, my love... your way IS my way." She strokes her rigid cock, placing the cockring on her phallus.

Loveless: A weak little squeal leaves Loveless as she's flipped over, hastily grabbing a few bottles as they get tumbled by the lust-mad minotaur to keep them from shattering. She gives a weak little moan as she feels his shaft start to press hard against her slit, getting spread out slightly just from the flared head, and she wiggles her butt somewhat tauntingly, even with the roughness already transpired.

DM62: The tease is too much for the minotaur to take, and he rams his cock deep into the cowgirl with abandon. Jimmy bellows with unbridled lust, thrusting into her as only a bull could, holding her down and taking his mate.

Loveless: A husky little groan is the deputy's response, her hips twitching and rubbing her ass back into him and completely lost in the pleasure that the cowgirl was getting with her curious relationship. She whimpers and bites her lip, insides working to massage and twitch around his shaft more and more.

Viridi: The ring seemed slightly modular in design, clearly meant to be slipped on at a specific orientation. It fit well, maybe a slightly snug but not enough to truly cut off anything. From the way it;s built, it looked like when it began to bulge from her orgasm, it would force the ring to spread and dig the spines in more, and really lock in and drag. Viridi grins, "Well in that case ma'am..." She grins and slips on the bed before very roughly grabbing Rose's clothes and yanking them off her. "Benefit of never wearin' much more than a short skirt... I don't need t' prepare t' ram a girl. Still y' look kinda small so I'll jsut give y' one of em." Viridi grins, before coiling around Rose, forcibly grabbing Rose and sliding her down her under belly til she was near where her waist met her scales, parts of the scales parting to erect a pair of spiny slick shafts, each a good foot in length. "See, they want t' say hello and find a nice nest t' burrow in. I'll let y' pick out your favorite. Go on, give it a nice big kiss."

DM62: The bar creaks with the force of each thrust--Jimmy is bucking into Margaret even harder. His cock bottoms out, stretching the cowgirl's twat and hurting... but in a very enjoyable way. He leans in, and the cowgirl can feel his hot breath and hear his deep panting. His cock tenses as it thrusts into her, and Margaret can feel the minotaur's approaching climax.

Loveless: Margaret's swiftly looking like a rough slut usually from the establishment, panting and groaning while her hips twitches against his body. She's swiftly starting to shiver and moan in bliss, eyes closed as she's entirely lost in the mino's rough rutting, her belly doing it's best to pleasure the beast even as it was absolutely wrecked by his sheer size.

DM62: Helpless, Rose squirms and squeals in her captivity, then gives a long look at the two beautiful cocks in front of her. Her face blushing a bright scarlet, she hesitates, then with a quick and long lick she runs her tongue up both cockheads. "Please... take me... both places." Mama Clara, meanwhile, has begun gently fingering the lamia's feminine slits, softly running at the entrance and getting it even better primed.

DM62: Jimmy gives a mighty bellow, his cock pulsing and flooding the cowgirl instantly. He thrusts again, mid-orgasm, another burst paunching her belly slightly, with a little semen splurting around the tight seal formed by the massive cock and the tight bovine-woman's pussy. He holds himself inside, his cock shooting another geyser of his hot, thick bull-cum into her.

Viridi hisses pleasedly, grinning at Rose, before lifting her up with the powerful tail around her, before bringing her down hard onto the pair of lengths, spearing into her. "M' vent lubes m' parts for me, so I can always go as hard as I please, regardless how ready y' are.," grins Viridi as she gasps pleasedly. she groans a bit as Clare starts fingering her vents, one near the end of ehr tail, the other up beneath her occupied shafts. She winks at Clara, "Same goes f' the rest of m' too. So whenever y' want Ma'am, settle int' y' cocks new home f' awhile." She starts thrusting Rose down up and down atop herself roughly as she lays back, using rose like a toy for her pleasure, the many spines and spikes dragging along inside, making sure to tease every sensitive spot in the elf, and working to prime her fertility to make as big a clutch as she could take.

Loveless: The deputy soon squeals out her own bliss, her insides twitching and hungrily drawing at the bull for all he was worth, wihile her fingers and legs clench against the bar, her body spasming and twitching upwards. She looks absolutely radiant during her climax, her eyes clamped tight and trickles of milk leaking from her teats, even as the great shaft inside of her is bathed in her feminine juices, only adding to the mess on the bar floor.

DM62: Clara gives a grin, easing her massive length into Viridi's upper vent. "Ohhhh... I'd almost forgotten how amazing you feel." Rose was essentially pre-packaged for orgasm, and her body shudders around the cocks, her juices spraying all over the lamia and her cocks. She clings to the lamia, wailing.

DM62: Jimmy growls, holding her down as his cocks unload inside of his cowgirl mate. He pants over her form, recovering even as he pumps more cum into his mate than she could possibly contain. Finally, without removing his cock, he turns the cowgirl over, without removing himself. He leans in, starting to aggressively suckle at her breast again.

Viridi laughs as she feels the elf climax but doesn't let up for a second. She gives a loud pleased moan as she stretches tightly around Clare, her powerful tail muscles clenching onto the ogres shaft, her biting her lip a bit. "Oooh, y' were born t' have a lamia's part's, Ma'am! Feel's great! Go on, make it y' own, see if y' can get a clutch outta me this time!" She starts rocking her tail up into Clare, spread lewdly around her length, begging for her attentions, "Man, this ones going off already. She's been prayin' t' be m' fuck toy in her dreams clearly. Tight ass too, gonna love makin' sure she comes back every day hopin' t' get my cock again."

Loveless: Panting as she slowly comes down from her pleasure high, she's left completely unaware as a ankle gets tugged, causing the deputy to roll right back where she started and a tremor-filled squeal as her slit gets twisted like a corkscrew around that well-lubed shaft. The sensation is only added to as he starts to suckle at her, a weak little moo leaving the cowgirl as yet more seed and nectar drools off the bar, the same massive spurts of milk gracing his hungry grip to her teats.

DM62: Clara grasps the scaled body, using her strength to pull the lamia onto her cock, thrusting in with more force. "Mmmm... your pussies were made for a cock like mine... and I love this new toy, my darling." She grunts, fucking her with abandon. Rose, meanwhile, is in heaven... so to speak. Her body spasms again around the two cocks, the persistent thrusting sending her through a series of orgasms.

DM62: The overweight minotaur continues suckling at his dream-mate, mooing himself with immense satisfaction as his spurts of cum begin to die down. The bar is a milky mess, and the floor... well, Margaret can't see the floor from laying on her back, but it's likely covered in bullcum and cowgirl cum. The minotaur switches breasts, lapping and sucking. He gives the deputy a little wink.


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Re: Western RP Transcripts (edited)

31 March, Second Session (part four, more smutting, snuggling)
Viridi gives a cry of delight as she's manhandled in turn, being rather heavy but easily worked by the ogress. "Unf, damn straight, ma'am, unf, fuck it's so good! Rake those eggs loose and hose em down! Make sure I gotta tell everyone I'm fat cus y'knocked me up! Make me birth your massive clutch and struggle with every one!," she cries out happily, grinning at Clara, even as she hammered Rose faster onto herself, panting, but paying Clara more mind, loving every second, "Claim that vent, make it useless t' anyone but you if y' can!" She promptly began to squeeze down with muscles and starts to roll them over the shaft in a wave like motion, wanting to make it all the better, her being very deep, able to take it all with her tail, though it was still stretched very wide.

Loveless herself is in kind of a sorry state- she managed to avoid damaging the leathers, but the laces over her chest were straining with the paunch from the minotaur's controbutions to her lust, her eyes were hazy from the milking, and she was panting like she had ran across the entire wastes. Another moan leaves her as he swaps breasts, panting as he keeps her held onto the bar with equal parts cock and pleasure

DM62: Clara growls, continuing her rough rutting. "You... keep that up... and I'm gonna... fucking fill you..." She pants, thrusting faster. Rose comes down from her orgasm, but moans, starting to near a third orgasm... or fifth, depending on how one counted them. She wriggles helplessly in the lamia's grip.

DM62: Finally satisfied, Jimmy leans back, his bull-muzzle covered with Margaret's milk. He looks down at the cowgirl. His own belly presses against the deputy's paunch. "Mmmm... I... have thought about this for a long time."

Viridi: "Y' better, else I might have t' trap y' in there til y' do.," teases Viridi naughtily, "Cmon, tame those eggs, y'know you've been dreaming about it. Me so fat cus of you, having to wriggle all slow like. And when ah lay, each egg so big s'like y' fuckin' me backwards all over again. Knowin' I'll need t' actively clench m' muscles f' this part of me t' be any good t' anyone but you." She grins at Rose briefly, keeping up the thrusting, relentless in her rutting, though she didi start to twitch a bit, the spikes slowly starting to flare out as Viridi began to approach her own climax.

Loveless: A weak little groan leaves her as she quivers a little bit. "S-So have I Jimmy... so have I..." she mewls, leaning up to gently hug along his form, still gently quivering around his shaft.

DM62: The half-ogre gives a heavy grunt, clutching the lamia's body close and thrusting herself deep inside of Viridi. A moment later, her seed spurts deep into the lamia, the hot burst of cum rapidly starting to fill her. Rose whimpers, tears running down her face as her body spasms again in another gutwrenching climax. Jimmy leans in close to the deputy, planting a milky kiss on her mouth. He finally breaks the kiss. "You mind... um... cleaning me off a little?" He slowly begins withdrawing his cock from the deputy.

Loveless: Gently the cowgirl returns the kiss, getting a bit of milk on her own lips as she gently licks it off with a small smile. "I don't see why not, it's only ladylike..." she murmurs softly, before her voice is lost in a quiet moan as his shaft starts to tug out, yet more seed flooding from her belly as the way is opened.

Viridi gives a cry of pleasure, her muscles clamping tight as she welcomes the ogress' seed into her, her hoping for a clutch. "Mmm, speaking of... Let's see how many eggs I plant in you.," she grins up at worse, before ramming her down hard and locking her in place before orgasming herself, redoubling her pleasure as she wriggles wildly, twin heavy blasts of especially sticky seed being launched into her partner, sticky and unusually heavy, being noticeably weighted in her. "Gonna be carryin... a reminder of me... all week...," groans Viridi eagerly as she kept bucking forward with each spurt to get it as deep as she could, eager to impregnate the elf as much as she could, before Rose got her chance to do the same.

DM62: Jimmy eases himself out of the cowgirl, a flood of cum spilling onto the floor. He gives his lover a playful lick on the cheek before picking her up and placing her on a clean portion of the wood floor. He stands over her, his cock dripping with his and her cum. Clara continues to hold herself inside of the lamia, even as Rose's whimpers and wails go silent. Her body twitches, instantly bloating as the thick and heavy seed fill her. The eyes roll to the back of her head, and she convulses helplessly in the coil of her lover.

Loveless: Blushing slightly, she kneels on the floor, right level with the massive shaft. Though never outwardly sexual unless she too was in heat, she wasn't a blushing virgin about it, and she quietly began to lick and lap at the cum off of the massive horsecock. All the while she looked upwards at Jimmy, watching his face as her tail twitches lightly, more drooling liquid coming from her slit.

Viridi hisses dizzily and happily as she is filled and fills at once, simply enjoying the familiar feeling of breeding and being bred at once, orgies being the natural Lamia sexual status. Her own tail slowly bloating a bit with Clara's injection, and Viridi happily doing the same to the elf, her cooing and giving a lick up Rose's swollen tummy. "Mmm... She's gonna be poppin' out a huuuuge clutch. Assumin y' don't ursurp m' clutch hehe..."

DM62: Jimmy groans, running his fingers lovingly down the cowgirl's hair as she dutifully cleans him. "Mmmm... you're too beautiful like that." Cum dribbles out onto the wooden floor around Margaret. Clara giggles. "Mmmm yes, I remember bearing a clutch of your eggs once. Good times." She strokes the lamia gently. Rose is still twitching, weakly moaning in Viridis's coils.

Loveless: Even as she's working on cleaning his cock, she blushes and pauses, looking upwards. "Aww, thanks pardner. You know me though, Sugar, I get antsy if I ain't helping out though. Sure, I keep blundering but I'll get it right eventually..." she reasons, even as she returns and works on the other side of the minotaur's dick.

DM62: "You relax, darlin. You're sharp as a tack, so long as you take my advice from here on out. And don't try to drink the whole bar." He chuckles. "Speaking of which... I've got a few rags laying around. You should probably be clean before talking to Sheriff Felborn. Might not wanna show up... like that." He frowns.

Viridi: "Mmm, can any time y' want, hot stuff.," purrs Viridi, wrapping her coils gently around Clara, cuddling her even as she happily finishes injecting the rounded elf. "Mmm, she's gonna be round a good while til' it all get's absorbed hehe. Alway's m' favorite part, watchin' the prelude t' them havin' m' eggs. Nothin' like knowin' y' ensured some folks gonna be showin' they got y' spawn in em t' everyone around. Talk about a great welcome back party." She wraps her arms behind her head with a sigh of satisfaction, "Anythin' new happen round here while I was gone, while we catch our breath's f' round two?"

Loveless: She flushes a little bore, giving his cockhead a quick little suckle before she pulls free and stands back up, working on tying the laces back in place. "I was planning on going home and changing anyway, don't wanna give the Sheriff more ideas as he chews me out. Good enough feller but if ya get on his bad side... yeesh. Really gets antsy then." She then looks around and notices the mess of cum and the occasional tipped bottle and glass on the bar. "Er, whoops..."

DM62: Clara giggles. "Well... I believe you've met my daughter Rose." Rose drops the act, giggling as well. "Hi there, Viridi. I heard so much about you... and you did NOT disappoint. She gives a glance down at her rounded belly, writhing gently in the lamia's coils. Jimmy shrugs at the cowgirl. "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of the mess. It's... not much worse than the last mess I had to clean in here." He leans in to gives the cowgirl a small kiss on the lips, then begins soaking up milk and cum with a pile of rags. "Still gonna take a while. We should be able to open on time, though."

Loveless: "Yeah... I'd help but can't really keep the old bugger waiting longer. I'll be back later when I'm done though, I'm sure." she bends over and gives him a kiss on the cheek, with a quiet murr. "Later big guy."

Viridi: "Huh? Aw, well, y' got me.," blinks Viridi in surprise, before pouting, giving Rose's chest a squeeze, "Well y' were pretty good y'self hun. Shoulda told me sooner, gettin' both mom and daughter bred riles me up real quick heh."

((end of session))