Windows 10 and H-games

Oct 9, 2009
So I have stayed on Windows 8.1 so far, but I am thinking of finally moving to Windows 10. Does anyone know what is the current status of h-games on Windows 10? I remember a lot of people saying that Windows 10 broke many games. How bad is it nowadays? Do RPG maker games work?

P.S. If you haven't updated to Windows 10 yet, you can still do it for free through the Microsoft website by claiming that you use assistive feature (you only need to click a button, no forms to fill out). But the offer will end in December.


Jungle Girl
Jan 28, 2015
Playing H-Games for quite some time on Win10 for now.
I just installed the Japanese Languagepack which fixed most Problems for me. Might have to wait for more replys as I don't understand Japanese at all which makes me rarely play RPGs.

The only problem I come across besides that is that I have to download the Trials to fix missing assets.

Unknown Squid

Aurani's Wife
Nov 10, 2008
So far haven't actually had any issues playing H-games on win10 (using for over a year), either new or old. Never noticed any change, personally.


Grim Reaper
Aug 29, 2016
So far no issues regarding games on Windows 10, even ones that are quite old (though, compatibility mode was necessary in few cases).
Because my signature is gone now, I am just going to leave this here as an extra. Small guide I did on using applocale on windows10.
Helps in some cases and doesn't force you to switch langs.
Also, works for other languages than Japanese :p
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Oct 9, 2009
Thanks people. Finished updating to Windows 10 and RPGMaker games are working so far (fingers crossed).