Witch's Chess Announcements/Updates Thread

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Nov 9, 2008
Ladies and Gentlemen! I, as the esteemed creator of a most simple and elegant game, inspired by a most enchanting Lady who has captured my heart, am pleased to bid you welcome to a spectacular round of Witch's Chess, a game I hope you all find to be most entertaining and enjoyable! Before we begin however, I must clarify some things as one of the hosts to prevent confusion or misconceptions.

  • Witch's Chess, is a game that will run mostly on D10 dice for the most part, with a few others thrown in for damage calculations and such.
  • In this game, logic and reason are key and should be kept in mind at all times as they take priority over anything else.
  • Good roleplaying, is heavily rewarded and encouraged in this game in addition to logical thinking. Descriptive, constructive, and excellent posts will result in bonuses to many things, whether it be combat, searching, persuading others, etc. Those who fail to do so will find themselves left completely to the mercy of the dice, with no reprieve for ill turns of fate.
  • Experience shall be granted in a experimental system that shall keep most people around the same level provided they go on a single mission a day. Rather than granting experience for the slaying of monsters, the characters become more powerful upon the triggering of certain events/"flags". (In short, go on a mission a day, and you'll probably level up around the same as most people, even if its only a looting run. Slacking in the base however, will result in less exp gained, and may cause you to become underleveled.)
  • While there is no character death in the game or penalty for being knocked unconscious normally, there exist a few exceptions in the form of certain storyline missions. Upon failing certain storyline missions, characters may find themselves carried away to another location, or forced into an "escape-esque" plot mission, where they may attempt escape or await rescue from another team willing to venture into the more dangerous areas. Please do note that while this does not apply to every storyline mission, the host has no obligation to mention the risk of capture until it becomes painfully evident(it'll be obvious enough for you to tell though). (On that note, being captured allows in certain missions actually allows you to interact with the Lady's followers should you so desire. So more plot/character development opportunities for those who want them.)
  • Many bosses/events in this game will have gimmicks to them which make seemingly impossible fights plausible or even "pathetically easy" at best. The host of the game, will drop hints in regards to these gimmicks, however the end result shall depend on the player's ability to deduce these gimmicks in the end. So stay sharp.
  • Each character's introduction scenario will be created based upon the Background/Memories provided in the character sheets. The more interesting the character and background, the more interesting the scenario will be.
  • Any new players wishing to join this elegant game of Witch's Chess may do so at any given time by simply creating a character sheet in the appropriate topic.
  • The game shall be open to updates, suggestions, and criticism for rebalancing at all times, so as to keep the game fun and fair for both the Gamemaster and the players. Any major alterations to the game will be discussed prior to the change in the discussion thread, and announced in this very thread when done so (This includes the finishing of Awakening skills, and such.)

Now that this is all done and over with, allow me to introduce the most gracious and elegant Lady...

*It is then, that in a shower of blue rose petals, an elegant figure around five foot and four inches in height with shoulder length blue hair materializes into the seat. Clad in a seventeenth century dress with a veil covering her face, the woman's voice is enigmatic, yet sinister enough that one can tell she is certainly the master of the game board.*

"My gratitude to you once again for doing this for me child..."

To live is to serve, simple as that. Rather, I should extend my gratitude for allowing me the creation of such a game.

"Not at all, boredom is the only thing that can truly kill one such as I. By allowing to you make this game, I was simply relieving myself of another century of boredom fufufufufufu~..."

I take it you have been fairly amused thus far?

"Quite... Mortals are always rather amusing, especially the the stubborn ones... That 'mistress' has yet to surrender even after the course of so many games."

But of course, is that not what makes games fun? It's simply no fun in the other side gives up in the very beginning after all.


Is there anything you would like to say to our small audience here?

"Simply that I am looking forward to matching wits with them in this elegant little game that has been prepared for our enjoyment."

Certainly, this round should be quite a spectacle with the addition of so many pieces.

"Fufufufufufufu...I certainly hope so. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be off to prepare the game board for a new round...It wouldn't do to have new players bored on their very first turn now would it?."

*Cackling diabolically as she disappeared, the "Lady" disappeared in a shower of blue rose petals, in a similar manner to her method of entry onto the stage. Leaving the chair next to the masked "announcer" empty once again.*

And there you have it! That was our most gracious Lady, who has now gone off to prepare the gameboard for your enjoyment. Please take this time to make any final preparation you may require, for once the round begins, it shall not halt until a victor has been decided.

*Taking a bow as he finished giving the instructions, the masked man vanished in a puff of black smoke, leaving the Faceless Ones below to do as required before the game began...*

(Send me a PM if you are still interested/ready to play. I shall create the introduction scenarios based on the order of the PMs I receive.)
Nov 9, 2008
Re: Witch's Chess Announcements/Updates Thread

((Going to make an announcement in regards to how adding stat points works for Witch's Chess, as I just noticed that I failed to mention how to do so in the other topics.

Adding points in Witch's Chess is similar to how you add attribute points in AWMBI, in that the cost of the stat is relative to the level of the stat you're adding. So if I wanted to raise Power to 2 from 1, I'd need to spend 2 points to do so. If I wanted to raise Power from 2 to 3, I'd need to spend 3 points.

And it goes on. Why am I bring this up now?... Because Ashley has just become the first character to level up after a series of ridiculously lucky rolls.)
Nov 9, 2008
Re: Witch's Chess Announcements/Updates Thread

((Quick note to people who have completed their introduction scenarios:

After completing your introduction scenarios, please direct all post to the "Heaven's Terrace" thread, AKA the main haven thread. There, until most of the others finish their scenario, feel free to roleplay it out, interact with certain NPCs, etc. ))
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