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The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

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    Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

    Ichimi would find little in the way of things to eat or even fidget with to bring comfort to her nerves. It made sense; after all, she was a slave in this scenario. Even the other girls in their respective chambers wouldn't have access to such luxuries, but they were long past exhibiting the visible agitation that the catgirl was dealing with. Perhaps their lives up to that point were already filled with such uncertainty and stress, that they had come to accept it all as an inexorable fact of life. Clearly, Ichimi had not, but she would have to act otherwise when the mark arrived at her cell.

    "Hoh..." The man's pupils grew slightly wide upon focusing on the catgirl. "Ciari, is it? Such a shame that you couldn't be mine. Perhaps I could be your master instead, if you fancy me so?" He grinned, perhaps sensing a two-sided attraction that may or may not have even been there. It only made the atmosphere more awkward when he decided to go the extra step, turning to Cedrian to make an additional inquiry. "So, you said she is on reserve, yes? Is there any way I can top that offer? I'll... I'll beat the price that whoever has paid for her made. After all, I've been wanting my own for quite some time now, but the casinos can be very protective of the ones they do have."

    Cedrian didn't flinch at the offer. Perhaps he expected as much, seeing as Ichimi was the only Felvari currently in their lineup. "She is. Her future owner wanted one with her exact specifications--blue eyes, blonde hair. I don't think he would settle for less, so she is not an option at this time."

    "Oh? By whom? If I know him, I'm sure I could persuade him to reconsider..."

    "Matteo Ramirez. He's from the northern end of our nation."

    "Huh... can't say I do, then. A shame. He glanced sideways to Ichimi before continuing. Then, can I at least sample the product? It's not as if she is untouched, is it? She has been trained properly, hasn't she?" He turned directly to Ichimi. "What say you? Surely you are as welcoming as I would imagine you to be..."

    Cedrian shook his head and held firm. "Matteo also would not appreciate it. He will be in within the next four days, if you are interested in speaking with him. Besides, she is but the last of a batch. There are many more where she came from."

    Risto huffed, leaning over against the bars, his gaze seemingly pinned to the false slave. There was obvious disappointment in his eyes. Hesitantly, he nodded. "...Very well. So... how much are your down payments for the next?"
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      Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

      “I'm afraid who I fancy doesn't really matter...”
      Ichimi answered, trying to keep the playful tone to her voice, despite rapidly increasing awkwardness of the entire situation. A feeling that only increased further with comments of a “topping offer”.

      “-Ehh?! I know I can probably escape if I'm smart about it, but you're not really going to play along? Right Cedrian? Right?!”
      Thoughts raced through the Felvari's head of just how much might be offered, and how tempting such an offer might be? How much had her admirer a few days offer for her when she was out with Cedrian? A few thousand razettas? And he was a normal person, the person before her now was considerably better off. An easy score if Cedrian wanted to take advantage of it... luckily he didn't, and it was all the felvari could do to not give an audible sigh of relief. It would be short lived, however...

      “W-wait?! Sample?!”
      Ichimi's face reddened a bit even as she tried to keep up her act. Would THIS be the moment the girl would have to do more than just stand around and look pretty? It was certain something she COULD do if she had to... her target in this case wasn't actually that bad-looking. However, the idea of being sold off to be “sampled”, like a common whore, burned the felvari's pride... and stoked some sort of deep reaction of fear. Why the fear? Was it fear of the act itself? Or fear of being betrayed by family? Luckily the latter would once again prove to unfounded... although her unease had shown on her face, and she needed to cover for it quickly.

      “B-being welcoming isn't the problem. It's just that... such encounters get a little “rough” sometimes. If I have marks and bruises when I'm delivered to my new master, he'll think I haven't been trained properly... and then I'll have to be re-taught...
      The pretend-slave let her voice trail off almost fearfully, as if her previous nervousness was a fear of whatever punishments misbehavior might carry... and as a signal of approval to Cedrian, a way to confirm that she did indeed not want to go any further with her act than this, just in case her acting might have given her partner the wrong impression.

      “OK, you can go away now... talk business with Cedrian...”
      The felvari was sorta grateful for the bars in front of her, keeping her “admirer” at a certain distance away from her as he continued to look her over... but at the same time the bars to her sides and at her back were almost claustrophobic, and the feeling of not being able to run was pure torment, even if she probably safer here than in one of her normal roles of outrunning marks and the city guard. At least in those situations she had some control over what happened...

      “You owe me so much when this is over, Ced! I'm about to pass out from scares here and I'm still going to have to do it with a smile on my face like a well-behaved slave because of this plan of yours! Pillyrhine berries every day for a week! No, a whole month!”
      It was a comforting thought, if she didn't think about it too deeply... or at least a distracting one that would hopefully keep her tensions at bay until this was all over.
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        Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

        With their mark soon disappearing from her sight--but not before giving her one last longing look--Ichimi was left to her own devices, expected to wait for the rest of the deal to finish. Their specific discussions seemed to fade out, the details seemingly growing less and less important as Ichimi’s stomach gave her a subdued growl. She could still catch the overall gist of what was being said thanks to the tones given by their customer, however, and some more words with an interested tone were given once Risto had arrived at Rio’s cell. The catgirl could only imagine the kind of terror that her smaller cohort might be feeling at that point. Still, Ichimi herself was in the clear, albeit a little chilly thanks to the dank, somewhat stale air of the ‘dungeon’ she found herself in and the natural skimpiness of her slave wear. The Grisalescan sun had a constant radiance about it that made it easy to miss, especially when one was underground.

        After what might have felt like an eternity of dealings made between Cedrian and Evaristo, the two made their way back towards the exit, with the latter making a little wave and a grin towards the catgirl. Hector stoically followed them.

        "I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of stock we acquire in the future," remarked the aspiring entrepreneur in the slave trading business.

        "Oh, you’ll see them for sure, with the amount of contributions you’re making here today. Partners of our ring get first picks," responded the false one.

        "Well, if the next Felvari you get are anything like that one, then you know who to keep in mind."

        Their voices faded off as they ascended the staircase in unison, leaving Ichimi, Rio, and the other slaves alone to fight the likes of boredom and possible hunger.


        Some time later…

        Ichimi heard only two sets of footsteps approaching her cell. This time it was just Cedrian and Hector; the former had a telltale smirk on his face. The deal had been completed. The head swindler took the jingling ring of keys from his belt and unlocked Ichimi’s cell, then followed suit for Rio, as well as the other unnamed slaves. Hector, who carried a large stack of clothes and small sacks in his massive arms, placed them down in the middle of the hall.

        "As of today, you’re all free," announced Cedrian. "Grab some clothes. In those bags are some money and food to get you started or transported to wherever it is you need to go." To explain the words in a more physical sense, Hector pushed the goods towards the females.

        The slave women looked at each other, wide-eyed. Cedrian had picked up quite the variety of girls. Some were of pale skin, while others were of darker note, though the majority were still of the expected Grisalescan bronze. Most of the girls from that main body wasted little time, hurrying to the goods and out of their slave garb. The garments provided weren't the fanciest, but they were certainly enough to blend in to an average Naralona street and a notable step up from the minimal wear they were stuck with earlier. Inside the sacks were simple fruits and loaves, but many of the slaves immediately bit into them ravenously.

        Looking to Ichimi, Cedrian tossed her a deoricot fruit. "You must be hungry."

        One of the newly freed slaves was a woman of fiery red hair and piercing green eyes, though some of the light had faded from them. "Where... to go? Where... is this?" She spoke in a noticeable accent, and was clearly not a native speaker.

        "Wherever you want," replied Cedrian with a shrug. "If it were me, I'd take the next ship back to Elynsor. There's a ferry on the second dock that'll do just that." He paused, looking thoughtful for a moment, then spoke a few words in Elynsorian that Ichimi couldn't quite understand. The woman perked up slightly, apparently understanding of what he had told her.

        Josias came down the stairs, and Cedrian motioned for him to lead some of the more ready girls outside. Some of them hugged him before running out, others were more single-minded about their newfound freedom and all of the places they needed to get back to.

        "See? I’m capable of good things, every once in a while," commented the leader of the group. "Nothing quite as convincing as the real thing, though Felvari are pretty expensive, so I appreciate it. Apparently they're worth anywhere between 5 and 10 times that of a fit human woman. Can you believe that?"

        However, three girls still remained. One, of light skin and hair, seemed silent, distant, and hadn't even bothered to approach the bag she was provided. Another was of darker skin and black hair, who seemed content to munch on the food she was given, and the third, seemingly of Vernian origin, looked to be at a loss. At the very least, she spoke fluent Grisalescan.

        I… I don’t know where to go now. I’ve been a slave for as long as I can remember,” she shared with the others.

        "Yeah... well, the professional in me thinks that you'll probably just go and get captured again, or swindled, or worse," said Cedrian. "But I'm also hoping that you'll prove me wrong."
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          Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

          Ichimi gave a relieved sigh as soon as the encounter was over and the door closed behind her partner and his mark... although it did little to sooth the awkwardness that would follow.
          “Just look straight ahead and don't focus on... them.”
          There was something unsettling about being surrounded by real slaves. Not something dangerous or immediately threatening, just... unsettling. The girl instead closed her eyes and tried to focus on the conversations from upstairs instead, her ears following the dull murmurs bleeding through the walls... although they were too vague to make out anything for sure.
          “Bet it's locked for real too...”
          The felvari's mind drifted off to thinking during the boredom that followed. A foot and gradual weight applied to the door of her cell as she leaned back against the opposite wall would confirm it.
          “Tch, of course it is.”
          It should have been an alarming thought, but somehow it wasn't. With nothing else to do but wait, it was merely frustrating and a bit uneasy instead.


          “You would actually lock me in without a hidden emergency key of my own or anything..."

          The felvari would mumble after being let out sometime later, but keep her voice low enough not to be easily overhead by the other slaves. Despite the smirk on her partner's face, Ichimi's own expression was an annoyed ear twitch and thoroughly displeased frown. She had no interest in discussing the self-evident results of the plan at the moment, and instead shoved her way by and went straight to grab her cloak instead. It was still around here somewhere, Ichimi's group hadn't made her walk over here on “full display” after all.
          “Found it!”
          The felvari's tone would markedly improve as she swung the garment around her. As childish as it may have appeared, something about it was reassuring, comforting. After all, her cloak was what hid her ears and tail and weapons and let her move around freely and (relatively) safely in the outside world... and besides, in her current outfit, her cloak was warm and a protection against feeling so exposed.

          “Hmm... what's all this now?”
          The girl would return with her prize just in time to see the apparent final step of this act, all the other slaves being freed. This was very much an unexpected development. Somehow the felvari thought all the other slaves had merely been “borrowed”, that they'd be returned to their masters afterwards, not set free. So many questions flooded into the felvari's mind. Was it safe to be doing this? Would they keep quiet about it? Would the plan require more slaves again later? Just how much did Cedrian make off one mark? …but asking any of these questions out loud felt almost inappropriate considering the slaves were still here and listening. Instead her tone would carry more concern than anything when she finally spoke in a bit of an awed voice.
          “You actually bought them for this, huh? They won't be hiding trying to escape from angry masters or anything, right?”
          It took a second for her brain to even catch up that she had been addressed earlier.
          “-oh... yeah, thanks...”
          She took the deoricot without even really even stopping to see what it was, as her attention was still glued to the events unfolding before her. Her ears didn't even twitch when she bit into it realized what it was, nor did any of the usual complaints come about how it was too sweet or a deliberate choice to annoy her. It was hard to have such accusatory thoughts in light of current events. How often had such a thing happened? How often had some of these slaves prayed with everything they had for such a thing to happen? The felvari wasn't one for going out of the way to save people or change the world, but perhaps out of so many times of fearing ending up in the same situation herself, it was hard not to feel some sense of gratitude now... At least until the very end anyway, when there were some “stragglers” left over...

          “They're broken already... just like the ones in the casinos...”
          Ichimi half-thought, and half-whispered out loud with a low hiss as she pulled closer to Cedrian with an obviously renewed unease, her grip tightening the longer she watched until it finally boiled over into something.

          “Why even be alive then?! Don't you even realize what's going on here?! You're just going to take a miracle chance like this and give up on it?!”
          The outburst had happened subconsciously, the thief herself not even being aware of what she had done until a moment afterward. It had been harsh, her voice twisted with frustration and anger, but her face would show confusion and tears forming. Was pity the cause? ...or was it fear over not understanding what she was watching right now?
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            Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

            Cedrian waved off Ichimi’s initial query nonchalantly as the catgirl bit into the phallic fruit with the same degree of aloofness. “Hah. Nah, I’m not THAT careless. These were bought on the general market, ready to be sold. But at least this way, they get another chance at something instead of waiting for the next cruel master. You’d actually be surprised at how cheap some of them are to buy, given how much money the industry rakes in on the daily. Well, except the Felvari, that is...

            He looked down at Ichimi sinking her claws into his arm, and then his gaze wandered up to meet hers as he gave her a slightly concerned look. However, it didn’t take long at all for him to figure out what she was fretting about; the remaining slaves, who hadn’t quite yet run through the door to freedom.

            Ichimi’s outburst caused a moment of stunned silence to fall over the group, especially for the three who had no idea what her investment, what her stake was in all of this.

            A chance for... what? I… don’t understand,” replied the Vernian woman. Perhaps the concept of ‘giving up’ was unknown to her, or simply not associated with anything negative. She had clearly accepted her lot in life as someone who was to serve.

            The sudden moment of passion given off by Ichimi was less of a surprise to Cedrian, however, who calmly responded to the slaves’ concerns with a certain level of coldness.

            Yeah, well… I’m not gonna tell you lot what to do and how to do it. Looks like you’ve had about enough of that.

            This concept of freedom seemed to confound her even further. “At least… let me serve you?” asked the Vernian, leaning forward slightly as if to look somewhat more enticing. “You seem like a suitable master.

            Ehheh. Tempting, but I’m going to refuse you this time. Go find a banker or a rich merchant or something, if you want to be taken care of that badly.

            My last master was a banker. He... was a kind person.

            Oh? Huh... doesn’t sound like any banker I know.

            But, he was killed. It is how I ended up on the market.

            That makes a lot more sense now. Sorry but, big business here in Grisalesca isn’t exactly a profession for the uh, kind. In fact… the main difference between them and us is just that their rules are slightly different. We're all well versed in screwing other people over.

            I see, but... who do you mean by ‘us’?

            You know what… nevermind. We’ll put you on that boat, which will take you to a good place--or at least a better place for refugees than Naralona--and you’ll have plenty of time to think about what you want to do with your life from there.

            Unless Ichimi had anything else to say, Hector and the others would usher the slave girls out. Even the slave that hadn’t touched her bag knew some degree of compliance when the massive prizefighter urged her along. This left only Rio, Ichimi and Cedrian in the hallway lined with cells.

            See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Well… okay, seems pretty nerve-wracking for you, if the way you were squeezing my arm was any indicator.

            Ced gave a thoughtful look and a pause before continuing. “I can tell you’re looking at yourself in that situation. Listen, if you really can’t do this… we can always splurge a bit to try and get a real Felvari slave, and simply free her afterwards. I’ve always just kind of ah, taken pride in the fact that we’ve done all our jobs with only the six of us. Kinda wanted to do our last set of jobs the same way, but I realize that I’m pushing you pretty hard here--it’s a lot more acting than I ever expected you to do before.
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              Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

              “Me? See myself like... that? Never...
              The felvari hissed the words in a half-whisper... as if afraid of jinxing herself, being loud enough for Fate to hear and be tempted. Or maybe the whole situation had simply taken her voice. After her outburst she had just stood silently, watching the scene unfolding before her, watching every moment of it but not registering half of what happening, her mind torn between wanting an answer and just wanting to block out the whole thing.

              “I'm... going to watch from upstairs... make sure nobody takes notice of them leaving...”
              The girl's voice was twisted again, but this time there was more to it than just a tense hiss. There were cracks, almost like whimpers... hurt, but she would shove herself away from her partner and glide up the stairs, her body language giving a clear signal that she didn't want to be followed.

              Once Ichimi made her way upstairs and found a quiet corner, she sat with her back to the wall and curled up into herself. She needed a moment alone, a moment to process all this... Keeping watch had just been an excuse. An weak one at that. Of course Cedrian wouldn't have been so careless as to need her to keep watch like this... but the things he had said, and the things she had just watched...
              “I... don't want to...”
              The girl's breathing became rough as she started to stifle a quiet crying that surprised even herself.
              “Why...? It's no worse than anything I've done before...”
              It was true, despite having see the possible consequences up close, it really wasn't that much different than anything she had done before. There was always risk, she knew this. But something was different this time.
              “It's... because I don't have to...”
              Yes, that was it. For once in her life, someone wanted to protect her from something dangerous. To spare her from the harshnesses of the world, and the risk, and the fear. To just once not have to do something because she didn't want to, because she was afraid. To just once be cared for not because she had earned it, but because she was family, and that's what family did. Because that was how everyone else got to live and why didn't she deserve that too? ...she WANTED it. She wanted it bad.
              “... … … and I'd be the absolute worst, underserving, ungrateful, traitor if I gave in and took it. Worse than dead weight, doing nothing while they take all the risk.”
              The guilt bit deep... but it didn't hurt. No, instead it fueled her resolve.
              “Even if everything is finished after this and the family drifts apart... I won't quit right at a critical moment like this...”
              With that she'd wipe her face on her arm and slowly drift back downstairs, keeping her face low and hoping the signs of her crying wern't too obvious (and that nobody had come to check on her and heard).

              “It's been a long day and I woke up early for this...”
              She'd answer as she came back downstairs, her voice exhausted (for other reasons), but sounding more calm now.
              “... and I'm hungry, can we go home now and call it a day?”
              and as she handed Cedrian the leash to her collar, one final bit.
              “By the way, don't you DARE think about replacing me for this!”
              Now her tone sounded... grumpy, but not hurt anymore, not scared anymore. Was a lie? Maybe. She hope Cedrian wouldn't call her out on it though, even if he saw through it... whether that was the best thing or not for her might be an entirely different matter though.
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                Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

                "Ah... sure," said Cedrian in reply, with some tracable skepticism in his tone if Ichimi tried hard enough to find it. When she shoved him away, he would naturally take notice, but even then, he wouldn't keep her from ascending the staircase and finding a secluded corner to be alone with her thoughts or worries.

                Ichimi would find the unused second floor comfortably (or perhaps uncomfortably) empty. While there were a few windows she could peer out of in order to watch the slaves make their way out, such a task looked to be one of the last things the catgirl cared about at the time. Her tears were shed alone, mingling only with her train of thought as no one cared to interrupt her.

                When she returned to the lobby, she would find Cedrian and Rio there waiting for her, with the latter wrapped up in a cloak to hide their rather skimpy wear.

                "It won't be the last, either. Things are going to get pretty busy," reminded the leader of the group. "But sure, I figured it might be about that time that you'd get hungry, and just one deoricot won't do," he then added, confidently taking the lead to her leash with a smile. "If you insist." While he may very well have noticed her facade, he didn't choose to call her out on it, at least not right then and there.

                With that, the three of them joined the others outside. After the slaves were ushered onto their respective ferries, the group made their way back to their hideout.


                Hector was the last to enter the warehouse that the group called their home, and he shut the door somewhat loudly.

                "Am... am I have to going to do that again?" whimpered Rio.

                "I don't want to make you any promises I can't keep," answered Cedrian, "but I think it'd help if you did based on the kinds of clients we get. Same goes for Ichimi."

                "Really? Uuuu... I can't imagine there would be THAT many nobles who are into... boys..."

                "You'd be surprised~" teased Augusto with a chuckle. "I was part of the Elynsorian Church after all. Some of those guys really like the uh... you know."

                "Wha... nooo! Cedrian, we're not going to be dealing with that many priests or anything, are we?"

                "Probably not."

                "P... probably? Why can't you use more solid wording?!"

                Ced simply chuckled and moved on, while Augusto headed straight for the kitchen and began to fetch some of the ingredients they had on hand for food. "So, everyone... how do ham and potato omelettes sound?"
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                  Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

                  It would be a short walk back to the warehouse, but in her current mood, it would feel a lot longer to Ichimi. Despite the felvari's weary tone just moments ago, It didn't take long for her to become... anxious. Even under her cloak, her movements took on a kind of tense twitchy quality... as if unsettled by the world around her. However, the world around the girl seemed to be her last concern. Her face kept low with her gaze on the ground, and beneath her hood her ears were down; whatever was going on nearby seemed completely lost on the felvari, as if she were trying to shut the world out... an unusual behavior for someone who's very survival often counted on being alert and aware.
                  Perhaps she felt “safe” enough to allow it in the moment, perhaps it was part of pretending to play her role as a slave (or hide from it), or perhaps, just maybe, anything outside was a distraction from things inside that demanded the thief's attention... although the felvari's inexperience with being pensive or introspective was clearly showing in the way her movements were giving off a feel of barely-contained frustration.

                  “I'm just cramped after being in a cage for so long...”
                  She mumbled to nobody in particular as a half-explanation, her attention too far gone to stay alert for a reply.


                  “Cedrian says “probably” because the people we're trying to scam here are investing in expeditions for FELVARI slaves, not human ones. You're not the one they're going to be interested in, and if they are then they're not the right marks for this job.”
                  Ichimi answered Rio's concerns. Although her voice was short, as if having just explained it multiple times already, despite what she was saying being intended as re-assuring. Then again in her current mood, anything from anyone seemed like it would annoy her. Well... almost anything.

                  “Anything I don't have to make myself sounds amazing right now!” she responded at Augusto's mention of food.
                  Food was always a welcome distraction, even at a time when distractions wern't welcome. The enthusiasm in her voice was a contrast her distracted or impatient tones from earlier... and yet, despite even that, the felvari didn't waste much time in breaking off from the group and heading upstairs, rather than sticking around to sneak bites of the ingredients.
                  Presumably the reason was to change out of the “display” clothes she had been wearing... but even considering that, she took a good while to come back downstairs again, not coming back until the food was almost done. The time she took to herself did seem to help a little though, as her movements no longer carried the same tense quality as they did earlier. However, whether this was due to her having actually dealt with what was was actually bothering her compared to just burying it as she usually did remained to be seen... it would be hard to tell with the distraction of good food present, even if it was probably the latter.
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                    Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

                    "Way to take on the burden of responsibility all by yourself," commented Augusto with a sarcastic tone. "There are more ways to be exotic than being Voidic, you know. Like being a cute little--"

                    Rio frowned at this and huffed, wrapping his cloak tighter around himself, then stomped his way to his room to get changed.
                    "Oh, come on," Augusto called out. "Is it that much different from what I usually say?"

                    "Maybe less content and more context, Augusto. Funny you say that, though," said Cedrian. "At one point, Grisalesca was a haven for Voidic activity... back when it was a larger empire. We actually subjugated several races, but as part of the conditions of surrender after Elynsor's victory, we were required to send over the majority of them for 'purification'. Only the ones that we could prove to be docile enough and properly enslaved would remain," he went on to explain.

                    "They pulled out our teeth and our claws," grumbled Hector. "Only the cruelest of fighters try to ensure that their opponents will never fight again."

                    "Well... that's how it goes, when you have leaders who have never engaged in glorious combat and all that," said Cedrian with a shrug. "I'm not really much of a nationalist, to be honest, but many things indicate that this was a far different kind of country before that whole war. Maybe if I had been alive back then, I wouldn't have to swindle people..."

                    His outloud train of thought caused an awkward pause of silence from the others, before he chuckled and continued; "Don't look so shocked--I'm kidding. I was born to do this. If anything, I'm lucky that I was born in an era with so many entitled fatcats. That way I won't have to feel remotely guilty about the things we do to them."

                    "If it was Elynsorians..." started Hector.

                    "I don't mind them either, but the way I see it, people with money are the main targets, no matter what nationality they are. I'm not going to go out of my way to target an Elynsorian if the Grisalescan next to him has a wallet that's twice as fat to match his greed."

                    "Yeah... guess so."

                    "It's kind of hard to imagine you as anything else," said Josias.

                    "I guess I'll take that as a compliment," replied Cedrian with a shrug.

                    Whether or not Ichimi stuck around, she'd hear these comments being made as she went upstairs to change into something far more comfortable. She heard a knock on her door. Should the catgirl bother to open it, she'd find that it was Rio--this time, dressed in more plain clothes, a simple shirt and trousers.

                    "Hey... can I come in?"

                    He sat down on the floor, looking a bit down and thoughtful.
                    "I know I've always wanted to be female. I mean, you know. To be admired and looked at and wanted is... something I never really got to experience. But after being looked at like THAT today... in that 'object' sort of way, I... I'm not so sure anymore. I know what I want to be, I just don't know how well I could handle all that on a regular basis. If I was a REAL woman, and not merely fulfilling someone's weird ladyboy fetish, would it feel any less strange to me? Something deep inside tells me 'no'."

                    "But maybe I'm just whining too much. I bet this is what it feels like all the time for you, huh..."
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                      Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

                      Ichimi wasn't much of one for politics talk. However, if one had been paying close attention...
                      “Only the ones that we could prove to be docile enough and properly enslaved would remain”
                      Would be the point where her ear would twitch hard enough to make the hood of her cloak ruffle audibly. Although if anyone had heard it over the conversation, or noticed her soundless slipping away upstairs afterwards, nobody would act on it or try to stop her.


                      “Yeah, it's fine.”
                      The felvari would answer sometime later when Rio came to her door.
                      Her voice sounded a little tired, but not angry or frustrated like before. Perhaps it was just because it was Rio... or perhaps she had been doing something to calm her own mood. She too was dressed normally again, and her fingers were blackened, as if she had been drawing with her charcoal sticks (although the results of her efforts, if any, would be hard to pick out from the pile of half-completed works already strewn across the top of the table off to the side of her room). Whatever the case, she would curl up to the pile of blankets on her bed and listen to her companion's concerns... her expression dropping when he was finished, although whether out of pity, annoyance, difficult thoughtfulness, or simply anger at having the entire thing brought up would be hard to discern until she spoke... an act which in itself would take a few moments.

                      “What you want, what you're talking about I mean...” she started out, her voice soft with a careful concern, as if she were making an apology without any practice beforehand. “...that isn't what happened today.”
                      Another pause as she tried to gather her thoughts, and then turned her gaze towards the roof, her voice continuing as if describing something only she could see up there. Perhaps she just didn't want to be distracted by gauging reactions as she spoke.
                      “I have this dream sometimes... every once in awhile, more than once I mean. In this dream, I'm not really me. I mean, I am me, but I'm also someone else, but I know it's me. I don't know how else to explain it...”
                      Another pause, after that run-on of an explanation.
                      “Anyway, I'm being chased... but I'm not afraid. People are after me, but I'm not being shot at with crossbows, or chased with weapons, it's all just a game. I'm not out in the city, I'm inside somewhere, in a ring or stage of some kind... some show or performance put on by one of the big casinos. It's set with things to jump and climb on and I'm being chased. If I get caught, the people who are chasing me win big... but of course they won't catch me, it's me, and I'm too good at what I do. Even when there's two or three after me at once, I don't caught much... and even when I do, I'm not scared. It's... fun.”
                      Another pause.
                      “It's fun... and in the dream I know it's my job. I'm a performer and it's what I do for a living, and it makes me happy. I'm dressed to perform, and people are looking at me, but it's not like today. I have no doubt I'm eye candy, but there's something else. My performance commands awe... and respect... and admiration. People aren't just looking at me as a possession to take. Even if I'm caught, I have no fear of being “kept” or “used”... although of those that are able to catch me, the idea meeting up for a little fun later seems appealing. Not because they “own” me or anything, but because they were good enough to challenge me, to prove themselves as the best of the best~”
                      Her voice drifted off almost wistfully for a second, before taking an even more emotional tone, her voice cracking a little along the way, as if her eyes were welling up and about to cry.
                      “When the dreams don't go that way... after my performances... I leave to go home... because in the dreams I have a home... and I have parents... waiting for me... and they're so proud... and we go home, to a nice home, with nice food, and then...”
                      Again, another pause, and when the felvari spoke again, her voice had returned completely to normal.
                      “And then I wake up.”
                      “I wake back up to this world where I don't have any of that. Where I'll never have a chance at any of it. Sometimes the unfairness of it all makes me want to do do something stupid... to refuse this reality, and give up, and live in a fantasy until until I'm snuffed out or broken or enslaved or something that makes me not care anymore... But something makes me hang on. Always makes me hang on... Sad, isn't it?” she mused, giving a slight unsettling laugh to herself.

                      At this her gaze turned from ceiling. As if she were actually talking to her companion directly now instead of just reciting a story to an invisible audience.
                      “It's nothing to be ashamed of. Just be aware of the difference between the two, Okay? You'll make stupid desperate decisions if you aren't, and that's why I worry sometimes. Know the difference, so however close you get to the fantasy, you'll at least have gotten something real, and gotten there safely.”

                      A shuffling of movement and the Felvari was on her feet towards her door.
                      “Or who knows? Maybe I'm not making any sense at all. Living moment to moment seems to work pretty well when you're hungry. Is Augusto done cooking yet?”
                      The change of moods, from the story to the wrap up didn't seem deceitful or ingenious... yet there was something almost scary about how quickly it had taken place. As if there were parts in between that had been skipped... things the Felvari didn't want to talk to about for the sake of the mood, or the sake of being gentle, or simply for the sake of not having to deal with... and if her companion didn't stop her, she seemed perfectly content to leave things there.
                      “Hey, don't you dare tell the others this story, alright? I'll just say it's something you made up to get to me.”
                      She would end over her shoulder half-jokingly and half-seriously as she reached her door.
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                        Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

                        Not… what happened today?” Rio gave a look of puzzlement. Perhaps the young tailor couldn’t understand the difference between being seen as a female and being the object of admiration, of desire--that, or he didn’t want to. But before Ichimi could clarify her statement, she moved into a different direction with the conversation, to which Rio could only listen.

                        Well, we already know how good you are at not getting caught! That’s why you’re an important part of the team,” stated the youth at the first opportunity. However, his brow furrowed a little as Ichimi continued, and he proceeded to listen a little more to the details that she shared.

                        A performer, huh…” Rio pondered aloud, his expression taking on a look of vague melancholy. “So is that what you would be if you didn’t have to um… steal for a living? Or is it just dreams being dreams?” He then let her finish, his eyes downcast after the catgirl went over the part about having parents waiting for her. “Dreams can be really cruel sometimes, after all, huh… it got me thinking, too, about what I really want, other than this. The money is nice and stuff, but I think that if I had it my way exactly, not only would I be in my right body… but people would treat me a certain way, too. Definitely not the way that one guy treated me, just for having… y’know, the things I wanted to NOT have,” added the tailor, glancing down at himself for a moment.

                        But the more I think about it, the more I realize that... the reality I want might never match up with the reality I have. I want to be a court lady, and I want men to adore me, but only in a certain way, not only for my body. Even if there was some kind of Voidic contract I could sign to just magically change into a girl--a thought that makes some stupid part of me hopeful--I guess it doesn’t mean that people will even treat me the way I want to be treated.

                        Don’t worry, I won’t,” Rio finally assured her towards the end of the conversation. “Thanks for looking out for me though, hehe.

                        Ichimi’s inquiry about whether or not Augusto was done cooking needed not be answered by words, as the tempting scents from the kitchen had already wandered up to reach the catgirl’s nose. She could tell that there was some roasted lamb, but as she headed down the stairs and looked around the corner, she would also spot a large plate full of mushrooms with herbs, and a pot of lentil stew.

                        Hector was first to the long, rectangular table where the food had just been set. Augusto arrived next with an assortment of cheese fritters, and Cedrian casually came up afterwards. Finally, Josias and Rio arrived last.

                        So,” said Cedrian, “Not bad, for a trial run. But the real fun starts tomorrow! Or should I say, continues tomorrow.

                        Wasn’t that guy Risto kinda light on security? I thought they were providing guards for the visiting nobles,” pondered Augusto aloud.

                        They are, for most. But there are a lot coming in, so they can't just give two guards to every single noble--though I'm sure some are demanding 3 or 4 themselves, heh. You know how entitlement works."

                        "So... what's the plan for tomorrow?" asked Rio. "Or um... who are we looking at?"

                        "Lorencio and Luisa Narvaez," answered Cedrian. "Quite a rich couple who have made a lot of coin artificially controlling the markets of jolesa wood. They love the entertainment that this city provides--we just never had the fortune of running into them yet. Lorencio loves to watch dancers and acrobats, while Luisa is a huge fan of prizefighters," he added.
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