The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru


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Apr 22, 2010
Re: The Cat's Share (Kat) GMed by Takimaru

Not… what happened today?” Rio gave a look of puzzlement. Perhaps the young tailor couldn’t understand the difference between being seen as a female and being the object of admiration, of desire--that, or he didn’t want to. But before Ichimi could clarify her statement, she moved into a different direction with the conversation, to which Rio could only listen.

Well, we already know how good you are at not getting caught! That’s why you’re an important part of the team,” stated the youth at the first opportunity. However, his brow furrowed a little as Ichimi continued, and he proceeded to listen a little more to the details that she shared.

A performer, huh…” Rio pondered aloud, his expression taking on a look of vague melancholy. “So is that what you would be if you didn’t have to um… steal for a living? Or is it just dreams being dreams?” He then let her finish, his eyes downcast after the catgirl went over the part about having parents waiting for her. “Dreams can be really cruel sometimes, after all, huh… it got me thinking, too, about what I really want, other than this. The money is nice and stuff, but I think that if I had it my way exactly, not only would I be in my right body… but people would treat me a certain way, too. Definitely not the way that one guy treated me, just for having… y’know, the things I wanted to NOT have,” added the tailor, glancing down at himself for a moment.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that... the reality I want might never match up with the reality I have. I want to be a court lady, and I want men to adore me, but only in a certain way, not only for my body. Even if there was some kind of Voidic contract I could sign to just magically change into a girl--a thought that makes some stupid part of me hopeful--I guess it doesn’t mean that people will even treat me the way I want to be treated.

Don’t worry, I won’t,” Rio finally assured her towards the end of the conversation. “Thanks for looking out for me though, hehe.

Ichimi’s inquiry about whether or not Augusto was done cooking needed not be answered by words, as the tempting scents from the kitchen had already wandered up to reach the catgirl’s nose. She could tell that there was some roasted lamb, but as she headed down the stairs and looked around the corner, she would also spot a large plate full of mushrooms with herbs, and a pot of lentil stew.

Hector was first to the long, rectangular table where the food had just been set. Augusto arrived next with an assortment of cheese fritters, and Cedrian casually came up afterwards. Finally, Josias and Rio arrived last.

So,” said Cedrian, “Not bad, for a trial run. But the real fun starts tomorrow! Or should I say, continues tomorrow.

Wasn’t that guy Risto kinda light on security? I thought they were providing guards for the visiting nobles,” pondered Augusto aloud.

They are, for most. But there are a lot coming in, so they can't just give two guards to every single noble--though I'm sure some are demanding 3 or 4 themselves, heh. You know how entitlement works."

"So... what's the plan for tomorrow?" asked Rio. "Or um... who are we looking at?"

"Lorencio and Luisa Narvaez," answered Cedrian. "Quite a rich couple who have made a lot of coin artificially controlling the markets of jolesa wood. They love the entertainment that this city provides--we just never had the fortune of running into them yet. Lorencio loves to watch dancers and acrobats, while Luisa is a huge fan of prizefighters," he added.