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The Colony: Invasion

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    Re: The Colony: Invasion

    As the orc's cock entered her, Kat was reminded of a dildo she had that was the largest thing she ever had inside her. When the orc bottomed out, she briefly realized that he was bigger than even it had been, but this realization was quickly pushed aside by the overwhelming sensations coming from said cock.

    Being suspended in the air, her pussy open to this monster invader, that sense of being nothing more than a fuck-toy triggered something in Kat that set her off. Unable to do more than moan incomprehensivly, Kat hoped the orc driving into her got the clue and continued to do so. All she wanted now was for this perfect pleasure to last for as long as possible. All thoughts of running, finding Freedom, anything other than what she felt now were driven from her mind.

    ((Orgasm time!))


      Re: The Colony: Invasion

      Seven days before the Wakening; Century City, Sector L-80: Katerina 'Kat'.

      The orcs chuckle as Kat moans in bliss, holding her in mid air, stopping their motions as she orgasms about the creature's cock. It takes her a while to come down from the mile-high orgasm, her body already tired as her tail sways back and forth, flexing her toes and fingers a bit. She breaths heavily, her ears twitching as she tries to listen and decipher the two orcs, talking to one another... before she feels a little pressure at her rear. Kat's eyes go wide, tiredly squirming in the orcs hands, but to no avail. As the orc pushes it's slimy cock into her tight ass, Kat's mind goes blank...

      She comes to moments later, a pair of hands from behind kneading and squeezing her breasts, enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh beneath their rough hands, the orcs breathing heavily in her hair; the second pair cupped her ass cheeks, holding her up in the air still as the orcs timed their thrusts, keeping Kat off-balance, one never hilting in her at the same time as the other. She clung to the orc in front of her by his shoulder pads, moaning in pleasure into his chest, her body suddenly tensing as she orgasmed again... and again... It seemed like it would never stop, Kat's body becoming ever more tired with each thrust of the orcs. She looked up at the orc in front of her, trying to focus her big blue eyes, but unable to, whimpering in a perverse pleasure, begging...

      "Please... Let me go..." She whimpered. The orcs didn't understand, or, in all reality, most likely did not want to release their new pet. The orcs didn't even reply to her pleas, the woman feeling another orgasm building in the pit of her stomach, never realizing the orcs were increasing their thrusting speed. She only began to moan and pant in quicker successions, breathing heavily on the orcs neck, before throwing her head back and releasing another lust-filled, orgasmic moan in the air, her body rippling with pleasure - only for the odd, pleasurable feeling of the orcs' seed to explode into her womb and bowels, launching load after load into the cat girl. While it wasn't the first time she had felt the sensation, being brutalized and used as a toy by the orcs only seemed to tap some primal pleasure of the woman, driving her into another orgasm almost immediately after her first. She lost track of when the orcs finally finished... but Kat, having lost all sense of time, was almost unconscious as she was dumped unceremoniously to the ground, the orc grabbing onto her hair roughly and pulling her up, sticking his cock in her mouth. She moved on autopilot, running her tongue along the orc's flesh, tasting both her juices and his seed, moaning about the phallus as she took more and more into her mouth. She couldn't remember even if the orc deposited a load into her stomach... everything, after the last bit, was darkness to the cat girl.

      As she awoke, however, all was not right. She was still in the alley, and the two orcs were still there... But she couldn't move, and there was an odd, cool sensation about her neck...

      "<She's awake,>" One of the orcs grunted - much to Kat's surprise. She didn't own a universal translator... so how could she understand them now? She looked up at the orc, licking her lips, as he began to speak: "<Release your arms and get on your hands and knees.>"

      Not a chance! Kat thought to herself... only for her body to move by it's own accord, the cat girl getting onto her hands and knees, the cool metal about her neck heating up...
      What the fuck is this place?


        Re: The Colony: Invasion

        As Kat lay on the ground, the exhausting sex with the orc in her memories, she realized she was waking up. Expecting for the whole experiance to be a dream (she'd had vivid sex dreams before, especially when her libido was cranked up), when she found she couldn't move and her body still ached, she suddenly woke up.

        As her body moved on its own, Kat felt fear fill her heart. Was the collar doing this? Was it some form of mind control, or was it directly controling the impulses from her brain? Could it stop her heart? Terrified of what this collar could do, Kat started to panic, trying to order her body to get up and run away from the aliens, or do anything at all.