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    To whoeverso manageth to maintain my estate for a weeks time shalleth inherith it as well as mine large fortune to the sum of, at the time of writing, 2500 dubloons of imperial marking and my assorted inheritance hitherfor located at this very estate.

    There was some legal stuff besides the interesting core sentence but suffice to say, great-grand uncle Serveens estate was quite lucrative.. as in, whoever fulfilled his will would never have to work again. Which made it a little odd that the only direct relatives had declined the will, making it fall to distant relatives. Mika, who had seen uncle Serveen like once as a child and barely remembered his face at all, in this case.
    Poor uncle Serveen had died of natural causes, which would have likely disappointed him. If the stories were true he was experimenting with various kinds of religions and black magic rituals as a hobby, though apparently nothing had come from it, except for a restraining order from the local church after an incident involving a drunk uncle Serveen and several buckets of goat-blood. And family legend had that he was excluded from parties since the incident with the horse, of which Mika even after curious prodding knew no more than that well, a horse had been somehow involved. Suffice to say he had been a bit of an oddball.

    The house, really, better defined as a small mansion stood upon a small hill behind the Ashenvale village, a sleepy little town that was easily enough reached per coach, though as Mika arrived it was already late night, the mansion illuminated by moonlight:

    "Oy, are ye sure ye don't wanna spent the night at the inn, rather than this abandoned house? Ye know the townsfolk say.. eh, never pay it mind." The leather clad coacher half baked at Mika, tilting his head and shrugging slightly.
    Admittedly, even viewed from afar, the three (did the tower count for four?) story building was quite imposing for a single person. Mika better packed lunch if she planned to explore it. Well, at first, she'd have to get in with the heavy iron key that had come with the will.. and then find a bedroom. Or perhaps she had the few coins left for an inn-bed, warm, prepared, only slightly likely to hide infectious diseases in moderatly cleaned bedsheets.
    At least it was a mild enough early summer day to not have to worry about the old house being drafty.
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    It was still hard to believe that the will of great-grand uncle Serveens had fallen to her. Of all the family, her parents, siblings, and herself could be considered the most out of touch with the others, as they had lived as simple hunters in the woods. She had only moved out about a month ago, yet she had been given the opportunity to gain great-grand uncle's inheritance. All she had to do was maintain the house for a week, what's the problem with that? Ghosts? Pffft, there had to be some other reason. It could be possible, but I'd rather believe there's a puzzle or mystery to be solved that scared everyone else away! This was a magical world, yet she had seen little of it. She had no idea to what challenges she was to face in order to win the inheritance!

    Coming up to the house, nay mansion, Mika looked up in awe at the sight of the imposing building. Such tall buildings were uncommon, and this one came with a tower with it! Although looking dark and sinister... Thats going to have to change... It looked amazing still, even in the low light of dusk.

    The coacher's words brought Mika back out of her thoughts. "Hmm? I think I'll be fine here. There's bound to be some nice clean beds for me, might just need a little dusting. Thanks though." She brushed off his warnings. She had some naivety to her still, after all, she was the one out of the entire family to accept the challenge. She hopped off the horse drawn coach, grabbing a backpack that looked filled to the brim, and her spear wrapped in cloth, Mika gave one final goodbye to the coacher. Before going any where, she dug through her pockets, finding an old heavy key that came with the will. Key in one hand, wrapped spear in the other, and her backpack on.. well her back, Mika went and opened the door after unlocking it!
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      The coacher gave a disinterested shrug as Mika made up her mind. The key weighted heavily on it's large chain.. there was just this one, no additional keys to basements or bedrooms or secret forbidden doors, almost disappointing, though at least the lock looked sturdy enough to keep a burglar at bay. And his friends. And propably half of that buglars guild.

      The key fit snuggly and with a single turn the door swung open heavily.
      There was no gust of wind, no creepy rattling or intimidating spirits, just beautiful, if dark gothic architecture awaiting Mika, an entrance hall, with a corridor leading onwards, two flights of stairs leading up.. she might get lost in here quickly!:

      Stabbed into a rich wooden wall, by a sharp knife, was a message that.. Mika actually struggled to decipher in the sparse moonlight entering the entrance hall. A bit of light would help, otherwise, she would be busy a while, deciphering her uncles handwriting:

      "So you made it in here, I knew you'd have the guts Midori!

      Unless you are not Midori, in which case, screw Midori that coward. This house is not haunted. It just has a few rules you have to abide by and you are fine.
      1. When you enter, greet the house, introduce yourself as the new owner. Go ahead.
      2. Don't ever enter the tower after midnight before the sun has risen.
      3. Don't be single. You all laughed about my fake wedding ring? Well, it was protectio
      Made the door behind Mika, falling into it's lock with a loud closing noise, startling her. Apparently the door closed on it's own if left unattended, useful, but she might want to keep the key on herself when going outside even briefly. Had she not fully close it? Either way, startled briefly, she read on.

      Well, it was protection! If you read this and are not married you might want to hurry and put on some fake jewelry on your ring finger. There's some in the study I think...
      4. Don't drink more than a half-bottle of scotch. I did that once and heard the strangest voices in the night here. The next morning I found myself beat up as if I had fallen, but could not remember anything!
      Besides that have fun. The bedrooms are upstairs to the left, kitchen is to the right ground floor, study and library are on the right. If a few parts of the house seem old and dusty then because I can't be asked to dust it all myself."

      (BTW! totally pics for outfit/nude again? ^^)
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        The lack of other keys other than the heavy and old one, slightly dashed Mika's fantasies for an adventure while exploring the mansion. How was she to get into the secret rooms, or passages if she had no key? Turning her attention away from the disappointing lack of keys and towards the doors, Mika inspected them while fumbling the key into the lock. They were heavy and thick. Looking like it might take more than half the town's men to get in without a key. She would be safe behind these doors.

        Finally getting the key into the lock, Mika turned it and softly opened them wide. The sight inside awed her. The first thing she noticed were the twin stairs going to the left and right respectively, framing a hallway. there were doors all along the entrance hall, promising exploration, and probably getting lost. not to mention the other floors as well. The sight rekindled the fire for adventure in Mika.

        While looking around, she noticed what looked to be a note held in place with a dagger next to her. It was all but impossible to read if she didn't get very close to read it. Perhaps there would be a way to light that chandelier above her? Maybe great-grand uncle even had magical lighting installed! He certainly had the wealth. What did he do to earn that much? Hmm, something to look into when she got bored. The note seemed to be left from Serveens for a Midori, or who ever came to claim the will. It reassured her the house was not haunted, but it had rules. Weird rules. Like really weird rules that an eccentric old man might set just to get a laugh out of knowing someone would be silly enough to follow them. Half way through the rules, a sudden slam behind her made her loudly yelp, jumping in place with her tail standing straight up, and her ears laid back! Swinging around, ready to poke something with a cloth covered spear, Mika was met with a closed door... that's it. Nothing else. Haddn't she closed the door behind her? It sounded like it slammed shut behind her. Taking a look, Mika found that the door had a mechanism that closed its self after some time. Still startled, she went back to finish reading the letter, skimming over what she already read to find where she left off.

        Ok, wierd rules, but who was she to deny a dead old man a laugh? She was going to be rich thanks to him! Might as well follow them. She bent her upper body forward, giving a respectful bow. "A-ahhh, hello! I'm Mika Azumi, and I'm the new owner of this house!" She could feel her face burning from the embarrassment of introducing herself to a house. Thank the gods no one was here to see that. Standing straight again, Mika grabbed the dagger and pulled it out, taking both note and dagger with her. Directions would be useful here. First things first, fake jewelry, find a bed, and then some food! Mika took off for the study.


          As soon as Mika announced herself, the chandelier above sprung to light, leaving Mika blinded briefly. A code-word bounded spell? Well, apparently the house was welcoming her. Mika could almost imagine a grateful voice whispering 'owwwwneeeeer.. ' too faint to hear clearly. A vibrant imagination, of course.

          Either way, this was quite useful. More useful, as soon as she stepped up on the stairs going up (That's were the study was, right?) Another lamp lit up besides her, in a pale, blue light. As did the next chandelier. And the next. The wooden stairs creaked a little as she made her way upstairs.

          The upstairs corridor leading right lead onwards into what, in the light of the corridors magical torches, appeared to be book-cases, with windows looking outside and two rooms ahead, the first was likely the study, considering the large, dark mahagony table and scattered scrolls lying upon it. Before entering it however, Mika got distracted.

          Now, her uncle had been a man, moreso a man living alone. There was no suprise he'd hang up a few.. interesting pieces of art, like this case of an elfish archer that had a very strange concept of covering herself up with armor. Well, at least it was no creepy old lady with eyes following Mika, right?


          There was a sound.
          It wasn't a peculiar sound, nothing too unusual, a distant groaning, coming from above. Likely the old houses wooden floors. But Mika was on an undistractable mission for jewelry and wouldn't side track for simple distractions, would she?
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            Finished introducing herself, Mika was just about to start walking when she was blinded sudden light! Still startled from the slam earlier, Mika jumps once again! The bright light from the chandelier illuminated the hall, and nothing other than herself still. There was a noise that sounded like a whisper, but nothing happened after that, no other noise or sights. Must have just been her imagination she reassured herself. Did great-grand uncle really have that much money that he could afford a code word activation? A little uneasy, Mika starts making her way upstairs and towards the study. At least that's where the note said it was. As she stepped on the first step, a light on the wall turned on, not bright enough to startle her though. As she continued, a new light would turn on with each new step. She never dared to imagine that great-grand uncle would put so much automation into his house for just basic lights to activate as she passed them! Now expecting the automation, and contributing the door and chandelier to such, Mika calmed once again.

            The hallway to the right seemed to lead to some bookcases, containing unknown knowledge on them, there was windows as well along the hall way, sure to promise a beautiful view once morning came. Other than that, two rooms were also down the hall, with the closest one probably being the study, with the expensive desk in the middle of the room.

            Just about to enter the study, Mika noticed a painting on the wall... A nude elfish archer, with only a cowl covering her shoulders. Mika rubbed her thighs together as a small bulge formed in her pants and skirt! O-of course grand-uncle would have this sort of stuff here, he was a single man after all! Mika looked away in order to stop her semi-hard dick from getting any harder. Still, she appreciated the painting much more than a painting of an old lady. Never trust a painting of an old lady in an abandoned mansion! There were stories about those kinds of things!

            Thats when she heard another sound.
            A groaning sound came from above her, on another floor. Probably the wind shifting the mansion, but that didn't stop some hairs rising on the back of Mika's neck! A curious girl by nature, part of the reason she accepted the will in the first place, Mika wanted to go up and make sure it was just the wind, but at the same time a line from the note stopped her. A ring for protection? Mika quickly tried to guess where the groaning was coming from before heading into the study to find a ring to put on her ring finger! Still curious, if nothing else happened, she went up another floor to look for that noise!


              Mika estimated the groaning coming from above and to the left.. that would make it.. the tower of the building. The one that note had warned her about. The one likely to contain a painting of an old woman or worse!
              The study, too, lit up, two lamps left and right, illuminating a large workdesk with an assortment of scrolls that contained, well, frankly, it looked like evil, satanic scribbling on some of them, unholy symbols, and all that. Though a brief closer look also revealed them being taken from 'The Necronomicon, collectors edition!' her uncle had had a peculiar taste, after all. But there was time to examine the writings later. Jewelry.. well, in one of the desks drawers, undubitably. One.. actually didn't open, requiering a small brass key to open by the looks of it. The other opened easily enough, revealing..
              A few miscelaneous writing utensils, an old necklace.. ring.. way too big for Mika, perhaps she could find another ring if she dug about.. figurine of a half-naked woman.. she decided to just put that on top of the table to.. make room for searching, yes.. oh, a small silvery ring, that would fit on her finger. She bend over to retrieve it and..

              Something brushed her bottom, feeling like a grope..
              She turned around. Well, one of the scrolls was poking out a little bit from the bookcase behind. That must have been it.
              She aquired the ring, put it up, and went up another floor.. rooms to the left and right and a hallway leading down into the house though there was no groaning and the hallway was decorated by another of those.. specific pictures, showing off her uncles.. peculiar taste, this one showing a human.. sorceress? doing.. stretches.:

              But there was one more flight of stairs to go up as well, leading to..


              An ominous, red door. It was suprisingly.. silent, though something about it seemed..


              Mika remembered these specific creaking noises. She had made them just a few moments ago, when she had come upstairs to the first floor, to be precise.
              Well. That didn't have to mean -anything-, right? The door closed after her and locked tight and the hint of dust on the ground showed that no one else has been here, so this was.. just the wood re-settling right? And anyway, she was now on the second floor, so as long as she did not hear the distinctive creaking of the first to second floor stairs as well...


              Why did she think about these things...
              She had a few options of course.. fight, flight, hiding in one of the rooms. Perhaps not the red one. But seriously, how bad could this be? Perhaps her uncle had just played a post-mortem prank.. he had the money to pay for magical lights, a few illusory sounds were certainly not out of budget. Many in the family had disliked the alienated old man despite his riches so playing one last postmortem prank, perhaps a test of merit with a few spooky props and spells and...

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                Listening to the groaning, it sounded like it was from the tower, the one she was told not to enter! Though that didn't mean she couldn't go listen and make sure it was coming from the tower! A-as long as she didn't go in, there shouldn't be any freaky things like an old lady painting. After all, a place your told not to go in an abandoned mansion, was probably the place you found all the creepy stuff! Stepping in the room, two lights lit right up, showing that the desk was covered in all sorts of old scrolls. Looking closer as she went to the desk, they all had demonic writing covering the, writing that instinctual made hair rise once again! The only comforting thing about them was that Mika noticed that they were taken from 'The Necronomicon, collectors edition!'. Pffft, just something great-grand uncle found to spend his money on. Ignoring the unholy scribbles, Mika sorted through the drawers on the desk. Other than one, they all opened, filled with... with notes! *sigh* Time to dig through them. In one of the drawers, she found some jewelry, along with a half nude figurine. The first ring she found was much to big for her slender fingers, probably meant for a man, but the next one she found looked like it fit perfectly!

                Reaching for it, someone groped at her butt! Releasing a soon to be signature yelp if such things continued, Mika twirled around once again! Aaaannnnd papers! One poked out of the stack in just the right way for it to caress her when she bent over. Another shaky sigh later and Mika had a new ring on her ring finger! It looked actually quite real, but she had no way to tell if it was fake as the note had said or not! It suited her. After she got the inheritance, maybe she should go looking for someone else for her life? She would have the pick of all the other girls with her fortune, but she'd rather try and find someone to love! She let out a rather perverted giggle at the thought of having a mate. Shaking away the thoughts, and finished with the study, Mika went up another floor. There were doors to her right and left, with another hallway. A similar painting to the study one hung on the walls of the hallway. This one with a human sorceress, doing stretches? Her eyes wandered the painted figure, though this time she only breifly did so before heading up another set of stairs!

                Now this is where the creepy zone starts! Blocking the way to the third floor was an ominous red door. The small red face had a terrifying feeling to it, so much so that the silent air felt thick enough to cut! That silence was broken almost immediately by familiar creaking, creaking she had created by using the stairs from the first to second floors! Mika froze in the hope that it would stop, as long as it didnt come up here, it would be ok! And the creaking changed slightly, getting closer as it shifted to the creaking made to get to her floor! Shit! With the skills Mika formed from hunting prey on the forest floor, Mika did her best to silently and quickly float over to the nearest door to hide, trying to peak just enough to see what was coming! Please let this just be a prank from great-grand uncle!


                  Mika sneak-rushed into the closest room, only to be greeted by a light lighting up in here and.. another girl, looking exactly like .. oh.. it was just a mirror. Her panicked mind calmed, only to race again as she turned her back on the mirror and peered out of the door, at the second level stairs. Her mirror image stayed as it was, observing her silently.

                  Up the stairs came.. well if Mika didn't know any better, because that was impossible, she would say a shadow came up the stairs. clearly a trick of the light, it was some sort of four legged, bestial creature by the way it moved and... Mika's heart became a block of ice. How could she hide with the light helpfully announcing exactly which room she was in, which way she had gone..
                  A survival instinct had her reach for the door and slam that thing shut, pulling the doors locking-lever in place tightly for good measure and sinking, with her back do the door. What was that. What had that been. Some sort of dark dog or wolf that had gotten inside? She could try fighting it off with her spear if it was just a hungry animal, perhaps use some meat to lure it back outside.. outside. Was a window open allowing the creature to get in somehow? She might have to check that. She heared the tap-tapping outside.. a sniffing noise...
                  And then.. silence. No rattling on her door, no trying to get in.. no sign the creature was gone either. Mika looked at herself in the mirror, pale and panting. Well if this was all a trick of her uncles he sure had gotten her good, she had to admit that. She hugged herself, together with her mirror image. The image didn't seem to like spooky, looking unhappy and.. huh.. Mika noticed that her belt had slipped half open in the mess, perhaps owed to her arousal. A quick leaning down would fix that, though, watching her mirror image, she slipped, accidentially cupping a feel of herself. The sight of herself in the mirror seemed sligthly aroused... perhaps it was just her nerves needing to calm down a little in any way possible.
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                    Softening her steps as much as she could, Mika rushed into a nearby room, only for her attempt at stealth be ruined by the automated lights in the room! She was startled for a second as another girl showed up in the room as the lights came on! Buuut, it was just a mirror. She almost attacked a mirror… Pent up energy and adrenaline was running through her with the noises getting closer and closer to her. She peaked around the corner to get a look at what was coming, her heart speeding up from the tense atmosphere. She had no idea what was happening with her mirror self just behind her.

                    She caught her first glance at the creature that had followed her up the stairs. Aye, creature for it was obviously some four legged animal, and not a moving shadow. It was too life like for it to be a moving shadow. It had to be a trick of the light, she told herself as she watched the lumbering animal moving. It once again registered that she had no way to hide with the helpful lights on in the room, and her heart went cold! Something inside of her told her to close and lock the door, and that's what she did. She had relied on her instincts to live through more dangerous encounters than this one. The door closed, bolted and latched shut, locking herself safely inside of this room. Finally having time to think about something other than the impending danger, she pondered what in the nine underworlds had just come after her. Logically, it was probably some wild animal that had somehow gotten into the house… maybe through an open window? The old man lived her alone, and it was possible he forgot to close a window before he died. You know, you never have time to think about an open window when you die after all. She could probably fight it if it hadn't wandered out of the house by the time she left the room, though her spear needed more room than theses hallways to use it. They were big, but her spear was quite long as well… There was silence.

                    No scrattching, no creaking, nor whining. She couldn't tell if the beast was gone or simply waiting outside. She was stuck her for a little while till she deemed it safe enough to leave, and who knows when that would be? Mika took a gander around the room, looking for anything interesting. Her eyes came to rest on the mirror in the room, on her mirror self. She was pale and panting, her belt had somehow gotten loose as well. Still staring at herself, Mika used the mirror to try and fix the belt, her hand reaching down to grab the belt, yet missing and instead grabbing her still semi-hard meat. Just feeling her own touch while looking at herself… felt arousing? She looked so delicious for some reason... it was tempting to just start watching herself pleasure herself. It would help her to unwind, she convinced herself as she started to unbuckle and fully free herself from her pants and skirt. Her eyes closed half way as she started touching herself, rubbing her cock to full mast, letting the thick precum cover one of her hands… Having started, Mika couldnt gather the will to stop herself, rather she panted and just enjoy letting her hands wander and bring her closer and closer to climax.


                      The silent bathroom was overall, uninteresting, a slightly dusty towel hanging to one side, two large, but unused large wooden tubs indicating this house had once been intended for either servants carrying up hot water.. or some sort of heating magic. The mirror was hanging over an equally as dusty little sink, though the same dust was conspiciously absent from it, if Mika payed attention.

                      Looking at the mirror to fix up her outfit somehow caused it to only get more disjointled, coming a little loose.. not that that was contrary to her current intentions. There was an expression of a pleasured smile on her mirror image which could, obviously, only originate from the original, as thick dollops of precum oozed from the tip of her cock. There was a nice warmth radiating through her body while she touched herself under her mirror images sight, though there was a strange sensation, almost like a hand cupping and caressing, weighting and appraising her balls.. obviously just her skirt having gotten tangled on the ground, though it felt rather nice as well.. though there was an odd sensation..
                      Mika's urethral opening had opened, as if gasping out, the mirror image, though not the real world showing a smokey, etheral substance flowing into her, flowing down into her shaft.. willingly opened.. let me in.. nice and warm... Something seemed to whisper as Mika felt a cool, yet twistedly pleasant sensation slither down her shaft, into it and her balls, as the billowing mist-like substance seemed to fill her up. Finally the mists had filled her up, leaving her pulsing hotly.

                      one.. two.. one.. two... .mine.. rub them... pretty but could be bigger.. more juice...It was a strange whisper, in the back of her mind, while something rubbed her left testicle.. then her right.. then it returned to the girls slightly swollen feeling testicle. There was a sensation of hot thickness as more and more precum oozed from the tip of her shaft, yet, she couldn't stop stroking, it felt too good, and the pressure in her balls, in her shaft kept building up more and more. Nice and big but not full enough. Need to fill it up.. The whispers informed, while Mika had the exact opposite idea, wanting to empty herself, her cock feeling so hard and full.. her hand was pumping furiously and, by now, she realized that it was her own hand rubbing her balls, giving them a slow, sensual massage to encourage them, and herself to a wonderful climax. They felt so full!
                      The feeling of pressure shooting through her shaft was overwhelming, thick, creamy spurts, certainly more than she was used to cumming, oozing from her tip and shooting forth with enough force to splash on the opposing wall, causing her to moan out and half collapse, more and more cum flowing from her shaft like a lewd tap, balls churning lovingly.

                      Mika opened her eyes feeling disoriented. Where was she again? Her memories only slowly flooded back. As soon as she jerked fully awake she found herself, ground before her slightly stained with a moderate amount of cum, just the same she had always been.. though her balls felt nicely warm and plump from her hand having cradled them for however long she had fallen asleep.. it had been a rough travel here. Was it even still night outside? Either way, strange nightly dreams.. nightmares? Aside she was fine, apart from a slight aching from lying on the wooden floor. No ghostly whispers or unusual swellings of her organ. There was a slight heavy sloshing sensation of cum from her balls but.. perhaps she was just a little.. more pent up than she had thought...
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                        The bathroom didn't really have anything of interest. Almost everything had a light cover of dust of on it, other than the mirror, though Mika didn't pay that much attention to that. The wooden tub seemed like it needed to have water brought up from somewhere else. Did great-grand uncle have servants at one point? Hmm no matter.

                        Mika looked back at the mirror and proceeded to try and fix her outfit. Which quickly spiraled out of control, with her decision to let out pent up energy! Her eyes felt like they were stuck to the mirror, watching herself pleasuring herself. She watched as a pleased smile spread over her face. Large drops of precum started to leak out of the tip if her cock as her movements got a little faster. She felt herself bite her lower lip. It felt so good to finally get some release, yet so naughty to be watching herself do such a thing in the bathroom. She had all but forgotten about the danger out of the room as she felt warmth radiating throughout her entire body. It was so comfortable that it took a second to process what felt like a hand on her balls. It felt like it was weighing each one, rubbing them as they grew full. She didnt remember moving her other hand down there, maybe it was her skirt rubbing up against them…

                        She watched the mirror as her urethra opened, gasping as it opened wide enough for… something to enter her cock through her urethra! If this amazing, yet twisted feeling didn't exist, she would surely be freaking out, but it did exists, and oh by the gods did it feel soooo good. The whisper asked to be let in, to bring more pleasure. “Y-yesss!” The cool yet intense pleasure moved through her shaft, filling into her orbs as well. Through the mirror, she watched the ethereal substance continue to enter her urethra, but after a while it stopped, leaving her filled completely with the substance! After the substance stopped coming, her cock and balls started to heat up in an unbearably manner, demanding for release!

                        The whisper in the back of her mind seemed to have claimed her balls for its own, inspecting them while rubbing one and then the other. It brought a sense of pressure like of being too full to her balls. At the same time more and more precum was being coaxed out by Mika’s stroking, getting thicker as more came out! Even with the obviously unnatural things happening to her, Mika still couldn't bring herself to stop stroking herself. The pleasure was just to much, and there was no obvious danger. What was some harmless, intense pleasure pleasure? Of course by this time, even if there was danger, Mika would be too far to even recognize it. She let out a sultry moan as the pressure was growing greater and greater! ‘Nice an big, but not full enough’ were the words in the back of her head, but Mika wanted the opposite of that. She needed to cum! Her balls were all ready so full, how could they get fuller?! Her hand was pumping at an intense rate, and by now she had also realized that she had been subconsciously giving her balls a massage with her other hand! She was oh so close now, and then her fat cock started to excitedly twitch in her hand! A pressure shot up through her shaft and out onto the mirror in front of her. The thickest, creamiest load Mika had ever shot was now staining the mirror, and it was only the first spurt of her climax! A loud moan escaped her lips as her hips jerked in orgasmic euphoria~! The cum just kept coming, splashing against the opposite wall from the pressure that it was released in. Darkness crept up on the edge of Mika’s vision, slowly taking over as she moaned and collapsed into sleep…

                        When Mika next awoke, she groggily shifted about on the floor, trying to find her bed’s blanket to pull over her once more. But she couldn't find it, and that's when she opened her eyes to only a slightly familiar ceiling. “Where am I?” She anxiously asked aloud as she bolted up so she was sitting. The memory she had before falling asleep was tattered, and blurry. She had hidden and locked herself in here from… something? An animal? But then she needed to relax after the tension, and while thinking about what to do, she had accidentally groped herself, sending her down a pleasurable spiral. It was just pleasure from there on… Her moderate load still stained the mirror and opposite wall, only slightly bigger than the ones she usually cummed. Though when she was inspecting her package, her balls felt full even though she had just cummed? Had she really been that pent up? How long was I out? Is the animal still in the house? She needed to get up and make sure there was no way in for anymore wildlife, and finish exploring, then she could get some proper sleep on a bed! Mika started to dress herself, a slight ache from the floor, but otherwise she felt rested enough! She unwrapped her spear in case that animal was still out there, revealing a simple steel spear with a wooden shaft, obviously well kept and sharpened. She opened the door and looked out.


                          Anticlimactically, there was no one outside to introduce to a bit of spear-diplomacy. The corridor once more lit up and... it seemed to be empty and harmless, if a bit dusty and weird. Also, it was still be dark outside too, so she couldn't have been out for more than a brief few moments. Though, that was just the thing. A bit part of Mika currently yearned for a -proper- bedrest after a less than restful bathroom nap. Thinking about it, the letter had never mentioned bedrooms, but they had to be somewhere.. though perhaps, right now, in the dark Mika didn't feel like opening up all the doors to search wildly. She could propably guess where to go by how the place was designed so far. Perhaps on the first floor, deeper into the house she could find a bedroom?

                          Or she could push herself to keep looking for the animal, or how it got in. Well, she COULD do whateve she wanted! This was her house! She could redecorate it all over in less spooky tones. Yeah. She could waltz up to that ominous red door and paint it pink, that'd teach it!
                          Perhaps not tonight though.
                          She pondered what to do, while her mirror image watched her, lustfully licking it's lips.. and as it did so, some of the cum that had stained the mirror was lapped up along the way...
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                            Half expecting an animal to appear when she opened up the door, Mika let out a sigh of relief that the hallway was empty. Nothing for her to stab with her spear was a good thing, for now. The hallway turned bright once more as Mika looked around it. It was still dusty, and weird, showing no obvious signs of the beast's passage through the area. Thankful in a way that the sky was still dark and that she hadn't lost much time with her masturbation. Speaking of that, she still felt the after effects from the event. She could feel her body craving for a nice warm bed to find some sleep in, instead of the hard planks of some wood floor. The letter had said something about bedrooms, was it the second floor or first? Hmmm, I think it said second, but I cant remember specifically where. Welp, that's why I took the note with me. Better find a bed and just deal with the rest in the morning.

                            Mika proceeded to dig through her pockets much like she did when she looked for the key outside, digging for the note great-grand uncle left her, and using it to head into the area of the house with bedrooms. While digging, she giggled at a thought that came to her. Hehe, teaching that door to not look so scary might very well be a good idea! Not now though. Let morning come! Of course she kept her spear ready as she did so. Never let your guard down when you don't know where a danger is. A lesson most learn the hard way, including Mika.

                            As Mika left for some bedrooms, she was blissfully unaware of the actions of her mirror self behind her. In fact, she was entertaining the thought of maybe moving that mirror to her own room later. She hadn't had such a pleasurable masturbation in quite some time, and if watching herself do so, made it funner, why not!


                              Something about carrying the mirror along with herself was a tempting idea, sending an arousing twitch through her shaft Something to plan... for when she had rested up. It didn't take Mika all that long to find a bedroom on the first floor, this time undisturbed by any nightly.. happenstances.

                              The bedroom was simple, though in this simplicity likely still of higher living standard than Mika was used to. After a proper dusting it would look quite good.. and patting down the bed revealed comfortable and soft, even slightly scented smelling blankets.. what was that, lavender? It was hard to place. Either way, Mika had enough of an awareness to make sure the door was locked behind her and the one window peering outside into the darkness closed solidly before she rested her head. Left only one problem. These automated lights, just how exactly could she sleep with those? Well, they seemed to go off if no one moved much after a while, considering she had woken up in the dark.. yep, there they went, leaving her alone in her new home, tiredness overwhelming what was perhaps left of her feelings of unease.

                              Mika's dreams were.. unusual. An odd rush of images, beginning with a black haired girl brushing her hair, staring up into a mirror, without a reflection. An image of a heavy iron key turning in the front door, just like Mika had done. An image of a buquet of Roses, with one of the roses bleeding. An image of.. well

                              The Red door, slowly closing in on Mika with her hand extending, only to feel something soft and fleshy under it. A slimey tentacle wearing the same pretend wedding ring she was wearing, and throughout the strange images, a sense of growing arousal somehow.

                              Back in the real world, the sleeping Mika's cock was slowly draped around by a white blanket, almost gentle, like a lovers caress as it began pumping up and down slowly, enough to arouse, but not make her cum, a hint of precum staining the sheets as her lewd dreams continued..

                              Mika was holding some unknown persons hand, lead to a row of female bodies, their faces hidden under veils, their pussies of different shapes and sizes eagerly and invitingly presented... a moment after the perspective shifted, with her kneeling before a pretty pussy, a riding crop pulling her up, making her lick it, a warm-wet sensation coiling around her shaft as..

                              The morning sun's light awakened her, with a not too suprising case of morning wood proudly on display and oozing just a bit of precum. She was quite.. healthy this morning as well, a little drop of cum oozing from her tip and falling on a little puddle on her tummy. Perhaps it was something in the air? There was a feeling, like a whisper in the back of her mind, that this was certainly nothing to really worry about, just a sign of healthyness.. infact, her producing more cum was good, a sign of good health and enjoyable... considering how her nightly masturbation experience.. dream.. had went.
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