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From Hades to Olympus(Castea and Pollusia)

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    Re: From Hades to Olympus(Castea and Pollusia)

    Whether through guilt, or a simple failure in observation, Pollusia mistakes her sister's sharp response for shock, then repulsion, pulling away before Castea can make the full extent of her feelings known, and quickly hurrying away down the stairwell to conceal her blush.

    It's only just faded as Castea calls her back at the central landing, as the blue-eyed blonde turns.. and jumps, wincing at another crash against the door.

    "The candle.. why would we...? Oh! Light! Yes, take it..and..."

    Fingertips eased under the edge of the book, hefting it.

    "I suppose I can hit things with this, if nothing else. Now, before that thing gets through to us!"

    Rushing ahead, of course, book hefted at every darkened turn of stairs.. until they finally reach a doorway. Pollusia gets there first.. and her brow scrunches up.

    "Of what to be the god..? Any ideas, Cas..?"
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      Re: From Hades to Olympus(Castea and Pollusia)

      Castea just shrugs. "Might be a reference to Limbo, the first circle of hell was a place for those who were virtuous but didn't follow the true faith. Their punishment really only extended to "it isn't heaven", it was a fairly nice place really. Very different to the rest of hell. And supposedly many ancient Greeks there, because nothing says "Can't get into heaven" like dying before Christianity existed," she explains with a hint of satire, perhaps a joke to try and calm her twisted nerves.

      "Or it could be that down is up and up is down, who knows?" she added, trying to speak in a lighter tone than she felt. "Might as well try the handle..."
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        Re: From Hades to Olympus(Castea and Pollusia)

        Looking again, Pollusia blushes as something clicks.

        "Or... it could be 'Who is God?'..... I guess. And that sounds just like Christianity in my book.. go to Hell for anything. Even eating shellfish. I -like- shellfish..!"

        And, Castea distracts her as a pop culture reference arrives in her head instead of the more academic things at hand.

        "What... you mean, like that Pirates film..? Just call me Jack, I suppose. Handle it is..!"

        Boldly, she closes the short distance between herself and the door.. and, if she can, opens it.

        ((I have a feeling this is going to be a Speak Friend and Enter door.. not so simple as a handle. But if there is one, open Sesame!))


          Re: From Hades to Olympus(Castea and Pollusia)

          As Pollusia might expect of the typical stone door however, there would be no door handle by which to operate so as to gain access to the chamber within, nor pushbar or the likes to open it otherwise. Instead as she as approaches it, the glowing message warps...distorts, and reforms into a new one. Once again in Greek, but easily understandable enough.

          "In a normal world, I am represented as a brilliant point of light circled by nine, or three circle merging on one. Yet in a world such as this, who am I that assumes such a role? Kneel before my glory and know your place."