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    Fio & Rio: Rabbit Gods of Zippangu

    Within the appropriately named village of Fio, resides it's leader, Fio, and the village elder, Rio, who also acts as Rio's grandmother and source of guidance. Fio's village is the main home of the wererabbits, and rabbits in general. Their community is close to that of the dragon serpent's village, Ryu. Rather than be in conflict, the villages of Ryu and Fio have learned to coexist and live in peace, but only by leaving each other alone. The residents of both villages are strictly instructed not to venture outside of their lands and into the lands of the other gods. Those that do are subject to the wills and punishment that the other gods deem fitting for their trespass. So, despite the bunny people of Zippangu having a friendship with one of the most powerful gods of the mystical forests, it only extends as far as both sides agreeing not to become a problem for one another.

    The Bunny's Timeless Secret
    The bunny people are timeless, mainly due to a sacred technique that was developed ever since the bunny kin were developed from the corrupt succubi magic. The extremely complex and most sacred technique manipulates the art of magical weaving to such a degree that they can harness the past experiences of magical threads, and revert them to a previous state. Essentially, they created time travel. The art requires an immense amount of energy and collaboration. The technique was perfected down a family line, with Rio eventually being the one to finalize it's technique. The rabbits share the knowledge of this technique with no one, and those who try to take the knowledge by force are met with other forces of Zippangu who don't wish for anyone else (even each other) to have that knowledge. As a result, the wererabbits are well protected, and other inhabitants of Zippangu bide their time until any one of them sees an opportunity to steal the secret.

    Fio is the daughter of the more ancient wererabbit, Rio. After she came of age long ago, she took over leadership in place of her mother. Despite being a stern and responsible leader, Fio also suffers from the faults of the rabbit kin. She is very social and welcoming of travelers, posing a security risk of sorts when it comes to untrustworthy individuals. Fio prides herself as a good host, even offering guests to her village martial training to improve their strength and technique at no cost. To that end, Fio also prides herself as a teacher. She loves to give out tips of wisdom to travelers, and lecture them on the way of the world.

    Despite all of her good intentions, Fio comes off as a militant sort. Her expression is always hard and calculating to the point of appearing unapproachable. She rarely smiles either, which surprises many when they discover how friendly she is to guests. Asides from her intimidating visage, she is polite, kind, and loyal. She never makes a promise she does not plan to keep. She gives assistance without being asked, even to an enemy. Though that's not to say she doesn't appear serious and calculating for a reason. Fio is highly intelligent and perceptive, and after hundreds of years of training she possesses godlike reflexes. Few who take light of her because of her kindness rarely go without regretting it. With regards to that, Fio is much like the other gods of Zippangu, being quite powerful as an individual, and with an attitude capable enough to gather the other gods of Zippangu into a powerful alliance should their world ever be threatened.

    Just like her mother Rio during the great war between East and West, Fio is ready to meet the oncoming crisis that is to befall Monster Girl Island.

    Rio is an elder wererabbit. Despite having the ability to use timetravel to keep her youthful appearance, she has chosen to allow herself to age to make way for Fio to take over ruling their people in her stead. The result of old age, similar to most mamono, caused Rio to seemingly reverse in aging, appearing youthful and small. Allowing age to take its course, Rio spends her days relaxing while watching over her daughter Fio. Naturally, she should have died long ago, having ceased to keep her body alive over a hundred years ago. Fio believed that she still needed her mother's guidance, and so uses her magic to sustain Rio's existence. Naturally one to make a protest, Rio agreed to allow herself to continue to live only on the agreement that once Fio has learned everything Rio has learned, she would allow her to pass on. In a display of selfishness, Fio often goes without hearing her mother's advice in order to delay that day when she must let her mother go.

    Rio can easily be related to Fio by how similar they are in terms of personality. Both are social as well as good hosts, but the major difference between the two is that Rio is often rude to those whom she deems lecture worthy. She has a far more strict policy when it comes to her students, and the uninformed in general. She prefers to sit them down and force them to listen to her until she has finished talking. Any display of rudeness from the other party often results in either a snap of demand to be silent, or a firm whack of her cane to the other person's shoulder, something she even does to her daughter when Fio acts too kind to rude individuals. Rio's disposition is arguably grumpy most of the time. She spends a good deal of time drinking sake and as a result is rarely sober. If someone in her company is particularly bad, she does present the ability to no longer need the cane, and fight with the same strength she had at youth (thanks to her daughter, Fio). With that in mind, she does not actually need a cane. If asked, she'd merely state, "I'm old, so I need a cane."

    The Ancient War of the East and West
    (In the future, this will reference to the Encyclopedia entry documenting that war.)
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      Re: MGI Encyclopedia

      The Afterlife

      The History of the Body and Soul

      There are a few things to establish about life and death before it is clear what happens when a living being inevitably meets their end. First is understanding what a 'body' is and how the soul relates to it. The best comparison that can be made is the relationship between a wooden puppet and the puppeteer hidden behind it. A body is just a puppet, and the soul the puppeteer. A body without a soul is just a useless inanimate heap, and a soul without a body is vulnerable and unable to interact with the world.

      The first body created was by the Angels of Heaven, before Gaea ever existed. The purpose behind it's design was due to the issue of unworthy and unruly individuals being created within the holy lands. The purpose was to lock new souls within a body that could live off of a magicless land (which eventually came to be Gaea), while said body would eventually decay and die, freeing the soul within. During this time of mortality, the Angels above could better regulate and allow acceptable souls to enter their society. This course of action did two things. First, it meant that the afterlife of Heaven would only be for those whom the angels deemed worthy. Second, it meant that unworthy souls had nowhere to go. A soul without magic to feed upon would eventually die, this much God knew, and so it was assumed by all that the end fate of the unworthy was just to vanish and never be seen again in God's eyes.

      The mortals who were cast away and deemed unworthy found this treatment unfair and cruel, while the worthy mortals ostracized them and didn't listen to their complaints. Eventually, the outcast mortals began to collaborate against Heaven's efforts. They researched ways to exist after dying, and eventually discovered a way to 'create' their own bodies. The image that their new bodies would take would become a statement of rebellion against Heaven. And so, the image of the first Demon was born. Their bodies were unstable, unable to preserve energy like the normal bodies of mortals. However, this design also came with a benefit. Their bodies were no different than angelic bodies. Injury meant nothing to them. The rebellious new demons could suffer terrible damage and care little. Though, they needed still to preserve their existence in the world. So, they designed their new bodies to be parasitic, to be able to feed upon the souls of other mortals in order to preserve their own existence. The one responsible for, and the leader of the new demons that terrorized the mortal lands became known as the first Demon Lord. In comparison to God, who was glorious and magnificent, the Demon Lord assumed himself a wicked, and terrifying form.

      There was then, a place for all souls to go. The loyal mortals rose to Heaven, and the outcasts were picked up by the Demon Lord. The prejudice that the angels had towards the mortal human race would eventually be to their detriment, as the Demon Lord quickly grew out of control before Heaven even knew what was happening. When the demon armies came, they always outnumbered the defenders, the souls of the defeated used to feed the tirelessly hungry Demons that only grew in number.

      It was only by an initiative by Heaven that allowed them to protect the remaining Human beings. As towns fell, it became easier for the angels to protect them. Eventually, the demons were more numerous than their food sources. Their greed ended up causing the demons great pain and suffering as they began to disappear, demons eating each other just to survive. The demons quickly lost their unity, and turned on one another. With all the personal power the Demon Lord gathered from the countless souls he absorbed, he created another world to be the mirror opposite of Heaven. The main feature he gave it, was filling the world with his own personal energy. There, the demons fled from Gaea, into the new world that would be called Hell.

      With Gaea as the center stage, both sides could only visit the mortal world for limited amounts of time before returning to their respective home worlds. Gaea became nothing more than a battlefield for the angels to judge, and the demons to devour.

      Eventually, as time went on, others went the way of the Demon Lord. New dimensions were created, some even appeared out of nowhere. Portals to new worlds opened, and creatures such as the mystical kitsune suddenly started appearing in the world. Though they were all different, they all had an undeniably similar purpose: To Feed off of the mortals. As a result of this, Gaea became under heavy assault from countless different fronts. Demons even created various monsters from their nightmares to plague the mortals that be. Desert villages saw innocent people vanish as sand worms swallowed them whole, and brave warriors were impaled on the horns of minotaurs. These early deaths of human beings further disrupted the process Heaven had intended, bringing souls to them before they had fully decided whether to accept them. This led to flustered decisions, partly accepting some early souls because Heaven was in desperate need of more warriors, and denying some unjustly, only for that soul to be caught in the hands of the Demon Lord, who made the vengeful spirit a loyal demonic servant. The evidence that Hell was accepting their rejects led to God making a decision that shocked their own people. Souls that were found by angels that were not to be accepted, were destroyed so that they would not become a minion of the devil.

      Heaven became more violent, even killing mortals who they merely suspected to not have the best interests of God in their hearts. All of Heaven became a center of mass paranoia, while their rash actions caused even more mortals to defect. Only the most zealously loyal human beings remained, and the only thing that stopped Hell from truly destroying Heaven and ending the conflict was themselves. As the rejects from human society, the demons were rarely ones to get along with other people, plenty were outright criminals and psychopaths. Their disposition hardly allowed them to get along, and as such, they began to fight amongst themselves. If one faction of demons were particularly successful, others would attack them out of jealousy and greed. Heaven managed to survive as Hell failed to work together as they had in the beginning, and the reign of the Angels over the mortal human race would continue for hundreds of years... While the other gods rose, and contested the angels, as well as each other, for dominion. The souls of the dead destined to flock to the god of their worship.

      The Current Day: Where the soul goes when the body dies

      When the body dies, the soul begins right where the living body becomes a corpse. Various religions ideally have a representative of their religion come by and collect the lost soul, before bringing the soul back to become an avatar of the god in question. That's the ideal for most souls, though there are still those who do not get found. Those souls meet a variety of differing circumstances. The most commonly observed is that they remain and develop the power to obtain a slightly physical form to be seen and to interact with the physical world. These entities are referred to as ghosts, and their reasons for being in their current situation often leave them with a far less agreeable disposition. Having rejected most religions, and their societies as well, the common ghost is bitter and hostile, especially so depending on how they died. No matter who they were, a ghost is an entity that isn't accepting it's death, either because they refuse to accept the fact that they are dead, or they are simply unaware that they are dead to begin with. The end result of either case, should the spirit become a ghost, is that they seek to become alive again. The methods for obtaining their new life are never benevolent, and neutral at best. So as a result, ghost are always regarded as hostile and malicious.

      If the soul does not reach a religious afterlife, nor does it become a manifestation in the physical world, then there's no telling what will happen to it.


        Re: MGI Encyclopedia

        The Outer Gods:
        The Creation of the World

        My name is Cynthia Fyre, and this is my ancient grand mother's knowledge put onto parchment.

        The Discovery

        There exists powerful entities that no mortal or immortal shall ever meet or even know the existence of, and yet they hold the most important roles for keeping our daily lives going undisturbed. They act on the side lines, their duties ever constant and so mundane that the majority of creatures that exist never even know that they're there. Yet, their duties are so important that if they ceased, even for a moment, the world would end. These entities are known as the Outer Gods, beings that have the most impact on our world while at the same time, having no impact at all. Their existence is ironic, to say the least, and each hold depressing tales behind them. They are each alone, having only themselves in a world that doesn't know they exist. Their existence is so unique and grand that lesser beings cannot speak with them even if they tried. Neither party's words would reach the other simply because of the sheer difference in scale. So tiny and pathetic are we, and so colossal and grand are they. Yet despite this, they are our guardians and caretakers.

        We do not know their true names. Not even I know them, because I cannot hear them speak it. In fact, their existence is so hard to determine that it was only by chance that contact was made confirming that they do indeed exist. A child with incredible power came to my ancestor on a midsummer day. His parents were convinced that he was a prodigy, and that she should take him as her disciple. She planned on refusing, but decided to try and test the child out of curiosity. They indeed had raw power that shouldn't belong in a human child. It was so bizarre that she examined his soul, and found an unnatural entity whose origins could not be linked anywhere in this world. My grand mother did not jump to the conclusion of the existence of a god at that point. Rather, it was after she raised the boy as her disciple and came to love him and produce a child from his essence, that her daughter would come to discover similar beings that her mother found. Deciding that these odd 'fragments' that she found were important, she decided to transfer them to her offspring, and telling her children to do the same every generation. Finding more of these fragments as time went on, generation to generation, every lady of the Fyre Legacy discovering more fragments and continuing the research of these oddities, that a conclusion was reached.

        All of these fragments were from the same being, and gifted to these people with a purpose. Indeed, these people ended up using their powers in such a way that only they could. Influential people or individuals with hidden potential that no one would have guessed. The world was changing as a result. For better or worse, it was hard to say. However, amazing things were happening all thanks to these strange fragments. Then, one day they vanished. As their owners died, the fragments went up and away. Even the fragments that the Fyre Legacy had been keeping sacred inexplicably vanished. The only explanation given was that it took on a will of it's own and returned to whence it came. My crow tengu ancestor came to a sound conclusion, that these fragments were part of a living entity. A being of immense power delivered these fragments to influence the world. She named this being "Fate" due to their accomplishments, and erected a tower over her home as a place of worship to this deity. The only temple of it's kind, to this nameless figure.

        Upon noticing this temple, Fate confirmed it's own existence by giving a reply to the Fyre Legacy the only way they could. It was during my age, the current age as of this book's writing. Most of the knowledge my ancestor's had collected was unorganized and uncollected, lost to me. Then, Fate delivered a fragment to the first floor, the very center of the round room that housed the graves of my most recent ancestors. Within it, Fate had stored all the memories of the Fyre Legacy. Ages of knowledge were within the fragment. I consumed it, taking the fragment into my body. This was Fate's method of talking to me, through the words and memories of my dead family. Her existence, if she is indeed a woman, was confirmed to me. I then proceeded to document the existence of the possibility of other gods, and confirmed their existence as well. They were in front of us the whole time. With this realization, it was only a matter of time before their history was unlocked, the knowledge of the Fyre Legacy going back all the way to the beginning of this world's creation.


        The Outer Gods

        In the beginning, when this world was not even created, the only beings that existed were formless beings we consider to be Gods. The known Gods to have existed at that time are the first Lord of Heaven, The soon to be first Lord of Hell, The creator of this world: Gaea, the Twister of Threads: Fate, the Lord of the Deceased: Death, the Kindler of the Shining Sun in the Sky: Star, and the Dear Friend of Star and Reflector of her Glorious Light: Luna. One must keep in mind, however, that these names are what we, the ignorant lesser beings call them. A significant find was that these beings, in their earliest days of history, did not have names. They simply did not need them. They knew each other by presence, and so few were the unique beings around them that it was easy to know who was who. Humans did not exist during this time. Mamono did not exist. Not even the ancient Kitsune existed. We are all creations of the gods.

        At some point, the gods agreed to create their own world. Perhaps this was due to the presence of other gods that existed near them, as the other stars in the sky at night soon became evidence of other worlds that exist. Using powerful magic, we have even managed to reach some of these other worlds before soon realizing that we had best keep to ourselves.

        The gods worked together to create their own world. Star used her power to create the sun, allowing Gaea to see. Luna, Star's dear friend, used her power to create the moon. The moon acted as a mirror for the sun, providing light all over the world that Gaea would shape. The three came to have a very close relationship together, and act as the three main forces that keep the world in harmony.

        The Lords of Heaven and Hell worked together, companions, to create perfect creatures they'd call angels as a gesture to how precious they thought of their fruits of labor. Able to survive on anything, be it good feelings, or the sweet fruits of Gaea's world that she grew with a mixture of her magic and Star's, angels became the center of attention of all the gods. They brought meaning to their incredible yet ironically pointless existences. Each of the first angels were created by each god to suit their individual tastes. They were well behaved, and got along just as the gods themselves did. Everything was happy, and perfect. It could have stopped there. This perfect little world they had created could have existed in harmony as they had intended, if they didn't become so enthralled with the idea of what they could do next. Their creativity went wild, and they soon began to interfere with the lives of the angels in very meddlesome ways. They began to disagree with one another about how to run their collective world, and clashed with one another. Their friendships fell apart, all except Star and Luna, who never disagreed. The Lords of Heaven and Hell disagreed on morals one wanting a respectable society and the other preferring to indulge in pleasures. Star and Gaea disagreed on matters of beauty, Gaea wanting plants to grow prolifically, while Star found such untamed growth hideous, and burned forests. The poor planet, and it's inhabitants, became a battleground for their indifferences. The only one who stepped aside was Death, who watched the heated exchange from the sidelines, quiet and voiceless while Fate tried to keep the peace.

        The angels, much like their creators, became sinful. They were rulers without things to rule, and as such they used their god-given powers to create lesser beings of their own, so that they too could feel as though they were gods. These lesser creatures were called Humans, and the angels easily managed to get the first humans to recognize them as gods. This arrogant course of action angered the Lords of Heaven and Hell, who were soon to take up their modern namesake. They made their rage known, reminding all that they were the true gods. However, they disagreed over who was the true ruler. The angels, confused amidst the chaos of their conflict, took sides. Most went to the Lord of Hell, due to their selfish nature. Though many still resided with the mortal Lord of Heaven, who manifested herself as an angel to walk amongst her subjects. As did the Lord of Hell. Because of their presence, and the knowledge that they would destroy their world if they tried to both manifest in the same place, they both decided to create their own realms for their followers to reside in with them. They war constantly, both sides taking losses, and drawing more soldiers from the human beings that exist in the world. To this day, they still exist in their realms. They are considered the most well known gods, meanwhile...

        Death, Fate, Gaea, Star, Luna, and any other yet unfound gods were to become unofficially known as the Outer Gods. Eventually their conflict died out while the battle of morals raged on. Gaea created the infamous monsters that all know of. Their purpose was to chase humans, devils, and angels from the world, ridding the planet of their conflict. But all she did was add to the chaos. Death became Gaea's aid, acting as a janitor and taking the souls of the deceased into her body, only to breathe life back into the world. Star and Luna continue to illuminate the world while at odds with Gaea and burning her overgrowth, meanwhile Fate has seemingly decided to take her own approach to settle the eternal squabble...

        They exist, day by day, keeping our world spinning. All while suffering each other. Their meaning of existence has transformed from that of keeping a perfect world to creating their own ideal.

        I stand by the side of Fate. I will aid her to restore balance. We will yet see a perfect world once again.

        Written by Cynthia Fyre,
        May Fate guide us.
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