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New horizons, A fairy's journey

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    New horizons, A fairy's journey


    I'm adding Ivy's character sheet here and updating it as I go to make it easy to find.


    Alright, now my life isn't crazy again I'm going to give cyoa's another try.

    Again due to their being plenty of written content for people who like busty girls, futanari and succubi so I'll avoid this as a main theme and once more have a petite protagonist to cater for that.

    So here is the key, I have a few ideas and rather than confuse myself by running a few at once, I'll see what people want, hence the 'pending' part.
    I will in this step allow myself the power of veto if it would be something I have no interest in writing, that would just burn out quickly.

    So first vote, character race.

    a) human or the setting equivalent
    b) elf or the like
    c) animal eared girl, as on the tin, ideally suggest one.
    d) monster girl, as above.
    e) Fairy, probably touhou fairy sized, but adult bodies for obvious reasons.
    f) Imp, as above but demonkin and not fae
    g) other, suggestions of course required here.

    2: setting
    a) high fantasy
    b) low fantasy
    c) magical tech, fantasy
    d) magical tech, steampunk
    e) steampunk
    f) futuristic
    g) futuristic plus fantasy (often either interesting or messy rarely the middle)
    h) apocalyptic (why?)

    3: character ideas, they will be tweaked for the setting (blending is okay within reason)
    a) warrior (sword and sheild)
    b) stealthy
    c) speed type (swashbuckler, daggers and the ilk)
    d) archer
    e) heavy (armour and axe)
    f) gunner (setting dependant)
    g) miko (if people all want a cat girl miko, I'll probably make a sequel of the last, just sayin')
    h) other
    personality seeds (more than one is okay, three is a sensible limit)
    i) proud
    ii) gentle
    iii) angry
    iv) prudish (that will go well :P )
    v) timid
    vi) overly friendly
    vii) naive
    viii) other(s) (The only definite no is being slutty, it's no fun if they start that way~)

    Any ties I'll choose the most interesting option or make a tie breaker depending, this vote is after all more to gauge interests than once the game actually starts anything that proves interesting or popular and is not chosen may well be used as npcs.

    I guess let the voting and/or questioning begin.
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    Re: New Project, title pending

    1.e.) Fairy
    Seems an interesting option.

    2.a.) High Fantasy
    Pairs well with being a fairy, and still has plenty of narrative space to explore.

    3.adh.) Arcane Ranger
    Not sure what kind of blending you want here, but this seems like a decent-ish fit for a more martial fairy.

    4.iviiviii.) Proud, naive, but quite confident
    ... boasting about being the Strongest Fairy quite optional.

    Anyway, this seems like a fairly sensible set of options for a character. To me at least.
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      Re: New Project, title pending

      Originally posted by Logos View Post
      3.cdh.) Arcane Archer
      Not sure what kind of blending you want here, but this seems like a decent-ish fit for a more martial fairy.
      Blending is optional but things like that, arcane archery, swashbucklers mixing swords and guns, I'm just giving people the option to suggest what they'd like to see


        Re: New Project, title pending

        Alright. Hopefully I conveyed it properly, but the idea on that blending was a character who fought mid range by preference with a good close-up option to hand, focused more on moment while I edit that to actually fit what I was thinking of.

        Right, bit closer now. Close-mid range fighter, fine with giving and taking hits at either of those ranges, and uses some manner of magic as the method behind it (be that summoning a hammer or shooting lasers or whatever you feel fits your setting and concept of the character.)
        Apologies for not being online much at all lately.
        Pardon my language, but [s]fuck cancer with a spork.[/s]
        Dad's cancer dealt with... hopefully permanently. Now just being buried by work.


          Re: New Project, title pending

          1b - Elf offers lots of different possibilities
          I'm fine with Fairy - that would be my second pic, if we could choose more than one

          2a - again lots of different possibilities

          3g - Miko is not something I see very often

          4: Proud, prudish, manipulative
          Optional: Not so prudish when her fetish (to be decided later) is involved


            Re: New Project, title pending

            1b - elf-like
            2g - sci-fanstasy
            3h - see below
            3i, iv, maybe iii - proud, prudish, a bit angry - maybe just miffed and world weary.

            What is this?
            WH40k - the character is an Eldar Farseer thats stuck on a demon world.

            Why a farseer? Read the below spoiler



            Fallout basically. Naive young girl leaves the safety of the vault to enter a world of decay, swindlers, and roving gangs of raiders
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              Re: New Project, title pending

              Well it doesn't look like anyone else is voting so let's see what we have....

              Fairy, fairy or elf or elf like. Hmm, 'kay.
              High fantasy is most desirable, one science fantasy, maybe a group with some magitech at most then.
              Hmm, a spread of classes, breaking it into components, two caster options and two ranged options. An archer or a gunner with magic seems the best way to cover that.
              Proud and Naive are popular, a hint of prudish, workable.

              Well as I make my own world settings rather than place my characters in pre existing ones (Sorry Mr me) I may draw inspiration though.

              I'm thinking...
              Fairy, being both a chosen option and elf like.
              High fantasy. Low amounts of tech, one organisation/kingdom/something akin hoards what they find from ruins of lost civilisations, may or may not be relevant.

              So while I sculpt this into a workable story, what would people prefer for a ranged weapon?
              A bow, a bit mundane but a classic
              A crossbow.
              A firearm, likely modified to fit with nature more.
              Thrown weapons
              Something else?

              This one isn't an immediate vote, more something to think about before anything hits the fan.

              A more immediate concern is a name and a magic type. she can learn more later but this will be what type of fairy she is.
              Some examples would include, fire, water, light, shadow, poison.


                Re: New Project, title pending

                For a weapon I'd prefer a bow. Second choice would be a thrown weapon.

                For element: Ice or Water. Both offer combat and non-combat uses.


                  Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

                  Guess ice fairy archer it is, I've been sitting on this in case of last second voting.

                  The Forgotten Grove it's been dubbed, but to Ivy it's home.
                  A small community of faeries leaving peaceful lives in harmony with nature and protecting the nearby woodlands.
                  every day has been a simple pleasure, getting up when you wish and taking things in your own pace,
                  as long as everyone does their share, nobody cares for the particulars.
                  Be it nurturing the trees, or gathering nectar and fruits for the days meals. The only exception being her friend
                  Lily, being a shadow fairy she's nocturnal and so she does the night watch patrols.

                  Today however was strange, normally Ivy is awoken by Lily going to bed, today she didn't awake until noon,
                  sitting up and rubbing her eyes she looked across the room and saw her hammock was empty. Odd....

                  being both members of the watch it was easier for them to look after each other, just like the other team, so even if she couldn't sleep,
                  the fact she neglected to wake her up worried her.

                  Setting about grabbing her weapons and getting dressed we went to talk to the other pair, they don't really get along, but
                  that's to be expected, fire and light don't mix well with shadow and ice.

                  Finding her at the highest point basking in the spring sun as usual but due to the situation, Ivy gets straight to the point.
                  "Hey, I have a question."
                  "Hmm? you want to know the secrets of the 'best' of the guard? Maybe if you ask nicely."
                  "I already know my own tricks, I'm more wondering if you know where Lily is, she's not in the house and she didn't wake me up
                  for the shift change."
                  "Your tricks? Keep dre.... hmm, that's ominous, she and Ember got into an altercation with monsters within our borders,
                  she said she would report it to the great one when she awoke. So Ember is resting off her injuries, I guess check there?"
                  "Monsters within our borders shouldn't be possible... I'll talk to the great one, she's probably late discussing that matter. Thanks."

                  Walking away she considers, am I worrying over nothing?

                  1) No, go to the great one immediately.
                  2) Yeah... let's just start my patrols.
                  3) Let's ask around more
                  4) something else
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                    Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

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                      Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

                      1 - I want to know what's going on, and that seems like the best way to find out.

                      Though I am fine with 3 as well.


                        Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

                        Well I'll treat that as 1.5 for three and half for 1 so Ivy will do 3 then 1.
                        Sorry for the delay, relatives visited for the week unexpectedly

                        "Hmm, something isn't right here...."
                        Ivy opts to ask a few of the early risers if they have seen anything but those that give any details at all all say the same thing, That nobody has seen Lily at all.
                        A few of them have seen Ember and she did in fact come back a bit beaten up, but nothing would imply anything went horribly amiss to them.

                        After about half an hour Ivy heads to the great one, a being always referred to in a gender neutral way because their form depends on their whims, sometimes a great Ent
                        other times a stunning dryad, at others, simply a tree.
                        As Ivy steps into the grove she turns, in the dryad form today. "I was just about to summon for you, I can sense a disturbance, monsters have breached our borders.
                        "...You were not already told by Lily? I was told she came to report such to you?"
                        "...No, she has not...." she focuses for a second "She is not within the village.... her trail is to the north.... Go after her, something may be array. And with those strange
                        humans with their machines to the north encroaching on our lands, this bodes ill."
                        "Do you believe all of this connected, the monsters could never enter out borders prior to their arrival."
                        "Perhaps.... be it through ill will, or negligence in their care of nature it's not impossible they have weakened the barrier. But we shouldn't assume anything just yet.
                        "Find our wayward child, I will call for the others and make sure everyone knows of the risks. I hope that all that happened if she found a lead or something."
                        "It will be done.

                        As she heads away she takes inventory making sure she has everything

                        "Everything seems to be in order, where should I check first..."

                        1) There are two orcs who set up camp who seem to leer at passing faeries....
                        2) There is a grove that was tainted recently, perhaps corruption still lingers....
                        3) Scout out those humans, kinda dangerous though....
                        4) Maybe she got hungry and is fishing by the river....
                        5) There is that cave we were told to never enter....
                        6) Could she be somewhere else? (suggest something that might exist in a forest)
                        7) No, before I head out.... (Suggest an action to do first.)


                          Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

                          7. Talk to Ember?
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                            Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

                            7. Go talk to Ember. First ask her about the monsters: what sort of monsters they were, what sort of attacks they were using (spells, melee attacks, etc.), how many of them were seen, where and when they were encountered, that sort of thing. Then ask her about Lily maybe Lily mentioned something that would explain why she left the village and went north without telling anyone...


                              Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

                              Well that seems kind of unanimous and a prime example of why I always allow a reader suggestion response.

                              The solution was clear, see if Ember is still awake, part of this puzzle is missing and she might have it.
                              Ivy heads over to Ember and Misha's home, Misha is already out so Ivy avoided any sass for now.
                              Heading inside quietly in case she is asleep she looks around and finds her staring at the ceiling bandaged up.
                              "Hmm? Oh Hello Ivy guess you heard then?"
                              "To an extent, I didn't realize it was this bad though sweetie, what kind of monsters were they?"
                              She asks as she heads over and straightens her haphazard bandages up.
                              "Wolves, except they had thorny vines and tendrils growing from their back, they felt.... unnatural. Did Lily not tell you?"
                              "She's not come home yet."
                              "She wha... ack..." she sits up sharply and then flinches having reopened a wound.
                              "Lie back down and tell me where you last say her and what she was doing, I'll find her don't worry." she says lying Ember back down
                              "She was investigating the bodies and told me she to see to my wounds, five minutes due north... she planned to show the great one what she found.... I should have stayed..."
                              "In your state if it was another assailant, you'd have been no help and be missing too and nobody would have information at all." Ivy pecks her on the forehead, now go to sleep and leave it to big-sis okay?"
                              "...You're the youngest of us all....."
                              "Leave it to little-sis okay?" she says winking as she heads out.

                              With this new information Ivy heads straight to the combat site, but she wasn't prepared for what she found.
                              Four wolves, their flesh twisted and contorted by the plant like growths from there bodies, it only takes a cursory glance to realized these were once normal wolves
                              with some kind of parasite growing from them..... between the effect and the unnatural feeling this plant-type parasite has it was hard for Ivy to not loose her breakfast.
                              "Sickening....." Misha says as she heads over.
                              "Yeah... this is just wrong... and even the insects and scavengers are leaving the body alone..."
                              "I'll burn the bodies, purify the area and then head back, if this is the deal... I should patrol closer to town where I can call for aid if needed..."
                              "Wise, thanks, I hope we are not too late to find and save Lily..."
                              "She will be find, she and Ember may be the timid type you want to protect but they are way stronger than people, even they, realize."
                              "That's true, stay safe. I should start immediately."
                              "You too."

                              Where will Ivy head?
                              1) Those two orcs camp....
                              2) The previously tainted grove....
                              3) Scout out those humans....
                              4) The river....
                              5) The cave....
                              6) Somewhere else? (suggest something that might exist in a forest.)
                              7) Other.... (Suggest an action.)