A Dark Room (New WC Character Creation Rules)

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Nov 9, 2008

The sound of dripping water once again, an ominous sign to say the least. How many times has this sound signaled the approach of an undesirable encounter, one that would twist fate in a cruel and horrible direction? Senses deprived, helpless…unable to do anything but watch and obey helplessly…all too unpleasant an experience, repeated many times by this point.

Yet…this time, unlike before, the return of sensations is expedient, as vision quickly returns…one’s eyes blinking to behold utter darkness for a moment, strangely enough, then…the flickering, yet bright lights of close proximity candles.

A scan around reveals that one is seated in a comfortable arm chair of sorts, before an oaken desk…illuminated by what appear to be floating candles hanging in thin air nearby… a young girl seated across, seeming to be immersed in an extremely oversized tome. A tome…that seems empty of wording or anything at all really. Dressed in fantasy-esque and purple sorcerer robes with azure blue trimming, golden chains with accompanying shackles on her wrists that loop around the girl’s back, and a metallic blindfold dyed blue covering her eyes…the girl is a strange sight to say the least. Perhaps familiar…for one reason or the other. Choosing to make no sound so as to avoid such an…oddity, one perhaps begins to hope that one will remain unnoticed until “this” dream is awoken from. Yet…despite one’s attempts, the blindfolded girl begins addressing her visitor…regardless of her supposed lack of sight, and without looking up from the “tome” she should be immersed in.

“How quaint, another comes to disturb me…another in this dreadful game.””

Judging from the tone of voice, despite the harsh choice of words, the girl seems to sound weary…rather than angry or annoyed. Especially as she continues to speak, without ever looking up.

“Everything remains the same as it was before….for the most part, the base essence has not changed and is self explanatory.”

‘Base essence’? ‘Self explanatory’? Is this in relation to the Lady‘s game? Such are the thoughts that no doubt fill one’s head following the girl’s ambiguous statement. Thoughts that appear to be snatched from one’s minds before they can be expressed as the “sorceress girl” lets out a sigh and nods… actually bothering to face the one across from her now.

“Let us start with the basics then, thou slow and simple minded one. There is work to be done.”

The empty tome then begins to shine, as glowing letters…no, runes of an unknown language begin to fill it…actually rising out of the page, and swirling about. The flames of the candles that provide illumination turn from orange to blue…a strange and enigmatic pressure beginning to stifle the air around as this strange event takes its course. Powerful magic perhaps, if one was in a fantasy world.

“Pay close heed slow one, I shall repeat these only once.”

The girl’s voice begins to change at the end of her speech, becoming far more monotone…more automated, more unnatural. Remaining this way as she explains, a quill pen beginning to float over the tome, and the latter to you, the girl seems to have entered a trance of sorts…
Nov 9, 2008
Re: A Dark Room (New WC Character Creation Rules)

Character Creation


…returning to normal once her explanation is concluded, despite your inability to complete all that had been required of you by the hefty tome. While the explanation had been thorough enough, and memories that had been forgotten had reawakened…not even the greatest scribe could possibly finish everything in that time!

“Make haste slow one…time is a precious thing, for some more than others.”

A sigh of exasperation, though the tone of voice…sounded more hurried and uneasy than irritated or annoyed. Odd, given what one would believe should accompany a statement such as that. Nevertheless, eventually the tome is satisfied…the magical runes vanishing…the quill disappearing…and all is quiet once again… save for the incessant dripping.


…Odd, why did the dripping sound closer than before? Also…was it just a trick? Or was the llight beginning to fade?...Despite how healthy the candles seemed to look. It is then that the girl speaks one last time, as the light continues to dim, and sight begins to be obscured…her tone of voice despondent, hopeless, as she gives a cryptic statement.

“Everything is never as it seems, everything is always hidden in the darkest of shadows.”

The light fades…


In the Darkness

Then all became vague.
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