Anaconda's Slave


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Jul 21, 2015
Author: Cassandra Saturn (Korra)
Story: Cassandra was sleeping naked in her bed inside her home. a modern large house built on land with beautiful scenery of surrounding mountains and rivers, waterfalls in distance.

her room is light purple painted with glowing in dark stars, running color light show on her walls and ceiling. her bed is coated in light blue wrappings and heavy yet fluffy soft bed sheets.
she lays here on her left side, her left breast pushing on the right breast as her arms are cuddled together each other next to her head.

outside, a massive snake known as anaconda slithers nearby the house. wondering what is that place that seems out of familiar to him. he moves into it carefully..
he sees the window that's barely large enough to allow him inside. he goes up to it, sees a handle. he uses his tail to pull it open with ease, the door apparently was not locked.

anaconda slithers inside, taken in by the wonders of the house. he hears a rustling sound coming from upstairs. he follows the sounds to her room. sees a girl sleeping in bed with her body half exposed to him. notices her breasts and her pussy. the snake thinks to himself "that must be the female human" then he thinks, "i hadn't mated in long time.. i wonder if she's compatible with me? or.. can she take it all?"

while he ponders that, she turns to her right side, right in front of him. he darts to the bottom end of her bed, just as she wakes up. she gets off the bed, walks to restroom nearby. he moves to her bed's left side, hiding here before she returns to her bed.

she returns to her bed, slips into the bed then goes off to sleep again. he slithers up to the edge of the bed, looking at her. he then moves to her, right over her, looking down on her. he puts his body's positions to hold her wrists together, spreading her thighs open, holding her thighs at same time. he licks her lips before licking her face.

she is woken up by the licking. realizes what's happening, she struggles but to no avail. she asks, "why are you doing this, what do you want from me?" he puts his face to her pussy, licks her pussy's lips repeatedly. she struggles, tries to hold back what she's feeling from his licking. after making her blushing red, he reveals his purpose: to mate with her. he shows her his slit, his thick long cock comes out of it, still coming out. she blushes even more redder. she thinks, "no way.. his cock is bigger.. even longer. here's no way i can take that.. but he wants to mate with me.. how can i handle that?" his length is 11 inches but his size is size of the arm.

certainly a monster dick. she says, "no, wait. your thing is too big for me, i can't take it! please, just let me go." he nodded no. she added, "i promise to help you by finding you a female part of your species."
he took it as an insult, used his tail to slap her across the face.

"ow" she says. then said, "i'm sorry, please don't" he then goes back to tonguing her pussy till she's wet. she begs, "no, stop... please.. no more.." she's wet completely after two minutes. this told him that she's more sensitive now since the first licking of her pussy's lips.

he positions his cock, putting his tip to her pussy. she looks at him, begs him "no, no. please don't. i'm begging you" he realizes that her pussy is bright pink. he looks at her with serious staring.

she realizes what he is thinking. said, "it's.. not like that.. please don't stare at me like that.." she looks to her right side while blushing, "i hadn't.. been with a boy since i was young. so.. yeah i am.. what you actually think... a virgin."

he was pleased with the fact, he pushed his tip inside, she felt it, saying "no, n.. wa.. wait. ow ow it's too much!" she bears the pain as her pussy is being violated. he pushes inside slowly, pushing through, popping her cherry at same time.

her eyes rolls back, arches her back. "ahhh.. god.... so big.."
he stops at half inch inside her, allowing her to relax, waiting for her muscles to relax at same time while looking at her. she's blushing a little from all that. she replies, "damn you.. you took my virginity.. why did it had to be you.. you're so forceful"

he pushes again, all way inside. she screams loudly, he muffles her with his tail in her mouth. she blushes, muffled "MMM! MMMM!!" nods her head no, he begins to pump her pussy slowly, easing her into it. she blushes red again, feeling what's it's like to get fucked/screwed for first time.

a minute in, she's very responsive to him. he removes his tail from her mouth, her saliva dripping from his tail to her lips. "ahhh.." blushing red. he looks at her, starts to speed up.. pounding her repeatedly. she moans, gripping her bed sheets tightly, begs for more "this is too good.. it feels good! i want more!! please screw me more!" the snake obliges that, speeding up even more. she grips even tighter, tells him, "grab my breasts! squeeze them, i want it please!" he looked at her breasts, her nipples were erect and firm.

he used his lengthy tail to caress, wrap around each breast, squeezing them lightly. this made her moan louder. this effect also made her more wetter. her pussy was making naughty sounds.. she cant contain herself, she begs him to come inside her. anaconda was surprised to hear that but he too, was about to cum. so he obliged her by going for final stretch of the pounding.

at last moment, he rammed her hard while cumming inside her.. filling her pussy up. she came with him too, screaming as she was being filled with his load. the cum flowed out of her pussy at same time, dripping into her bed sheets. clutching his body tightly with her legs, she finally passes out. he was panting heavily, satisfied with releasing his months long load inside her. he realizes that in midst of all that, he had accidentally knotted her. she wakes up hours later, looking at him, "why are you still here and your thing is still inside me?" he tugs her with his cock. she felt that, replied "no.. is that your knot? i thought snakes don't have that." the anaconda shakes his head no. she was surprised.. "so only anacondas can have knots?" he nods yes.

she blushes red again, "well... umm since you fucked me so good that i passed out.. um.. i want to have more again. please be my master. i'll be your sex slave. you can fuck me anytime you want."

the snake started to shake his head at that thought. she reached to him with her hands on his head, "look, please do that.. i'm alone all time, no company.. you also have not mated except you just recently did it with me, took my virginity. by all rights, you are my first. doesn't that makes girl feel special, wants her guy to do more naughty things to her again anytime. you don't have to wait forever because YOU chose me."

he thinks, "the girl has point.. but knot is still inside her.. i might knock her up. besides.. she wants more.. i guess i can't say no to her, after all she is now more used to me. let the fun begin." the couple goes back to sex again.. for seven hours of fun.