Beating Them At Their Own Game (Tassadar)


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Apr 23, 2013
Episode 1 Transcript 1. A trip downtown and some graffiti.
It was a quiet day at Hamsu University. That was mostly thanks to it being a saturday, so no one had classes and most of the roudier people were hung over from Friday night. Whatever condition Helen was in, she would be woken up to a knock on her door, and a feminine voice that drifted into the room. "Ann, you there? I really need your help with this question."

19:40 Tassadar003 "Uhhhh, yeah, I'm here," Ann said, rubbing her damp hair with a towel. She had just gotten out of the shower, and was clad only in a pair of black panties. Shrugging, she hung the towel over her shoulders to conceal her breasts and went over to the door, unlocking it and pulling it open a crack.

Through the crack between the door and the frame, Ann would see her friend Yuki standing there in what appeared to be her PJ bottoms and a T-shirt, holding a notebook. Given the girl lived just down the hall it wasn't all that suprising really that she was dressed that way. "Its this Entomology homework. I can't make heads or tails of it. Any chance you can help?"

19:53 Tassadar003 "Ahhhh, bugs! Sure, come on in," she said, pulling the door open so that her pajama clad friend could enter. "You weren't up all night going at it were you?" she asked jokingly, waiting until Yuki entered before shutting the door. She then walked to her dresser, tossing the towel away with her back to her friend, and grabbed a plain black t-shirt with a drooling zombie inscribed in green upon on it that she squirmed into.

"Nah, just half the night," Yuki said as she walked in, trying to avoid looking to intensly at her towel clad friend until she had her shirt on, "Then I gave up and decided to come bug you this morning. Though maybe after you help me with this we can go out and do something, maybe go into Moonlight proper and do some shopping."

20:01 Tassadar003 "Ooooh, you tempt me so~" Helen replied mirthfully. "Fell asleep at your desk again?" she added sympathetically as she carefully swept up her own neatly organized study materials and set them aside. She had two chairs, the one she usually used and the one oft occupied by whoever she was tutoring at the time... Which, more often than not, was Yuki. "Have a seat, lets see what we can do to clean things up and make room in our schedule!"

Helping Yuki with her homework ended up taking a bit longer then either of them would have expected. Though it was still done just shortly after lunch, and when the final question was answered the shorter dark haired girl leaned back in her chair and gave a sigh of relief, "Thank you so much Ann, I was so lost on that it wasn't funny. Now though we probably could get in a few hours downtown if we catch the next bus in."

20:10 Tassadar003 Letting out a sigh of her own, a now dressed Helen leaned back in her chair and stared up at the ceiling. It had seemed so much easier when she was doing it on her own, trying to work Yuki through it was much harder. Still, it was helpful in its own way.

20:12 Tassadar003 "Yeah, lets go!" Ann said, grabbing her a black leather jacket and her purse. In her faded denim jeans and black jacket, and with her red hair and pale skin, she generally stood out wherever she went, but she took pride in that fact.

"Kay, just give me a moment to get dressed myself," Yuki would say, before darting back to her own dorm room and emerging two minutes later in a short skirt and a blouse. Unlike Ann she didn't stand out to much in the combination, but being around the foreign girl brought stares on its own. "Now then, to the bus!" -c-

One bus ride later, and the two girls were in the downtown core of Moonlight city, giant skyscrapers on all sides that contained all manners of shops in their multiple floors. On the ground floor walls of the closest building there was a long string of odd ruinic graffitii symbols. The marks having grown to be a rather standard sight even in Hamsu, though this one seemed to grab Ann's eye for some reason, even as Yuki half pulled her away from the bus stop.

20:23 Tassadar003 "I'll be here," Ann replied, cooling her heels in the hall while waiting for Yuki to get dressed. A short while later they were on the bus, joking about their friends and trading gossip, and a while after that Ann stretched her legs as she strode off of the bus. "So, what shall we... Hey, what's that?" Ann said, spotting the unusual symbols and pausing, obstinantly refusing to budge until Yuki at least looked in the same direction.

Yuki would continue pulling for a few moments, before finally getting pulled back by Ann's refusal to move. The black haired girl would look over at the graffiti on the wall, "Hmm? Isn't that just some graffiti? Whats so special about it?" It was obvious that whatever Ann was seeing in it, Yuki didn't see the same. Either way though Ann could almost feel like the graffiti was trying to tell her something, but what could it be?

"Hmm okay then," Yuki said, "I'll meet you inside then okay? Don't be out here to long!" With that Yuki would let go of Ann's hand and run off into the store complex they had been heading too. This would leave Ann free to move closer toward the marks, though as she did she might notice that most people seemed to be avoiding going near it, and that everything seemed to almost be taking on a blueish tint as she got closer

20:41 Tassadar003 "Hrm, oh alright, I'll only be a minute!" Ann said, patting Yuki on the shoulder as she headed towards the shopping complex. Drawing nearer to the strange markings, Ann tried to decipher them to no avail. Had she seen them before? Where? In class maybe? They seemed to be little more than gibberish... Wait, why was the world turning blue? She stopped in place, still several feet away, wondering what was going on.


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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Beating Them At There Own Game (Tassadar)

Episode 1 Transcript 2: Becoming Magical, and a challenger approaches
Nothing seemed to change as she stopped, the graffiti continuing to call for her attention and to get her to get closer to read it better. The haze on the world remained though, and it seemed like everyone was just passing her by without noticing her. The latter might have just been how Japan was though when it saw someone who might be trouble.

20:54 Tassadar003 "What is going on here..." Helen mumbled to herself, reaching up to scratch her head briefly. Curiosity warred with caution, but after a moment she strode forward and reached out, trying to trace one of the glyphs inscribed on the wall.

Touching the wall may have been a mistake, especially when the glyph seemed to pull her hand into itself. A force yanking her into the wall before she could do more then let out maybe a word. Though she ended up landing in what seemed to be an alleyway somewhere that looked like Moonlight city, but there was no people, the streets perfectly empty of even wind.

21:00 Tassadar003 "Waaah!" Letting out a cry of surprise as the wall seemed to tug her in, Helen stumbled and would have landed face first if she didn't catch herself. Instead she ended up on her knees, but quickly looked up to find herself seemingly in an alley, no different any other. She looked back, trying to see if she had somehow ended up just in an alley next to the shopping center, but saw... No one. >>

21:01 Tassadar003 Where was she now? And why was no one here? Straightening and brushing the knees of her jeans off, the redhead slowly turnined in a circle, trying to see what sort of options she had in unraveling this sudden mystery.

Everywhere seemed to be empty, not a soul to see anywhere around her. Though she could almost feel like something was watching her, and closing in on her. When she left the alleyway though, no matter which way she went, she would feel something land on her head, and if she looked up or tried to throw it off she'd see a small wierd cat thing. It obviously wasn't a cat, but that was the closest thing she could think of. Without warning a small voice would seem to sound from within her head, "Good day, Helen."

21:12 Tassadar003 Taking a stroll out of the alley, Helen wandered for a time before stopping in place as something soft thunked onto her head. She felts paws, and fur, and looked up to see a pair of feline eyes staring back down at her. "Hello," she replied faintly to the cat-thing-that-talked, "did... Someone slip me acid?"

"If only it was something that mundane." The voice said in her head. "No unfortunately you have fallen into a trap Helen. The youma use those glyphs to pull in girls who's magic potential has piqued enough to be useful to them. I can offer you the power to break free, but you must know, there is downsides to this power. You will become a much bigger target for the beings that pulled you here, but you will also be much more capable of fighting them then you would be now. You must pick soon though, as the youma have sensed your entrance to this world and are likely coming for you as we speak."

21:27 Tassadar003 "Yo.... Ma? Like... Like the musician? Wait, that's not right... Um... So... Not drugs... Talking cat thingy says it's not drugs... Um... Magic? But... Wait, soon? What?" Helen desperately looked around, "wait... So... If I say yes... Can you get me out of here?"

"Yes, I can help you get out of here." The cat thing said, almost non-plussed at her answer. "You accept the contract then?"
21:38 Tassadar003 "Uhhhh," Helen glanced around, still not seeing anything, "uhhhh.... Contract? I wish I could read the fine print, but if it gets me out of here... Yes."

"Don't worry, I promise the terms are not harsh." With that, Helen would feel a moment of blinding pain shooting through her, before it would leave as quickly as it came. The world around her was still as blue as ever, but looking down at herself, she could see her entire outfit changed. For one, she was showing off alot more skin.

The cat thing's head tilted. "Well this is certainly an interesting reflection of yourself. Regardless, you now have the power to escape this place, you just need to defeat the youma that has trapped you here."

21:42 Tassadar003 "Well what-" Helen was cut off mid sentence, pain bursting through her as the whole world went white. Power flowed around her, rending the cloth from her, reshaping her in body and spirit as magic infused and was unleashed from her being all at once. When the world was normal - or as normal as this blue haze could make it - Helen wobbled slightly in place, stumbling. >>

21:44 Tassadar003 "Woahh.... Woah woah woah!" she said, her voice higher, her whole frame bursting with energy. She looked down to see a lot more cleavage than she'd had before, red and blue branching of from a meeting point along her center line, but the magic had done more than alter her physical appearance. She stretched, almost posing as if for some unseen observer, "wow... This... is.... Good~"

"I must admit, this is new to me." The cat thing added, "I wonder how the corruption will effect you with a powerset like this. Ohh, I must go now though." The cat thing would almost seem to fold into itself, leaving Helen standing there alone. Though the feeling of being watched seemed alot stronger now. Then without warning a shape would drop into the street infront of her with enough weight to shake the ground a bit, before a rather large and wellbuilt wolfman stood up from the dust his arrival kicked up. "Mmmmm, so you are the one that fell into my trap? Any chance you want to just skip the fighting and get straight to the fucking? You aren't going to escape here anyways."


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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Beating Them At There Own Game (Tassadar)

Episode 1 Transcript 3: Battles and Soul Sucking
21:59 Tassadar003 "Hmm?" Helen in her transformed state made a quizzical nosie before the cat thing vanished, and then suddenly she had a whole new concern. She gave a slight jump as the youma appeared, its large frame landing hard enough to make the ground shake. She grinned widely, madly at it as the two sized one another up, and at the mention of skipping right to the fucking she gave a noise that was soft, purring coo. >>

22:02 Tassadar003 "Mmmmmm, you wanna fuck me?" she asked, almost genuinely, while bending forward to show off her enhanced cleavage, tracing a palm down her front suggestively. She pranced a few steps closer, "do yah? Why, that does sound like all kinds of fun~" She gave another overdone stretched, "I haven't had it in so long... I bet a big... Strong thing like you could do wonders for me~" >>

22:03 Tassadar003 She took a few more prancing steps, her bust jiggling hypnotically.... And then her eyes flipped, red switching to blue and blue to red, and power suddenly flared around her. Then there was a massive hammer she somehow held in one hand, materialized as if from thin air, and in another almost drunken step it was coming down towards the wolfman's head.

Helen (6) vs Wolfman (11) COUNTER -3 (0 Damage)
Wolfman (9) vs Helen (3) Critical -3 (0 damage)

The wolfman would be quite distracted by Helen's movements and words. It was very much obvious given that he only wore a lion cloth and it was already starting to tent out a bit before she even got up to him. He seemed ot be tongue tied as he continued to stare at her, until the hammer appeared. The wolfman had been mid reaching out to tear her shirt off when it had appeared, and he managed to dodge away with the sound of tearing cloth. Helen's top coming apart in his hands and leaving her topless, "Ohh you want to have a bit of a fight first? Well I'll make you regret not just rolling over girl."

22:13 Tassadar003 "Fight? Naaaaa," Helen said jovially, the hammer vanishing as quickly as it had come as she danced, glancing down with a smirk at her now bare chest. "Mmmmm, they feel so... Big," she cooed, reaching up to give her breasts a faux massage, before looking at the youma quizically. >>

22:15 Tassadar003 "Roll over? Do you mean... Like this?" she spun in place lithely and ended up half bent over, a bend the extended until she was practically nose to the ground but still standing, "I don't think I'm doing it right.." As she heard his feet clomping closer, she threw her head back, and magic once more flared, her elongated hair extending and hardening. >>

22:16 Tassadar003 Two blades lashed out, her pigtails reaching back like falling scythes while Helen practically did a cartwheel and sent a high heeled boot at the wolfman's snout as a follow up.

Helen (10) vs Wolfman (9) Hit -3 (1 damage)
Wolfman (8) vs Helen (9) Miss -3 (0 damage)

The wolfman was once again distracted, and though he was actually going for an attack this time, maybe. At the very least it started as an attack, and turned into something else by the time she was bending over herself. Either way though the girls blades would cut at the wolfman and cause him to hop back. The high heeled boot missing him. "Dammit, I think I prefer the girls that fought square up to this."

22:27 Tassadar003 "Hum, hum hum, hum hum," Helen hummed to herself as she twirled in place on one foot, moving with effortless grace one moment and apparently clumsy the next as she took a hop forward and almost faceplanted, her breasts once more swaying alluringly. She stumbled again on her next step, and this time ended up on her knees with a huff. >>

22:29 Tassadar003 She glanced up with a firm pout, spotted the bulge in the wolfman's loincloth, grinned widely, and began crawling toward him like a predator stalking prey, though in her position it looked far lewder than it did threatening. "I wanna suck your cock~" she crooned, licking her lips as she drew nearer... Or seemed to. >>

22:32 Tassadar003 In reality the crawling shape was an illusion, a figment born of magic, and the real Helen was several paces back, where she had seemingly stumbled a second time, slowly waving her arms while sheathed in a veil that hid her from the youma's attention. She mimed every word that her illusion spoke, but nothing more than a whisper ever left her true lips. >>

22:33 Tassadar003 If the youma fell for it, her figment would merrily undo his loincloth and unleash the beast, so to speak, seeming as real as her own being - as it was, in a sense, connected to her - but if he didn't he might be in for a nasty surprise as well.
If there was one thing that could be said for this youma, it was that he wasn't very intellegent, or maybe Helen's act was just that good. Regardless, the wolfman would grin and say, "Well, atleast you seem to be getitng it now girl. I'm amazed it took this long for you to get distracted by my amazing cock."

Letting her unbind his loin cloth she would be treated to the sight of a very large canine cock, at almost 10 inches long. The member was letting out a musk that Helen could still pick up from where she was a few feet away, but it had diluted enough that it didn't really effect her. Though she might get some feedback from the illusion that would make her rather heated in a way she hadn't felt in a few years.

The wolfman didn't give her illusionary form a chance to take it at her own pace though, grabbing its head between his hands and forcing her all the way down his shaft. In the process forcing a very close blast of his smell which, if she wasn't feeling it already, would definately be causing Helen to feel a bit damp.

22:53 Tassadar003 Her smirk widened at his words, and Helen's illusion wasted no time in undoing the barrier between her and the youma's cock. Her clone gave a soft gasp as all ten inches of it was let free, and even from a few feet away she cought a dose of the bestial scent strong enough to make her nipples hard and her legs shaky. >>

22:55 Tassadar003 Giving one long lick from base to tip was as far as she got in her teasing though, as the very moment that her mouth was poised over the canine tip he grabbed her by her multicolored pigtails and yanked her forward, impaling her mouth on his immense rod. She groaned, at first in protest but then in pleasure as a taste even stronger than the smell hit her. >>

22:56 Tassadar003 And the real Helen could experience a shadow of it all. She could practically taste the beastman's cock on her tongue, feel its texture in her mouth and throat, and breathing in the heavy musk only made her desire to drop the illusion and take a mouthful of the real thing all the stronger. >>

22:57 Tassadar003 She was stronger willed than that, however, and didn't even come close to giving in to that temptation as she continued her magic. As the wolfman thrust himself into her seemingly willing mouth, her gag reflex suppressed and her tongue writhing against every inch of flesh it could reach, she began to let her magic take full effect.>>

22:59 Tassadar003 Gradually, like a slow drip at first but growing wider the more it gave in to its lusts, her clone began to suck the magic from the youma. It strove to draw her in with its potency, the enchanted pheromones in the air calling through her magical form to the lust latent within her, to the animalistic urges that would have made her its willing brood sow. >>

23:00 Tassadar003 She rechanneled those energies, concentrated them, trailed them back to their source and began to drain them far faster than its natural aura would have allowed. The longer he went at her all too willing clone, the more of his power she would take from him, steadily oozing out of his very being and coalescing in the magic shell she had created.

The wolfman would continuing going at her cloan for what would be a frighteningly long time if compared to most normal men. Nearly twenty minutes of hard fucking on the cloan as his energy slowly seeped out of him without his knowledge. As it went though Helen would feel something strange, a small thread flowing through the magic and then through her illusion into her. It didn't seem immediatly harmful but it seemed odd compared to the rest of the magic power she was sucking.

Regardless, the wolf continued its thrusting, the knot at the base of its member growing and growing, before with one last thrust and a grunt, the wolfman locked it inside her illusions mouth. The climax that followed seemed to suprise even the wolfman, a huge burst of seed painting the illusions inside white, and leaving Helen with a feeling of a warm liquid filling her belly. As this was happening the flow of magic she'd pull from him seemed to almost triple in size, and it kept flowing. The wolfman went from orgasmic bliss to what almost seemed to be fear as his orgasm didn't stop, and if anything only seemed to increase. How long it lasted she wasn't sure, but it ended with the wolfman giving out one last noise of panic before he almost seemed to dissolve, leaving nothing behind.

23:17 Tassadar003 Helen chewed her lower lip, giving it the occasional lick as she watched the wolfman fuck her clone's mouth, the musk and the sight of it calling to her long unfulfilled libido. The strange form of magic flowing into her was unknown, but not her primary concern at that point as she maintained her spell. >>

23:18 Tassadar003 Ten minutes turn to twenty, and she could only marvel at its stamina as a traitorous part of her wondered how many times she'd cum if he was hammering into her real pussy instead of a shadow of her mouth. It felt all too real to the youma though, and when it finally did cum she let out a genuine moan as the first taste of cum faintly splashed inside of her. >>

23:21 Tassadar003 The flow of magic doubled and then tripled, the youma's panicked look his last as he had the biggest and last orgasm of his existence. Even as he ended, however, Helen felt every rope pouring down her throat as that massive knot pressed against her lips, tasted his musk as much as she smelled it, and even with victory at hand her lust had caused a damp spot to appear in her pants. >>

23:22 Tassadar003 A few moments later it was over, the youma's power spent, his physical form fading as she drew every last bit of him she could get into her clone. Then that magic collapsed too, all of it swirling togetherin a vortex of corrupt and alien power that finally came together...

Helen's illusion would collapse and form back into her, the cum that had been dumped into it having disapeared to somewhere. Either way though she was whole again, though she felt a bit odd.

Then she would feel light object land on her shoulder, and if she looked it was the cat thing again, "I was right, that was indeed interesting to watch. Though I would recommend against using that ability all the time, it unfortunately does not give me a chance to purify the youma's magic."

"Either way, you can break out of here now, just head back to the alleyway you started at and press against the wall well trying to push your magic into it. With how much magic you have with you it should make escape quite easy."

23:39 Tassadar003 "Purify?" Helen asked with a pout, "Awww, but then it wouldn't be so... Wrong..." She trailed off, looking distant. She looked off for several moments before shaking her head and heading back to the alley, scooping the feline shape into her arms and skipping merrily. "Well, what about them out there, hrm? This place might be abandoned, but it's still all creepy and weird! And am I going to show up in a crowded street topless? Because I already did that once! I got arrested!"

"No, when your magical girl form dissapates you will be clothed as you were before, and thanks to being pulled into this realm, time has passed very slowly outside." The cat thing said, "And when you get home today I will explain the terms of your contract to you."

At the alleyway, Helen would easily find the wall, seeing as it had the same glyphs on it. With a push, and her stressing her newly gained magic, she'd fall through it and land on the other side. Her magical form dropped in the transition, and she was back to normal, standing just before the glyphs, though looking the other way.

"Ahh, I forgot about your choice of clothing." The cat thing's voice sounded, and then it poked out of her shirt between her breasts. "Though I must admit, I find this position to be suprisingly comfortable. Also do not worry, no one can see or hear me other then you."

23:49 Tassadar003 "Awwww, so I could have given him a ride and still met up with Yuki in time?" Helen protested only half jokingly. She was still incredibly horny, and hesitated a moment before pushing through the barrier. She arrived back with a shock, eyes wide and body trembling. >>

23:50 Tassadar003 Her sanity crashed back into her like a wave, and where her memories hit her returning mores she blanched. The feline figure poking out from between her breasts caused her to start, but she relaxed at its explanation and glanced around. It didn't look like anyone was staring at her. >>

23:50 Tassadar003 She glanced back at the wall, frowning, and then back at the thing in her shirt. "This... Is going to take some explanation... But now, Yuki!" She said, half panicking as she hurried off to try and find her friend.


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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Beating Them At Their Own Game (Tassadar)

Episode 2 Transcript 1 Shopping + Another battle with the Wolfman brother.
14:04 Tassadar003 With the mysterious furry creature settled in her shirt, Helen continued going over what had happened. Her sanity restored, mostly, she was internally mortified about what she had done to defeat the wolfman. >>

14:07 Tassadar003 How had she let herself do that? And how could she have found it so... alluring? She could still remember the taste of the youma's cock, still remember how it had filled her mouth and throbbed as it plunged into her throat. 'I need to be more careful with what I let happen.' >>

14:08 Tassadar003 Thinking to herself, she hurried into the shopping center in search of Yuki, trying to spot her in the crowds or, failing that, looking for her in some of her favorite shops.

Helen wouldn’t need to long to find Yuki. The other girl having waited on one of the ground floor shops for her to catch up. The black haired girl ambushing Helen out of the crowd and saying, “What took you so long! It’s been like, 10 minutes and we could have already been knee deep in shopping by now.”

14:13 Tassadar003 Helen jumped slightly when Yuki ambushed her, but then scratched herself behind the ear and sighed. "Uhhh.... Sorry about that. Got caught up in... Well, it's not important," Helen said, not thinking she should tell Yuki what had really happened... Yet, at least. "Well, lets get stuck in then!" she said cheerfully.

The two would set about shopping, taking advantage of Moonlight city have just about anything in its multiple downtown vertical malls. Yuki seemed intent on picking up some new outfits to wear around campus, and as they toured the clothing store, the small cat thing, which was still perched inbetween Helen’s breasts started ‘talking.’ “Well, seeing as we have time, I might as well explain a few things to you. Just think your replies and questions if you want to avoid drawing attentions. First, the terms of your contract. You need to either serve as a magical girl for four years, or collect 166 seeds, whichever comes first. Once you have done that you will have the option to retire if you so wish.”

14:30 Tassadar003 Helen's interest in shopping would quickly go from feigned to genuine as she started picking out some new clothes of her own. She jumped when the cat-thing nestled between her breasts started talking, and briefly frowned before returning to her earlier expression. >>

14:31 Tassadar003 'Oh... Wow, really? You can read my mind?' she thought as she leafed through blouses in a quest to find one that would fit on her. 'So, uhm... I have to fight more things like that? And wait... Seeds?'

“Yes. You may have noticed a strange thread in the magic you were stealing from the Youma? That was the seed. Normally when you just defeat a Youma without leeching its magic it would drop all that in a seed, which I can then purify. When you took it into yourself it was still corrupted but the energy was released regardless so I do not mind. You may wish to avoid doing it in the future though as corrupted seeds can play havoc with your body and mind if you take too many.”

14:42 Tassadar003 'Corrupted? With what? And... So those things are youma? Are they all like that?'

Corrupted means it is laced with Youma essence. It is dangerous when humans take it into themselves, as it tends to make humans want to give themselves over to the Youma. As for the youma themselves. They are not always like that, most do not talk at all, a rare few can be reasoned with. They prey on humans though because female Youma are rare and they need humans to reproduce. So even if they are polite they still almost always will see you as nothing more than a potential breeder.”

14:53 Tassadar003 Helen couldn't help but shudder at that particular revelation. 'So they can... Get us pregnant? How? That thing wasn't human, how is that even possible? And what does that make, some kind of... Halfbreed?'

14:57 Ekon "We are unsure why they can breed with humans, but they very much can, and the result is always a youma. Usually the children inherit some power from there parent and may appear different, but they are fundamentally still a Youma."

14:59 Tassadar003 'So... Is that what they set up those traps for? To find girls to... Impregnate? That's what would have happened to me if that wolf thing got its claws on me?' She paused a moment, letting it answer, and then asked; 'What about you? What... Are you?'

15:04 Ekon "Well, that is what some of them set up those traps for. Others just roam the city looking for magical girls to attempt to capture. The youma would have almost certainly impregnated you if it had won. And I am a Contract, we came long after the Youma had been a part of your world."

15:07 Tassadar003 Helen shuddered again. That was something to be concerned about, certainly. 'How will I be able to tell if a youma is around? And, um... Why didn't anyone else seem to notice that trap I stumbled into?' Once that curiosity was satisfied, she added; 'A contract... So where do you come from? And... Why are you trying to fight the youma?'

“You will be able to tell because your magic will sense them when they are near you now. If you are in magical girl form you will be able to tell where they are from a good distance. As for the trap, the Youma have much more difficulty breeding with non-magical humans, so the traps only pull in those who have reached enough magic to be viable breeders. As for why we fight the youma, well, it is not my place to tell you such unfortunately.”

15:17 Tassadar003 'So I'm... Magic?' She then frowned at the thing's refusal to answer. 'Why not?'

15:20 Ekon "Decision made by the majority of our kind." The cat thing said simply. "We can confirm that it is nothing bad for humanity. Infact, it is for the betterment of your kind as well as our own.""

15:21 Tassadar003 'Do the youma attack you? I mean... Can they?'

15:23 Ekon "They can't attack us, nor can we attack them. Ever since the mid second millennium your kind lost the ability to fight Youma on there own. We came then to help boost your kinds faltering magical power to allow you to fight back.""

15:25 Tassadar003 'Oh... Well, thank you! I... Think. There are obviously others like you, and I guess more like me... Um, what happens when I... Use magic. Like, transform. Can people see me? And, uhhh, how do I transform?'

“People cannot see you when you transform unless you let them, and you transform by just wanting to as far as other girls have told me. You just think ‘I want to be a magical girl’ and you will transform.”

15:34 Tassadar003 'Huh... So I just... Vanish? I didn't lose my shirt when I transformed back before even though I, uhm, lost mine in the fight. So what happens when I'm in that form doesn't stick?'

“Yes, and your form will reset itself when you change back, so when you go back your shirt will be repaired. Though you can’t rapidly change between forms multiple times unfortunately.”

5:40 Tassadar003 'Awwww..... Well, I guess I don't need much effort to dress up for Halloween anymore at least,' she said, before going to the changing room with a few selections.

The cat thing would be pulled along into the changing room too. “Do you have any onther questions Helen?”

16:04 Tassadar003 'Well, I probably will at some point, just... It's a lot to take in,' she thought as she stripped off her top, trying on one of the blouses she'd picked out and examining herself in the mirror. After trying on her various selections and taking the ones she liked best, she went looking for Yuki to see if she had finished her own shopping.

Yuki would indeed be done, having a few handfuls full of clothes that she wanted. “All good to go? Cause if you are then lets make these purchases and go get some dinner around here before we head back.”

16:16 Tassadar003 "Sure, yeah, that sounds great," Helen said, going along with that plan of action. "Where do you want to go?" she asked curiously. Yuki always knew all the good places to eat. 'Oh, do you have a name?' she thought as she was getting ringed out, hoping the strange cat-thing was still listening.

“No I do not, usually girls call me whatever they feel like calling me.” The cat thing said as the cashier bagged their clothes and Yuki lead the way to a restaurant nearby. The place seemed to be pretty small, but it managed to include a bar ontop of the restaurant.

16:25 Tassadar003 'I'mma call you fluffy!' Helen thought, grinning. Once at the restaurant, Helen would take a look around, but opted not to go to the bar or order anything alcoholic. She'd had a weird enough day, she didn't need to add getting drunk to her list of questionable decisions. >>

16:26 Tassadar003 "We need to get out more," Helen said with a smirk, eyeing the menu and trying to figure out what she wanted.

‘Fluffy’ would nod. “That is acceptable.” The cat thing going back to hiding out in her shirt. Seemingly he was very comfortable there. Once they sat down for food Yuki would say, “Ya we should, school has been keeping us from going out as much as we used to. Maybe we can come down here again this week.”

16:45 Tassadar003 "Yeah!" Helen nodded, finally picking out her meal. She had long grown used to the local cuisine, and knew most of the things on the menu well enough. "We should make it a weekly thing when we can, it's nice to get out!" Hopefully she wouldn't run into any more of those things.

Yuki picked her own food just as quickly, and the server left to go fill there order. “Ya, that’s what we should do. It’ll get us out of that stuffy college to. I swear the interior design on all those rooms is terrible.”

16:57 Tassadar003 "And maybe we can meet a few guys~" Helen said with an exagerated coo. She was reminded again that it had been way too long since she'd gotten laid, but then she remembered how horny she'd been by the time she was done with the youma and blushed slightly. It would have been so easy to scratch that itch... 'Hey, Fluffy... Do you know if, um, birth control would work?' She'd been on the pill in her senior year of high school, and she didn't think it would be all that hard to get it again.

Fluffy tilted his head. “It is not very effective, though it helps somewhat. Some girls believe that a potion can be made out of Youma sperm that would work, but they have never verified if they worked or not. Though Youma pregnancies only last a week at worst, and usually if you have become pregnant with their kids they are very unlikely to present an opportunity to escape until you have given birth.”

Yuki meanwhile said, “Ya, maybe we can pick up a few good guys to help take the stress off. I haven’t had any luck this year thanks to school keeping me from hitting the bar scene.”

17:05 Tassadar003 'A potion... Of Youma... Sperm? Who came up with the idea to try?' Helen thought incredulously. 'Well... It was worth a thought I guess... Just in case, you know.' >>

17:06 Tassadar003 "Tell me about it," Helen said sympathetically, "I haven't had any luck since I moved here! It's because you always get all the good ones!"

“Sorry about that, I can’t help it if the guys like a bit more of the local flavour around here.” Yuki said half seriously and half-jokingly. Fluffy on the other hand was all serious when he said. “A girl that was nearing a high corruption level unfortunately. Though it was mixed with a number of other more mundane things that apparently helped counter the sperm’s effect.”

17:12 Tassadar003 'Did her, uhhh, contract try to... Purify it or anything?' she thought while giving Yuki a pout. "Can't even throw a girl a bone every now and then~ I see how it is Yuki!"

“I don’t think so. We can purify the seeds, but the actual seed of a youma holds too much of their magic for us to counter.” Fluffy said, well Yuki replied to Helen. “Not a chance! All’s fair in love and war after all Ann.”

17:26 Tassadar003 "Psh, oh what shall I do!" she lamented dramatically, "what a cruel fate hath befallen me! Destined to live out my days, alone!"

After dinner, the girls went back to the bus stop, and there things changed up a bit. Yuki had been looking down at her phone on the walk back to the stop and when they got there she turned to Helen. “My parents want me to come over for tomorrow. So I got to catch the overnight bullet train. See you on Monday!” The bullet train bus was a different one then Helen’s bus, so that left Helen to ride back alone except for Fluffy.

17:38 Tassadar003 "Oh, wow. Well, uhhh, see ya!" Helen said, waving Yuki off. She remained at the bus stop by herself, rocking back and forth and regularly glancing around. 'So... How common are youma, anyway? Like... They need us to, uhhh, repopulate, so there can't be that many of them... How long do they live?' she thought, once more hoping Fluffy was listening.

“In the region you come from, they are in relatively low numbers. Here though their concentration is high, thanks to girls that we failed to get to intime. Everytime a youma impregnates a girl, it usually results in atleast six children, some can have as many as a dozen.” Fluffy said. “And they live forever, until they are killed. As such, some of the youma are very old.”

The bus stop seemed empty, and the bus was maybe thirty minutes away. This could be a painful wait.

17:50 Tassadar003 Checking the schedule, then her phone, and then the schedule again, Helen sighed heavily. She was going to be here a while. 'Wow... Quick breeders huh? What, uhhh, happens to the girls they capture?' As she communicated with her contract, Helen let her gaze go unfocused as she looked about, checking for signs of something she could use to occupy her time.

“Girls they capture are used for breeding until either they escape, or are freed by other girls. Most who spend significant time trapped by youma will turn into witches after enough time. Upon reaching witchhood they usually escape on their own. Others have all there magic drained from them and become normal humans again, at that point they are usually released.”

Fluffy tilted his head. “I must go, a youma approaches. Prepare yourself.”

17:58 Tassadar003 'Thay can drain... Wait, what?' Helen said, looking around in alarm. She took a step back, putting her back against the wall and casting her gaze in every direction. Should she transform? It would obviously make her a target, but it was her only means of defense... After a moment, she steeled herself inwardly, closed her eyes, and thought; 'I want to be a magical girl...'

Fluffy would disappear, one moment he was there and the next he was gone. Then with that, Helen would in a quick flash be back to her magical girl form. Though unlike last time, the beast didn’t end up falling from the sky. Instead the youma stepped out of an alleyway.

“Hmmm, so you are the one that defeated my kin.” Evidently he was related to the other one, and he seemed to be a chunk larger. “I demand you repay for his death by spawning the next generation of our kin.”

19:10 Tassadar003 The magic infused her, in body and mind and soul, and once more Helen emerged from her transformation showing off a lot of skin and a wide grin. She stretched, standing up on her tippy toes as the youma, a larger wolfman than the first, emerged from an alleyway much less dramatically than his kin. She grinned wider at the sight of him, sliding her hands down her front and over the curve of her breasts as she bounced back onto

19:11 Tassadar003 She grinned wider at thesight of him, sliding her hands down her front and over the curve of her breasts as she bounced back onto the balls of her feet. >>

19:14 Tassadar003 "Oh wow, you're a biggun!" she said with a giggle, "and a strong negotiator! I like that that!" She took a stride closer and planted a hand on her hip, "so... You wanna make a mommy out of little old me, huh? Well then... How about a little... Counter offer?"

The youma would raise an eyebrow at Helen’s actions. Though he did seem intrigued atleast, if still fully ready to fight. “Hmmm, and what counter offer would this be? Does it happen to involve beating me senseless?”

19:24 Tassadar003 "Well, that'd be the EASY way of doing things~ No fun, no fun!" Helen replied, hopping and clapping excitedly. She did a spin on the tip of her toe, arm raised in the air, "we could fight, but... Well, who wants to do that? Instead... How about we play a little game?" >>

19:26 Tassadar003 "If you win... I'll let you put some puppies in me~" She took another stride closer, "I'll get on my knees... And undo that little cloth you've got on... And I'll lick... And kiss... And suck... And when you're all nice and hard, I'll slip these off," she flicked the waistband of her pants, "and bend over... And you can do all the things you're thinking about doing to me right now!" >>

19:27 Tassadar003 She pointed a finger at the youma and winked, "but if I win, you've got to let me turn you into a seed! My pussy says I'm not supposed to suck it out of you, so I'd have to do it the less fun way... But I'd make it quick~"

The youma’s eyes narrowed. “You know, that sounds like a fight. Though what is this game you are considering?” The youma didn’t seem to be as easily tricked as the last one, stepping back whenever Helen got closer, keeping an equal distance between them.

19:33 Tassadar003 This one wasn't as dumb as the last. That didn't stop Helen from gliding forward, smirking. "It's easy! What we do is... And try to follow me here..." Helen trailed off, pausing dramatically, and then bounded forward with her arms spread. "We... Dance!" And then three bolts of darkness coalesced in each of her hands, >>

19:35 Tassadar003 forming into narrow bladed knives. She spun in a whirl, launching the projectiles at the youma with surprising accuracy considering she had never done such a thing before, "first to three hits... Wins!"

The Youma saw the blades coming, and dodged out of the way. Before rushing Helen and throwing out a swing at her gut. The punch catching the magical girl and sending her skidding down the street. It didn’t hurt too much, but she definitely felt it a bit. “That’s one for me then.”

19:53 Tassadar003 "Hurk!" Helen lurched back but then bound away and found her balance, skidding a few feet before stopping. "So it is!" she said brightly, brushing off her belly. "Two more, and you'll be able to take me balls deep~" She bounced, her breasts jiggling, and then dropped her hand into a v-sign pointed towards the youma and winked. >>

19:55 Tassadar003 "Lets see if you can keep it up!" she cooed, skipping toward the youma with her hands pointed out to her sides. After one particularly high jump, she suddenly launched further up, proplled on tendrils of shadow and moving much faster. Her hair once more turned to blades, whirling to either side of the youma as she backflipped and aimed a kick at the wolfman's head.

The youma wasn’t able to dodge this time, the blades of hair being considered more dangerous than taking a hit to the back of the head. Knocked some distance away the youma jumped back into a defensive stance when he settled. “Damn, well, I’ll get 3 first.” (4/5, ¾)

20:01 Tassadar003 Landing, Helen gave a pronounced stumble, ending up bent forward suggestively as she seemingly extended her arms for balance. "Well, you've got some good motivation!" she replied as she looked back over her shoulder, reaching back and giving her pronounced rear a smack that produced an audible clap. >>

20:04 Tassadar003 "Two more and you can really make it clap~" she cooed, before spinning and driving towards him with her palm extended, magic flaring. Before she hit, however, she seemed to split, blackening as two shadow clones split off in either direction, all three converging towards the wolfman youma at once with a blast of force prepared, but which one was real and which of them were shadows...

Helen’s clones managed to throw off the Youma enough for Helen to land a heavy blow on the creature. The wolfman getting sent flying into a wall with a blast of dust. As he recovered he rubbed his head. Looking rather close to falling over at this point (Helen 4/5, Wolfman 1 /4)

20:12 Tassadar003 "Two for me!" Helen cooed, hopping up and down excitedly, "are you getting tired? Come on, where did all your energy go?" She lunged forward, but again her form seemed to split into three, except this time the central one flipped forward over him while the two coming in from the sides seemed to partially dissolve. >>

20:13 Tassadar003 Tendrils split from them, the two shadow clones becoming horrors that tried to latch onto the youma and bind him while she spun with her leg high, making a standing split before she dropped her leg onto the back of the wolfman's head.

The Youma managed to pay attention this time, and well Helen managed to catch him with his tentacles. The wolfman managed to throw an elbow back and smash her before she could actually manage to hit. A second later the shadows dissolved and the wolfman tried to swing again at her as she was knocked away, but he missed. “Damn, last hit then” (Helen 3/5, Youma 1/4)

20:21 Tassadar003 Helen grunted softly as the wolfman's elbow smacked into her, but she did a backflip over his follow up swing and rebounded off of the wall, flipping over him as her clones vanished and landing with a flourish. "Two and two, last hit~" she cooed, moving to stand with hands on hips, seemingly fully at ease. >>

20:22 Tassadar003 "Well... Lets make it good~" she cooed, and lunged backwards as magic flashed around her. When she appeared again, a cowboy hat had appeared on her head, and a comically oversized revolver was clutched in her hand. >>

20:23 Tassadar003 "Lets bang~" she cooed with a wink, and squeezed the trigger only for a spray of confetti to blast from the barrel, followed by a tiny pole from which a flag unfurled with the word "BANG" written in big block letters. >>

20:24 Tassadar003 She giggled playfully, and then a second blast sent the flag hurling towards the youma, transforming into a lance of power aimed squarely at his chest.

The youma managed to dodge the shot, but as he charged at Helen she managed to catch him with a counter attack. Knocked to his knees the youma groaned out. “Dammit. You going to kill me now then girl?” The youma obviously was out of fighting strength now.


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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Beating Them At Their Own Game (Tassadar)

Episode 2 Transcript 2. Helen plays around, and suffers some negative effects.
20:32 Tassadar003 When he dodged the bolt, Helen held a shocked expression, seemingly doomed to take the third hit as the youma barreled down upon her. His fist came in, but when it connected she shattered into a thousand shards, her true form appearing several feet behind where she had seemed to be standing. She raised a booted foot and caught the youma in a kick to the chest, sending him tumbling back and seemingly expending the last of his
20:33 Tassadar003 the last of his strength. >>

20:34 Tassadar003 "Yup~" she said brightly, wandering up, before a sudden wave of magic washed over the defeated youma. Shadow tendrils bound its limbs, dragging it to the ground, onto its back. She strode over to it, standing with one hand on her hip and the other twirling her gun, which vanished a few moments later. >>

20:36 Tassadar003 "But first... To satisfy my curiosity~" oversized sheers appeared in her hands, and she lowered them directly towards the youma's crotch. Any squirming only made her grin wider, but when she slammed them closed the only thing that came apart was the youma's loincloth.

The youma seemed to bear it stoically, or maybe it was cause he had barely any strength left. Either way when Helen brought out the sheers the youma would almost look resigned. Maybe because it would take so little to push him over the edge into death right now that he likely wouldn’t feel anything if she did it.

When the loincloth was cut, Helen would be greeted by only a semi-hard member, though even at that it looked like it would be atleast an inch or two larger than the other wolfman’s at full size.

20:56 Tassadar003 Grinning sadistically at her resigned opponent, Helen turned around and slowly squatted down on the wolfman's chest, the sheers vanishing as lowered herself. "Oooooh.... It IS bigger!" she said, shifting forward and causing the tight fabric of her pants to strain against her plump rear. "Come on, get hard, I wanna see how big!" she commanded, her hand reaching down to grasp and stroke the youma's cock. >>

20:58 Tassadar003 Rubbing the thick rod from base to tip slowly, Helen grinned and looked back over her shoulder, "too bad~"

The youma’s member would indeed grow bigger than the other wolfman’s. Standing at a full foot at the end, and with about half an inch of extra girth. Though the youma was looking at Helen oddly. Almost like he was wondering just why he wasn’t dead yet, and why Helen was doing this.

02 Tassadar003 "Mmmmmmm~" giving a pleased purr as her stroking had its intended effect, Helen started jerking the youma off harder and faster, "you would DEFINITELY have made me feel good with this~" She stood and turned, squatting down once and pressing his tip against the crotch of her pants, rubbing it against her dampening folds. >>

21:03 Tassadar003 "You wanted to put this here, huh? I've never had one this big... I don't think I could take the whole thing!" she gave it a few more jerks, slow and steady, her petals growing damper by the moment.

The youma moved a little bit as Helen started to jerk him off with some speed, and then when she put his shaft against her folds the wolfman couldn’t help but say. “I did yes, and I am sure you could have.” Then the wolfman looked up at Helen and asked. “Why are you doing this?”

21:08 Tassadar003 "Would you rather I stop?" she asked, slowing her strokes until they stopped, but still smiling. Around the youma the tendrils of shadow began to gather together, just out of his sight so long as he kept looking up at her.

“No, but I sense you are just teasing me before you kill me.” The wolfman said. “And most magical girls are not cruel like this. I think I’d rather die quick, then die blue balled.”

21:13 Tassadar003 Helen let out a resounding laugh at the youma's request for a quick death, grinning. "You want to die, huh? You think I was planning on leaving you blue balled?" she said, jerking the wolfman's shaft again. "The other one I did with my mouth... He got so big by the end, I could barely fit my mouth around it." >>

21:14 Tassadar003 She began to rub her thumb over the canine cock's tip, making slow circles to test its sensitivity. "I bet I couldn't even handle yours... I wonder if your load would be bigger too?" She began jerking again, harder and faster, but the shadow tendrils were growing sharper, leaning in closer but still out of reach.

“Hmmm, it would be bigger yes. He was the runt of the litter.” The youma said, his face starting to twist a bit in pleasure. Obviously Helen’s jerking him off was getting to him now, and she could feel his shaft swelling a bit.

21:29 Tassadar003 "Mmmmm.... He didn't let me do anything fun either... He just came down my throat... I didn't get to taste any of it," she cooed, rubbing her crotch against the underside of the wolfman's cock as she kept jerking him faster and faster.

Helen would notice the base of the wolfman’s shaft was widening rapidly, obviously he was getting very close to his orgasm now. If she kept pushing him he’d last maybe a minute longer, before with a grunt the first of his seed would shoot out onto Helen’s belly and pussy.

1:35 Tassadar003 "Ahhhh!" Helen let out a surprised but pleased coo as the wolfman's knot began to inflate, and a few moments more of her teasing she groaned lustfully as he finally burst, much more quickly than the first. She let the cum splatter across her, watching each rope rise only to splatter against her stomach, her still clothed sex, and thighs. She quickly aimed it to catch most of it on her skin instead, but she could still feel th

21:35 Tassadar003 She quickly aimed it to catch most of it on her skin instead, but she could still feel the warmth of it against the cloth protecting her sex, and it only made her hornier. >> (in case of tearing)

21:37 Tassadar003 Jerking him through his release, Helen let her strokes slow as the blasts of semen dwindled, and her free hand reached down between her own legs and gathered up a small handful of it, stretching it between her fingers. >>

21:38 Tassadar003 "Wow, what a nut... And some of it got so close too~ If only you'd lasted until I decided to get naked!" she cooed, eyeing the youma with a smirk before reaching out with her tongue and lapping some of the fresh seed from her digits. She cleaned them one by one, tasting his corrupted seed, and then sighed. >>

21:38 Tassadar003 "See, no blue balls for you!"

Helen would notice something as she drank the seed into her own body instead of the illusions. It caused her body to heat up even more then she had from the last wolfman. Arousal very quickly building inside her. Even the semen that was resting on her skin seemed to make her body feel even warmer then it should. Though the youma didn’t seem to be in a position to take advantage of it, it seemed like drinking a youma’s cum was a good way to end up very badly wanting its cock.

21:47 Tassadar003 "Oooohhh.... Fuck," Helen crooned, eyes closing as she felt the youma's seed causing her body to heat more than ever. For a moment she reveled in it, could feel her whole body pulsating with need, and for a wild moment she considered casting aside all caution and taking a ride on the wolfman's cock. >>

21:49 Tassadar003 She almost gave into that urge, her shapely legs trembling slightly as she stood back up, but then she paused as she straightened and let out a sigh. "No blue balls for you," she repeated, before the tendrils plunged in, jabbing repeatedly into the youma's body, killing it.

Getting stabbed repeatedly, the youma would only last maybe a half second before his body dissolved. Leaving behind a single dark coloured seed, and leaving Helen alone at the bus stop with her body still feeling very very warm with arousal.

21:57 Tassadar003 "That makes two~" Helen purred. Her whole body felt warm, the hot semen resting against her skin practically burning against her, and she couldn't help but scoop up another small sample and take a second taste of it. "Messy... But this is for me~" she cooed, bending down to grasp the dark seed.

The second amount Helen took in seemed to push her very close to an edge. Her body crying out desperately for her to try to drink the rest of the cum still on her body even as she grabbed the seed.

22:03 Tassadar003 "Mmmm...." Straightening as she grasped the dark seed, Helen closed her eyes and sighed, her whole body thrumming. A voice called to her, a dark hunger that demanded she lick up every last drop, but once more she found the urge suppressed by another. There was no more youmacock to sate the need that was building, and after a moment she used a bit of magic to clean herself. >>

22:04 Tassadar003 "Delicious... But no more for now," she said in a singsong voice, her frame thrumming with arousal still as she spun in place, looking around for Fluffy. Or the bus. "Hey... I wonder if I could just, like, fly home or something," she said to herself.

22:13 Ekon Fluffy would re-appear sitting on the ground near her. "You can indeed jump your way home. Magical girls can move faster then cars can when traffic is taken into account around here. Though you are definitely going to want to wash that off. Otherwise it will make you even more aroused. Also I will deal with that seed when you get home."

22:15 Tassadar003 "To the showers!" she said, pointing, and then looked down the road. "Uhhh... How do I woosh? Is there wooshing?"

22:21 Ekon Fluffy almost seemed to sigh. "Just jump, and try to put all your strength into it."

22:22 Tassadar003 "Kay," and so she did, assuming that Fluffy could handle himself... Herself? Itself? She didn't know, and merely concentrated on trying to get home.

22:23 Ekon And with that, Helen would leap into the air, covering multiiple blocks with a single jump if she put all her effort into it.

22:26 Ekon Once Helen got back to the college, she'd find she could walk right past everyone without them even noticing her, and if she tried, she could actually walk through them without feeling anything. Once she got back to her dorm room though, she'd see Fluffy sitting there waiting for her on her bed.

22:26 Tassadar003 "Oh wow, this is cool!" Helen cried, twirling in mid air as she leapt through it, hopping from rooftop to rooftop, building to tree, and so on. She let herself revel, the rushing air and distraction a boon against the arousal threatening to overwhelm her, and ultimately ended up mostly following the road back to campus. >>

22:27 Tassadar003 Arriving home, she delighted in pretending to be a ghost while walking through people, but soon grew bored of that and went back to her room, still in her magical girl form. "Hey fluffy!" she said delightedly, before taking out the dark seed and putting it in front of the vaguely feline creature. >>

22:28 Tassadar003 "You handle this, yeah? I'll be in the showers~" she said, before going to the bathroom to do just that unless her contract had some other concern for her.

22:30 Ekon "Hello again Helen, and yes, I can handle this well you are in the shower." Fluffy said, his tail reaching out and half absorbing the seed as bright blue light started to emanate from it. "Though I should warn you, you will still likely be feeling aroused for atleast two or three days."

22:33 Tassadar003 "Days!?" she said, gaping. "Fuck... I need to get laid then!" she said, before heading to the shower. She pulled herself out of her dirtied clothes, still transformed, and turned on the water. Fun as it has been, she reeeeally needed to get this stuff off of her.


Fluffy would look at her as she was leaving. "That is recommended, unfortunately it has been found that trying to relieve the arousal by oneself fails every time when it comes to Youma's magic."


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Beating Them At Their Own Game (Tassadar)

Helen leaned back and sighed after flipping the water on, letting it warm up while she, still in her magical form, stood by. She glanced at the mirror as she waited and gasped, seeing herself for the first time in her transformed state. "Holy shit!" she said, "I'm fuckin hot!" She had seen herself from the side at first, but then half turned away and looked over her shoulder, examining the curve of her rear and then running a hand up starting at her thigh and ending at her lower back, tracing the defined shape before reaching down to squeeze the soft flesh.

Giving a pleased coo, she turned back to face herself, letting her eyes drift from her face - which was pale as if it had been painted even though she couldn't feel any makeup on - and down over her breasts, which she traced with another hand until she met sticky wetness and her eyes widened. "Oh wow... It's still... Gooey"

Her top in her transformed state left her stomach mostly bare, and much of the youma's seed had landed there when she had had her fun with the beaten creature. Despite the long journey back to campus through the air, however, not only had the thick semen clung to her skin despite her journey, it hadn't dried out like normal cum would. It still hung there, as if it had been freshly squeezed from its source, warm and oozing and corruptive. Her hand journeyed over the curve of one her breasts, prompting an extended shudder as each digit passed one by one over the wrinkled, hardened tip, down her taut stomach and into the mass of interlocked ropes of cum.

It came back up with the wolfish youma's semen clinging to every digit, and as she opened her fingers the ropes stretched between them and began to bow with the force of gravity. She watched it almost like she was hypnotized as it seemed to follow the rules she had grown accustomed to under the laws of physics, but without having dried or lost its consistency despite a good amount of time having passed since it was deposited on her. Arousal still flooded her belly, and her mind whirred with possibilities as she watched the thickest rope bow downwards, much of its mass coalescing and form a drop that drew ever downwards. She didn't realize that she had stuck out her tongue until that thick droplet was less than an inch from it, and a moment later it separated from the rest and the rope broke.

She groaned as that intoxicating flavor hit her like the bus she'd missed as the youma cum dropped onto her tongue, her eyes fluttering and closing. The hunger to clean up every last drop returned in full force, and this time Helen offered no resistance to it as she brought her fingers in and messily cleaned them, one by one. Only when the taste of the corrupting ooze was totally gone would she open her multicolored eyes again, but only so that she could spot where more of the cum was gathered in the mirror to bring her hand down to gather as much as possible of what was left. By the time she was finished cleaning herself the mirror has misted over with steam, and Helen was so unreasonably horny that she could barely think.

She was still licking her fingers, seeking out every last race of youma cum as she climbed into the shower. Water soon washed away the smeared remains, but the corruptive goo was already inside of her, and as it settled into her belly Helen waded into the stream of hot water and promptly bent over against the wall. Still sucking on the fingers that had cleaned her, the magical girl's other hand darted to her pussy and slid between her drooling petals. Pleasure exploded through her, and her eyes snapped closed as she let out a groan through her fingers as, in her mind, she left the shower and was back out in the city streets. As she thrust two digits forcefully into her folds, in her mind she was bent over against the wall, and despite its inhuman visage she found herself imagining the youma she had bested coming up behind her... Rough hands gripping her waist... Canine cock brushing against her needy petals.

She groaned loudly as the imaginary cock slammed into her, her whole body shuddering as her fingers started grinding her sweet spot while the imaginary youma began pounding into her, unleashing all its desire to mate, to breed upon her burning frame. It didn't even take her a full minute of her fantasy before her fingers were driving Helen to orgasm, but even the pounding waves of intense pleasure did nothing to satisfy the urge that the youma cum had ignited inside her. Her fingers only moved with greater speed following her first peak, quickly driving her to a second, and then a third, and finally a fourth as she imagined the youma finally giving one last plunge into her, knot stretching her depths as lava-hot cum poured into her depths. She had always been careful to use protection despite being on birth control back in high school, and had only ever felt someone cum inside of her once before, but her imagination recreated the experience in vivid detail and amplified it for the youma's greater quantity as she jilled herself through one last climax only to find her burning need completely unsated.

Letting out a frustrated huff, Helen turned off the water after one last rinse and climbed out of the shower. She barely took the time to towel herself off, not noticing that the "makeup" on her face wasn't even smeared, and went out into her main room. She glanced back, spotted her dirtied clothes, and with a wave caused them to vanish. She didn't need them. "I'm going to go get fucked!" Helen declared to Fluffy, taking the seed and consuming its power if it was ready for her but otherwise going off to find someone to hammer the need out of her. She didn't have any condoms on her, but it shouldn't be so hard to find some, right? And as for where she would go... Well, walking around naked in public offered its own thrill, and there was supposed to be a soccer game tonight that could be getting out soon. It was every boy's dream to be in a girls locker room without being seen, right? Maybe she could pick out a good "prospect" in the boys locker room... If not on the way there.

(Next session can start there.)