Blackshard Prequel II Transcripts (edited)


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Re: Blackshard Prequel II Transcripts (edited)

Sixth Session, 25 June (part two, the mead brewery, the sheriff, the inn, food, Lethe)
DM62: Argast shrugs. "What's an aura?" He looks at Roland, unsure what to do himself.

Rowenna: "Anyone know how to pick locks?"

Sarah: "Auras are something special only we Kitsune can sense. Think of it like a passing glance into the soul of someone. Manipulating auras is somewhat of required for necromancy." Sarah says, seeming quite proud of herself.

DM62: A few minutes later, the barmaid returns, putting a platter of spiced potatoes, bacon, and ale in front of the party. "We usually have some mead, but the brewery recently went to a new owner, and they're experimenting with the flavor."

DM62: Argast shrugs. "It's not locked, technically. Looks like they have a bar in the handles, on the other side of that door. Just need to slide something thin up beneath it... but they'll see it happen, unless we get lucky."

Sarah: "Well, if they see it, so what. I just wanna find out what that strange aura is!" Sarah says, eager to figure out a way to open the door. "Anyone have something long and thin to stick in there?"

DM62: Meanwhile, Sonja grabs a pint of ale from the barmaid. "Betcha ya can't keep up," she sneers to Miter, starting to chug the first mug.

Miter: The goblin looks quite pleased at the sight of some proper food, and quickly dives in, her first bite going into the bacon. She glares a little at the harpy, but has her mouth too full of food to care at the moment.

Rowenna: "Well, I don't know if my halberd blade is thin enough and they might hear the metal scraping against things. Anything else?"

Roland starts looking back at the inn with the food while everyones talking

Sarah: "Well, we could search for another door to go in. Or we could just have Chu'Gris ram to door open."

DM62: Aisalla, too, is gorging herself on spiced potatoes... then bacon. "So... good... so greasy... barmaid... I think we'll need another platter.

Don sat at the table and enjoyed some of the food, but he ate sparringly, having had his fill yesterday from the faun.

Hareng decided to stay away from the food for a bit, sniffing at his mug a little to check if he could pick up anything strange from it, and if he didn't he'd gladly one good mouthful to wash down his throat. "Not much of an appetite, Mister Don?" He asked, somewhat jokingly.

DM62: There's also a brunette serving food in another part of the inn and a blonde elf clearing tables.

Don: "Heh, I had...quite the meal last night, even if I had to share it. So I'm not terribly hungry at the moment, but this food is rather good."

DM62: Argast sighs. "Well... I've got a stiletto if we really want to open these doors. But, like I said... very good chance they notice." Argast produces a long, sharp dagger from a boot sheath, looking about the others for confirmation.

Sarah: "Do it Argast. Let's see what's going on in there." Sarah says with a gentle clapping of her hands in excitement. "I've never felt an aura like this before. I wanna see who it belongs to!"

Hareng: "So I heard." Hareng nodded, giving a bit of a knowing smile before he drank some more. The place seemed good enough, but he couldn't help but to have just a bit of a bad feeling about it all... the attention was great though, and hearing the vampire minotaur say that the food tasted 'rather good' was definitely making Hareng feel like digging in as well, though he went with a meager portion for himself, just to be on the safe side. "What do you think's taking the other's so long? I'm getting a bit worried."

Roland sits and scratches an ear.

Rowenna: "Wouldn't hurt for us to be a little more decisive in the future. I mean, it's only a door.:

DM62: Don notices a stranger, a woman with gray hair, quietly staring at the party as she sips at what looks like a mixture of water and herbs.

DM62: Argast shrugs. "Alright, then. I guess you'd best be ready for anything." He deftly slips the blade between the double-doors, knocking the bar out from the handles. It hits the dirt floor with a muted but audible clattering.

Sarah smiles, and moves to grab hold of the door handle, moving to open it slowly so she isn't surprised by anything on the other side, peeking into the meadery.

DM62: Within the mead brewery are a half-dozen satyrs, as well as what looks to be a dozen females in various states of sexual activity. Most of the satyrs are drinking while they smut the women, though there's a particularly fat satyr who's laying upon his back, enjoying fellatio from a busty blonde while playing his flute. He stops the song, looking over at the party curiously... and the other satyrs look over as well.

DM62: Hareng also notices the gray-haired stranger.

Roland looks at the satyrs and stand sup.

Sarah gulps, before moving to close the door again quickly. "I...Say we run. Too many to fight..." the Kitsune says, turning and preparing to high-tail it out of there as swiftly as possible.

Rowenna: "Easy boy. Don't let them get to you." Rowenna would do her best to keep Roland calm. "Yeah that might be good. Close the door and forget what we saw."

Roland doesn't look aggresive yet, he just looks at the satrs then back at the others.

DM62: One of the satyrs opens his mouth to speak, when the party closes the doors.

Hareng would look back at the woman, feeling just slightly observed, and curious about why he noticed her in the first place... "Ah, if you excuse me." The young assassin muttered, bowing his head at Don before he stood up, figuring he could at least check the woman a little closer if she allowed. "Would you mind if I sit with you?" The assassin said with a smile as he approached the woman.

DM62: The woman shrugs. "Not like it matters. It will make no difference, I fear." She sighs, sipping at her hot beverage. "Suit yourself."

Miter, naturally, is too engrossed in nomming like hell out of the food, and taking an occasional drink of mead, glancing around.

Hareng: Not like it matters? Hmm, definitely found somewhat suspicious. The young assassin, would remain smiling, looking non-too phased by the threat as he looked at the woman a bit closer. "So it doesn't matter if Italked to you a bit more either, right? Or is that a problem?" The assassin would remain calm and collected. "Is there something going? Or do you not want to talk about that?" He said, though the woman would definitely feel her hair moving, before a bit of coldness touched her throat.

DM62: The woman gives a bitter smile. "You perceive my observation as a threat. How amusing... and predictable." She looks at Hareng. "You're... dead already, in a sense. It's unusual. So is your bull-man friend... in his own way. Though I've seen dhampyr before." She shrugs, sipping her tea again.

Roland looks up at the others who closed the door and then just walks and follows along

Hareng: "Well, it pays to be cautious, right?" Hareng smiled a bit more openly as he leaned forward, to get a better look at the woman. "Though I take it you won't really talk to me. That kind of hurts." The woman would feel the coldness receding as the young assassin joked. "I apologize for judging so quickly. We've all been through some jumpy situations, and a hot woman observing from afar got me a bit surprised. So if you're not a threat, are you perhaps a friendly?"

Sarah pants as she slows down once she realizes they aren't following. "Man...That was a close one. I've heard of those creatures before. I think they were called nymphs or something...They play magic to brainwash women's minds and make them sex slaves, or labor to brew booze for them to drink." the Kitsune says, recalling an old fairytale from long ago she had been told.

Rowenna: "I mean, this town seems to have such a big beef with magical creatures. Don't you think something like that going on in their walls would get their attention. Maybe we should bring this to the attention of the sheriff or someone in a position of authority." Rowenna tried to play the voice of reason as they retreated from the scene. "And yeah, I've heard that story before too, but strange they'd be settled in here."

DM62: The barmaid brings over another ale for Sonja, who is well-ahead of the goblin, stopping occasionally to wolf down some of the delicious spiced potatoes. The gray-haired woman shrugs. "I guess I can talk. I'm no threat, though I might be the last face you see in this world." She gives the assassin a smile. "Sit. Have some beer."

Sarah: "Yeah. I say we take this to the sheriff." Sarah says, catching her breath and looking for Chu'Gris, making sure he had followed as well, before heading into town to look for the sheriff's office.

DM62: Chu'Gris raises an eyebrow. "And if they decide to eliminate the walking dead orc?"

Sarah: "Well...If you can be patient and just hide somewhere out of sight..."

DM62: Argast also looks concerned. "What exactly will we tell the sheriff?"

Roland yawns.

Sarah: "We'll tell him the meadery is infested with nymphs."

Hareng: "But I'm already sitting." The assassin joked, taking a few seconds before he actually moved to grab a mug. "Thanks." He said, reciprocating the girl's smile. "That's kind of worrysome, the being the last face I see, I mean. Heh. I'm rather afraid of death myself, so you're making me feel a bit awkward." The kid scratched the back of his head coyly as he admitted to that. "Well, I guess I wouldn't mind if it's your face, it's definitely pretty. What is your name?"

DM62: "So... beastmen are having sex in the meadery?"

Rowenna: "That's the goddess honest truth isn't it. And if you're really worried Chu'Gris that you'll be found out then just stay here while a few of us report the situation."

Sarah: "Yeah. We'll tell him that. Also tell them they're using a magical flute to make sure they get the picture." Sarah says, nodding in confidence. "Now come on, let's go report this to the Sheriff." Sarah says as she makes a beeline for the Sheriff's office.

DM62: Argast sighs, going along. "How do we know it's a magic flute?"

Sarah: "We don't. But I'm guessing the risk of it being one will be of importance to the sheriff, what with the no-magic ordinance."

Rowenna: "With those beasts, I'm certain magic is involved. Have you ever know saytrs to be persuasive individuals? They're usually just drunken fools."

DM62: Meanwhile, the woman is sipping at her tea. "Scared of death? Well... we should get along greeeeeat." She shrugs, taking another sip. "I'm Lethe. Who are you?"

DM62: The wooden building that houses the sheriff's office is well-lit, and the group enters... spotting a satyr sitting behind a desk, stroking his braided goatee. He turns, looking at the group as they enter. "Ah! Visitors. Welcome. Have you come to declare yourselves as magical creatures?"

Roland sits outside.

Sarah stops the moment she sees the sheriff and turns back to the party. "Well shit."

Rowenna: "Wait...what?" Rowenna was honestly a little surprised by the situation. " you're in charge? Why would you have that provision when you're a magical creature yourself? Dosen't it seem a little...odd?"

Hareng: Koel laughed quielty, nodding at the woman before he spoke. "Ah, a pretty name. Well, I'm just a young servant, a bit of a mercenary. Name's Hareng." The kid leaned into his chair, his mind working to figure out what the girl meant with her words... and trying to avoid thinking about a rather obvious conclusion. "I was about to lie and say we're a bunch of travelers... but seeing you can at least infer my condition I really can't do that, can I? Anyways... Who are you, or what are you? S-sorry if the question is too forward."

DM62: The satyr with the braided black beard looks a bit insulted. "Satyrs aren't magical creatures. Just regular beastfolk, trying to get by." He leans forward. "Might I ask your names, and the reason for your visit to our lovely town of Haven?"

Rowenna: "Didn't the town have a different name? And don't you use magic though? Wouldn't that count? I'm honestly a little confused right now."

Sarah: "Just...Stopping by." Sarah says, gulping. "Eh...We thought there was something amiss at the meadery...But apparently it isn't...So unless you consider Kitsune magical creatures I'm just...Going to leave..." Sarah says, nervously scooting towards the door.

Rowenna: "But anyway, we're just passing through. Shouldn't be here more then a day or two I suppose."

Rowenna: "Same with me...I'm a werewolf. Valhal by birth and inflected with the curse."

DM62: The sheriff sighs. "We're trying to change that... Swampedge isn't exactly the kind of name to bring tourists and travelers. And it's a lovely town. But try convincing the map-makers to revise the name on their work. Bastards." He shrugs. "Right... I'll need your names. And I'll need you to drink a suppression potion." He pulls two small, pinkish vials from under his desk. Argast gives the kitsune and Valhal a disapproving look, shaking his head.

Sarah: "Uh. No. You may not realize this but...If my magic is suppressed someone very important will die." the Kitsune says, folding her arms over her chest.

DM62: "I'm also a servant. I was chatting with one of your associates recently. A certain... watery sort, if you take my meaning. I escorted her to the Aether... and I helped arrange her return." She sips at her tea again.

Rowenna: "And honestly, I've never tried to supress my affliction. I don't know what would happen if we were in town and a full moon rolls around."

DM62: The satyr folds his arms. "Never heard of magic keeping someone alive... but I suppose we'd want to consult the mayor about this, if you still want to stay in our lovely little town."

Hareng: "W-water? Y-you mean... Vand?" For a moment, the kid's smile his face turning from a bit of sadness before he fully processed what the woman had just said, giving her a big, relieved smile. "She's going to return?" The kid tried to calm himself a bit, feeling just a little out of place considering for how little time he actually knew her compared to the rest of the party. "By the way... I'm honored to be in the presence of a servant of the goddess of death." Hareng said, bowing his head deeply as a show of respect. "Admittedly, I'm also scared stiff now." He joked.

Sarah: "Well, yeah. Let's talk to the mayor. Because I sure as hell am not about to let my friend die because of some stupid suppression potion." Sarah says, nodding her head.

DM62: Lethe sips her tea again. "I'm only a half-breed, dear. I don't have all the powers of a Harvester... but I do see death. I see deaths of the past. And I see deaths in the future. Even yours, despite the curse you wear."

DM62: Sonja is now finishing her third ale, and the cute barmaid smiles. "Would you folks like some horns of mead, to wash down your dinner?"

DM62: The Sheriff nods. "Alright... let's go see the mayor. She makes her home in the basement of the mead brewery."

Rowenna: "Wait what? You've got to be kidding me. We just came from there."

Sarah: "S-She does? Then she must be the strange aura I sensed inside..." Sarah says idly, a thoughtful look on her face.

Roland yawns.

Hareng: "I see." The kid nodded slowly, his eyes landing on Lethe again. "Even my own death... I'm definitely a bit unnerved about that, eheh... regardless, it's a honor, whether a half breed or not." The kid bowed quickly again. "R-returning to the topic. Vand is going to return?" His voice sounded rather hopeful, happy even as he repeated those words.

DM62: The satyr nods, rising. "Indeed. I'll lead the way." He gestures for the party to step outside with him.

Sarah nods, moving to fall in line behind the Satyr, muttering about her rotten luck.

Miter nods a bit in agreement with the request about alehorns. "Aye, sounds like a plan," she mumbles between mouthfuls as she soon grows close to stuffed.

Rowenna: "Come on Roland. Keep your chin up. We'll get you a decent meal soon enough. Just gotta take care of some business." She'd sigh though as she followed, a little curious as to what this might involve

DM62: Lethe nods. "She's already back... sort of. Though I'm not sure if you'd recognize her..." The gray-haired female looks uncomfortable for a moment. "There are... politics at work, even in the Aether. Full-blooded servants of the Goddesses are forbidden to intervene in this conflict, for now... but she's being allowed to return as a half-breed. In Rabeernst."

Roland follows along, grumbling a bit wolfishly

DM62: The wench nods, bringing over horns of mead for the group, along with the elf who was cleaning tables earlier. Sonja is still a half an ale ahead of the goblin, and is showing no signs of slowing, though Aisalla is all caught up and not even showing any signs of being tipsy.

Hareng: "That definitely sounds like a pain... but Ranbeernst, you said? That's quite convenient, we're definitely headed there too. Is that the goddesses' doing as well?" Hareng pondered quietly. Though he lifted his eyes up towards Lethe again. "Are you only here to deliver the message then?"

DM62: The satyr sheriff leads the group back to the meadery, knocking on the double doors, which open. He smiles at the members of the ongoing orgy. "Just here to see the mayor, folks." The fat, flute-playing satyr stops playing for a moment, looking up and nodding. Then the sheriff leads the group to a set of cellar doors in the earth, swinging them open for the group.

DM62: Lethe nods. "There are no coincidences, for the goddesses. I'm here to give Roland a scent that will help you all to find Vand in her new form. And I've also come to escort one of you to Lunis, following the impending and very interesting demise that awaits one of your group in the next five minutes." She gives a small smile.

Sarah keeps her eyes low, not making eye contact with any of the people inside the meadery out of a mixture of embarrassment and shame, following the Sheriff when he throws open the cellar door.

Roland follows along, sneezing again, and making his way down the stairs

Hareng froze solid as he heard Lethe, his jaw hanging low while his eyes, focused on Lethe, stared into the proverbial nothing. "The death of one of our group?" He said, swallowing hard at the sound of his own words. He quickly looked around, trying to find everyone... but he quickly remembered half the group was still out there... "What do you mean an interesting demise? I-is there no way to prevent it?" He said with a hushed, if desperate voice.

Rowenna: "You are quite vocal today aren't you boy? Don't worry, I'll try to make it up to you later. That sound good?"

Roland looks at Rowenna and stares a moment before looking back to the path they are taking

Rowenna: "Don't you give me that look! I'm doing the best I can right now"

DM62: Lethe shakes her head. "If it could be prevented, Lunis would not permit me to say." She gazes meaningfully at Hareng. "But all of you will die soon enough." She sips her tea.
The lower level of the mead brewery is dimly lit. There's a female figure, resting in what looks to be an oddly-shaped hammock... but she turns in an odd way to face the group as they enter. Veils cover her head and hair, though the group can still sense that the mayor is staring at them... smelling them.

Hareng: "... Can I have another ale, please?" The kid said as his curled fist banged lightly on the table. Definitely restless as he looked at the group in the inn... "Someone in the group is going to die in a few minutes... and we're all going to die soon?" The assassin leaned back on his chair, almost slumping down on it. "S-Sonja! Aisalla!" Finally he cried out, his voice already somewhat hoarse despite the mug he'd just finished.

Roland huffs, seeming bothered by something but not growling yet.

DM62: Lethe looks at Hareng with a deadpan expression... then the side of her lip curls slightly. Then she bursts out laughing. "Sorry... I'm just fucking with you, kid!"

Sarah gulps as she notices the strange figure, her tail tucked between her legs, and her ears flat against her head. "H-Hello...M-Miss Mayor..."

Rowenna sighs. A little annoyed with the wolf. "Look, just go back to the inn if that'll calm you down. Or stay. But I don't want to hear anymore complaints." She grumbled but would focus back on the figure restin gin the hammock. "And you're the mayor I take it. So any reason you have a provision against magical beings?"

Hareng: "Eh..." The kid's eye turned to glare at Lethe with a mix of confusion and surprise, his face devoid of color as he let out a shaky sigh. "You were... joking?" The kid muttered as his eyes started welling a bit with tears, before he finally allowed himself to take a deep breath again followed by a pitiful pant coming out of his mouth. "... Y-you almost killed me right there." He said as he pressed his hand against his skull from above, trying to keep down the slight headache he was starting to feel.

DM62: The mayor shrugs. "I like to know when they enter my domain. They are... more ussseful than other mortalsss..." Sarah, Rowenna, Argast, and Roland can feel their libidos rising... the need for fucking, to breed or be bred. The satyrs and women are entering the cellar via the single stairwell, spreading out around the newcomers.

Roland gives Rowenna a flat look, before growling a bit, even as his sheath starts to get a bit more prominant, feeling strange.

Sarah groans as she can feel her libido rising. "Oh no...No you don't..." Sarah says, reaching out to tug on the little mental wire she left connecting her and her Orc zombie, her safety line to tell him to come get her. "N-Not about...To partake in an orgy with these ugly things..." she says, moving to try and move closer to the mayor, away from the Satyrs.

DM62: Lethe chuckles, her face red from laughing so hard. "Sorry... you're such an easy mark. But seriously I do work for Lunis, and I brought a message for Roland. Only his olfactory sense is keen enough to track Vand down in her new state. And it still won't be easy. You'll need to travel to the great port-city of Aneb-Kha, in the far south of Rabeernst." She sips at her tea again... and Ulyana quietly sits down next to Hareng. "It was a fucked up joke. Funny... but really fucked up."

Rowenna: "Hell no. I've had to suppress worse then this. I'm not about to become someones tool." Rowenna braced herself, trying to steel her resolve against the affect. She'd switch forms if she had to and run, knowing her as a wolf might have better luck slipping out. Course, that's if she was able to get past the crowd.

Hareng: "Ah, U-Ulyana." Hareng said, almost jumping out of his chair in surprise. His heart was definitely still racing after the little joke played on him. "So only Roland can actually do this..." The kid finally sighed, "The great port city of Aneb-Kha, huh? I've only heard of that once before... So Vand will be... a completely different person then?"

DM62: The sheriff moves next to the creature in the hammock. "Mistress... I mean, Mayor, I brought them! Can I please have another taste?" The creature chuckles, turning in the hammock... and the party can see a snake-like lower body on the creature... her lower half. Her breasts are glistening with pink droplets of some sort of odd milk. "Of courssse..." The smell of the milk alone brings an urgent need to breed to the party, and the satyr latches onto one of the breasts hungrily, jerking off involuntarily. She indulges him for a few seconds, before pushing him away and flipping out of the hammock in a move that is both awkward and graceful. Her head and hair are still hidden in veils. "Ssstay a while. I... insssissst." The satyrs are closing in, looking to prevent any escape.

DM62: "She'll be a djinni. A half-breed servant, like me. That'll keep her from attracting the notice of the Goddesses. Vand will likely be bound in the service of the Kingdom of the Sun... worshippers of the Sun Goddess, Khastorian."

Roland growls, even as the head of his canine cock emerges, growling and moving in front of the others, even as he presses against Rowenna a bit.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Blackshard Prequel II Transcripts (edited)

Sixth Session, 25 June (part three, the rescue attempt, the mayor, the deal, a backstabbing, addiction)
Sarah: "W-Well..." Sarah says with a whimper. "I-I don't like these hooved beasts...I'd rather spend time in the company of a sexy snake like you, Miss Mayor..." the Kitsune says, moving closer, looking to prevent herself from coming within arm's reach of the satyrs.

Hareng: "A half breed djinni." Hareng muttered, nodding as he committed the information to memory. Letting out a quiet hum before he looked at ulyana and then back at Lethe. "Is there no physical features the rest of us could try to look for to help finding her?"

DM62: One of the human females is already kneeling before the kobold, sucking on his cock eagerly as he moans aloud. Another human woman walks near Roland, softly reaching under him to stroke at the furry sheathe of his cock. "This should get you ready for your bitch over there, dear." The creature with the snake lower body slithers forward to Sarah. "Of course, my pet... can I offer you some of my milk?" She presents her breasts to the kitsune, as the satyrs and most of the human females watch Sarah with undisguised envy.

Rowenna: "Damnit, Not again Sarah, everyone try and follow me! Make a break for it!" Rowenna pulled a few straps on her armor, the outfit falling away before she would try to shift form to a wolf. No way in hell were they going to take her like this and even if Roland was going to pose a problem she could outrun them. "Let us go before I tear that throat of yours out!" She shifted form, the wolf ready to pounce if they said anything that would deny them freedom.

DM62: Lethe shakes her head. "A djinn in Aneb-Kha... is like looking for a dwarf in Grand Forge. Many of them will look alike to mortals like you. They can shapeshift, much like Vand could as an elemental. They've got other magical talents, as well."

Sarah: "W-Well...I'd love a drink...But I don't want any of those mean old nymphs taking advantage of me, Miss Mayor..." Sarah says, moving close and latching onto one of the snake-woman's breasts, beginning to suckle gently.

Hareng: "Ah, I understand..." Hareng sighed, the feeling of uselessness washing over his body a bit. "I guess we need to tell the others about this, right?" He said, almost as if asking ulyana.

Rowenna: Wolf Rowenna looked in shock as she saw Sarah just give up. This wasn't good. She couldn't be the last one still lucid, could she?"

Roland whines a bit, looking between the three of them there, focusing on Argast a bit as Sarah starts moving, whimpering a bit as he's stroked, panting in eagerness, before his body gives a shake and he darts forward to tackle the serpent away from Sarah, or try to anyways.

DM62: About halfway through her horn of mead, Miter is feeling positively randy. Sonja seems to be feeling the effects as well... and Aisalla's cock is as rigid as a tree trunk.

Miter groans weakly as she flops back, not quite as bothered with how she may look to passerbys, a drunk as hell goblin sitting next to the rest.

DM62: Sarah only gets a small sip of the delicious milk before a furry body slams into the mayor, knocking her away from the kitsune... but Sarah absolutely needs more of the milk... and she needs to cum, bad. A satyr falls down the cellar stairs, landing at the bottom with his head turned to face his ass. Chu'Gris comes down after, climbing down the stairs with his axe in hand. "I heard you might need some... help." He frowns, bracing for combat. The mayor growls, ripping away her veils to reveal a mess of writhing snakes as her hair. "Fools... no one denies me!"

Roland growls, hard to say whats on his mind as he growls, snapping at her and humping her in slightly equal measures as he takes out his frusterations in a daze

Hareng: "Huh..." The kid looked at the others sitting by the table... "Are the others alright, Miss Ulyana?" Hareng commented, slowly getting up from his chair, some concern in his face for the girls. "They're looking... frisky?"

Sarah whimpers as she gets only a taste of milk, stumbling towards the snaek creature and moaning. "Gods no! Need more!" she says, moving to hide behind the snake creature.

Rowenna: Rownna shifts again, to her hybrid form and getting her claws and teeth at the ready. "Sarah snap out of it! She's trying to control you! Now the rest of you back off before I get mean. "

Miter mumbles and groans, shaking her head. "Dunno, there's... You smell nice..." she mumbles lightly before falling on the floor with a hickup.

Hareng: "Ah, Miss Miter." Hareng exclaimed, going towards the goblin to try and hlp the wasted girl up if he could.

DM62: The creature turns to face Roland, who finds himself unable to move. She also reaches down to her snake body, rubbing a small slit... and a cock emerges, dripping with pinkish pre-cum. "Maybe you'd prefer to sample my... other milk, fluffy one?" Two of the satyrs grab Rowenna, attempting to restrain the wolf-woman. A third eagerly slips two fingers into her slit, making her practically dizzy with need. Argast is eagerly eating out a human woman while fucking another... and the woman who was feeling Roland's sheathe earlier moves close to him, softly giggling and stroking his cock again. "Now now, my lovely doggie... you still need to get your treat."

DM62: Aisalla is making out with the elven barmaid, who seems to be under a similar effect, while Sonja is... under Aisalla, sucking off the futa centauress.

Roland growls in alarm as his body locks up, glaring as he freezes, unable to do mroe than growl and whine as he's stroked more, his cock hard, though not fully engorged without a bitch to slide himself in to fill with pups.

Miter: "...Well this shit was strong.. I only had like four of em..." she mumbles as she's easily lugged by the human, easily reeking sex smells.

Hareng: "... Sonja? Aisalla?" Hareng exclaims, rather surprised by the turn of events before he turns towards Ulyana and Lethe. "What do we do?" He mouthed somewhat quietly, settling Miter over his back like some piggyback... before he finally caught a whiff of the scent in the air. "M-Miss Miter? Are you..." He asked, taken completely by surprise by the goblin's odour.

DM62: Ulyana shakes her head. "No idea... in most cases, I give water to the drunks. In this case... not sure how that'll help fix horny." Lethe shrugs. "No idea. But I suspect that something was in those mead horns, given that you've been drinking ale."

Sarah moans as she sees the pink pre-dripping cock, a hand unconsciously moving down to rub between her legs. "Ooooh...I would like that very much, Miss Mayor..." she says, moving closer to the snake woman and offering herself to her with open arms.

Miter: "...Dhrunkeh? Nawh, y-yerh dhahnk..."

Hareng nodded in agreement, before he looked at the lustful girls. "We can't leave them here, though..." They were at an impasse. And Hareng was thinking hard about what to do. "U-Ulyana, could you take care of Miter? It'll be harder for me to do anything while hauling her."

Rowenna: "NO! Fuck you, you stupid horned bastards!" The wolf-woman tried to struggle against her captors, though she'd shiver a little as the third began playing with her. She didn't want to give in, but these damn things weren't making it easy

DM62: Ulyana nods. "Sure... I'm also worried about our other friends, though. The ones that went to check out that mead brewery." She grabs Miter, carrying her over to the innkeep. "Um... need a room for the night." The innkeep nods. "Sure... but the best I can offer you are beds in the common area. All the private rooms are full tonight." Ulyana frowns. "That many guests?" The innkeep looks at her nervously. "Yyyes." He glances around fearfully.

Miter: Still reeking of sex and booze, even Miter glared incredulously at that.

Hareng could only copy Miter's glare, and walked towards the innkeeper, his usual smile completely gone as he pulled out one of his daggers, meanwhile, another Hareng would materialize behind the man, blocking his way if he tried running away. "Please, would you tell us what's really going on here?"

DM62: Roland's cock is still teased by the human woman next to him, and he can smell the scent of a bitch in heat... from Rowenna, who seems to be having a difficult time with the aphrodisiac scents and the satyrs. The Mayor wraps Sarah up in her lower body, and she can feel the delicious barbed cock pressing into her pussy... the pinkish pre-cum bringing her almost to orgasm with first contact. Meanwhile, Rowenna manages to push one satyr away... only to be tripped, falling back into the arms of waiting satyrs. They turn her, binding her face down to an odd, low table... that positions her perfectly for doggy-style fucking. The satyrs chuckle, and one of them presses his fingers back into her pussy, while the others carry table and Rowenna over to Roland. Chu'Gris is looking about... then he nods decisively, running back out of the mead brewery, high-tailing it back to the inn. The innkeep looks terrified of Hareng. "Please... they have control of my wife and daughter... If I say anything they might hurt them!" The portly, balding man pleads with the assassin, sweat dripping down his brow.

Roland pants, growling as he scents Rowenna again, familiar if a bit diffrnet in her hybrid state as she tries to stare, though still paralysed right now, whinning more now.

Hareng: "Control of your wife and...?" The second assassin disappeared from behind the man as Hareng looked with surprise, before he stabbed the dagger down into the counter. "Talk, quickly, what's happening here? And is there a way I can help? Where are your wife and daughter¡

Sarah moans as she sheds her clothing, letting the Mayor wrap her up in her coils. "Oh gods yes...Take me, please!" she cries out, teetering right on the edge as the strange pink fluid does its dark work on her body. "M-Might I also get a drink while you...Make use of me, Miss Mayor?"

DM62: The innkeeper gives a small "eep" noise as the dagger slams into the counter... then his eyes roll back in his head as he faints. Ulyana snorts in amusement and derision, grabbing one of the private room keys. "Right... I'm going to evict someone." She grabs a club from behind the bar, carrying it with her up the stairs, and then there's the sound of screaming from upstairs. Moments later, three half-dressed guests are hurrying out of the inn, carrying bags and clothing in their arms.

Miter groans a bit, shaking her head. "Drugged booze and crazy plotting, how else is this gunna end up..." she mumbles.

Hareng sighed... pulling his knife out of the wooden table before he looked at Lethe. "W... would this be another of the goddesses' trials?" He asked somewhat sheepishly, still embarrassed the man would have simply passed out like that... Now he had no leads and not really a single person to ask for help. "Already lost too much time here, we need to find the others." Hareng sighed, looking at the orgy going on right besides him. His instincts as a male definitely causing him to start pitching a bit of a tent, but he still had all his presence of mind to know this just wasn't the time for that. "What are you going to do, Lethe... would it be beyond your reach to help us here?" The assassin asked, pulling up his hood and the cloth around the neck of his attire to cover his face.

Rowenna: She was so close. So close to getting freedom but her struggle was clearly in vain. Even as she got one of the beasts away, she would lose her balance and back into their hands. She'd growl as her face was placed down on an odd looking table. Wait...she seemed to be ina suitable position for...oh goddess. She didn't have much chance to protest though as another set of fingers slipped into her pussy and cause her to moan out loud again. Damnit, she wasn't going to be claimed like this! "R...roland please...don't let them do this to you!"

DM62: Lethe sighs. "That dark elf mentioned the mead brewery. I suppose I could come with you. I generally don't cause death... I just know how it happens. But... well, sometimes there are exceptions. Lunis, Dicen, Keraria... all of them have a vested interest in your success. More or less."

Hareng nodded, a bit of a smile under his mask. "Thanks, from the bottom of my heart." The young assassin said as he prepared to go out, heading to the mead brewery as soon as he could.

DM62: The human woman teasing Roland moves up to the bound Rowenna, pulling the satyr away and pressing her own fingers into the Valhal. Then she takes her fingers, rubbing them softly against Roland's muzzle. "I think our new wolfie is ready to play, Mistress." The mayor is all to happy to let Sarah suckle at her breasts while she ruts the kitsune, more of the delicious milk and pre-cum making Sarah writhe in sheer bliss. The mayor nods, looking away from Roland... who is now free to move again. At this point Chu'Gris enters the inn, to cries of fear from the residents. He spots Hareng as the assassin is heading out. "Our friends are in trouble, in the meadery." He quickly describes the situation as the group walks across town.

DM62: Meanwhile, Ulyana arrives, picking up Miter and attempting to bring her upstairs and put her in the private room... though there's a randy gnome male who seems to be interested in the goblin.

Roland shudders, growling a bit before moving over to snuffle Rowenna's slit, giving it a few slow long licks.

Hareng: "Y-yes, we know. Aisalla and the others are also under the influence. Come on, let's go." Hareng would take the lead, dagger at the ready for anyone hostile who approached.

Sarah moans around the milk-giving teat in her mouth, her hands reaching up to grope and knead at the snake-woman's breasts, as she feels the same fluid steadily flowing into her body from the large cock driving in and out of her, completely lost to bliss.

Miter mumbles lightly as she's dragged along by the others, incoherent slightly even as she's moved for her own good.

DM62: As the group moves to the mead brewery, lightning strikes a nearby oak tree, splitting a branch from the tree and setting some of the smaller branches ablaze. The fire is soon extinguished, though, as rain begins to pour down on the town in a torrent, turning the dirt under the group's feet into loose, gooey mud. Lethe looks at the mead brewery. "Let's have a quick look at the main area, before we pursue your friends into the basement."

Rowenna: Seems she couldn't get through to him and her resistance was failing as well. Her breathing grew heavy and her body simply couldn't hold back much more, especially as the wolf began lapping at her cunt. This caused the wolf woman to whimper softly, a rather submissive sound from the aggressive looking woman.

Hareng: "Y-yes, let's." Hareng replied, walking into the brewery carefully ready to use the blunt end of his dagger for the moment if anything happened to attack him, or Lethe.

DM62: The human woman is whispering encouragement to Roland, stroking the wolf's cock with the juices from Rowenna's slit. "That's it, wolfie... she's your bitch, now." The mayor growls, and Sarah can feel hot spunk gushing into her pussy, increasing her already-considerable bliss.

Roland laps a bit longer, ear subtly shifting as he slowly begins to mount up atop of Rowenna, before humping against her in a way that was way clumsier than he had been when they first had coupled.

DM62: Lethe looks around the brewery. "Interesting. The satyrs kill the so-called 'mayor' in about a week. Of course... that's probably a week of slavery and fucking for you and your entire group. If you want, I can accelerate her death. But there IS a price. Lunis will spare one of your enemies at a future point." She folds her arms, looking at Hareng. "So... decide, mortal."

Sarah moans as the fluid gushes into her, sucking hard on the Mayor's teat, her eyes rolled back in her head as her twin tails curl around the Mayor's coils, the Kitsune gently humping the cock buried inside her, hungry for more.

Rowenna would make no further effort to resist as the wolf got in position and mounted her like th bitch she was. And though her body wanted this, she had to admit he was being rather clumsy about it. Maybe her hybrid form was getting in his way? Next time they'd mate, she'd go back to being a proper wolf for him.

Hareng: "Spare one of our enemies in the future?" Hareng sighed, staring at Lethe with a serious look in his face... spare an enemy in the future... or have everyone slowly losing their minds for a week? It was an unknown risk, for the most part... who would be spared, though... he wouldn't really know... and probably Lethe wouldn't tell him either... "Could I know the name of this... enemy that would be spared?" Hareng asked... though whatever Lethe's answer was, he'd look back at her, letting out a long sigh before deciding... "... Accelerate her death... I'll take the burden when and if it happens..."

DM62: Lethe smiles. "The burden... and the benefits... are shared. But the deal is struck." There's no magical effect, no pyrotechnics, only a small smile from the gray-haired female. "Now... stand right there, on the closest end of that wooden floorboard... on one foot. Orc, you're going to charge down the stairs and kill something. Preferably a satyr." She turns back to Hareng. "You will count to five, once Chu'Gris disappears from your view. Then you're going to jump as high as you can, and land on the same foot, in the same spot. The 'mayor's' method of death remains unchanged... we are only slightly tweaking the timeline in your favor." Chu'Gris nods, charging down the stairs.

DM62: The medusa gently removes Sarah, putting her down in a hammock. "You've had enough for now, dear. More later. First, your friends need a taste." She moves close to Roland and Rowenna. "Either you fuck her and taste my milk, wolf... or I'll fuck her and fill her with my offspring."

Hareng: "Understood." Hareng nodded, before doing as ordered, walking to the floorboard and preparing his rather light body, standing easily on one foot and counting to 5 as soon as the orc disappeared from sight. "Here goes nothing." He jumped hard, reaching easily one meter one and a 6 feet into the air before he came down onto the wooden floorboard, slamming it hard.

Sarah moans as she's laid in the hammock, giggling drunkenly as she curls up into a ball to rest, her fluffy tails wrapping around her as she giggles herself to sleep, riding the high of that blissful drug.

Roland grunts and missses a few more tiems a sshe's disturbed, before sinking just a ways into her and humps a few times, growling a bit, though his ear flicks, and he leans his head forwards, panting right beside Rowenna's ear, before subtly moving his head near the ropes as the charging sounds became aparent, waiting for his moment.

DM62: At this point Chu'Gris comes charging down the stairs, his axe swinging in an arc that swiftly decapitates a satyr. The cellar's inhabitants turn, and the mayor scowls, ripping off her veils again to face Chu'Gris... who is completely unaffected. She slithers toward the zombie orc, her hair writhing... then the cellar's wooden ceiling collapses, and a heavy wooden beam splits, sending a massive and sharp chunk of wood into the mayor's head... and out through her jaw. She says nothing, her tail and hair writhing harder... then she lays still. Hareng lands on the cellar floor, as the satyrs and human women look about in shock and horror.

Roland smirks and prompyl reaches down and bites through the bindings practicedly, hopping off Rowenna with an unhappy whine, half engorged as he get's ready to fight if he has to.

Sarah gasps as she hears the ceiling shatter, fumbling with the hammock to look, and see the dead snake-woman. "No...YOU IDIOTS!" she shouts, practically flying off the hammock and skidding onto her knees next to the dead Mayor. "Nononononono....Damit all..."

Hareng: "Ah..." Hareng looked around, his knife at the ready spotting as many friendlies and unknown as he can before he finally opens his mouth. "Is everyone alright?" He cried out, brandishing both of his daggers to let the satyrs and women know he wasn't there for sex. "Ah... Miss Sarah." The assassin looks with surprise as the kitsune mourns the dead serpent woman. A slight bit of apprehension washing over to him.

Rowenna: Well that was a turn of events she wasn't expecting. The orc came bounding down the stairs and cleaved one of the satyr's heads off and a floorboard or something decided to lodge itself into the mayor's head. All that while Roland freed her from her bonds and giving her a chance to regain herself. She'd stand back up weakly, but was no less ready to defend herself with the wolf. "C...come on you rapist fucks! TRY ME!"

DM62: The sheriff brandishes a short sword, ready to fight the party. The others, though, look at the party and the dead satyrs and the dead mayor. One of them shakes his head. "Nope. Fuck that." He tosses his knife away, throwing his hands up. "You guys are... like... good guys, right? You don't kill surrendering enemies?" The others are looking between the surrendering satyr, the party, and the sheriff, unsure of what to make of the situation.

Roland snorts, looking at them levelly but stops baring his fangs

Hareng: "Everyone WILL drop their weapons. Any single one of you doesn't, we'll start killing you." The assassin replied with a cold stare. Looking at every single one of the satyrs but the sheriff, his eyes glowing unnaturally as he did.

Sarah whimpers, tears on her face as she reaches her hands out to grab at the snake-woman's breasts, the flesh seeming to shift and morph as she moves her hands to cling them to her own breasts, rocking back and forth on her knees.

Roland looks at Sarah in confusion as he watches what she's doing

DM62: The sheriff growls at the surrendering satyr. "You coward! How dare y-GLLLLK!" He falls on his face, a knife buried between his shoulder blades. One of the satyrs shrugs. "You didn't specify WHERE we were to drop our weapons." The other satyrs quickly throw down their arms.

Roland does look a bit smug at the backstabbing though

Hareng sighed, relaxing his body as he allowed himself to take a better look at the scene... it was still a gruesome display for all intents and purposes... but... for the most part, the problem was over... right? "M-Miss Sarah? Are you alright?" The assassin asked gingerly, still feeling apprehensive as he watched the kitsune mourn the snake woman like she did.

Sarah's hands move down to the waistline of the snakewoman, as the others can see her working her fleshcrafting there, muttering incoherently as she does so.

Roland gives a huff, watching Sarah as he sits down, giving wolfy grumbles.

Hareng: "... Is everyone else alright?" The kid said, his shoulders drooping.

DM62: At this point Ulyana comes down the stairs. "Huh... now that's something you don't see every day in Kalifer. An Avatar half-breed. Lamiakin, by the look. In the Riftlands, they're known as Medusae."

Rowenna: "Sarah, what in gods name are you doing?! Stop that right now! That woman is dead! She dosen't control you anymore!"

Hareng: "C-come on, Miss Sarah... It's over..."

Sarah: "No...Not gonna let this go to waste..." Sarah mumbles, standing and looking for her clothes., dragging them over and starting to get dressed.

((end of session))