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Brianna Langray (Mind Flayer)


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May 5, 2009
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the_taken: Somewhere in Nevada...

the_taken: As Brea gathers her belongings and marches along with her new comrades behind the commander, she can't help but notice the thin woman near the entrance to the facility. She is far too thin as to be healthy, has a noticeable limp her stance, and is holding a cane in one hand. Just behind her, one of the other recruits whispers, "No Sargent?" Tal Lane, a woman from Another beside her pipes up, "You need a babysitter, broski?"
the_taken: "No Sargent?" Tal Lane, a woman from Hong Kong. Another recruit beside her pipes up, a man from Serbia who simply prefers to be called Vincze. "You need a babysitter, Broski?"

Hefting her backpack up over her right shoulder, while carrying her bags containing her clothing and other belongings and whatnot in both hands, Brea followed the commander into the base, noticing the thin woman near the entrance and wondering what she was doing there. "Heh, I don't need one nah. Do you need one though Vinny?" Brea then said to the Serbian man, glancing back over her shoulder and chuckling, as she followed the commander.

the_taken: Tal Lane merely grins at Brea, before glaring at the now chuckling Serbian. "Maybe. Would you like to tuck me in tonight?" The recruits are led through the now open garage door by the commander and the thin woman. There is short undisguised tarmac, followed by another open garage door revealing a large metal platform. The commander walks to far end of the platform and turns around to face the recruits, placing his hands behind his back, the thin woman is obscured from Brea's view for a moment, then the platform begins to descend.

"You wouldn't want me to tuck you in Vinny. You might not like what's tucked in," Brea said, chuckling at him and winking at Tal Lane. Once they arrived at the end of the platform and the thing began descending, Brea trembled a bit, but managed to hold onto her balance and waited for them to arrive at the bottom. "So the base is underground too then, commander?" Brea asked curiously.

the_taken: "Most of it," replied the thin woman in his stead. "I engineered or re-engineered most of the technology and equipment here with stealth, speed and reach on mind."

"Oh? Neat. May I ask who you are, ma'am? I'm Brianna Langray. Brea for short," Brea replied to the woman, setting one of her bags down and holding out a hand to shake the thin woman's.

the_taken: The commander's lips twitch into a subtle smile for a bit before addressing the small gathering. "Everyone, this is the head of our science division, Doctor Yvonne Ingham. While she isn't military, understand that she is in charge or your health during you tour of duty with us." Doctor Ingham does in fact feebly shake Brea's hand, though she only nods politely. Ahead of us is the command center, the heart of our operations where we will be briefing you for you missions. To your left is," he points to his right, "is the entrance to the cafeteria, while behind you is the main entrance to the barracks, which has an access to the armoury. I've give you a moment to drop off your belongings before joining me in the command center."

"Doctor, pleasure to meet you," Brea said as she shook the woman's hand, and then she nodded to the commander after he explained who the thin woman was, and then told them where everything was that they needed to know for the time being. "Alright sir, be back in a few. Do... we each get our own rooms?" Brea said to him, giving him a little salute before heading out to take her bags to put them down.

the_taken: "Each barracks facility has four rooms with three bunk beds as well as five rooms with a single bed and desk. There is also the cafeteria and the segregated showering facility. You, miss Langray do have one of the single rooms," the commander replies. He turns to the Doctor and his left eyebrow peaks from behind the glasses, "For health reasons?" She merely shakes her hand at him, asking him to drop it. He shrugs, before leaving Brea to her task. "I want to do a medical checkup on you as soon as possible. Nothing serious. Just for my own curiosity."

"Oh that's nice. I... well, prefer to sleep in my own room," Brea said to the commander, following the others to the barracks, blushing a bit as she did, and nodding to the doctor. "Of course ma'am, I'll be there as soon as we're done in the command room," she added to the doctor, heading off to her room and putting her stuff down, getting her dresser and closet filled with her clothes, and setting up her pictures of her family and whatnot.

the_taken: Brea will find the doors to the dorms are the first things she encounters, and the her private room is around the right corner at the end of the hall. Just past the entrance to her room is another hallway with two doorless entrances to the cafeteria and the washing facility.

Getting her stuff settled in her room, Brea sighed softly and took her jacket off, and took a quick look around to see the cafeteria and baths, and what they looked like, before heading back to the command room where their commander was awaiting their return.

the_taken: On the way back to the elevator, in the opposite direction to her room is the entrance to Armoury, guarded by a steel door with a small wire-reinforced window.
the_taken: The Cafeteria is empty, but is lined with many tables. On the left, a heating counter with empty food trays divides the eating area from the cooking area. The showers split into male and female sections, are are proceeded by a small locker room and changing area. Presumably operatives are to keep their toiletries in the locker rooms. The showers themselves are separated by neck high stall walls, though there are no doors to block to complete the segregation.
the_taken: Some of the other recruits get the same idea as Brea and take a peak at the facilities before heading to the Command Center. Tal Lane is one of them, and politely smiles and nods as she passes by Brea.

Brea took a little look around the armory on her way back to the command center, smiling at Tal Lane as they came out of the wash area, with Brea blushing a bit at the sight of no doors to block her from sight. Tal Lane would notice her fidgeting a bit too as they made their way to the command center's doors.

the_taken: "Our commander is intimidating, neh?" Tal Lane asks in the hallway back to the elevator. "Very composed, too. I think he and the Doctor are married. The share a name, but I didn't spot a ring on his hand, just hers."

"Maybe a little intimidating yeah... but... not that much," Brea replied, not having caught the fact that he and the doctor shared a name. "I hadn't noticed, good catch," she added to Tal Lane, smiling as they made their way into the command center, unless the girl had anything else to say.

the_taken: Tal Lane appeared content to walk silently to the command center with Brea, and and blinks in surprise upon arriving behind the other recruits. Just past a short hallway flanked by offices is a depressed area flanked by terminals with a number of personnel looking over whatever archaic data is being produced by them. What catches people's eye however, isn't the tiny person in a trench-coat, sunglasses and hat to the side, but the fully functional holographic globe above the terminals. "Whoa, hightech." remarks Tal Lane. Beyond it stands the commander, behind what is presumably his own console on a raised area. "Now that we're all here, I can give you all the briefing on our program's mandate."

"Who, what's all this I wonder," Brea commented on the terminals as they entered the command center again, looking around at the whole thing. "Yes sir, please," Brea told the commander, saluting and waiting for him to begin.

the_taken: "You would all look to your right," he points to a darkened office with an unusual dark form that suddenly become lit, causing some recruits to gasp. Inside was some sort of large serpent or worm lying dead on a gurney, covered in chitin obviously broken by gun shots, with a chitin frill around it's neck. "You may or may not have believed in extraterrestrials visiting our little planet before today," the Commander begins with a grave tone, "and it wouldn't have mattered until that particular species payed us a visit. Now our planet is quickly becoming a focal point to an interstellar shout-out between slavers and militants looking to get piece of our blue marble before the bigger players in the galaxy make found out about what is going on here and make decision on how they want us handled. Until that point however, we have to both protect our little marble and make a showing to the rest of the extraterrestrials that we're not push overs, all while keeping the existence of aliens a secret from the general public." He sighs before continuing. "One final note is that we're not beholden to any treaties regarding technology or taking prisoners, so we've also been tasked with learning as much from our unwanted visitors, whether they cooperate or not."
the_taken: "The is the Ex-Zone Program. Our Motto is Extraterrestrial Elimination and Experimentation."

Brea nodded and looked to where the commander was pointing at, watching as they entered and the lights came on, where she saw a strange... worm like thing laying dead on a gurney. She gasped as she saw the thing and took a step back, and gulped, but held firm. "B-But why would they come here, sir?" Brea asked curiously when there was a break in his words, listening intently as he explained everything. "And... keeping it a secret is going to be tough to say the least sir. But, I suppose that it's better than everyone getting out of control in a panic," she went on to say, not overly thrilled about the idea of truly eliminating any of the aliens, but even less thrilled about bringing them in for experimentation and stuff. Though, her home was... well, her home, and she would do anything to protect it.

the_taken: It is Doctor who replies. "As far as we can tell, the vast majority of visitors until recently were various scientists making observations about the planet and our development; biologists, ecologists, sociologists. We were protected by various laws by the major galactic powers until we could made contact with another species. That should have been peaceful contact with another civilization when we managed to develop FTL, however that species there has screwed that up. Despite being individually non-sentient and being incapable or adhering to interstellar law, they count as a trans-stellar civilization themselves, which has opened up the way for other, equally unfriendly civilisations to interact with us."

"Well, that's... just not fair. We don't get a single say in the matter?" Brea replied when the doctor finished up. "And also ma'am, what other kinds of... aliens, can we expect to meet in the meantime? I'm assuming that these aren't the only ones," she then asked.

the_taken: The Doctor merely grumbles, which lets the commander take over. "Our biggest issue is that we have to way to contact the Galactic Council. We lack the technology, and haven't detected any of the science observers nor a way to get their attention, so the Galaxy at large isn't aware of our plight. As for what factions are currently interested in us, well allow me to introduce our welcome guest, Mizrin." We gestures towards, the tiny person in a trenchcoat, who has removed his hat and sunglasses, revealing is now obviously inhuman features.
the_taken: Mizarin, obviouly not human from his lack of nose and large black oval eyes. His skin is a dark olive colour and unblemished. He has no hair on his round head, which is the same size of humans if the cranial dome takes up proportion of it. Even with his large head, he is not even three feet tall.

Brea nodded as the commander took over the explanation, watching as he gestured to another small person who was... not human. "S-So we do have allies then, sir? And, I suppose that one of our top priorities, is to try and get a hold of some of their gear, with which to use to contact the galactic council. Or... am I mistaken, sir?" Break asked curiously.

the_taken: The little green man merely cocks his head to the side. "Allies? Not a chance. My people's warriors will be visiting this planet to hone their combat skills against whatever other creature's decide to visit, as well as your own military and police forces. But overall, this world is not viable for a proper invasion." He points to the corpse, "It's those monsters you need to worry about most. To the more developed civilizations they are deadly nuisance, but manageable using orbital artillery and extermination droids. To a feral world they are an apocalypse, going straight to the galaxy's apex predator's stomach. To a planet like yours? Well, we've never found evidence of them meeting any pre-staller civilization, and we have most of the galaxy mapped. Perhaps you will fare well?"

"I see. So... where does that leave us then?" Brea replied, looking from the little alien to her commander with a curious look in her eyes as she raised an eyebrow. "It's obvious what you brought us all here to do commander. Though, if you don't mind me asking, sir, and I mean no disrespect. What is he doing here, if he's not helping, per se?" she went on to say, unsure really why the little alien man was there if he wasn't an ally.

the_taken: "Mizrin has agreed to help us communicate with extraterrestrials when we develop the communication technology, as well give us valuable tactical information on every species we encounter, including his own, in exchange for retrieving his equipment. Which brings me to my next point. There's another group that knows about the state of affairs our planet is facing, and they are not sanctioned by the UN or any of the world governments. What we do not about them is that they are involved with several weapon smuggling cartels and late third world warlords. I don't believe these are the kinds of people that should have access to more advanced.
the_taken: weaponry."

Brea nodded when the commander explained what Mizrin was there to help them with exactly. "I understand now sir, I apologize if I sounded rude or disrespectful before. I just, well... I don't like being left out of the loop is all," Brea replied, bowing her head a little in apology as he finished talking.

the_taken: roll 1d2

the_taken: The commander nods, "Understandably. I expect you all to understand that everything happens here or on your operations is considered classified to the highest order, but to share information freely between each other. Learn from-" a chirping beep from one of the terminals interrupts, and quickly everything changes. All the technicians spring to action and begin interacting with their consoles. "Scrambles the Erinyes. I want them them ready to go as soon as we have telemetry."

Brea was about to respond with a salute and a "Yes sir," when one of the terminals blinked on and interrupted the commander. "Um... I take it that we should go and get ready in the armory then, sir?" Brea asked curiously after he had told them to scramble the Erinyes.

the_taken: The commander shakes his head. "Not until we know what we are dealing-" only to be interrupted by Mizrin. "It's been spotted still above the atmosphere and you haven't lost track of it instantly, which means it isn't using stealth devices. Either the pilot wants your attention, doesn't care about stealth, or it is a Boorus flesh pod. If it enters the air slower than Mach 6 and is a coney blob shape, then it is a Boorus and will simply drop to the ground before you have any chance to intercept." The commander glances at Doctor Ingham, who nods, "The math checks out. We won't be able to intercept even if we spotted it five minutes ago and it was dropping right in our front yard."
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Hearing the chatter between the doctor and Mizrin after the commander spoke, Brea felt a bit tense, watching the computers as the blip neared the Earth. She waited patiently for her orders, ready to move at a moment's notice.

the_taken: The Commander nods before turning back to the technicians, who looks up from the console to exclaim, "We have a visual, barely. It's some sort of cone with a tail." The commander looks at the Brea and the recruits. "Looks like we have mission already. Any volunteers before I start picking?" Tal Lane raises her hand, and says "Tal Lane, sir!"

Brea steps forward and raises her hand too as the commander called for volunteers, ready to prove herself as she did, a confident and determined look in her eyes.

the_taken: "Very well. Tal and Langray, you will be accompanied by Nardo, Nussembaum-" another chirping sound interrupts. "Second Contact! Lost it" Mizrin pips up, "And that would be one of my kind looking for a fight. Your bombers may be able to shoot him down before he can land. He'll be heading for the Boorus." The Commander hisses. "Tal, Langray, Nardo, Nussembaum, King and Hanley are Team One and will be tasked with hunting down the Boorus. Do not let any of those things live. Team Two will be tasked with fighting off the Zhetans-" "There'll be just one." "-if we shoot it down and it ends up in a separate area. Scramble all the planes. Team One will need extra fire-power and can take the LMG. Once we have trajectory I'll need to make some calls. Move it people."

"Yes sir," Brea said, saluting the commander before looking to the others of her group, and nodding. "Let's go, time to suit up folks," she then said to her team, before heading out to the armory to grab her gear. Getting into the armory, she grabbed her armor first, fixing it on and making sure it was strapped down properly, before grabbing her guns, fixing her belt for her pistol, grenade, flashlight, and extra magazines, and then her assault rifle. She grabbed a magazine to pop into the rifle, and cocked it, flipping the safety on and slinging it over her shoulder, before taking her pistol and loading it, cocking and flipping the safety on for it too, before holstering it again. Once she was ready and prepared to go, Brea looked to the others, helping Tal finish getting her gear fixed up, and anyone else, before heading back up with them to head out, making certain that everyone's gear was on properly before they did.
Before heading out, Brea grabbed an extra LMG for herself, with a couple of magazines extra, in case she needed more firepower than her Billpup could provide.

the_taken: Tal nods at Brea as helps with one of the straps on the tin armour. "Anyone want to take the LMG? I don't have the strength for it." Strangely the four boys shake their heads. "I'm not comfortable carrying that much metal." "I prefer to stay light." "I can carry some extra ammo for it..."

"I'll take one, I like staying light too, but I'm pretty tough... though I don't look it," Brea said, winking at the others as she slung the LMG over her shoulder and tossing another couple of magazines to any of the others that didn't mind carrying them.

the_taken: Tal takes a drum for the LMG, as do the boys take two each before heading out to the elevator. The other team is hot on your heals, decked out in a similar amount of firepower. "This armour is too light," mumbles someone on team Two. One of the technicians gets on the elevator just as it starts moving carrying a cardboard box. "I hope you guys are hungry, because I have some protein bars for you. Eat them before the plane reaches altitude and you catch some sleep."

"Thanks guys, I can manage this big thing here," Brea said, smiling and nodding to her team as they took some extra ammo for her new LMG. "Aye, I know how you feel. Though... I make certain that I don't get hit anyway on missions, so light armor isn't that bad, and makes you able to move easier," Brea said back to the one on team two as they headed for the elevator, where she smiled to the tech who brought them some protein bars. "Oh you're a life saver hon, thank you," Brea told the tech, blowing him or her a kiss and grabbing a few for herself and helping to pass them out for her team, and then team two as well, where she led her team to the plane and helped them all on board before taking her seat, strapping in and taking one of the protein bars to munch on.

the_taken: The Pilot is the last to get on the plane, but quickly makes her way to the cockpit. "Everyone strapped," she checks as she passes by, strapping herself into her seat when she's happy. "Good. I hope you guys like wild rides because this isn't just a any fancy VTOL troop carrier. Our good doctor has redesigned this bird from the ground up to handle my favourite feature." Two pairs clunks and clanks can be heard from the top of the carrier. "Those are solid fuel rocket boosters, just like the space shuttle. We need to be able to get anywhere in the world in two hours, and this gets us closer to that goal." A thick throbbing hum vibrates the cabin for few seconds before Brea can feel an rapid lifting sensation. "The engines also start almost instantly. Once we reach six thousand feet, I turn the wings forward, turn off the engines and ignites the boosters. After that it's three glorious hours of rocket powered turbulence. You're going to get dizzy, you're going to pass out, but you won't lose your lunch. The Gees will keep in in your stomach." Everyone else in the cabin is already staring wide eyed forwards, hoping this woman is exaggerating. "Oh look, we're already there! Here we go!" Short bit of slow forward movement is felt before the full force of the rocket boosters pushes Brea into the back of her seat. After several moments of the intense sensation of speed, Brea's vision begins to blur and turn dark.

"Yes ma'am, we're all strapped in as far as I can tell. I made sure myself before I got strapped in," Brea told the pilot lady, nodding to her and watching as she got strapped in as he finished her protein bar down and washed it down with a drink or two of water. She nodded and listened to the engines firing up, and closing her eyes, she held on tight to the arm rests, the vibration from the engines making Brea shift in her seat as she did her best to keep that arousing her any. Then... Brea felt the boosters kick in, and was shoved back against her seat, where her vision began to blur from the sheer G-forces. She held on for as long as she could, trying to keep from passing out, but she was finally knocked out by the crushing G-forces pushing against her.

the_taken: The Pilot is the last to get on the plane, but quickly makes her way to the cockpit. "Everyone strapped," she checks as she passes by, strapping herself into her seat when she's happy. "Good. I hope you guys like wild rides because this isn't just a any fancy VTOL troop carrier. Our good doctor has redesigned this bird from the ground up to handle my favourite feature." Two pairs clunks and clanks can be heard from the top of the carrier. "Those are solid fuel rocket boosters, just like the space shuttle. We need to be able to get anywhere in the world in two hours, and this gets us closer to that goal." A thick throbbing hum vibrates the cabin for few seconds before Brea can feel an rapid lifting sensation. "The engines also start almost instantly. Once we reach six thousand feet, I turn the wings forward, turn off the engines and ignites the boosters. After that it's three glorious hours of rocket powered turbulence. You're going to get dizzy, you're going to pass out, but you won't lose your lunch. The Gees will keep in in your stomach." Everyone else in the cabin is already staring wide eyed forwards, hoping this woman is exaggerating. "Oh look, we're already there! Here we go!" Short bit of slow forward movement is felt before the full force of the rocket boosters pushes Brea into the back of her seat. After several moments of the intense sensation of speed, Brea's vision begins to blur and turn dark.
"Yes ma'am, we're all strapped in as far as I can tell. I made sure myself before I got strapped in," Brea told the pilot lady, nodding to her and watching as she got strapped in as he finished her protein bar down and washed it down with a drink or two of water. She nodded and listened to the engines firing up, and closing her eyes, she held on tight to the arm rests, the vibration from the engines making Brea shift in her seat as she did her best to keep that arousing her any. Then... Brea felt the boosters kick in, and was shoved back against her seat, where her vision began to blur from the sheer G-forces. She held on for as long as she could, trying to keep from passing out, but she was finally knocked out by the crushing G-forces pushing against her.
the_taken: Some time later, Brea quickly rouses to the sound of the Pilot speaking. "Check, check. Command this is Albatross-1, do you read? ... Roger. All systems check out. Boosters have gone dead and have been dropped over sea. Currently decelerating over central Gabon. ETA to first drop off thirty minutes. ETA to second drop off thirty minutes." The other passengers also rouse and begin to groan at the sudden return to conciousness.
Brea groaned softly as she woke back up from sleep, her eyes blurry and her body a little sore from the G-forces she'd had to endure. "Ugh... that was... just... intense," Brea mumbled softly as she reached up to rub her head a bit, pulling her water canteen up to get a drink to help wake her back up some more.
the_taken: Tal Lane bemoans something in Chinese before turning to Brea. "That was worse than any rollercoaster I've even ridden. Think the base will have a masseuse for us when we get back?"
"I certainly hope so, Tal. If they don't, I'm going to request they find one. God, I think I'm a have whiplash for a week after that," Brea replied, groaning softly as she reached back and massaged her neck a bit, stretching it out to get it loosened up some while the pilot kept chatting on the comms.
the_taken: Tal Lane open her mouth to reply, but the Pilot interupts. "Sound off! Is everyone awake?" She yells back over her shoulder. "Good, good. The Commander didn't have time to give you some intel, but you will get some with your briefing, so listen up." A click and the PA system hums to life. "Good afternoon everyone. I know that a briefing after a G-force coma isn't what the doctor prescribes, but this is the cost of having an applicaple response time across the globe. Now for you mission. Team Two will be dropped off first near a former missionary town to engage the Zhetan Warrior. In general, a Zhetan stands at most a meter tall and is as strong as emaciated human of the same size. What makes them so dangerous is their technology. According to Mizrin, his race has claimed to have mastered cybernetics, and regularly employ the use of neurally controlled powered armour in their military. They also make use automated drones programmed with, to them, rudimentary artificial intelligence, also neurally controlled. So to answer a few question you may have, you will be facing a single Zhetan combatant whom will be armoured like a small tank and guarded by at least two drones fitted with machine guns. A daunting foe, perhaps. But be content that they prefer ballistic weapon technology similar to our own. Satellite scans report that there are no other humans in the area, as the town has long since been vacated."
"Y-Yeah, we're all awake... I think," Brea called back to the pilot, nodding after checking around and behind her. With that, they received their briefing from the commander back at base. Brea piped down and listened up to the commander as he spoke, listening intently to what team two would be doing, just in case she ever had to go against a Zhetan herself with her team. After the commander had finished with team two's briefing, she glanced over at Tal for a moment. "What about team one, sir? Where are we dropping off at?" Brea asked curiously, wanting some information on what her team would be facing.
the_taken: "Now Team One has the more important task. Somewhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo we have an budding infestation. While Zhetan Warriors will be content to land and cause trouble, they will leave after completing their tasks or getting bored" He says darkly before taking a deep breath. "The Boorus are landing with the intent to colonize and terraform our planet, we aren't certain how, and Mizrin says that such a process has never been observed, only the end results. All that we know is that they show up in these pods and land basic xenomorphs to begin eating the local wildlife, including both fauna and flora. After some time they will dig an elaborate tunnel and start laying as many eggs as they can produce. We need to be on top of these pods otherwise we lose our planet to an ever growing swarm of invaders. Team One is being dropped off somewhere in the jungle, an area rich with biological resources for them feed if given enough time. It will take weeks before the first eggs hatch, so there is still time to gain control of the situation."
Listening to what her team would be doing, Brea listened intently, making sure that she heard every word he had to say, so she didn't miss anything. "Yes sir, we'll handle it. I... suppose that this is a search and destroy mission then?" Brea replied, looking over to Tal, and then back at the rest of her team and nodding once they had their answer.
the_taken: Tal shakes her head. "Why don't we just set them on fire?"
"Mmm... trying to burn them out would just needlessly burn down the trees and wildlife. Plus if they're underground, it would mean that we'd have to go in ourselves anyway. And I'm assuming this, but we don't even know if fire really hurts them," Brea said thoughtfully at Tal's words.
the_taken: The speaker pipes up. "Ah, a couple of requests from, me, Doctor Ingham. Try to keep as much of the invaders their equipment intact while killing them. The more intact specimens make are easier to research. Also, Team Two is not to secure to Zhetan's damaged landing pod as it will self-destruct when it's owner has died and lack the means to disable the function at this time."
the_taken: A german woman two seats behind Brea and Tal Lane chuckles, "Don't worry, Frau Doctor, I will only use as many bullets as needed."
"Ah, well that was gonna be my next thought actually," Brea said after the doctor spoke up, having that very thing in mind. "So grab a few of their eggs, and equipment as possible. Got it ma'am. Do we know how many of the Boorus we'll be dealing with?" Brea went on to say, glancing back at the german woman behind her and Tal and nodding.
the_taken: "Final Sat-scan shows at least six large heat signatures that are likely to be Boorus. There may be more, but the foliage and native animals makes an exact count difficult. Team Two's area is still clear of heat signatures, and we believe that the Zhetan has taken cover in a building."
"Six eh... well, surely we can handle it. Hopefully these Boorus won't be too well equipped, or at least we'll be able to to catch them off guard, one of the two," Brea said, nodding as she listened, already figuring that they would need to get a good overwatch spot point of the area they would engage the things at, and get a nice kill zone for her machine gun.
the_taken: "This is Mizrin. Doctor Ingham doesn't believe me, but -you ask for my help, now you get it!- but many of my people, and others, are certain that despite not having technology the Boorus can communicate instantly without using sound or using line of sight, and are likely to posses psionic-telepathy. If one creature spots you, the rest will be aware of it at the speed of thought. -Yes, woman! Psychic powers are real!-" The speakers buzz with static for a second before the commander's voice is heard again. "Sorry about that. The good doctor and our guest have disagreed about this for some time. Take this information under consideration as you see fit."
"Well... I mean, I never rule anything out sir, that way very little will surprise me. It's in the realm of possibility I say, because, well shoot, up until today, I never thought aliens were real save in movies and video games and whatnot, but now... hell I'm willing to believe anything is possible," Brea replied after the verbal scuffle between Mizrin and Doctor Ingham.
the_taken: "Brea, I think the com is set to one way right now," says Tal Lane.
"Ah, well, then assume I was talking to you guys then, heh," Brea chuckled a bit, scratching her head.
the_taken: The loud but muffled noise of air rushing past a fast plane begins, then the Pilot speaks up again. "We've slowed to below the sound barrier. Get your final stretches in, Team Two. Mission drop off in three minutes." Brea starts to feel the G-forces pick up again as the plane begins to maneuver downwards. In but few short moments the rear ramp lowers as the operatives of Team Two unbuckle themselves and rush out. "Team Two is go. Albatross-1 moving to second mission zone. ETA nine-minutes."
As they rushed onward, Brea felt the G-forces start ramping up a bit again, and she was gripping her seat. It was easy to tell that she was nervous about all this, from an outside perspective. She was tapping her right heel against the floor of the aircraft they were in. "If these things really do have psychic powers, at least the point they can communicate with one another easily, then we'll need to lure them out as a big group, or at pick them off with a single shot before they can do so," Brea said after team two was out of the plane, leaving them with 9 minutes left before her team was due to head out.
the_taken: "I wish I had the gun my Grandpa gave me then," says the woman across the aisle, miming holding a hunting rifle. "Nardo, by the way. I hope I count on as much as you can count one me." The man next to her mere shrugs. "Psh, don't worry it. There's six of us and we live on this planet. We got this licked."
"Brianna, Brea for short though," Brea said, reaching across and shaking hands if she could reach them. "And yeah, surely we can handle it," she added, looking confident as she checked her gear one last time before they prepared to disembark for their mission.
the_taken: Finally, the plane slows to stop just a few feet over small clearing. As the rear ramp opens, the loud whines of six jet engines blasting to keep the metal bird hovering can be hear. Over the noise the Pilot yells out, "Team One, Mission Site Two. Once you deploy, I will rise to a thousand feet and circle in case you need a fast evac. Ready when you area."
Brea was ready as soon as the plane started slowing up, where she nodded to her team and as soon as they were down, she unbuckled and hefted her machine gun up and rushed out with the others, giving the pilot a thumbs up to let her know they were ready.

Session 2: The Battle

the_taken: The air was strangely cool under the screaming engines of the VTOL, but now that the artificial wind is gone, Brea and her team can feel the full force of sweltering humidity of the Central African Jungle. Thankfully the thick canopy blocks most of the early afternoon sun, but there is plenty light. Most of the foliage comes up to Brea's shins, with sparse ferns and bushes around providing plenty of cover. There are also many tree, but not as much as Brea would think a tropical jungle would have. Perhaps this is a sparser area?
the_taken: The nearby jungle is too quiet. The local wildlife knows there's a big predator about and don't want to draw it's attention. If any creature is making a noise, it is at least a kilometer away.
Brea hopped out of the aircraft first, landing and preparing herself for anything, and idly wondering if their foes already knew they were there or not. She looked around to the rest of her team and nodded, motioning them to follow as she clicked off her safety on her gun, and looked around again to their surroundings, keeping a close eye out. "Alright, who wants to take point? Or do you guys want me to?" Brea asked curiously, not against taking point herself and ready to do so if none of the others wanted to do so, as she crept forward, keeping a close eye out for their foes.
the_taken: "I can take point," says Tal Lane, quickly moving to the dense patch of foliage to the right. "Ditto," says Nussenbaum, attempting to follow. Nardo shakes here head, "I'm a fair shot with a hunting rifle, but I'll do alright with this." She hefts her Billpup. "I'll stick by you and cover your rear, kay?"
the_taken: "Don't worry boys and girls," proclaims Joe as he moves to take point towards the north. "I won't let anything by me."
the_taken: Quiet Mr.Hanley moves to cover Nardo's flank.
the_taken: "Ah, which direction are we going?" asks Tal Lane
"Alright, be careful then Tal," Brea said, moving straight ahead of them as Nardo spoke and Tal went off to their right a bit. "Good hon. You got one of those extra mags for my LMG here?" Brea told Nardo as she went. After a few moments, when Tal asked which way they were heading, Brea looked around and sighed a bit. "Probably best to head north... I think. Though, it sounds like there's water over that way, Tal. Let's move a bit north and east, see if we can't find that water, and maybe even use it to our advantage somehow," Brea suggested, looking to see if the others agreed or not before moving more that direction.the_taken: "I've got a couple of drums for ya, Brea," replies Joe. "I hear running water," Tal Lane, who's taken cover behind a tree and points to the east. "And there's the creak." Nussenbaum has disappeared into the brush, while Mr.Hanley and Nardo have ended up a few steps behind Brea and Joe.
the_taken: Out of the corner of her eye, Brea spots a bit of movement. at first it is just a shaking fern. It could have just been a light breeze making a little movement, but then a large chitined serpent slythers out of the brush. It's as large as a small horse, and appears to be just out for a stroll, not particularly moving with purpose. Unlike the carcass she'd seen back at the base, this one had two appendages beneath it's head at the side of it's body; two arms with a scything claw on each limb.
As she crept forward, Brea nodded to Joe as he mentioned having her extra drums, and the rest moved up too, with Tal finding the creek apparently. Just out of the corner of her eye, Brea spotted something, and she turned to look quickly, and at first she didn't think it was anything but a plant moving in the wind, but when the large serpent like creature slithered out of the thing, she gulped. Brea crouched down and motioned to the others to as well, and made a couple of hand signals and pointed in the direction of the thing. If none of her team heard her, then Brea would open her comms, and whisper over the mic. "Target sighted, at my twelve o'clock, it's one of our guys we're looking for alright," she whispered as quietly as she could, while still giving them a chance to hear her.
"We need to find the rest, before we open up on this one. Let it be for now, I say, at least until we spot two or three more," she would then whisper to her team.
Re: Brianna Langray (Mind Flayer)

the_taken: Tal, Hanley and Nardo no in agreement, and a thumbs up pops out of the foliage. Joe King on the other hand doesn't like the plan. "What? You kidding me? It's just one big snake. I bet I can kill it from here." He is at least quiet about his disagreement.
"If there's more though, then they'll hear us, giving away the element of surprise we might have," Brea replied, but she wasn't the team leader here, so she couldn't order him not to fire really, she knew.
the_taken: "We need silenced sniper rifles to do silent take downs, bro," argues Hanley, Speaking for the first time. "Unless you think you can sneak up on eet and stab eet with your knife." Joe huffs. He knows that it won't do any good to go off without his team. "Fine."
"I applaud the exuberance, really, but... I'd rather us all get back home in one piece," Brea whispered, and prepared to move up a bit to get a better view around their foe that was in sight. Staying crouched, Brea motioned to the others what she was doing, and moved up to the northeast a bit more, heading to her 1 to 2 o'clock as she moved, and never letting her eyes leave her target.
the_taken: Brea and her creep northeast to the next patch of foliage, except Joe, who chances rushing to the next set of brush.
the_taken: The creature doesn't seem to notice, and continues on it's path before disapearing from view behind some ferns and trees.
the_taken: The creak is flanked by some foliage and a short drop of earth.
Moving up, Brea saw Joe risk a quick dash forward to the next bit of cover, which the creature didn't seem to notice. Maybe they were more oblivious than she'd thought at first, Brea thought to herself. If they were lucky, then that was the case. "Alright, it went northwest, behind some more foliage. I'm betting there's more over that way. Look around, see if there's any good positions we can use to flank them from a good point without them being able to spot us easily until we're raining hell on them," Brea whispered, continuing onward in the same direction she was going, and hoping the creek would provide good cover, and a spot from which to launch their attack. She would move a bit quicker now though, but wasn't abandoning stealth altogether, just moving more carefully.
the_taken: Tal Lane has taken point up the creak, while Nussenbaum has ended up nearly across from Brea. Hanley is in the foliage behind her, and Nardo is above the creak near a tree. Joe King enters the big patch of foliage and takes cover behind a tree. "I still think we should have take it.
"Maybe Joe... if I was wrong, then... fuck it I'll let you grab my tits when we get back to base, skin on skin, no shirt," Brea said to Joe over the comms, winking at him if he could see her and chuckling a bit as she moved up the creek's edge with Tal to get a better view as she poked her head over the edge to look around, figuring that since she was behind cover now, that she didn't need to be quite as stealthy.
the_taken: Joe blinks for a second, and stumbles slightly on a fern. "You're on." The rest of the team rushes up the creak and takes covered positions. "Really, King?" mumbles Hanley. "Oooh, are we doing naughty bets now?" pipes up Nardo. Tal Lane huffs. "How about we focus on the aliens trying to eat our planet?"
the_taken: "Like that one there," Tal Lane points off to a tree to the west. "I think it's the same one as before.
the_taken: Indeed a Boorus serpent creature appears. It seems interested in the tree more than anything else.
"Hmhm, why not, it helps keep us from getting too nervous I think," Brea murmured back after the others said their pieces, with Brea moving up the creek further not, nodding to Tal as she did and passed by her along the way. "Probably, it couldn't have gone too far. I'll move up a bit further, and see if I spot any others," Brea whispered back as she crept further up the creek, moving more stealthily now.
the_taken: "I don't think we should move anymore," Joe says. "Because I just saw another one heading to where we landed.
the_taken: Hanley crept up to some foliage behind Brea before stopping.
Hearing Joe over the comms, Brea hunkered down and went prone as much as she could, aiming the LMG towards their enemies. "Alright guys, lock and load, and be ready to fire when we get a good chance to do so and take out more than just these two. Someone check the east side too though, just to be sure nothing's gonna get the drop on us. But stay as fucking low as you can," Brea whispered over the mic as she readied herself to shoot.
the_taken: The creature unknowingly makes it's way towards Brea position, oblivious to the big gun poking out of the ferns, or the armed men in woman behind the trees and in the ditch. Joe whispers nervously into his mic, "Oh man, I just spotted three more of those things following the other. I can still sort of see the bunch of them by those trees over there."
the_taken: "As soon as the shooting starts, we should take those trees and those bushes as cover, Hanley," whispers Nardo.
"Alright, guys, showtime. This one's getting really close up here. Soon as it's down for sure, I'll switch positions and hose that treeline Joe saw to give you guys covering fire against them. Alright?" Brea whispered over the mic, waiting for a response from everyone to see if they agreed, before she took a deep breath, and prepared to fire a burst into the one dead ahead of her.the_taken: "Roger." "Sounds good." "I am ready."
"Alright, Tal, if my burst doesn't take this one in front of us down, you finish it off, m'kay," Brea whispered, steadying herself and aiming down sight, and centering it on the Boorus's center mass, and then aiming just barely higher, and firing a burst of bullets into it.
the_taken: The team readies their weapons, waiting for Brea's opening volley to start the firefight, until finally the lone alien serpent moves close enough for Brea to be willing to take the shot.
Brea exhaled and squeezed the trigger, firing a couple of bursts of bullets out at the Boorus coming at them, and she struck it... less than she'd have liked, but she had hit it nonetheless at least. She was attributing it to now being as proficient with an LMG and cursed softly as she saw the first stream of bullets mostly miss.
the_taken: The creature is surprised by the hail of bullets, but quickly reals and uses its claws to protect its soft eyes. A bullet does manage to land in the creature's abdomen, and it recoils in pain.
the_taken: Tal Lane, seeing the creature still standing in the hail of bullets takes aim and lets loose a burst of her own.
the_taken: And manages to land all of her bullets into the creatures. It falters but is still standing, though obviously in pain.
the_taken: The far pack moves a short distance, and Joe nearly loses track of them to the mass of flora, until they are alerted to the operatives presence by gun fire. "I think they know we're here."
the_taken: Unable to escape the hail of bullets from Brea's light machine gun, the creature falls to the ground, bleeding profusely from several bullet holes.
the_taken: "Nice shooting, Tal, Brea," yells Nardo, before jumping out of the Ditch and heading for the heavy foliage.
Seeing the Boorus fall to her spray of bullets at it, Brea jumped up and rushed south, back down the creek to the others, where she dove to the ground and set back to fire again at the rest of their foes.
the_taken: Hanley, and Joe follow her. "I got the next one!"
the_taken: Both Tal Lane and Nussembaum decide to use the same tree as cover
the_taken: Several hissing and screeching sounds come from the other Boorus to the southwest as they rush southeast. They appear to be looking for cover.
Seeing their foes rushing towards the far end of the creek from the looks of it, Brea kept moving, rushing as quickly as she could to get further south to keep them from making it to cover before their team could fire at the Boorus.
the_taken: "They're still out of range!" yells Joe. "Did you expect them to charge towards the bullets?" replies Nardo. "YES!"
the_taken: While three of the serpents continue to head southeast, one changes direction and take cover behind a tree and fern before make a sharp whistling noise. From it's mouth rushes out a 45cm long flute of chitin or bone, heading straight for Hanley... but falls far short.
the_taken: "The hell was that?" shouts Hanley, seeing the long bolt land several strides away from him.
"I'd say it was their ranged weapons Hanley, stay in cover, and shoot when you get a clear shot," Brea called over to Hanley, as she noticed the thing land near his position while she ran along the creek, not stopping just yet to keep them from getting into good cover that her team couldn't force them out of.
the_taken: The alien serpent dashes forwards and takes spits another bolt at Hanley. It lands much closer, getting within two stride of him. The other serpents continue heading towards the southern trees, one making it there before Brea can set up a firing zone.
the_taken: "C'mon!" yells Joe. "The three of us can put this one overgrown garden hose in the ground," before stepping out from behind the tree and firring a burst at the xenos. Nardo and Hanley take aim and fire in turn.
Brea felt she'd moved far enough, maybe too far actually, she thought to herself. Setting herself up, Brea took aim, and fired at the nearest one that was in cover, seeing that it wasn't completely behind cover from her firing arc, or hoping it wasn't, rather. "I'll keep them pinned down as best I can guys, pick them off as best you can," Brea called to the others as she fired.
the_taken: Under the hail of fire from three operatives, the Boorus is hit only a few times. It's chitin cracks under fire, but the creature still pushes forwards.
the_taken: Brea's second hail of fire seams less effective that her first, and the pack of aliens moves around the same tree she is shooting at.
the_taken: The lone Boorus fires another spine at Hanley. It glances him in the side of his armoured vest, tearing some of it away, but leaving him unharmed.
the_taken: In front of Brea, one of the Boorus braves her hail of fire and charges towards her, taking glancing hits and losing blood, but barely flinching as it aproaches.
Firing at the Boorus, Brea smirks as the tree it was using for cover, seemed to be too enticing of cover against her gun, as the rest of the Boorus behind that one, moved up to also take cover there. Before she could really take advantage of this though, one of them rushed in at her, as she poured the led out. It didn't seem to be going to stop anytime soon, and she was left with a choice. Does she hurl a grenade at the other two and probably take them down, and leave herself open to this one right before her, and risk it getting a good hit on her? Or does she mow it down and hope the other two don't rush her as well after that? In the end, Brea decided that she had to risk the grenade, and quickly reached down, pulled the pin, and threw it at the ones still behind cover, hoping the others in her team could either back her up, or that she got lucky, as she pulled her LMG back up to try and use it to block her opponent if it tried to use those blades on her.
the_taken: While backing up after throwing her grenade, Brea sees the trea crumble, and the two Boorus get partially shredded by the explosive. One monster appears to be swaying drunkenly, while the other takes a moment to shake off the ringing in its ears. That one lacks the claws of the others, but seems to have a large head.
the_taken: Headless of any danger, Joe King continues to step forward to better hit his alien target. Nardo and Hanley continue to shoot from cover, taking more careful aim
the_taken: Under the combined burst fire, the Boorus finally falls, twitching and leaking dark blood on the ground.
the_taken: Tal Lane and Nussembaum move forwards to better cover Joe and the others.
the_taken: The large headed snake moves back behind a farther tree, leaving its stunned broodmate behind. The Boorus near Brea however, continues its charge, coming up just a body length away before it inhales a deep hissing breath, then spewing forth a glob of white fibrous filaments.
the_taken: The silky webs splatter against her. Most hang uselessly at first, but quickly gather and tangle in thick cords that try to hold her in place.
As Brea saw the Boorus coming up at her that had already rushed her before, she watched as the thing spat something out at her, and the stuff, while not seeming like it would do much at first, quickly bound Brea up as she tipped over and landed on the ground with a grunt. "F-Fuck, guys... maybe a little help here," Brea called out to her companions, hoping they took the thing down before it did anything more to her.
the_taken: Barely having time to celebrate their victory, Brea operatives run in her direction to help he out. "Crap, what the hell is it doing to you, Brea?" shouts out Halnley as he takes several step before taking a snap shot
"Beats me, but I'd rather not find out to be honest!" Brea called back with a >_< look on her face.
the_taken: and managing to wound the creature enough that it falls to the ground in a daze.
the_taken: Nardo, Nussembaum and Tal Lane also take a few steps closer to Brea to better protect her and keep an eye out for more enemies.
"I caught those other two with my grenade," Brea said as her allies came closer.
the_taken: "I'll get them," says Joe, rushing forwards to get the kills himself. "Stay together, Joe!" yells Nardo.
"Y-Yeah Joe, come on, don't get yourself killed. They're tougher than they look. One took a grenade blast to the face and managed to run.
the_taken: The big-headed Boorus rushes to the next tree, hissing as it approaches, while its broodmante recovers from it's painful introdcution to grenades. Between the trees, foliage and comrades, Nardo, Nussenbaum and Tal Lane forgo taking shots. The recovering Boorus moves a few body lengths forwards, then spits a large spine at the one target out of cover. Joe King.
the_taken: He takes the spine in the shoulder, and stumbles slightly.
the_taken: Tan Lane suddenly yells out, "There's three more coming in from the northwest!"
"Command, if you can hear me, there's more than six," Brea said over the comms, as she struggled to get out of the webbing, or whatever this stuff was.
the_taken: "Roger that, Team One," replies the Pilot of the Albatross. "relaying to Command. Do you need evac?" "Psh! No way!" shouts back Joe. "The King is is here!"
the_taken: Hanley steps forward and burst a burst of bullets into the fallen Boorus to finish it off.
the_taken: and only manages to torture it some. "How tough are these things?"
"I... think we can handle it. Do you have guns on that thing? If so, lay down some fire on the ones Tal just spotted to our northeast," Brea replied to the pilot, hoping one of them had smoke to pop for their position.
"And tough Hanley," she added.
the_taken: Joe King rushes forwards a bit fires back at the alien that shot him a second ago.
the_taken: and manages to knock it down in pain.
"They protect their eyes too, I noticed that on that first one we shot at, so if you can get a clear shot on their eyes, take it," Brea called out to the others.
the_taken: "Should we charge across the creek, or hole up here?" asks Nardo, looking towards Tal Lane and Nessunbaum
the_taken: "I think that's more of a reflex than a particular weak point. Those eyes are tiny, and the chitin between them looks as thick as the rest," muses Hanley.
the_taken: "Sorry, gorgeous. This boat can't have gun ports and still fly at hyper sonic speeds. Maybe the good doctor could do a redesign?"
"Just asking, and hoping. I didn't really look, we were kind of in a hurry. And likely, Hanley, but hey blind them and they can't fight right," she replied, first to the pilot and then Hanley.
the_taken: Tal Lane and crew decide to shift their firing line north in the hopes of drawing attention away from Brea and Hanley
Brea kept struggling against her bindings as best she could to break free, hoping she could get free quicker as she tried to reach for her knife to cut it.
the_taken: The big headed Boorus pokes it's head out from around the tree and hisses at Joe King. Somehow nothing appears to happen, but Brea knows something did.
the_taken: Joe King king seems to have lost the will to move and looks around confused. "Mwaaaa."
"What the... hell happened to Joe?" Brea asked as she struggled.
the_taken: The creature then pokes it's head around the other side of the tree it is using as cover and spits a spine at Hanley
the_taken: and pierces him right in the shoulder.
the_taken: He stumbles and grounds in pain. "Not good."
"Gah... what the hell is this shit made out of?" Brea grumbled, trying to pull loose from the stuff again.
the_taken: "Shoot that tree!" Yells Tal Lane.
the_taken: And the three of them turn a tree providing cover for the approaching boorus into a pile of splinters.
the_taken: Near Hanley, the Alien snake rears back and hisses angrily before striking. Slashing four times at the defenceless human
the_taken: and the flurry of slashes tear at at Hanley. He falls with a blood curling scream. "Bleeeaaarg!"
"HANLEY!!!" Brea cried as their comrade went down.
the_taken: The creature then moves up to Brea, and begins to inhale another long hiss. On the other side of the foliage, a Boorus charges at the confused Joe King, intending to deliver him the same fate.
the_taken: After several slashes, Joe stagger back, obviously losing blood. But he still stands.
the_taken: The group of Boorus moves closer to the other operatives and fire a volley of spines.
the_taken: and all strike the tree being used as cover. "It doesn't look like this thing will last long..." remarks Nardo.
Still trying to get free as the Boorus moves in for her, Brea gasps and tried to get loose before it could get her. Brea finally got loose enough to grab her LMG, and pulled it up and aimed it point blank range at the Boorus on top of her, and fired directly into it.
the_taken: Joe grins. "You've fallen into the King's trap!" And draws two grenades.
the_taken: He puts the pins to his mouth and pulls, drops the two grenades at his feat, then runs away. "I win again!"
Brea remembered that she couldn't do that without possibly putting her comrades at risk, and rolled to the side, and then fired at the one bearing down on her.
the_taken: To the north, the three operatives unleash bursts of bullets of their own.
the_taken: and deal some not insignificant damage
Seeing her stream of bullets hitting her foes, Brea felt a little better, that at least she'd hit them and wounded them pretty badly by the looks of it. "Fuckers... this is for Hanley!" Brea cried as she poured the led on them.
the_taken: While Brea was delivering heavy metal vengeance to two alien worms, behind her her teamates where under fire from a single boorus who managed to eek forwards a spit at spine in retaliation.
the_taken: And only manages to graze Tal Lane's body armour
the_taken: Tal Lane and friends take better aim and unleash another burst of bullets
Brea, seeing her spray didn't take the damn creatures down, kept firing into them, not giving them a second to recover, and pouring it on. "Die you fuckers!!!" she cried.
the_taken: The second round of full automatic fire from Brea is less effective than before, just as the weapons fire from Tal Lane's group didn't hit as many marks as before.
the_taken: Two boorus eek forwards a bit more. One spits a spine at Tal Lane, another at Nardo.
the_taken: But only manage to hit the tree
the_taken: "This thing is going down!" Nardo screams. "Keep firing!" Tal screams back.
the_taken: Joe lays down in the tall grass. "Worst day ever. I got a girl to promise a boob grab, not clothes, then aliens kill me. Heaven better have boobs. I was a good boy all my life."
As Brea kept firing her LMG, while Joe collapsed into the grass nearby, she finally managed to score a good hit on the large beaded beast, and put several bullets through its face, one managing to luckily pierce one of its eyes, where the softer tissue allowed the bullet to pass through with ease, where the thing fell over to the ground, now dead. However, unluckily for Brea, her LMG was now dry, so she dropped it, and whipped her Billpup out and fired a burst into the remaining Boorus, trying desperately to finish it off before it got on top of her and the unconscious Hanley.
"I said... go down you bastard!" Brea cried as she aimed and fired her assault rifle.
the_taken: With that last burst of fire into it's neck, the beast make a guttural coughing before falling into the ferns and choking on bullets and blood.
the_taken: Behind Brea, her teamates continue firing, except Nussembaum, who throws a grenade
the_taken: "Grenade!"
the_taken: he then takes a snap shot for good measure
Her burst of bullets from her rifle caught the remaining Boorus coming at her right in the throat, and it quickly fell into the grass next to the creek as its life expired. "F-Fucking finally. Joe!... JOE!" Brea said, crying out as she moved towards where Joe had fallen.
the_taken: The exploding grendade manages to kill two of the Aliens, the last falls to Nussembaum's pot shot
Hearing the grenade explode nearby as she rushed towards Joe, Brea heard the gunfire cease, and she broke into a sprint to Joe's position and slid over next to him as she went to her knees, slinging her assault rifle over her shoulder. "Joe... come on buddy stay with me," Brea said as she came to his side, checking his wounds and trying to apply pressure to slow the bleeding as best she could.
the_taken: Brea finds that Joe King isn't breathing, there's too much blood all around him and in the the explosion of his grenades. All that's left of him is his cocky drooling grin and distant look in his eyes, as if the future was going to be great for the King.
the_taken: Nardo yells out for her group's failing cover, "Our targets are down, how are you over there, Brea? Joe? Haley?"
Finding Joe wasn't breathing, Brea sighed and slumped a bit where she'd stopped. "You crazy fool. I should never have said that I'd let you touch my boobs," Brea muttered sadly under her breath as she checked for a pulse, just in case. She reached up and pointed her headset cam a little up so it didn't catch what she did next. Brea leaned down and took Joe's hand, and reached it up her shirt under her armor, and squeezed it for him. Clicking her comms after pulling Joe's hand back down and laying it gently down, she pulled her headset back down properly and chimed back over the comms. "I'm still breathing. Hanley's out cold, and hurt a bit. Albatross... relay to command, we have one K.I.A, Joe King," Brea said, her voice coming out a bit shakily as she moved around to pull Joe over towards the creek so she could check on Hanley too.
the_taken: "Roger that, Team One. Coming in for a landing. Command orders a sweep of the area to make sure there aren't any more hostiles, and to gather the downed extras for extraction. PIBs two are en-route with equipment for collection and disposal, and will arrive in twenty minutes."
"Roger that Albatross, see you soon," Brea chimed back as the others moved over to her position as she was checking out Hanley to make sure he would pull through.
As soon as she was sure Hanley wasn't in immediate danger, she joined the others in sweeping the surrounding area for any more hostiles.
the_taken: Hanley is still breathing, if a bit shallow and raspy. His pulse is strong however. He isn't losing blood at an alarming rate, those his wounds look ghastly.
Brea reached up and tore a bit of her shirt off in several places to create a few makeshift bandages for Hanley's wounds, before she moved to help the others sweep the area. "Guys, I'm a bandage Hanley as best I can real quick and then help out," Brea told the others over the comms.
Re: Brianna Langray (Mind Flayer)

Mission clean up does take long. Brea manages to perform first-aid of sorts to Saqui Hanley, but it doesn't look like it will help much. Good thing is that Hanley isn't bleeding anymore, and is actually snoring. Albatross-01 lands in the clearing again, and the pilot comes out with a stretches, and a thick vinyl bag.

Not long after Brea rejoins the remains of her squad, they come across big sack of ugly purple flesh laying open on the ground, like an enormous balloon that popped and knocked over some trees. There are several large worms wandering around it, munching on plants and roots, obviously related to the large serpent aliens Brea and crew shot up earlier. Upon being spotted they charge at the human group aggressively, hissing and spitting saliva, but are quickly dispatched with bullets. Any attempts to subdue them fail, as the creatures just won't stop trying to bite people are are too strong to wrestle into submission. There are no eggs to be found.

An hour passes, and Brea hears the chopping of several helicopter engines. A squad of Chinooks lands nearby, and out comes men and women in hazmat suits to collect the alien flesh. Several people in black business suits wearing black aviator sunglasses approach Brea and her squad-mates, identify themselves as the PiBs and relieve them of their guard duty. "Don't worry, we'll clean up this mess."

One the Albatross is in there air, the pilot informs everyone that they will be stopping in Portugal for a few hours before heading back to base. "We don't have our rockets, so we're slow boating it back."

Halfway there, the Commander is on the PA again. "Good work, Team One. It is regrettable that we lost one of our own during this sortie, but that is the risk we take with every mission. Take heart Joe King's efforts were not in vain. We have defended the earth. For now." He ends ominously.

Loot Gained:
Boorus Scyth-claw Slyther Corpses x7
Boorus Psy-hat Slyther Corpses x1
Boorus Larva x12
Boorsu Fleshpod x2

Rewards: 11 Funding Tokens
Mission Successful (x2)
Operatives Survived (x5)
New Research unlocked (x4)

New Research Unlocked:
Boorus Drop-pods
Boorus Scyth-claws
Boorus Psionics
Boorus Larva
Re: Brianna Langray (Mind Flayer)

After making sure Hanley wasn't going to die, and was stabilized, Brea sighed softly and got up. She would help the pilot of the Albatross get Hanley on the stretcher, and Joe in the body bag, before rejoining the others to help make sure the area was secured. Getting back with the others, Brea and company soon found... something odd. Finding the large purplish colored sack, Brea looks around with the others and they spot the worms.

"What the... hell?" was all Brea managed to ask, before the things charged them, prompting Brea and the others to mow them down with their guns.

After they were dispatched, Brea moves over to one and inspects it closely, letting her camera on her headset get a good close look at the thing for the folks back at base to get a look at. "Albatross, we found some purple looking sack, and a bunch of worms that I'd guess are Boorus spawn. We dispatched them, and are gonna keep looking around a bit more to make sure there's no eggs about, or no more eggs, as I think this was one of them," Brea called to their pilot.

She and the rest of her team keep looking for a good hour or so, before they heard the other choppers coming in, at which point they returned to the Albatross to prepare to leave. "Alright guys. Be careful out here. Those things are pretty quick. And don't let them get up close and personal with you, or it'll be the last thing you do," Brea told the black suit folks when they came out to relieve her and her squad to head back to base.

After they got back on board, Brea flopped into her seat and sighed, before getting back up and first making sure that Hanley was strapped down good, and that he was okay, making sure she had Joe's dogtags, and then making sure everyone else was strapped in good and okay, before she fell back into her seat, exhausted after all that. Why did that thing not try and kill her when she was stuck to the ground, instead of going after Hanley, Brea asked herself. Then, she heard the commander's voice come over the comms, and sighed softly before getting an idea as to why the Boorus didn't try to kill her and was instead trying to seemingly capture her.

"Can you get me a direct comms link to HQ?" Brea asked the pilot after a few moments, getting back up yet again and moving to the front of their jet to ask.
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"Roger that, Team One." There is a pause. "Command requests that if do find any eggs that you don't break them." Brea finds no eggs.

Moments later, the PiBs merely nod at the heads up Brea gives them before turning to their comrades. Some put their hand into the jacket, probably to keep a hand on a weapon, while those in the hazamat suits draw out telescoping nightsticks.

The Pilot relays your request, and after a moment there is a ding in your ear piece. "This Doctor Ingham, the Commander is currently talking with the UN. Is this something that can't wait? Because we've got another flesh pod on it's way."
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"Well... I suppose it could wait until we return to base ma'am, but... it was just something I thought was curious. If you like though, it can wait, doctor," Brea replied to doctor Ingham, and if she told Brea to go ahead, then she would continue.

"That Boorus, when it spat that stuff at me. It could have clearly gutted me from asshole to appetite, as my mother used to say. I just thought it was curious that it decided to go after Hanley instead, leaving me virtually alone for the most part. Is there any reason why? Is it... what I'm thinking it is?" Brea would then say, if told to continue.
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"If it's just idle curiosity, than it may not take long. Go ahead." the Doctor replied.

"It spat stuff at you, then ignored you to attack someone else?" She paused for a moment before pondering. "If you're thinking that it intended to capture you alive, then that what it sounds like. As for why... I can only speculate. I haven't performed the autopsy on our current specimen, but even I can see that the brain pan is about the size of a dog's. The creature can't talk, it can only blow air to hiss, so it probably wasn't to interrogate you later. It may have intended to save you for a snack later, but that's no reason not to disable a bound victim, which means it wanted you healthy and relatively intact as well." She inhales to continue, but then pauses. "I know this is going to give me a headache."
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"Well... doc, my thought was... because I'm female. They seemed to viciously go after the guys, but not me, and I'd guess they wouldn't have against the rest of the girls. My guess, doc... is they were going to use us for breeding purposes... but that's just a guess of course. If you don't mind, run my thought by our alien friend, and see if he agrees with my assumption," Brea replied after doctor Ingham was done, relaying her thought quietly so only the two of them, and the pilot, heard, unless the others could hear over the comms that is.
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The Pilot does a spit take, before chocking, trying not to laugh. It is a testament to her skill (or the autopilot) that the plane doesn't even jerk.

"What!?! How does that even cross your mind? That's completely idiotic. It's perversely idiotic. There's no guarantee these space worms have even the same gene group, let alone compatible sex cells. What possessed you to think up xenobestiality as the purposed of trying to capture you. The rapey look in it's beady little eyes?" You hear a clack, and some grumbling that fades away.

Another voice pipes in. "Uh, this is Mark one of the techs. What did you say to Doctor Ingham? I've never seen her act like that. Is there a problem?"
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Brea felt a little annoyed that the thought hadn't crossed anyone else's minds really, and that the pilot seemed to think it funny that she'd mentioned it. When she heard doctor Ingham's reply, Brea got even more annoyed that she, being one of the top doctors working on this whole thing, didn't think of it before Brea had. Before she could answer the good doc though, Brea heard one of the techs take over, and sighed when he spoke.

"I... maybe... I dunno. I simply voiced my opinion, and she seemed quite... upset about it, Mark. Tell her for me, that it was merely a thought on the matter, on my part. I'm probably wrong, but... well, it always pays to think of every possibility, even those that might seem stupid. Brea out," Brea told the tech guy, sighing and shaking her head, before ending the transmission. "Do you think it's too stupid a thought? At least too stupid to not think of it anyway," Brea then asked the pilot.
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"I'll let her know for you when things calm down a bit here," replies Mark. Communication cut he laments, "She didn't tell me what she said to her..."

The Pilot mere shakes her head. "I think you've watched too many weird cartoons. But hey, if it turns out to be true, I'll buy you a chastity belt."

Throughout the conversation, Tal Lane went pale and looked at Brea with trepidation. "Do you really think those things want our bodies for that?"

Behind them, Albertine Nardo pipes up. "Good thing we're shooting first, right? Though a chastity belt wouldn't hurt, I guess."
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"Heh, I don't think I need one of those, but I just think it's a possibility. I mean... with just a single ship like that, they didn't have much in the way of their kind. So they had to have had a plan ready for that, which makes sense that they'd use us to breed I think," Brea replied to the pilot before turning to look at Tal. "Maybe Tal... like I said though, it was just a thought. I mean, why else would they have just tried to subdue me, instead of killing me? I mean seriously, that thing had me dead to rights. It stopped to take Hanley down, before it even tried to come after me again... I mean sure he may have presented the greater threat at that moment, but still... it could have finished me off with a quick swipe across my throat, or stabbed me straight through the chest, but it didn't," she then said to Tal, heading back to her seat and sighing again.

"Maybe I have watched too many Japanese hentai cartoons. But still, I think it's a possibility after what happened back there," Brea said after a few moments, rubbing the sides of her head.
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The trip to Portugal in uneventful and lasts just long enough to refuel the Albatross. In Portugal, Brea and friends bond over a meal of Eels and Blood Sausage. The trip over the Atlantic is quiet, as everyone decides they want to sleep.

After the plane lands and everyone disembarks, the Commander asks everyone to stand in a line, except Hanley, who has already been moved into the base. "While you won't be able to explain to your friends and relatives how much your work means to the world, these are proofs of your exploits."

  • Tal Lane has been tested in combat and is now a Squaddie. The confidence boost provides +5 Willpower.
  • Brianna Langley (Brea) has been tested in combat and is now a Squaddie. The confidence boost provides +5 Willpower.
  • Albertine Nardo has been tested in combat and is now a Squaddie. The confidence boost provides +5 Willpower.
  • Avraham Nussenbaum has been tested in combat and is now a Squaddie. The confidence boost provides +5 Willpower.
  • Joe King was killed in combat and is posthumously awarded The Purple Heart
  • Saqui Hanley has been tested in combat and is now a Squaddie. The confidence boost provides +5 Willpower. Due to his injuries, he receives The Purple Heart, which gives him a +5 bonus on fortitude saves to avoid death.

"Take some much needed rest. While we have two more situations unfolding across the globe, we currently have things under control."

As he turns away, a plane is landing on the disguised tarmac. It is a very large and angular thing, with a long body narrow body and a very wide and sharp wingspan. This must be one of the Erinyes, the interceptor craft.
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Stopping over in Portugal, Brea and the others get a bite to eat while the Albatross is refueled, and she soon found herself back on board, ready to go again, and the thing flying off back to base, where she caught herself a bit of shut eye on the way.

When they arrived back home, Brea was first out, lugging her LMG down the ramp and when the commander called for them to fall in, she did so, setting her gun down and raising a salute along with the others. "Yes sir, and thank you sir, rest... would be most delightful right about now," Brea replied, lowering her arm after the salute, and hefting the LMG back up to carry to the armory along with the rest of her gear.

As she was about to head on inside, Brea spotted what could only be one of the Erinyes interceptors. She paid it not much mind, and just headed on inside, unless something called her attention that is. Once inside, she put her things away in the armory, and then she looked into getting a snack before getting some rest, deciding that she wanted some ice cream, if they had any on base.
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If Brea wants, she could watch the Erinys make it's way into the hanger, and the second one land and follow suit, but nothing interesting happens otherwise.

In the Cafeteria, Brea finds a number of other operatives she hasn't interacted with sitting across the room from Mizrin digging into a plate stacked high with assorted pastries, a technician with a clip board. There are two other plates with assorted vegetables and fruits.

Behind the food counter, you can see movement. Someone appears to be cooking.
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Brea did watch the things landing, while heading for the armory to put her things away. After that, she headed for the cafeteria to get her ice cream, where she spotted Mizrin inside, and a few of the other operatives as well. Seeing that there was some cooking going on, Brea decided to wait on the ice cream for now, to see what the meal being cooked was instead. "So... what's a cooking, hmm?" Brea asked whoever was cooking.
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Brea sees the technician who handed out protein bars before her first sortie. He's in front of a flattop stove with a large tub and a ladle. "Pancakes, waffles, pancakes, mystery meatballs and squiggly noodles, and vegetable medley. Almost ready, just need to start the pancakes."
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"Oh goody. Are there hashbrowns too, by chance?" Brea replied to the cook, who was the same guy that gave her the protein bars. "If there are, I'll take some of those too, and I'll be ever so grateful... I love hashbrowns," she added, looking hopeful.
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"Sorry, I've got to keep a strict schedule with the food or Doctor Ingham gets upset. She says it's something about optimising you guy's diet. We'll have potato stuff cooking for your in two days." As he replying, Brea can see the commander enter through the far door, along with another field operative she doesn't recognise. He introduces her to Mizrin, who barely acknowledges her presence in favour of a cream puff.