CoaTF Scene Writing (Feedback Requested)


Demon Girl
Oct 29, 2013
*Rape and Restart Scene - Giant Bee"

The giant be was on top of me fast, it's legs like the bars of a prison around me. The only strength I had left was to reach out and grab one to try and push it away, but it was much too strong for me.
Then its stinger, glistening with a painful venom was there, just inches from my face, taunting and reminding me of who was in charge now.
I looked down to see the bee's head near my crotch, its mandibles clicking in excitement.
Delicately, but with force, it pulled at my armor. The straps buckled and gave and the hairy insect exposed my nethers to its bulbous, many-faceted eyes. It chittered with excitement as I let out a small breath.
My noise only made it hunger for me more. and it slowly released its tounge. The probiscus was at least 16 inches long, thin, and a smooth black, slathered in moisture and it paused, eying me up.
It sent a shiver through my body. The tongue quivered, as the enormous beast stood over me, reflective eyes peering at every exposed part of my body.
It wanted my sweet nectar, and despite myself, my body was responding.
That's when it happened. A long, clear squirt of liquid splattered into my face. It got in my eyes and in my mouth.
It tasted like honey, but was more liquid and clear. I felt some slide into my throat and instinctively I swallowed.
Almost immediately, I felt hot, like an oven of passion had been turned on inside me and I could feel my nipples get erect. My pussy swelled and ached. Oh god. I needed to be penetrated, and realized it had drugged me with its honey-jizz.
It stared at me in anticipation.
"What are you waiting for?" I pat at it, lust on my lips.
It tilted its head slightly, and I followed its look.
Its stinger oozed the juicy fluid that had drugged me, and I craved it.
I wanted it to squirt all of its warm, succulent honey into my mouth and let it ooze into my throat and feel even hotter.
I had already grabbed onto the dripping stinger and squeezed out a drop. I stuck out my tongue to catch it. Pure ecstasy. I was so wet. Without letting go I licked my lips as they burned with foretaste.
"Please..." I pleaded with my honey dealer.
It's tongue began whipping back and forth across my horny little pussy, getting it even more wet.
I let out a whorish moan.
Every time it's long, slippery organ hit my hard clit, it sent a pulse of pleasure into me and I cried out like a slut; a slut who wanted to be violated by a monster.
"Oh fuck! Stick it in! Get it in me, you filthy beast!" I couldn't really believe that was my mouth speaking those words, but they were true. I did want it's disgusting thing inside me, and I didn't care.
"Aaaaahhhhh!" I let out a surprised gush of release.
It has stuck it in the wrong hole. My anus burned with a hot passion - it felt amazing - both in elation and in pain.
But the pain felt good too, somehow. The horrible creature slipped its tool of violation in and out of my rectum and probed every crevice within.
I started to cum.
It was insane. At that moment I realized I shouldn't want it, as a kind of clarity broke through the fog of the honey drug.
"No! Wait!"
It was far too late. The orgasm racked my body and made me pull and kick.
I squirted too. My pussy juice shot out of me and right onto its yellow and black face, and the thing made a gleeful clicking noise.
"Thank god that was over with." I began to think.
Unceremoniously, it shot its long hot tongue into my vagina and poked at my womb.
"Ghhaaa!" I shouted in surprise.
My mouth was open. It must have know, because the giant bee shot its hot sweet liquid into my waiting maw as I gasped at the sudden penetration.
I felt its effects almost immediately - a heat from my core with expanded to my most sensitive areas.
In a blinding sweat, I swallowed vivaciously. I savored the taste and the way it drained down my esophagus and into my stomach. Oh yes.