Demon Lord's Empire


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May 5, 2009
This game is a hybrid of Civilization Simulator and Hentai Simulated Dating. There an optional combat min-game, whether turn based or real time strategy is involved, I don't really care, since it's the running of the empire and interaction with the harem I am more concerned with.


The game is run by having the player choose the Demon Lord's actions during each time segment. Days are divided into nine segments. Six day segments, three evening segments and one rest segment.

For day segments, the Demon Lord allocates time running him little empire. This involves going to a location in the town he currently resides in and talking to the people at that place.

For night segments, the Demon Lord stays in his sanctuary and manages his demonic servants. This involves talking to his minions, or performing rituals to create new minions.

Sometimes, some form of fighting becomes an option during any segment.


Preliminary minion list (old, ignore)

Imps: Every Demon Lord has a personal clan of imps that are bound to his will and do his bidding without question, and occasionaly with volition. These creatures are the core of a Demon Lord's servants. They have the appearance of runty scraggly men with very long fingers on their hands. Imps don't like sunlight, and are often very pale. They wear thick robes to hide from the sun when walking about, and keep wearing them indors out of habbit. These robes also help conceal their inhuman nature, allowing them to infiltrated human towns unoticed.

Imps are adrogenous creatues that repoduce asexually. They hatch from eggs, but instead of laying eggs like a bird or lizard, Imps regurgitate eggs in a similar manner that a cat would a hair ball. Imps create a single eggs several times a years, which grow while incubating for several days before hatchin a fully gown and functional Imp.

Imps are not the best at combat, even when trained. They can be a nuisance, however. They have a short range teleportation ability, and can create small bursts of dark energy that can break bones on impact with an enemy. However, Imps tire easily, and it's better to have them perform non-strenuous tasks such at clerical work or accounting. They can also use their magic to assits someone in performing a dark ritual.

By far, the best use of an imp is sacrificing it in a dark ritual to create another type of minion, fusing the imp's magic to another creature.

Elder Imp: These creatures are smarter and more powerful imps. They share many similarities to regular imps, and are even visually indentical. They often have a different set of robes then their bretheran to allow their Demon Lord to disguish between them when he decides to kill a random minion.

Elder imps produce imp eggs. Elder imps can be sacrificed in a dark ritual to create a new minion like their lesser bretheran, but the result is often a more powerful creature. More often, Demon Lords keep their Eldar Imps alive and busy for their whole lifespan, using their superior inteligence and magical abilites to better assits the Demon Lord in advancing his goals.

There are two methods to create an Eldar Imp. They can be created by sacrificing an eldar imp in a dark ritual and fusing its magic to an unhatched imp egg, imparting the eldar imp's accumulated knowledge and abilites to the next generation. Whith luck, the egg holds twins, and the Demon Lord will have one more Eldar Imp than before.

The other method to create an Elder Imp is to sacrifice an imp from a Succubus' imp clan and bind it to a living imp or imp egg. However, the Elder Imp created is loyal to the Succubus, not the Demon Lord. Sacrificing a Demon's Lord's imp and binding it to a Succubus' imp creates a Dretch, which the Demon Lord can create more efficiently with a human woman in the bedroom.

Dretch: This lowly demon is most often the result of the union between a Demon Lord and an infernal concubine. They are not the most inteligent creature, often fortgetting their own names or whatever task they were performing to begin with. They are unsuitably ugly, having gangly arms and legs, and twisted snout. It is very dificult for them to hide their inhuman nature.

Dretches are physicaly superior to imps, and are well suited to performing simple task that onvolve physical labour. They can also be teamed up with Imps for supervision on more complex tasks. On their own, dretches are more dangrous warriors than Imps, though their survivability is suspect.

Dretches can be sacrificed to create a different and more powerful minion, just like imps, and many Demon Lords prefer to do so quickly. Sacrificed dretches create the same kinds of creatues as sacrificed Imps.

Dretches do no repoduce on their own.

Arcolyte: A human that has been subjected to a Demon Lord's dark ritual where an Imp was sacrificed and bound to them. They gain many of the imp's abilites, teleporting and manifesting dark energy, and are just as capable in assiting in Dark Ritual. But the appeal for a Demon Lord to give a human such a blessing is that a human gains the ability to learn more powerful magic than the imp or human (if at all) ever could before.

It is a mith that being subjected to a dark ritual crushes a human's will and creates an irrationaly loyal servant like the ritual does to animals. Instead of the dark ritual creating a cultist, a Demon Lord often chooses a fanatical cultist to undergo the ritual.

Demon Knight: Similar to the Arcolyte, the Demon Knight is the result of a dark ritual where a dretch is sacrificed and bound to a human. While an Arcolyte is a powerful magician, the Demon Knight is a much stronger human, making a more powerful soldier than the orc, gargoyle, and a more skilled alternative to the minotaur. Demon Lords choose their most loyal human warriors who have proven themselves in battle before hand to undergo the ritual, making an already formidable champion into a even greater fighter.

Succubus: A greater demon of equal standing to a Demon Lord. They are free willed demonic women that more often than not seek a Demon Lord to pamper and lavish them with wealth and gifts in exchange for access for their demonic offspring. Like a Demon Lord, they may have a clan of imps at their disposal, but just as often do not. Practically every Demon Lord courts every Succubi they meet in the hopes recruiting them into his harem. There is no set appearance for a Succubus, a few being indistinguishable from human women, while others have a combination of inhuman traits that make their demonic nature obvious.

While a the contributions of a Succubus in terms of administration, labour or clerical duties is likely to be minimal, the willing union between an Incubus (the Demon Lord) and Succubus creates a new demon, with loyalty to the Demon Lord who sired it. As every succubus is unique, the offspring created from her is as well, so there is no telling what kind of demon will be created. The only common trait is that the new demon will not be able to reproduce on its own.


Monster List (not complete either)

Orc: A foul creatue that apears to be the cross between a pig and man, it is actually the result of a dark ritual where an imp (or dretch) is sacrifced and bound to a pig. The result is a muscle bound brute of adequate inteligence. Orcs are make strong warriors, and are often used as body guards. Orcs are not actualy vicous creatues, despite their appeareance, though they are ferocious when provoked. They are vegetrians.

Domestic pigs are used, despite wild boars making a more powerful orc. Orcs made from wild boars are much easier to enrage and have limited patience for guard duty. Domestic pigs are also easier to acquire.

Male and female orcs are nearly indestinguishable from each other.

Minotaur: A creatue that appears to be a cross between a human and a bovine, it is the result of dark ritual where an imp (or dretch) is sacrificed and bound to a bovine.

Minotaur bulls, the males, make powerful warriors. They are very big and strong, and are inteligent enough be trained for fighting, though they are mighty enough that Demon Lords often use them as they come. However, they are very moody, and difficult to control without a harem of females to tend to their needs. They prefer minotaur women for themselves, but may also take interest in human women.

Minotaur cows, the females, and though they are comparable in capabilites to males, they are more docile and prefer to avoid conflict. Demon Lord's often create many female minotaurs since they make excelent concubines for themselves, and because minotaur bulls also want a harem of ladies for themselves.

Harpy: This scraggly feathered creature that resembles a cross between a human and a bird is the result of a dark ritual where an imp is sacrificed and bound to a bird, most often a chicken or goose. More exotic birds make more exotic harpies, but differ little in ability. These creatures are feeble and rowdy, but make excellent scouts when properly trained, since they can fly.

Harpies are often used by Demon Lords as messengers, since they can easily reach any place in the world quickly and without being noticed. They are a poor choice for warriors, and lack the focus and discipline required for desk work. They are not the strongest monster a Demon Lord can create, and are a poor choice for physical labour. They do take to learning music, however, and can be talented entertainers.

Gargoyle: This creatue apears as a human statue with wings, claws and talons. It the result of sacrificing a Dretch and binding it to a bird, most often a goose or chicken, and a stone. And unlike it's rocky appearnace, a gargoyle is fully mobile.

Gargolyes are more powerful warriors than hapies, comparable to Orcs in strength. And where the harpy is a noisy creatue, gargoyles are very patient and stealthy. They make excelent abush soldiers, having a knack for hiding, especially among statues that share a resemblance. Despite having wings, they are not capable of flight, being limited to gliding. They can see in the dark better than a human and make excelent night watch guards.
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May 5, 2009
Re: Demon Lord's Empire

Decided to revamp the minion list. This list can be used as a reference to what the Demon Lord Rehagamon can have as servants in The Dark Magnate . The list will be updated every time a new creature appears.


The lowliest demon, Imps are the most common demon in a Demon Lord's empire, having a variety of innate skills that make them useful as clerks and administrators, and several magical abilities that greater demons make heavy use of. They have a humanoid shape, but are rather scraggly and gaunt. They have large pointy ears, sharp teeth, hooked noses and claw-like hands. They prefer to wear heavy robes, to hide their inhuman nature when walking among mortals, and to remain in darkness while about during the day. Imps always end up acquiring a dagger, which they use in performing dark rituals and for defending themselves.

Imps can perform a Shadow Step, a form of short range teleportation where they sink into a puddle of darkness, then rise out of another puddle a short distance away after a few seconds. This makes them very stealthy, moving from one unobserved place to another without exposing themselves. While sneaky, shadow walking isn't very fast, and an observant person can run from where the Imp disappeared to where they are going to appear with time to spare.

Imps are also capable of manifesting the Dark Bolt, which is a short range kinetic energy blast that causes an impact comparable to a sledge hammer. Using a dark bolt often leaves an imps out of breath; they can't use it in rapid succession, making imps less suitable for combat without training.

Aside from being a pen pusher, or stealthy assassin, Imps also provide their master with a number of magical benefits. Imps can act as a power conduit, an integral part of some dark rituals, with more potent rituals requiring more imps assisting to pull off. Imps can also act as power sinks, absorbing excess energy in a dark ritual to prevent an error from becoming catastrophic.

But by far the most useful thing an Imp provides is the means for which a Demon Lord can create other demons, or change one servant into another more useful type. This is done by sacrificing the imp in a ritual, and binding the magic to another creature.

Imps are agamic, and reproduce by parthenogenesis. Every three months, an Imps regurgitates an Imp Egg, which grow for a week before hatching into a fully functional Imp. While imp eggs are edible, they taste terrible and are not considered food.

Imp Sacrifice:

Ritual of Fertility - The imp is sacrificed in a dark ritual and bound to a human woman, fortifying her constitution and giving her a few inhuman traits, such as large pointed ears and a pointed nose. She becomes what is known as a an Imp Broodmother, and will lay an Imp Egg every three weeks from then on. Imp Broodmothers can still become pregnant with another mate, suppressing the creation of an imp egg for duration of the pregnancy.

Ritual of Power - The imp is sacrificed in a dark ritual and bound to the soul of a human, giving them a slight boost in strength and agility as well as manifesting some inhuman traits like large pointy ears and clawed hands. The human becomes what many call a Dark Magician. They gain the innate abilities of an imp, such as the Shadow Step and the Dark Bolt, and can assist in rituals just like an imp. With training, a dark magician is capable of learning more complex and powerful spells, and can even lead certain dark rituals in the place of a Demon Lord.

Ritual of Eyes - An imp is sacrificed and bound to a creature and the Demon Lord. This ritual creates a links between them that allows the Demon Lord to see and hear everything the other creature is. A telepathic link is also established between the Demon Lord and the thrall, allowing the Demon Lord to speak to his servant from a great distance, and allow the servant to request the Demon Lords attention. The Ritual of Eyes cannot be performed on demons.