Nov 11, 2008
Here I'll be demonstrating how certain aspects of the game work, that may need clarification, or I feel they need to be demonstrated, or I'm just bored and feel like wasting time.

First up!

Character sheets. Darent made a GREAT excel sheet for characters (here), which I use as a basis for making a character sheet most the time. However, it's still easy for GMs to look at your sheets on the forum (instead of having multiple excel sheets open), so here's a good way to do the layout:

-Demo begins!-
Name: The Huntress
Class: Archer
Race: Snow Leopardess (Furre)
Alignment: Evil
Level: 1


Fatigue Points: 37.5 = 38
Action Points: 28.75 = 29
Pleasure Points: 15
Armor Class: 25 + 6 = 31
Magic Points: 60
Broke Points: 0/100

Trained in:
Longbows: Level 1, 0/100 Aptitude
Shortbows: Level 1, 0/100 Aptitude

Total Red Points: 30
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Stamina: 15

Total Green Points: 50
Speed: 15
Finesse: 35
Senses: 15

Total Blue Points: 30
Will Power: 15
Intelligence: 15
Depth: 15

Orange Points
Charisma: 12.5 = 13
Aptitude (Longbows): 7.5 = 8
Aptitude (Shortbows): 7.5 = 8
Mind: 7.5 = 8
Presence: 7.5 = 8
Mentality: 11.25 = 12
Command: 10.42 = 11

EXP until Next Level: 0/10
Spendable EXP: 0
Ascension Points: 0
Technology Points: 0/300

Level 1: Eagle Eye: Allows the Heroine to spot any enemy at least d40(minimum 20) feet away. 50% chance the Heroine(s) are seen also.

Level 1: DUCK!: The Heroine immediately takes cover. Adds +5 to cover, 6 AP.

Elements: Ice
World Only Spells:
Flash Freeze: A spell that makes it snow all over the world, making it harder for all Nagas and opposing Elements to operate. -5 to all stats in the next battle for Nagas + opposing Elements, costs 200 MP.
Direct Spells
Level 1: Ice Blast: Summoning her energy, the Heroine forms a chunk of ice and sends it flying at an opponent. D12 damage, 8 MP.
Area of Effect Spells
Level 1: Slick: An Ice patch that sends enemies falling onto their backs. 85% chance knockdown; d8 damage, 10 MP. Slick stays for d10 rounds; spreads out 10 feet from affected area.

Easy Target: +5 to-hit.
Determined: Once per battle, if the Heroine’s FP points hit 0, she gets up with 1/4 FP, rounded up.

Gang Bang: -5 when outnumbered.
-5 to all rolls involving Slavers.
Sensitive: As soon as sex starts, you find yourself fighting to not give in. +5 to all opposing pleasure rolls.

Kevlar Laced Clothing: +6 AC.
Rotten Bow: d10 damage, -8 to-hit.
35 Wooden Arrows

+20 to Finesse
+10 to all stats when in cold weather.
Starting Disadvantage: Thick Fur.
-5 to all rolls involving Slavers.
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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Demonstrations!

Class, today we'll be taking a look how scroll ninjas fight. It's a unique fighting style, that tries to combine damage, status effects, and the spastic animes this style is known for. Just a few quick interesting notes!

  • This was stolen directly from Naruto!
  • There were a six total type of scrolls before, but those were given to the three Epic Classes.
  • The three Epic classes I plan for Scrolls are: Blood Summoner, Weapon Mistress, and Elementalist.

Now that that's over... this is how a Scroll Ninja fights:

Example begins here:
The Huntress has magically become a Scroll Ninja and is level 5 for this example. She's level 15 in Aptitude for this example, too. Directly in front of her, there's one gnoll (literally in grappling range); another gnoll about thirty feet away, and nearly 40 feet away a group of five gnolls.

When a scroll Ninja attacks normally, she attacks using her body as a weapon - but because the Scroll supplements her power, she uses whatever the damage potential listed for that is. In this example, The Huntress has a Magic scroll, which can deal d10 damage every time she attacks. Let's see how this works (using the new battle system RJ suggested):

Scoffing, The Huntress spins and attempts to kick the gnoll on the side of his head:
68 + 35 = 103 vs. 12 (Autohit!); Damage: 10 + 9 + 10 + 8 + 9 = 46. Gnoll 1 is unconcious.
She succeeds, the Gnoll flying off to the side and crashing into a tree at an odd angle.

The Huntress had some epic rolls for damage, but it gets the point across: She used her body to attack normally, but used the scroll damage. It didn't take up one of her 'uses' for the scroll though, because she has yet to use it the scroll.

Now, instead of wasting AP to move to the Gnoll, she decides to use a scroll:

Popping the scroll up from her holster, the Heroine grabs onto it in mid air. She cuts her finger along the edge of it before opening up the parchment. A block of ice flies from the paper towards the Gnoll!
70 + 35 = 105 vs. 55 + 21 + 16 = 92 (Hit); Damage: 45. Gnoll 2 passes out; She loses 5 FP from her attack, and loses one use to her scroll.
With a wicked grin, she watches as the Gnoll collapses to the ground, his face bloody from the attack.

See? From that attack, The Huntress loses FP and a 'use' from her scroll. Using RJ's model of combat, her turn is now over, and the Gnolls move:

Gnoll 3 uses 20 AP to guard.
Gnoll 4 uses 20 AP to guard.
Gnoll 5 uses 20 AP to guard.
Gnoll 6 uses 20 AP to guard.
Gnoll 7 uses 20 AP to guard.

It's now the Huntress' turn.

Tough luck, right? All five gnolls decided to guard. However, with a status effect scroll, she can still do some nasty damage....

Cutting her finger along the edge of the scroll once more, letting more blood than usual flow over it, before she used the powerful magic trapped in the paper to attack the Gnolls... indirectly!
97 + 35 = 132 vs. 25 + 41 + 16 = 82; Hit... 63! The gnolls all gain the status effect 'horny'.

With a groan, the Huntress watches as the gnolls begin tripping over themselves (and the clothes they're removing) while running towards her. She used the wrong Element this time...

Status effects for Scroll users are all AOE up to five feet, which is why all the Gnolls were put under the lust spell. Sure, in that sort of situation, it'd be better to use a fire element to light them all on fire... but this is basically a Run and Rape PbP. >.>

That concludes how Scroll users would combat. Next is most likely going to be short bows and short swords, to demonstrate Parry and Cover.


Nov 11, 2008
Re: Demonstrations!

New demonstration time. Today, we'll go with... Short Swords! Short Swords are one of the more defensive styles for people to choose, but can also deal some nasty damage once Aptitude 15 is hit for them. The Parry skill is what makes them so important; it costs no AP (which may change in the future), and activates as soon as they're attacked. The three classes I had planned to be based off Short Sword users are...

  • Fencer
  • Duelist
  • A class that involves sword play and trickery; I haven't come up with the name yet.

For this example, we'll be using The Huntress (Whom I've aptly named Cyrah now); She's level 5 once more, but is a Fighter this time around, with 15 Aptitude in Short Swords. She isn't dual-wielding, and has a Metal Short Sword on her. There's only one gnoll in this example, right in front of her. Again, using RJ's combat system:

The gnoll won the initiative roll, so he's going to move first. Right now, Cyrah only has a 20% chance to Parry, and she hasn't picked a retaliation move yet. Your chance to Parry is ALWAYS rolled before the to-hit roll, just to make things easier.

Gnoll 1 attacks Cyrah with disregard:
Parry chance: 39; Fail.
35 + 20 = 55 vs. 10 + 31 = 41; Hit. Damage: 1 + 4 * 4 = 20. Cyrah has 18 FP left.
He hits the Snow Leopardess square on the head, making her world spin for a second. She wouldn't be able to take another hit like that...

Cyrah's in a bit of trouble now. She's going to guard this round, but also choose a Retaliation, something short-sword users can do.

Cyrah guards with only 5 AP, and uses Retaliation: Finish.

The turn cycles through, so now the Gnoll attacks:

The Gnoll swings his club at Cyrah once more, trying to knock the Snow Leopardess out!
Parry Chance: 19; Success!
Retaliation: 52 + 15 - 4 = 63 vs. 1 (Autohit); Damage: 33.

The creature watches in horror as Cyrah knocks his blow to the side, using her momentum to stab into his chest. With a horrible yowl, the blade slides back out, leaving the gnoll within an inch of his life!

And that's how a successful Parry works. With a retaliation move (whether it be attack, grapple, or an ability), the PC can gain an upper hand; however, the only problem with playing a Short Sword user is you need a lot of AP. A good method of defeating a Short Sword user would be attacking constantly, even if they parry; it will wear them out of their AP.

That's it for this demonstration; next up will probably be cover, as it's basically the same thing.