Fantasy Builder - a Dungeon Keeper style management game


Demon Girl
Oct 29, 2013
So, every once-in-a-while I've been working on a kind of open-ended game that is a little bit Dungeon Keeper, a little bit Dwarf Fortress, and a little bit my own idea design.
The idea would be to take the part of a demonic being of some kind in a fantasy world (that's over-populated with sexy female heroines) and create a base with which to spread your influence.
The world as a hole would be per-generated and the location of your initial arrival randomized.
Encounters with enemy (or other) forces would be randomized on a large die-roll based table (probably d200).
All enemy (or other) forces would be randomized and encounter rates randomized as well - from hero classes to general forces and events.
From turn to turn you would do basic management activities (like telling your orcs to stop raping that captured female and go out and cut trees down for building a new watch tower.

The Fantasy Builder System
The mainstay of the game is essentially a resource-gathering system.
Based on the location you are gathering from, you have a chance of gaining certain resources - some, are guaranteed should you have Units on the Job.

Resources: (d10s are rolled to see if they are gained in random collection - also, this number is the 'purchase number' for the buy-system)
Raw(3+), Refined (5+), Rare (8+)
There are 33 kinds of various resources in these catagories. They are useful, and many can be used interchangeably. Others, however are absolutely unique. I'll be posting a complete list later.

Gather Resources: unit goes out for the turn (day) and collects resources of either a specific type, or at random (your choice, usually).
Build: unit constructs 1 block per Build Rate (dependent on construction type - stone is harder than wood, but is stronger) - so long as there are resources to do so.
Explore: unit rolls on the 'exploration table'.
Create: unit creates things based on Skills as long as there are resources to do so.
Sentry: unit adds +1 to Engagement Initiative if it comes up this turn.
Excavate: unit excavates 1 block per Excavation Rate (dependent on Skills and what is being excavated).

Building, Cooking, Farming, Fishing, Hunting, Sheering, Clothier, Skinning, Tanning, Mining, Smithing, Stoneworking, Masonry, Logging, Carpentry, Crystal Harvesting, Laticiering, Gem Harvesting, Jeweler, Scavenging, Armorer, Weaponsmith, Fletcher, Artistry, Alchemy, Artificing.
All of these have a small in-game bonus or modifier to a lot of the basic jobs you can have your units do.

Unit Attributes:
Physical - used for attack and defense in physical combat - can modify some other rolls.
Mental - used for attack and defense in mental combat - can modify some other rolls.
Social - used for attack and defense in social combat - can modify some other rolls.

Attribute Levels:
level 1 - d2
level 2 - d4
level 3 - d6
level 4 - d8
level 5 - d10
level 6 - d12

Unit Levels:
Levels mainly determine how many character points the unit can spend on Hit Points, Traits, Skills, and Perks.
All units get a certain number of Hit Points per level automatically. Depending on your 'race design' they can get discounts to certain traits or skills.

Things to Make:
Building structures and things are all pretty much: 1 resource per square, but the construction factor is dependent on the materials used. Construction factor determines how much damage it can take before failing - this is why underground things are both dangerous AND very strong.

There is also, so far, a large list of things you can make in game from items to use/wear/wield to tools to make jobs easier, to kinds of structures/traps/etc. There are even things to create to help lure people into your clutches.

Soon, I'll be working on a way to make a custom, randomized list of enemies you can encounter, as well as a randomized character sprite system (hopefully).

Game Play
Not sure on how to implement the game play. Play by post shouldn't be too hard, but I kind of wanted to have something besides Google Docs to set up the play space inside of. Suggestions would be nice, but I haven't done any actual research into it yet.