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Giving and Recieving Sugar


Grim Reaper
Mar 1, 2010
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Hey guys just been writing erotica lately and decided I would share it, get some feedback and what not. Hope you enjoy it.

Giving and Receiving Sugar

Mina stood before the mirror looking at herself, she wore what the shop keeper said to be sexy lingerie, but she didn’t feel it. She cupped her ample bust, lovely D cups but a frown dominated her face, and her son was in bed. She did this every night, she tried to make herself feel sexy and she never felt that it worked. A knock at her apartment door interrupted her thought as she turned from the mirror a frown still upon her lovely face. She tossed on a robe, not realizing it barely covered her lovely ass leaving her legs and arms exposed, she tied the belt and went to the door.

He stood before the door a simple cup In hand, his mind wandered. ‘How exactly did I get talked into making a cake for work?’ he thought to himself, as he awaited the neighbor to open the door. ‘I mean is she really.’ His thoughts were interrupted as the door opened a crack to look at him. He held up the cup and asked in his nicest voice.

“Could I borrow some sugar, was gonna make something for work and didn’t realize I was not prepared for it.” He said with a chuckle as she smiled at him, Mina was his neighbor and his friend she was nice and honestly absorbed in her son.

“A little late for baking isn’t it?’ She said as she opened the door and his thoughts were interrupted again, as he stared at her for a moment his eyes drinking in the sight, her legs were perfect, hairless and shapely her hand rested on the door as her head tilted at him. “What are you staring at.”

“Nothing sorry got distracted for a second there. Yeah just need some
baking supplies, didn’t think baking was so difficult until I did it.” He said with a smile as his mind moved to the topic standing before him. ‘Was she always this attractive? I’ve seen her over and over and never really looked at her have I?’ He thought to himself as she waved her arm.

“Come on in jay, be a little quite Paul is sleeping.” She said with a smile as she turned and he followed her inside his eyes locked on her ass, his train of thought completely gone to little more then her lovely curves. “Come on Jay I’ll get you some sugar, do you need anything else?” She asked her voice was smooth like always. Jays’ thoughts returned as she looked back at him and he met her eyes.

“No I think sugar is about it, although honestly I probably should have made a better list.” He said with a chuckle towards her as she lead him into her small kitchen, a simple counter with some cupboards and a table, small but the space had no room for anything larger. He said as she just sighed, like a mother, ‘Have I always missed this sexy lady living next to me?’ he thought to himself as she bent over to open one, giving him a prime view of her ass, and his will broke down. He reached out and ran his hand over her ass as she moved up with a light sigh of shock as he pressed himself against her back.

“I’m sorry Mina but damn, I just had to touch you. Have you been working out, or have I just been blind this whole time.” He said as he ran his hand to her thigh and let her turn around. She looked up at him shocked, but she didn’t push him away. ‘What’s happening, is he.’ Mina’s mind trailed off she couldn’t help herself she wanted him to want her like he seemed to be, she desperately wanted someone to want her.

“I think I would rather some a different kind of sugar.” Jay said as he
pulled at the belt uniting the simple knot. He leaned in and kissed her, and she melted into his arms as he pushed her back lightly and let his hands move inside the robe and push it down her shoulders exposing her lacy undergarments to him as he kissed her again. Releasing his kiss and moving to her neck as she kissed it again. Mina moaned in pleasure as he kissed her slowly moving down her neck, she knew what a proper lady would do, she would push him away and throw him out, but she couldn’t do that she wanted to be desired.

“Don’t stop, god I need you inside me, I need your hands all over me.” She gasped breathily from her lips between her light moans as Jay paused and kissed her neck again his hands reaching behind her back to remove her bra as she dropped her robe to the ground as she let him push her back onto the counter. Her bra unhooked and was easily tossed aside. As Mina had made her choice, she wanted him right here and right now. “Don’t be too loud, fuck me softly.” She moaned into his ear as she adjusted on the counter her legs parting and wrapping around his hips pulling him into her.

It only took jay a few moments to have his cock free of his pants, as they slide down his legs and rested around his ankle. His hard cock pushing out of the top of his briefs, Mina’s hands went to work instantly pulling down his briefs as she pulled him against her pussy. He thrusted twice grinding his hard cock against her panties and moist pussy. Mina moaned lightly into his ear again.

“Fuck me, don’t play with me, just fuck me.” She paused as she arched her back rubbing her breasts against his chest. “Please.” She breathed out slowly into his ear, and it was all the encouragement Jay needed. His hand slide across her pussy sliding her panties aside and thrust inside her. She was tight, a groan left his voice as he leaned in and kissed her shoulder his teeth lightly grazing her skin as he pushed himself to the hilt inside her. She was obviously not a virgin, but had not had any so she was night and tight and ready for him. Slowly he began to fuck his sexy neighbor. Each thrust coming slowly a second to thrust in and second to slowly pull out to his tip before pushing himself back inside her again. Mina moan lewdly as her head fell backwards her hair cascading down her shoulders and back. Her arms wrapped around his neck as her fingers gripped into him and her legs tightened around his hips.

“Faster, baby, give me all you got.” Mina moaned as he did as he was told, picking up his pace, and his thrusts gained speed every thrust forward met a sloppy light slap as their bodies reached their full connection. Her legs tightened as he felt her pleasure begin to build, her hips shifting forward to meet his thrusts. Jay’s hands shifted as he grabbed hold of the counter and began fucking her lovely cunt as hard and fast as he could manage. His own lust moving through his body, he had not had such a willing lover in more than a year, he intended to enjoy it to its fullest.

Both of them panted and moaned lightly as they kept fucking on the counter, their climaxes were inevitable. With a deep guttural groan and a breathy moan Mina and Jay came together. Jay’s hips thrust forward and he blew his saved up load deep into her wet and willing cunt as it juices itself into Mina’s desperately needed climax. It was only two minutes of them resting as they were not in a position where that was possible. Mina released him and slide from the counter wrapping her lips around his cock and cleaned their juices from his member. She stared up at him, she wanted more but her senses were finally coming back.

“That was, amazing, but I can’t.” Mina started obviously wanting to say something but stopped herself. “If this was just tonight, great.” She opened a cupboard and showed him the sugar he came for. “If you want more, like I do, not just sex but more. Then come to my bed.” She said as she got up and gathered her clothing and left him, her hips swaying sensually, like they had not for ten years. Jay watched her go speechless, he could take his sugar, and physical sugar.

He paused and contemplated for what left like an eternity, but was no more than two minutes. He picked up his pants and buttoned them around his waist and moved deeper into the apartment to his new lover’s room. Walked through the door and stared at her naked on her bed looking at him her eyes light up that he came. He undid his pants and tossed his shirt to the ground and climbed into bed.


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Sep 7, 2013
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Re: Giving and Recieving Sugar

Fun to read, thanks for the share.