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Oct 26, 2010
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Hey all! I've written a new game (a strong game...). I wanted something with some tactical depth, as well as bad things happening to hot female heroes. This game plays out on a map with areas, and is about an adventuring party of women trying to defend a town against a foul overlord and his minions.

I would like 3-4 players for the initial game, and if it's successful I plan to make it an ongoing campaign. There might be some rules changes early on if I don't like how something works, but the core of the game will remain the same.

If you fancy signing up, that'd be great. The rules are below. Post a short character bio, and picture/photo of your character, plus stats. First 3 good entries are definitely in, 4th place reserved for a character that makes me think "Damn, I wish she'd been created first" :-D

Rules below.

Character generation

You have 25 points to spend on stats.

You have at least 5 stats. The lower a stat the better - dice you roll that are equal to or above the stat in question are successes. Each stat starts at 10, and has to be purchased lower with points.

1 pt gives you a stat of 9
2 extra points (total 3) gives you a stat of 8
3 extra (total 6) gives you a stat of 7
and so on

Pts Stat
0 10
1 9
3 8
6 7
10 6
15 5

The stats are

Attack - How easily you kill monsters in melee
Move - How swiftly and easily you move around the map
Toughness - How hard it is to destroy your armour/clothing
Escape - How easily you escape from/avoid being grappled
Resist - How capable you are of resisting pleasure.

Rogues and Mages have additional stats.

Rogues have Stealth
Making a stealth success means you are hidden until you use a die for something else. So “Stealth, Move” is a pretty silly order, but “Move Attack Stealth” could let you run in, kill a monster, and then avoid retribution from his friends.

Mages have Magic
Magic is really flexible. Using Magic lets you affect things in other areas of the map, attack at range, and generally be a pain.
Ranged attack - with 1 attack and 1 magic success, you can hit a monster anywhere you can see. Some monsters have bodyguards who will take the hit, but you can reach out and touch someone.
Magical Assists - You can use 1 magic success per comrade per turn to give them a bonus success in one non-attack attribute. If they are held fast, and need to run, you can give them an escape. If a thief botches their stealth roll in a pack of dire goblins, you can save them.
Character Classes
Strong protectors, who are fearsome foes in melee
Plate Armour
Your toughness counts as if it were 2 better (if you buy level 7, you get level 5).
Your attack counts as if it were 1 better (if you buy level 7, you get level 6)

Stealthy combatants, great at backstabbing and guerilla tactics
Stealth Training
You have access to the Stealth skill, which you must raise as normal.
Your escape counts as if it were 1 better (if you buy level 7, you get level 6)
Your move counts as if it were 1 better (if you buy level 7, you get level 6)

Magic wielding heroes, capable of throwing fire at foes, or aiding allies
Magic Training
You have access to the Magic skill, which you must raise as normal.
Hours of Study
You have spent so long studying the arcane arts, you can not wear as heavy armour
Your armour counts as if it were 1 worse (if you buy level 7, you get level 8)

The rules

The battle is played on a simple map, with areas that may have special rules, block line of sight, etc. Opponents actions are fairly limited, whereas heroes may attempt up to 6 actions per turn (but the more they attempt, the greater the risk they will present an opportunity to nearby foes)

Opponent’s only
a) Move
b) Generate threats
c) Exploit opportunities

Hero’s split actions between

a) Move
b) Counter Threats
c) Hurt Enemies

Monsters go:

(1 Opportunity per turn)
1 Action
(1 Opportunity per turn)

As their action, all monsters can either:
Move (move 1 region)
Attack (generate a threat of some kind)

The different threats are:

Grab - unless a hero escapes, they can not move, and have a 2 point penalty to attack the grabbing monster. Some monsters will cause additional grab effects

Strip - unless a hero gets a toughness success, the monster will strip the hero. This makes them go from okay, to torn top, to topless, to torn bottoms, to naked, moving 1 step per strip they don’t counter. Topless heroes get a penalty to resist rolls, Naked heroes can find themselves in more trouble.

Touch - unless a hero gets a resist success, the monster will turn them on. This increases a heroes sensitivity (see later)

Monsters also have special abilities which can replace these, as well as being able to exploit opportunities in different ways. For instance “Sprint” - move 2 regions, or “Charge” - move 1 region and attack.

Heroes go:

Choose actions
Roll 6 dice
In order, assign dice to listed actions, needing a certain number to succeed on each. If you reach the bottom of the list without failing, okay, otherwise you stop when you can’t meet a requirement, and also give up an opportunity to the monsters.

(see later for an example)

Monsters have

Defense - Each time you attack a monster you must subtract its defense from your roll.
Attack - the chance that a monster successfully generates an opportunity on you

Optionally monsters also have
HP - the number of times you must damage them to kill them (default is 1 hit kills for monsters without this ability)
Attack Bonuses - eg (Grab+1) which are added to the roll when they try to use that kind of attack.
Skilled attacks - where the margin by which they succeed an attack is a penalty on the defense roll. (Normally a monster who hits by 3 points only requires you to roll a standard defense, if the monster is skilled you have to roll defense - 3).
Potency - How much danger of impregnation a monster causes if it cums in you (default is rank 10, so only a 10 on a 10 sided die will cause this, but some monsters are much more dangerous)

Attack - Rolling an attack success (after subtracting monster defense) causes 1 hit to a monster.

Sensitivity starts at 0, and goes up each time a hero fails to defend a touch attack, as well as in other *compromising* situations. Each time it goes up, you roll a D10 and try to score equal to or over the new value. If you succeed, everythings (relatively) okay, if you fail then your sensitivity goes to “critical”. One more successful touch hit on a critical character pushes them over the edge.

Over the edge:

If a character is forced to cum by her attackers, she is weakened against their further attacks - reduce the number of dice per turn that the character rolls by 1. Being forced to climax also results in an opportunity for your foes.

Brood Mares

In general I will try to set up balanced scenarios so the heroes are not outmatched, and the monsters are somewhat predictable and fair. However, the dark overlord has a reason for pursuing the targets that he does. If a hero is ever impregnated during battle, she is defeated, and will either be dragged off, or compelled in her sleep to journey to the overlord’s dark dungeons, where she will become a broodmare, forced to be mother to all manner of evil things. This is how character go out of the game, but worse than that (and to encourage teamwork to rescue imperilled characters) in every following scenario, the overlord has a chance for each brood mare to get brood points, which I will use to introduce surprises, somewhat unfair monsters, and so on. Particularly if you think I have spent many brood points on a scenario, it might be best to run if things get out of hand.

Getting fucked

Before a monster can fuck you, you must be naked. Once all your clothes are destroyed, the only way a monster can start fucking you is through an opportunity - otherwise you’re all too well trained to just let that happen. Opportunities happen through you trying to do too much and not rolling well enough, or when the monsters make you cum.

Being fucked has a chance of increasing your sensitivity by one each round you are fucked (resist if you can), and is also a difficult situation to escape - you count as grappled, can’t attack whatever is fucking you, and need to escape any other grapples before you can try to escape from being fucked.


eg Jenny the Knight is attacked by 4 goblins. They get lucky and generate 3 threats - strip, strip and touch. Jenny’s defenses are all 5. She decides to defend against all three threats in that order, then attack.

Jenny needs a 5 for the strip defenses, and a 7 for the touch. Her attack is 4, but these goblins have defence 1, so she also needs a 5 for the attack to work.

However, she rolls 9,5,5,4,3,2. The first 5 defends against the first attack, the second 5 against the second, and that leaves her using the 9 to defend the third. With a 4 left, she can’t succeed at the attack, and so generates an opportunity...on the goblins turn, one of them will exploit this for sure.