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Apr 8, 2009
Re: Marshall Manor - BlueSlime, TentanariX, plmnko, Termite, Guan Yu

Rin knew she was only delaying the inevitable, and once the color started bleeding from his face she knew that Domonic finally realized what was happening behind his back. And he seemed to be slowly catch up to everything that she had said to him. And he was taking it in the worst kind of way. He was going to do something drastic, and when he made to stand up she couldn't help but tighten her grip and bury her face in his chest. His lean chest. His strong chest. His wonderfully smooth- STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT!

But as much as she wanted to not think about the strong good-looking man who was cradling her in his lap his sudden outburst about the maids showing their appreciation brought thoughts right back to it. "M-Mister Domonic!" Now it was her time to go red in the face, even if she was trying to make herself as small as she could. "Rin didn't mean like that! She just wants to help you relax and enjoy yourself!" That didn't sound that much better. "As a friend!" Would that help? "And... And because Sammy left without saying goodbye... Rin doesn't want to leave Mister Domonic without letting him know how she feels..."