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Peeps, I am new .. and I NEED HELP!


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May 8, 2020
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Salutations and hello my good people.

I am in a bit of a conundrum. You see, I have been an AVID lover of MUGEN for several years. I have scoured these here inter-webs for ultru smexy content, and had a uh ... "blast" doing it...? Wow ...
I have now decided I shall try my own hand at character creation. Two months ago I downloaded fighter factory. To say that this was the beginning of creating ones "own play ground" would be a considerable understatement. (raises eyebrows). I have create quite a few sprites and have even stumbled my way into creating an animation. Stubbing toes, and banging forheads along the way. But I got there! Hey this works!!

Or so I thought.

There I was being quite pleased with myself only to run into the final level.

I need to edit an aggressor. Add new moves, chain the moves together, things of that sort.

Ok, now that we have been properly introduced (understanding my mindset, such as it is) Lemmie just cut to the chase!

I have a SICK idea to do with Kuromaru! But I cannot figure out how to add the moves to his move set. I have the sprites created for him, new sprites to be sure, but where/how do I add the moves? Here is the move I am thinking of. Have you seen Ero Helper GS? You see that is one character who has an "attack" that can chain 3 "attacks" in unison. Kuromaru could totally use that., both from the side as well as directly camera facing. I have edited a few choice "participants", inclusive of sprites to animations. The issue now is that the version of Kuromaru Ero i have, the cmd file is garbuldiguk!
; ƒRƒ}ƒ“ƒh‚Ì“ü—̓L[‚ðÝ’è‚·‚éƒp[ƒg‚ÆA‹Z‚ðŽÀs

UUUUGH!! I cant read that, man!!

I know I have a few areas of what needs to be coded, and edited, but I need a a base, of where to start. I have looked for over two weeks trying to figure out HOW to create moves, and edited move lists to no avail. Guys... I know I am new... like .... REEAALLY friggin new.... and I will respectfully take whatever desided @$$ whoopin deemed fitting, but for the love of chun li;s creamy thighs .... I am loosing my stuff here! If you could but point me to a thread that could answer "HOW TO EDIT AGGRESSOR ATTACKS" .. or something to that effect, I would be eternally grateful .

Once I have it, I would be HAPPY to share what content I have created. Here is an attached file of one of the "participants" sprites that I am working on now. Again... ANY help would be .... *facepalm* ... you just have NO idea how much it would be appreciated.... (blacked out areas that my be considered "Forum Sensitive")


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Hey, just wanted to encourage you.

Can't really offer any help (and really wish I could), since the extent of my knowledge is adding sprites and anims to existing victims and modifying their code for minor things such as KO compatibility.
However, much respect for trying something, and for even offering to share it here. Nobody should ridicule you for trying regardless of whether or not you're a newbie.
If I can be frank, most of the posters here just ask for characters. It's really more of a taking than a giving community ... Which is sad, since it's one of the few remaining H-mugen forums out there.

Wish you the best of luck -- If anything, I'd try to reach out to someone like Gettag personally and ask him for help.
The Japanese community on the ryona sakura mugen page would best know how about Kuro, but they don't take kindly to foreigners.
And if you have LOTS of time, there are mugen tutorials everywhere, including adding moves ... but it seems like the move you're trying to add is a bit more complicated.
Studying no sir!!

Actually ... I said studying NOW sir ... not no sir ..
Funny thing ... call myself not letting my lack of Japanese slow me down... I went ahead and translated Ero Kuro cmd and cns.... reading over that AND kung fu man ...starting to put it together ... might have something I can play with .... add a sprite here ... make a change there ... rename but keep the commands the same .... might actually HAVE something .... updates in a few ...
Ok, So I am getting somewhere. I have a really good animation that I have been working on ... a few actually. I think I am ready to test my characters ... the only issue is that I am getting an error.

Error detected.

Can't access [Info]
Error loading chars/ff3_0/ff3_0.def
Error loading p1

So when I create new sprites, I dont put it in the original character folder, but I create a new folder, name it something unique and then update that one with all the new sprites that I have created. I have been reading some forums and it looks like others have had the same issue. Following the steps they did (downloading the 1.1b exe. for Mugen and using that as my primary) did NOT seem to do the trick. So now I got all this succulent booty-meat that the aggro's wanna "play" wit, (not with but "wit") only to be held up saying that bull crap.. error loading P1 .... WTH is a P1.. player 1, first controller?!?!?


OH.. and I have translated the FULL KUROMARO files. ALL of them .. cmd, cns1 thru cns9.... that took some DAYS to do .. but its starting to make scene with me .. I am looking at the animation and cross referencing that with whats on the files, finding the animation .. and starting to make augmentations .... notepad ++ to the rescue ....

If anyone has some ideas .... about the error .. Please share .... my Pwergirl may become the first crowning achievement ... just a hint of whats more to come ...


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Sorry, a little confused.
When you say you put your sprites into a new folder, are you referring to your sprites as image files or something, or do you actually have .sff files?
If the former, I don't think I've ever seen a mugen character without an associated .sff (sprite) file. If the latter, I'd suggest checking your filepath, or just putting the .sff of your character in the same folder as the .def file.

If it helps, feel free to take screenshots of your folder and what's going on.
I'd be more than happy to help troubleshoot and playtest if you'd send your character, but I don't wanna come off as trying to steal or freeload anything, so I understand most people's reluctance about that.

Also, as a huge fan of Powergirl in H-mugen (and having worked on my own copy of her), I'm impressed by your sprites and hope you can get her out as a victim. Great job in spriting her.
Sorry, a little confused.
When you say you put your sprites into a new folder, are you referring to your sprites as image files or something, or do you actually have .sff files?
If the former, I don't think I've ever seen a mugen character without an associated .sff (sprite) file. If the latter, I'd suggest checking your filepath, or just putting the .sff of your character in the same folder as the .def file.

I am doing the later, creating a file, naming it something unique, and just uploading all my new sprites to that folder, and as I make new ones ... I add them there...

Here is the error.


Not gonna lie, the fact that you guys are helpin out says more about you guys's character and the forum, than I could have thought possible. Again, you guys are AWESOME! Thank you for all your help...
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That looks like missing files in your character. If your files aren't in the main folder then you'll have to also specify that. Something like sprites\kfm.sff. Only goes downwards into more folders and not out into other locations IIRC.
Screenshots of the error, folder and .def file really would help.

Sempai, what does IIRC mean. When I said I am green... like fresh spring grass green ....

Sorry, a little confused.
When you say you put your sprites into a new folder, are you referring to your sprites as image files or something, or do you actually have .sff files?
If the former, I don't think I've ever seen a mugen character without an associated .sff (sprite) file. If the latter, I'd suggest checking your filepath, or just putting the .sff of your character in the same folder as the .def file..

Big Hommie! What file should I look for to add the sprites in the .def file. The file of the character? Where should I look?
No problem dude, thanks for the screenshots. They help.

Can you move the .sff files to the directory for your Powergirl character? It'd be helpful to name the sff file as "powergirl.sff" or something (just name it whatever your Powergirl character is called).
Here's mine for an example:
powergirl directory.png
I circled the directory path (Mugen1.1 is where my mugen actually is). It's crucial to understand and direct your def file to that path.
Then I circled the .sff file, named Powergirl (the other identical one is the .air file, which holds the character's animations).

Next, in your character's folder, open the character's .def file with Notepad+ or a text editor.
For Powergirl, it should probably be Powergirl.def.
Scroll down to "sprite =" . It should say "sprite =Powergirl.sff" (if not, type that in).
As long as your sff file is in the same directory as your .def file (e.g. in the Powergirl folder), that should work.

Btw, I'm assuming you know how to create .sff files using FF3 ... I think it's sorta weird that your .sff files don't have icons (e.g. the FF3 icon), unless you didn't associate the sff file with FF3.

Oh, and lastly, again, I think I might be assuming, but do you actually HAVE the Powergirl character itself? If you look at my screenshot, that's my character's folder, with all of Powergirl's animations, sprites, coding (cmd/cns files), palettes, def file, etc. If you don't have the character, you should probably download her from somewhere. I downloaded G-bit's version that has some Gettag edits in it, and made my own edits. LMK and I can direct you to the latest copy (or you can google it/search G-Bit or Gettag's Patreons for them).

to answer your question, yes sir .. I actually do have her character downloaded, hence where I am adding, cutting, and making the majic happen from I will do as you instruct and see how it works...

Here is a few sprites that I have created based off of her file, and cuttin and piecing things together.

Figuring out how to put her in a DP so I also redid Kuro.... I actuall have Her animation and its pretty "ooow shit girl" last I am going to finish Kuro's underneath piston ride ... tryin to figure out how to use Kuro slap hands to grope the ass before the DP .... never enough time in the day man .... *le sigh*


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Okay frist have to say love the powergirl, are you planning to release her as a victim?
Wow ... where did the time go .... what we talk about this .... damn near 3 years ago .... SHEEESH ... life ... has a unique way of redirecting energy and making you an adult ....

Ok .. pack to my pleasure creations .... Yes .. .I am working on finishing Power Girl, Cathy Wild, a true boss b***ch wonder woman and like about 8 others.... its crazy that i have soo many ideas ... but still lack the skill needed to add them to the animation files ... I have created a slew of sprites .... now how to animate them and place them in game.

Also, if anyone has knowledge of an update date Kuromaru....I have seen alot out there but there are several that have new animations and what not .... be cool if ... u know ... anyone just ... says .... here ay go ...or points me in the right direction ...
I'd say the most recent kuromaru on the hentaimugen site but idk I haven't played in a while nor have I followed recent character updates/releases. Anyway just wanted to say looking at the posted pictures of PowerGirl on this thread it looks really good.
I alerady know ... its been what ... YEARS ....yeah .yeah ..... buuut ... I have some new victim characters that need some of that "community finishing touches ...
Here is who I am working on
Azumi Hojo (gotta say ... really love that last update... sensational..) 🥰😍🥰😘
Cathy Wild (blond wrestlers.... hmmmm *slow grin* ) 😎
Psylock (cause yeah ..... why not)
Akane SF3 (will enjoy this)
Wonder Woman (amazon with gobs .... check)
Chun Li (because she started this gangsta shit ...and this is the thanks she'll get) :sneaky:

I will start providing characters that I am working on and sharing them... they just need some work..

Others to come ... have one question ... you know how if you hit up the favorite site and one character in particular has a plethora of victim "entanglements"... my question is HOW/WHERRE can I get those entanglements and add them to characters I am working on

Cathy just took a load.... and has not provided a "free stage deposit" yet ...


Azumi is unsurer of where the "free stage deposit" came from

This person has ALL of the entanglements ..... how who is an aggressor who can initiate those entanglements?