Play-by-Post Downtime Section


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Nov 10, 2008
The party has gained control of the Keep at Red Valley, and managed to prevent major instability within their dwarven homelands. At this point, the real winter has set in, and heavy snows are covering the landscape. Jonas Falstaff has set up his whores in the keep's inn and tavern, which he now operates. Jebediah Falstaff, his brother, has set up his shop in the outer keep. There's also a human wizard in the northeastern tower of the keep that they party has yet to interact with, and a creeping concern with spiders under the keep.

At any rate, this section is for out-of-session activities that the party wants to do in the downtime between adventuring. For easy reference, here is the map of the keep and the campaign map, as well as the list of keep contents. This is an experimental way of running the game, so please bear with me as we figure out how this will work.