Plmnko' s EGG threads data


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Nov 10, 2008
Multiplayer egg thread

(Skurdytrap) Ashley: missing
(Guan Yu)Tsubaki: Kidnaped?
(Tiffanian) Priscilla: Farm town (Leveling up, a lot)
(Tentanarix) Mitzuki: House in middle of a forest
Michael: Working as a pimp
Carmen: Slave, working as a slut
Misty and Co: Resting?

Priscilla party
6 hp Magic 3
Priscilla had cooking skill lv 1 and first aid lv 2
Mage spells
0- Create clothes (out of service)
1- Rope Control
2- Stunning Ray
0- heal out of battle
1- cure 1hp per 1mp
2- Protect
* A level to earn Healer Specialization Spells
Special magic list
Tantric Magic
0- ******
1- Futanari Spell

0- Sense Magic
1- Empower Nature
2- ???? [not able yet]

Michael PK 6 hp
Bow,Two clubs, a dagger, 270-20 gold coins, some ropes, 3 Box Clothes, 5 rations

Monster bag: 2 Minotaur loot

Carmen hp6
Slave/Erotic Warrior
Staff weapon
(Naked) Slave Collar, shackles in all her limbs

Alanure Npc 6hp
Whore.- Needs to have sex everyday, for each sex session the Whore earn job exp. To learn this job, the slave must serve as a whore to 5 clients in a day and let them cum inside her.

Cons,- Cant wear clothes or armors than hide her parts. Everybody will look you as just a whore

Pros.- Monsters will try to dont hurt her and instead rape her. More money will be earned in each sex session.

Passive skill.- 1 + X on any Combat or action who use sex.

Tantric Magic
0.-Slut Endurance.- Increase AP resistence in target


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Plmnko' s EGG threads data

Evelen Character list (i will add a description and stats of some of them, later)
Evelen (RL)
Jean Scientist (RL)
8hp 3 natural bonus spear lvl 5 magic lvl 4 cumgirl 2 Pasionated Healing 2hp/1pp crystalt twin revolver -4attack +3crit create weapon create summon shrink/repare clothes
Henrry and Sofia
Max (RL)
Alice (RL)
Ralph and Roger
hardener 3
Full Armored Man
Blue hair girl Persephone
Jean Dragan
Gold young dragon
Headmistress Academy

4/2 4/6 6/4

Skills Demonology, monster hunter skill + 3 in her critical attempt, bestiary menu
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Plmnko' s EGG threads data

ホワイトレック black hair maid
バルフック fishman
クリムゾンティーク asessin red scarf
サウルアーチ blonde maid
グレイブアクス Axe guy
カウベル cowgirl
ベレー帽 silvergirl beret
星見水晶 orbcatgirl
シャドウタロン catwoman claw
フィデリティバンド red knight
レアリーリボン Karen
拘束衣 Killbill
フォーリングフェザー black angel
巫女服(紫) miko
エンジェルフェザー pink angel
コック帽 furry chef
レガルタ杖 egypt catgirl
セーラー服 schoolgirl dark skin
トリッカー bartender man
シウィルハット naked witch
クックパン female cook
クージリュック bigbag girl
セグルード zombie bride
望遠レンズ camera vampire
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Plmnko' s EGG threads data

Mike=EGG tech
Lalah=young girl
Sunny= Blooming Rose Succubus
Edward Guild Leader
Brandon Guard
Alphonse= potion seller
sword seller girl
Andrea Hespera
Astra cleric angel
Elise Matriarch E
Alluria Allie Mother
Allie Silver haired succubi
Hazel is Leah's, Mari's, and Ivy's mother G 2nd
Leah Red Haired Succubus F
Marigold Pink haired succubus E
Ivy Black Haired succubus F
Elia Adriel's Mother E 5th
Adriel Dark Elf DD
Tana is Ayla and Lalah Mother 4th
Ayla gnome twin
Lalah gnome twin
Sera is Hope Mother
Hope Silver haired angel D
Alyene Idryll mother D
Idryll High elf
Gwen Genasi Elemental DD
Hitomi Okami D
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Plmnko' s EGG threads data

Celine Thread images and bio of characters



Brown tone fur and a classic "M" mark at her forehead hair



Neko Fluffy table
Mommy (so perfect to give her an image yet)
Shaman neko "Mika"
Second Shaman "Chiyo

Wolf Girls

Wolf girl who is matured enough as a human would be in her 20-23 years, her body is lighty tanned and with some few scars. Her hair color is green a little close Dark Green. Her combat skills are in top and have 8 in HP and a bonnus in attack, defense, sense and stealth. She likes to fight in close combat but also can be good in range attacks

She loves Vanessa as much as it can be possible from a very young age and this love continue growing, of course also her loyalty and honor so these mantain her in line in some way.
Lilia (herm) innocence; purity and beauty
Myra (futa)flow, pour out, weep
Ilyana (futa) Tender, Delicate
Gina -well born
Vera -faith born
Mara (highter up) bitter

Young wolf girl with light green hair and likes to be close Qamra. Her body is clean of scars and is soft and warm to hugs and pet, her cup size is C showing than she just reached the age to be in missions or be under age of these, but for some reason she has cmpleted her training. Said than she have someone special

Has show some repulsion to have sex and is the only virgin of the four for the moment.
Elena (herm) Shining light. The bright one.
Talia Dew of heaven joyous
Rina (highter up) peaceful
Alyssa rational good humor

Wolf girl of silver hair, her cup size is E and she is a little smaller than Ramza, methodical, trustworthy and serious in her work, maybe being like it because she always wants to show her value.
Even when she looks young and smaller, she already is on her nineteens what has been a burden for her. Dog girls size depends too much of theirs owners, but these are always cute and smaller than wolf girls... maybe that is why she have a huge resentment to both humans and dog girls. But no one in their lair see her down thanks to her skills or maybe they just hide it.

Very close to Ramza and this from Moonlight, but they could be just Best Friends. Both of them are great warriors with any weapon, but Moonlight is better and likes to use tactics in her fights
Sophia (herm) wise
Lana (futa) Fair good-looking Afloat calm as still waters light
Phoebe -radiant, shining one moon hunting
Diana -moon, virginity, and hunting; she is the protector of wild animals, represented in myth as both beautiful and chaste.
Arisa -sand
Brianna (highter up) Strong or exalted
Nyla-Mystical Wise Eccentric Intuitive Imaginative Philosophical Solitary

Wolf girl of Pink hair and the black sheep of the whole lair. She just dont care as she feels than all are just jealous of her refinated seductive body. Similar in size as Qamra yet younger, her big breasts dont hang naturally and they are the best fun bags to enjoy... to end soon all her body looks to had been created to be used, buttcheeks, skin, fluffy ears, hair...all on her. She have a huge libido and loves to hunt things and fuck them before release them what made mad the rest of her temporals packs. She preffer range attacks and traps, as her perfect body must only be touched with sexual motives.

Daughter as many of the top male of the lair, yet her mother is not the Alpha and she see as a taboo talk about who bring her to this world


Celine's continent people


Celine cousin. Mia, is a drow/dark elf. It's one reason Celine's body changes took so easily when Vanessa helped make her skin darker like that of a drow. Mia is a spear and shield wielder herself, and knows how to hunt very well. She's a herm like Celine, and wants to bring greatness to her branch of the family, since she's only a cousin to Celine. (also carries a shortbow for hunting, and did so when moving out onto the new continent

Tara: Herm Kitsune
Lyria: Herm High Elf
Mara: Herm Neko
Aria: Herm Okami/wolf girl
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Plmnko' s EGG threads data

Differences between otters, weasels and ermines hybrids.
Otters dragons girls
(Charismatic and creative badasses)
The newborn pup remain hidden at her hideout, protected of any danger until this can take care of herself, her scales are transparent at her first days and is not until she get her fur when these get a shinning similar color.
After two weeks wyrmlings otters scales and fur start to exhibit various shades of brown (light cinnamon to dark brown), with a darker dorsal (back) surface and much lighter ventral (underside) surface. In some cases, the color boundaries are sharp and distinct; in others, they are less clearly defined.

Dragon otters are playful and creative beings always looking to learn something new or create anything from her first day coming to the world; it’s said that they get depressed and unable to sleep if they don’t find anything new and interesting or use the earned knowledge to create something productive. Adapted to swim they use weapons and the environment when they hunt or fight against anything than menace them or their family. They mostly look as otters girls but they are bigger versions with shinning fur and scales.
Fire Weasels Girls
(Lethal smart hunters)
With scales and fur of all the brown shades this Dragon hybrid born already able to crawl and hunt small bugs and creatures, but even when they born with sharp little teeth they look to soon learn to avoid to hurt when someone nursing them. The slim shape and the perfect combination of her scales and fur cause an easy labor at the mother yet with some days the scales at the pup get harder what help at the survival of these active predators. They can smell preys at large distance and easily know the race, age and even the mood what make the weasel prepare a personalized tactic. From using sleep gas breath at bunny girls hideouts to direct spells in vital spots at huge monsters the fire weasel prefers to hunt alone but is also capable of hunt in small groups.

Domestic Dragon Ermine Girls
(Fearless and unstoppable menace)
After just hours after the birth Dragon Ermine girls earn a cute and powerful mix of scales and fur both able to endure hits and minor spells, something than they place in use in their first day to the rest of their lives. Dragon Ermines are unable to see a risk but they will learn from any clumsy mistake and event what don’t stop them to place their lives in risk again with a smile at what they think is just a game or something than they could use to get fun. They also have a genetic problem in maintain their sagacious sharp mind focused in something for more of ten minutes, as before that happens something else will call their attention. New born ones have a melting fire reflux what make them unable to get milk from anything than is not invulnerable to fire, most of the time the babies use this reflux to melt and create tunnels, eating any melted stone or object.

With their ermine side domesticated by ages for humans they are really sociable and genetically they have some need to look cute and funny at them until they find a leader or owner than help them to develop to control this need. Even then they will have problems to hurt humans or some similar races unless it is a direct order, yet they will never aim to kill humans directly. In winter they earn a more fluffy and protective white fur which protect them from any cold or fire, their tail always have the end at a dark black color.

Ermine Dragon girls will soon learn to walk at walls and ceilings after days of free falls, also they instinctively learn to dance before and between a hunt, something than they use with a long range of spells charm and hypnotic spells are the most used. Ermine girls can learn any tactic than theirs cousin weasels use for hunting or build things as otters but only if they learn them having fun and in short training sessions, learn a magic spell is easier than this but could still take time


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Nov 10, 2008
Gonna place more rol stuff here