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[Recommendation] The submissive MC Banger List (Succubus, Submit to Weaker, level drain)


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Jul 5, 2020
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Hello friends. :sneaky:

This is a mirrored thread from f95 (you will surely notice that all links are leading to f95). Sorry about that.
Link to the original thread :

Before we start, may I ask you if you are into those tags :
  • Coquettish/Seduction/Teasing
  • Submissive Man
  • Succubus
  • Level/Strength draining
  • Mind break
  • MC getting manipulated/corrupted with sex appeal
  • Submit to weaker / inferior
  • Some findom maybe?
  • Reverse Rape / Reverse NTR (what does reverse NTR even mean ??)
  • (male MC)
  • Small/medium breast size
  • I don't speak Japanese so English or translated games only

If you are not into the list above, then you should close this thread as this won't be for the magnificent alpha-dominant person that you are. :coffee:


So I've been a degenerate about porn for some time now and I'm gathering games that I would qualify as "bangers" that match my kinks. And as I was imagining being manipulated by a girl that use footjob to keep me under control, I thought I would share my passion.

So I present to you guys:
The Submissive MC Banger list.

SRR discord link:

  1. Walking Through Paradise - refrain

    (RPGM) (Fan Translation, scroll down the thread to find the hand-made translation) This one is one of my all-time favorites basically you are overpowered and 5 greedy girls are trying to make you cum to steal your power. They are being seductive and the game lets you choose to either fall for it or stay strong. (they also hit you a bit. But I'm not gonna lie that's really only to stay in shape).
    Also, the MC has a giga chad body. :unsure:

  2. Tales of Tei

    (RPGM) (Fan Translation) This game was already a banger when it only had a muddy MTL translation. It's a Strike for the first 7 tags above. :oops:. Yup a strike. Context is great, scenes are great, and the girls are trying to make you lose through temptation. Yup, yup, yup, the kinks requirements are easily met. There are four main h-related girls, the first two are non-battle h scenes, and the last 2 are battle fuck h scenes. So pick your poison I guess :whistle:. The rest of the game (Gameplay/Story) is not too shabby as well, the developers tried something a bit innovative for the battle gameplay.

  3. Princess Honey Trap

    (RPGM) (Fan Translation) Another great fit into the banger list. Has most of the kinks you came for, the game tries to make you succumb in mischievous ways, and it has the good old (honestly perfect) context of an MC being overpowered but submissive. That's it. . . . . . . wait a minute . . . Oh wow no, actually that's not just it! Great story with a bit of branching, Animated CG, lots of effort in text writing (if you lose don't reload, you can rematch with renewed dialogues!), and gameplay difficulty is refined to be reasonably challenging. People's only complaint is that the game is a bit short (which is true so I recommend you to not rush it out).
    And pleeeease make the right ending choice, you know there is actually only one way to go. :sneaky:

  4. Temptation Coliseum

    (Edited MTL) Oof this one has a good setup, you are a mage/fighter that participates in a coliseum tournament that has a huuge gold reward for the winner. You are pretty strong but you have a weakness. If you cum you get weaker for some days. Obviously, some malicious girls will try to use that to their advantage both inside and outside the arena. It's a nice setup no? At some point, you even get some super important earrings that everyone wants, and you can guess what happens. :sneaky:

  5. Sanguine Rose

    (Renpy) (Official English) In this one, you capture a dangerous girl. She's the one being jailed but somehow she's taking control. The game has a lot of routes, endings, choices, and a variety of kinks depending on your choices. So you can actually be (sometimes) dominant if you like. But really letting her corrupt you is the way to go. I should mention that the story is refreshing and good.

  6. Succubus Academia

    (RPGM) (Official English) OK, this one has a way over-the-top production. The game fight scenes are beautiful, and the quality of the animations, drawings, music, and colors are way above what you can usually expect for this kind of game. Legit you can jerk off just on the quality of the background transition. The downside is that it's not too heavy on the kinks you came from. But hey it's about succubus trying to kill you through sex, so it's still a thing.

  7. Tower of Alfimia

    (RPGM) (MTL) In this one, you are teleported to an isekai where NPCs are trying to tempt and reverse rape you. (lots are really cute). But really what pushed this game into the banger list is that other real people are teleported as well and some try to take advantage of you. if you like financial domination there is a pink-haired girl at the end of a cave and a bunny girl in the casino waiting for you. Warning tho, the MTL of the game is quite bad... You are going to have to guess some dialogue meaning... o_O

  8. Lewd demon lord and the lost holy grail

    (RPGM) (Official English) I'll quote one of the game dialogue for you (it's a succubus talking to another one): "We'll create a setting where it's easy for him to reveal his secrets, as we slowly dominate his heart... Turning him into a fool, sacrificing his country for perverted pleasures". o_Oo_Oo_O
    This game has insanely good non-battle corruption scene.
    The gameplay is kinda bugged tho (my MC walking animation was always going the wrong way >.<) and the developer is not too good at showing where the map exit is... Don't expect too much from the latter part of the game, the ending was rushed, and the developers were probably done with it. I guess they really only focused on what truly matters lol.

  9. Villainess Quest - Kalgos Temptation of the red ranger

    (RPGM) (Fan Translation, scroll the thread to find it) Does "super sentai" ring a bell for you? it's a cultural thing in japan with power rangers. It's huge enough for people to make porn games on it. So the thing is that you are quite weak but you can use an item (a bracelet) to dress up and transform into "Red force" the power ranger. If done you can easily beat all your enemies. A few scenes are just evil girls using sex to steal your bracelet... Oof, good thing that I am not a power ranger because the earth would have been lost long ago. :ROFLMAO:

  10. A Naughty School Ghost Story ~My Oneshota Great Yokai War~
    (can't share link or pics cause the hero is shota)

    (RPGM) (Fan Translation but the fan translation is almost impossible to find, you will only end up playing the extremely bad MTL version if you look up for this game online. We share a direct link to it on the original post tho) SO yeah about the game, it has dark and mysterious ambiance mhhhh :unsure:, only non battlefuck scenes mhhhh :unsure:, kinky ghost are all over a town mhhhh :unsure:, they got a plan to take over the place mhhhh :unsure:, But for that, they need the MC to submit to lust and cum to empower them MHHHHHHHH :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:. Banger. If you play this game I advise you to wander around and try out stuff because if you rush the story you will only see 4 scenes of the around 13 total.

  11. Succubus Tower 2

    (RPGM) (Fan Translation?) Oh ... I must have made a mistake or something... Because in this game you are not getting drained levels. You are willingly giving it to girls that then empower you in exchange.
    But do not worry, what you can do instead of grinding allies buff, is to give your levels to your main enemy as she mocks you for choosing her instead of your allies. Yup :geek:. And that is ladies and gentlemen, how this game got into the banger list. But otherwise, warning the game is a lot of grinding for not much of the tags above. (has good findom content tho).

  12. Succubus Tamer 2 - White Cat Charlotte and the Hyoko Wizard

    (RPGM) (Fan Translation) Same as entry 9, you are willingly giving your levels. But the story and the art are good.
  13. There's a 10-pics limitation per thread on ulmf so I can't put more.

  14. Lillith in nightmare

    (RPGM) (50% Fan Translation / 50% Edited MTL) This one is a classic if you read the thread until now, then you probably already played this game. It's not my favorite tho as it is mostly battlefucks h scene.

  15. MonGirlDreams

    (Renpy) (Official English) You know, through my journey of findings eroges that I like, I've discovered something really strange. I've discovered that one of the things that turn me on the most is ... Text. :censored: Well if you enjoy well-written erotic scenes that match your kinks (or if you want to read an actual text for once instead of stupid MTL that keeps confusing "You" and "I" :sleep:), you can play this game! But beware the characters are lewd but there is no h-scene. 0. Nonexistent. the void. null. Ahahah what kind of weirdo would like to play this game? Ahahah ... :HideThePain:

  16. Nymphomania Nightmare

    (RPGM) (MTL) Well, this game only barely got into the banger list. While It does match the tags above, you will really enjoy it if you are closer to the masochist type. :eek:.
    In the game, you are a magician forcefully teleported into a dream and the evil girl who sent you into the dream needs you to cum inside to recover her power. So the NPCs of the dream are trying to rape you. Good story setup no? Warning the MTL is shabby.

  17. Revenge Game Cumshot or Death
    (can't share the link cause one girl looks quite young)

    (Unity) (Fan Translation, its an option on the original post of the thread) Basically, you are stuck in a school with 3 girls that hate you. The voice from Saw (the movie) tells everyone that you either die or the girl dies. :eek: in short, if you engage in sex with a girl she has to make you cum, or else she dies after 4 failures. So at first they barely touch the MC and are being mean. but the more they lose the more they panic and are forced to use their body. Interesting. :geek:. The change of expression and dialogue after each loss is well made.

  18. REsolution

    (made with RPGM but you don't move a sprite left and right on a map, you advance the game through a menu) (Fan Translation) I don't recall much of this game but it has at least one nice kinky scene and it's on the banger list. So it must be good.:unsure:]

  19. Bible black

    (VN) (Original English) Old but gold. It's easily a banger. Basically, you are light Yagami and you get the death note. No here's the story: MC gets a book of mystic power and then you choose. But you must try to go with Saeki to her room, she tries to seduce you to take the book of power from you. Oooof it's spicy.

As I said at the beginning, this is only a mirrored thread. And since umlf has 10 pics and 25k character limitation per thread, this is a heavily shortened version of the original post.
So if you're interested in this type of niche content, I would suggest you check the original post. (It contains aswell an Honorable Mention List, a Huge Breast Mention List, an Explanation, and a link to the Submissive Recollection Room Discord and the Doujin Community Account)

Anyway I hope you enjoy your life :coffee:

Bye! (y)