RP: The Avatar and Dragon King


Demon Girl Pro
Jul 21, 2015
This is the Roleplay between RealKorra (Avatar) and kingxx100 (Dragon King)

kingxx100: -slaps your sexy ass with my cum soaked cock-
RealKorra: eek! *moans* oww.
kingxx100: i would tie you up like that myself and fuck you for days only feeding you my cum
RealKorra:o_O *lays on floor, fingering her pussy in front of him* Master..
kingxx100:mmm you are such a slut arnt you korra -softly strokes my huge cock- you really want masters cock then beg for it
RealKorra:*lays on tummy and arches butt up* P... PLEASE *whines*
kingxx100:mmmm you very tempting but do it better. -slaps your ass with my hard cock- well korra???
RealKorra:aww *whines* what do you want me to do Master?
kingxx100:i want you to beg like a total slut that didnt have a cock in years only then do you deserve masters cock
RealKorra:damn.. you're quite unfair xD

kingxx100:dont talk back to master -pushes you face down to the ground and slaps your ass hard- you want this cock so bad then fine -spreads your ass cheeks and slams my entire cock into your ass- mmmm such a tight asshole korra.. I love your tight ass -slams my cock in deeply-
RealKorra: ooh...
kingxx100:-grabs your hair and pulls forcing my thick hard cock deeper inside your tight ass again-
kingxx100:you are my slut, got it? -slaps your ass really hard-
kingxx100:-grabs your legs and spreads them apart, lifting you off the ground and begins fucking you wildly.. slamming my huge cock deeply inside you-
RealKorra:*squeals* stop...
kingxx100:no, you are my slut and i will not stop until i am satisfied -puts my arms around your waist and fucks you on my cock like a cock sleeve- you will become my personal fuck toy.

RealKorra:that's not.. f.. fair.. you're.. per.. pervert.. *blushes*
kingxx100:like i care what fair is and whatnot. the point is i captured you and i'll turn you into a cock slut. korra -pulls you off my cock and points my cock at your pussy- mmm guess where this is going, slut?
RealKorra:n.. no. please. *blushes*
kingxx100:mmmmm i love it when you beg for mercy -put my paws around your waist and shove my giant cock into your pussy in one push the tip goes straight into your womb-
RealKorra:AHHH! *squeals* it's so big! *blushes* so deep... *moans*
kingxx100:mmm i am going to breed you, korra. you will have my children. (btw i am a dragon, forgot to tell you) -begins pumping my cock in and out of you. showing no mercy, making your breasts bounce with each powerful thrust-
RealKorra:gahhh.. *moaning* n.. no.. i'm so hot... you're.. pounding me hard.. *blushes*

kingxx100:mmmm i love your tight pussy -kisses you deeply as i keep on pounding your hole, letting the tip of my cock constantly slide in and out of your womb and my cock begins to pulse heavily-
RealKorra:*squeals* noo... don't come inside me! please! *blushes*
kingxx100:-lets out a loud roar as i cum hard and deep inside your womb, blowing load after load deep inside you-
RealKorra:*screams* AHHHHH!!!!!
kingxx100:-keeps on thrusting for hours until i finally finish cumming inside your belly, all swollen from my cum as it gushes out of your pussy- mmmm your are my cock slut now got it?
RealKorra:hehe mmm *moans* i'm your slut *blushes*
kingxx100:mmm thats good now to finish it all you will clean my cock -pulls it out of your cunt and places it between your breasts with the tip against your mouth-

RealKorra:*looks down, blushes* mhmm... *sucking his cock hard till it's clean all over* satisfied, Master? *blinks*
kingxx100:mmm not yet, there is just one place i forgot to fill up -lifts you up by your hair and shoves my cock down your throat-
RealKorra:*gags, muffled* mmm! *moans, blushes*
kingxx100:-lets your hair go- now show me how a good slut like you sucks a dragon cock
RealKorra:*moans then sucking firmly on his cock* mmm.. *fingers her own pussy* *blushes*
kingxx100:mmm you really know what master likes, now keep going. suck that last load out of my cock -places my paw on her head-
RealKorra:*continues sucking his cock more, looking up at him, blushing* mmm *moans*
kingxx100:mmm so close, my lovely toy.. just a bit more and you will get your favorite drink. -moans loudly feeling my cock throb hard and grows thicker-

RealKorra:mhmm *stroking his cock while sucking hard* *winks*
kingxx100:-roars loudly and cums hard filling your entire load with a very hot and thick cum-mmmmmmmm yes
RealKorra:*surprised by cum gushing into her mouth, drinking his cum all up until he stops* *gulping* ..... .... *blushes*
kingxx100:mmmm you did good, my pet. very good.. master is pleased -rubs her head gently-
RealKorra:*blushes* ahh.. you have very.. arousing taste in your cum.. M.. Master.:
kingxx100:mmm then whenever you want, my dear korra.. come and get a drink of your masters cum next time.
RealKorra:yes, Master. ^_^