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Apr 23, 2013
To you who are reading this, welcome to Magical Burst, H-Edition

For those of you who don't know what Magical Burst is, and I assume that's the majority of you because its a semi-obscure game. Basically, it is a Magical Girl Game where players play as magical girls and battle deamons and monsters. It has a 50 or so page book of rules, but luckily you don't need any of them!

H-Edition has cut out much of the rules, and plays much closer to a freeform RP. Below are the Rules (as we will have them) and Character Creation bits.

Note before we get to far into this, as this is the H-Edition of this, all characters are assumed to be above the age of consent and are either in late highschool or early college/university level of age.

The rules for this game are minimal for the average players, and more control handling of crossovers.

Rule 1
There is no game over condition in this game unless the player wishes to end there game. No matter what happens the player can continue to play, but obviously consequences will happen for losses, and if you let yourself become too corrupted you may have to start playing a villain.

Rule 2
This game can be handled in a multitude of options, either Play by Post, or Sessional through IRC or Skype (though the former is preferred). If you want to do Session style please PM me about it, otherwise I will assume you want to do Play By Post.

Combat Rules
Combat is handled by a 2d8 vs 2d8 roll for the player vs there current enemy. The roll can be modified either in positive or negative ways through, training strength boosting or situations that may result due to the RP (Like missing your weapon or being hit with a stunning attack). During a standard combat round both sides roll twice, once for the players attack and once for the youma's attack. If the difference is more then 5 in the attackers favour, it becomes a critical attack which deals 2 HP damage (or for Magical girls getting hit by crits, they lose 1HP and half of there clothing), and if its more then 5 in the defenders favour then it becomes a counter which deals 1 damage to the attacker.

Each person involved in combat has an HP pool, which is how many hits they can take before they go down. This normally starts at 4HP for player characters, though it can be boosted.

Seed Boosting
Whenever a player character defeats a Youma, they get a seed. These seeds are naturally corrupted due to coming from the Youma, but the players animal companion can purify it for you. Once purified these seeds can be used for three things. First is to boost your attack, which gives you a +1 to your attack rolls from then on (for each seed spent). Second is to boost your defense, which gives you +1 HP for each seed spent. Third is to remove corruption from your person, and removes 10 corruption per seed.

Corruption is more or less a sliding scale, it does not determine when you stop playing your character, it just determines how much corruption you have picked up from losses to Youma. A low corruption score means you are nearly unsullied, and your character is very much 'you.' With a high corruption, your character begins to slip into madness/villainhood. You become much more likely to see something that isn't happening, to want to give in to Youma, and to kill other magical girls for there power. At 100 Corruption you cannot go back bar special circumstances, and you become (in most cases) a witch. A witch in this setting is just an insane/psychotic Magical Girl, though some can be peaceful, most are very dangerous, and they almost always look out for only themselves.

Characters can cross over at any time both players are fine with crossing over. Sometimes there will be major events spawned by a GM that are planned crossover events, these events usually involve major villains and will be broadcast ahead of time.

During gameplay, there will be occasional to regular incidents where the story can branch for the player character. At these points usually 3 or more optionals will be given. These tend to show up when the player loses as they allow the player to decide the degree of humiliation/severity of the consequences the loss causes. These come in 6 different flavours.

Advantage: These are the rarest optionals, they allow the player to succeed/escape in the short term, in exchange for long term negatives, like having to burn out some of there power to escape and losing the effects of a seed powerup.

Normal: The lightest of the negative optionals, this will usually result in some smaller penalty in the long term, but in exchange you usually don't suffer the effects of stronger optionals. Though occasionally these penalties can have severe consequences or lead to other potential dangers in the short term unlike advantage.

Dirty: This option usually results in your character being raped once, and then the creature leaves. This results in the character gaining corruption and the small risk for getting impregnated but usually gives some long term benefit, like a small power boost or making the next youma you encounter weaker.

Dark: This is rare, and can be at any degree of severity. The negative effect does not involve rape or capture though, and usually is more focused toward being badly wounded or mentally injured.

Cruel: This is the route for people who like capture scenarios. These usually result in larger corruption gains and garunteed pregnancy as your character is stolen away to be used by the beasts for some time (the length of capture will depend on future optionals). Though usually you gain some serious boosts out of this. Such as extra power or safety against certain kinds of Youma depending on how you pick your options during the capture. You can also be saved by other players if you are captured.

Insane: These are the highest consequence option. Usually resulting in the fast track toward gaining alot of corruption. Though this route can also result in some unintended effects, and can open up entirely new avenues of play or power sets.
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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Rules & Character Thread

The City

The Magical Burst Roleplay takes place in the Metropolis of Moonlight City (Gekkō-shi.) The City is massive, with millions of people living within its greater city region, and there are entire smaller cities within the larger one. To help deal with this, the city has been cut up into multiple sections, each with major characters and locations. Any players in the same section of city will have a much easier time crossing over with eachother, and consequences from one characters actions can effect other characters in the area much more often. As characters pick regions, more things will be filled out about them as the regions gain more history.

North Region

The North region is relatively calm, and there are only a few magical girls that operate in the area. There are no real major magical girls in the area and few Youma at all, much less any of note.

Northwest Region

A low population density region, though with a rather high youma count as they bleed over from the West region. Occasionally sees support from the North Region. Currently home to most of the longest running Magical Girls in the city, two of them being, the 6 year veteran Emi, and the 4 year veteran Megumi. Natsuki, Yukiko and her friend Hibiki are the other magical girls in this region.

West Region

One of the highest combat regions. This region has both the highest amount of magical girls and the highest amount of Youma in it. The Valkyrie Team operates in this area, and its five members are one of the biggest reasons it hasn't been overrun yet and they have rescued countless magical girls from terrible fates.

Southwest Region

Similar in youma density to Northwest region, though with more magical girls in the region. Mostly because few can live in the South or Southeastern regions and its close enough that they can patrol the South region. The newest magical girl in this region is Alisia.

South Region

Home to the only currently existing youma of the 'King' class, and is known as the Lizard King. No magical girls live in this region, but patrols venture into this region from Southwest and Western Regions. It is highly ill advised for any girl to enter this region alone.

Southeast Region

Another zone that entry for magical girls is ill advised. Well the primary youma in this region is not up to King status yet, they are rapidly approaching that level. Unlike the Lizard King, the primary youma of the Southeastern region rarely leaves his territory, and is generally considered non threatening as long as you stay away from him. There is also a rumour of a large amount of witches in the region.

East Region

A very spread out region, has a large number of magical girls and youma, but they are spaced out so far that help is few and far between for anyone in the region. This is because it extends over multiple minor townships. A region renown for both many girls disappearing without a trace, and many extremely powerful lone wolf girls coming out of it.

Northeast Region

Northeast Region does not really encompass any part of the central Moonlight City area, its closest border is 20km away from the downtown core. Like East region it is mostly comprised of small townships, but like North region it is very peaceful. What few youma show up in this region tend to be very crafty though, and what girls live out here tend to be just as crafty to keep up with them.
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