SEW: Season 2 Rules + Character Creation (2.1 update in second post)


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Sep 29, 2017
Disclaimer: Some parts have been shamelessly ripped off from the previous rule set.

Space Erotica Wresling Rules- Season Two

Basic Rules:

Additive to the rules: If you are able to draw cards, and doing so would leave you over your MAX CARD LIMIT of 10, you may either choose not to draw cards that would put you over your limit, OR RESHUFFLE cards in your hand back into your Stamina Deck and draw the new cards.

Character Sheet:

Crowd Interference Rules:

Underdog Cards:

Match Types:

Damage Calculation:
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Demon Girl
Sep 29, 2017
SEW 2.1 Update

All rules carry over from 2.0 unless specifically mentioned in this update.

Damage is now calculated using d8 instead of d10

Pinned as a game state is removed entirely.

Whoever goes first at the start of the match or beginning of the round now picks the starting game state between Standing and Grappled.

Recovery cards no longer differentiate between hp/pp/wp before being played. Instead the mode is chosen while being played. The % recovery has been increased as well.

Recovery cards can no longer be played as a "bluff" in PvE and may be optionally decided upon in PvP. They follow the same rules as attack and defense cards when bluffing is disabled and are only able to be used in pairs during a recovery action.

Formulaic changes:

Foreplay now uses Cha(d8) + Sex for damage

Foreplay return damage increased

Strikes: (Strike Value = Card Value + Dexterity + Striking)
Damage: (Strength)d8 + Striking

Strike Defense: (Escape Grapple = Card Value + Dexterity(or)Reflexes + Striking)

Grapples: (Grapple Value = Card Value + Strength + Grappling)

Grapple Defense: (Escape Grapple = Card Value + Strength(or)Reflexes + Grappling)

Foreplay: (Grapple Value = Card Value + Dexterity + Sexual)
Damage: Charisma(d8) + Sexual

Foreplay Defense: (Escape Grapple = Card Value + Strength(or)Reflexes + Sexual)

Penetration: (Grapple Value = Card Value + Strength + Sexual)
Damage: Sexual(d8) *2 + Charisma

Penetration Defense: (Escape Grapple = Card Value + Dexterity(or)Reflexes + Sexual)

Penetration return damage: (Charisma(d8) + Sexual) (*3) (/4)
Note: This uses the defender’s stats.

Damage Mitigation: (Evasion)d8 /2 (this is no longer rounded down)

Willpower damage: (DMG * Int) / (enemy Fort*4)

Recovery: (Recovery Value = 2*[Card Value + Fortitude] [+10 for HP/PP or +3 for WP] )
Note: When playing a recovery card you must specify what single stat to recover.

Gameplay changes:

In the instance that both players choose foreplay/penetration while in a neutral grapple, I may allow both actions to happen simultaneously. The winner will deal damage as normal while the loser deals half damage as normal. In the case of a tie in this instance, then both players will deal damage as normal to each other.

Orgasm stun and Knockdown stun last 1 turn allowing the dominant player a free action.

The dominant player may choose one from the following actions during the free turn: Strip opponent naked, Perform foreplay/penetration to attack WP directly, Do Nothing, or Recover by playing Recovery cards as per normal Recovery action rules, except that these cards will recycle back into the deck instead of being placed in the discard deck.

When a player is at 50% or less HP, they will receive the "Weakened" state. By itself this status does nothing, but if a character is Knocked Down by having 0 HP then a penalty of -1 will be applied for each stack of Weakened a player has. If a player has 3 stacks of Weakened and is knocked down, they are instead Knocked Out and lose the match.

When a player is at 50% or less PP, they will receive the "Aroused" state. Aroused causes the multiplier to Fortitude to reduce by one for each stack of Aroused a player has. This will increase the amount of WP damage dealt to a player when they are damaged by any means. If a player is forced to orgasm by any means and has 3 stacks of Aroused, they will be Ahegao and lose the match.

At the beginning of a round all penalties from Weakened and Aroused are removed as well as the number of stacks of each being decreased by 1.

I probably forgot stuff, but I will post it here when I remember what it was I am missing or feel needs to be changed.
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