ShadowWolf's Streaming - Cities: Skylines Derpery (Maybe)


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: ShadowWolf's Streaming - Cities: Skylines Derpery (Maybe)

Okay, I've actually got the Mass Transit expansion for Cities: Skylines now, and I'm going to be looking into a possible setup that may allow me to see the Twitch chat as well, so I might be doing another Cities: Skylines stream sometime this week. If I do, it'll be a new map... And might even be working on setup for a different idea.

However, I'm also considering attempting to drum up another person to do an online "co-op" (or Dual-Troll) run of Home Improvisation... Which is pretty much an OCDer's nightmare with just one person playing. Two people should have great potential for hilarity. Whoever the second person is, I'll be insisting on doing a voice chat with them, just to add to the commentary if nothing else.