Somewhere in Kentucky... (OOC thread)


King of the Impossible
May 5, 2009
This thread is for OOC discussions. You can leave questions or suggestions here so that I can respond to them at the earliest oppurtunity. I will also put rule changes here as issues become apparent.


So after the shootout between Brea Langray (Mind Flayer) and some basic Boorus, I've figured that basic starting weapons are seriously less that lethally dangerous, which is unacceptable. Brea spent three turns unloading an LMG into one of the aliens at point black, and it just got tired. The same thing would have happened to a human in the same situation, which would have been ridiculous.

So I'm upping the lethality of most of the basic weapons. Especially the free one.

After that I'm going to write out the stealth and detection rules so that people know what to expect when they walk into a dark room with monsters, or walk around in broad daylight. I guess that also means I need to formalise the Cover and Concealment rules.

5mm Pistol and Machine Pistol DT was 50% -> now 40%
9mm Pistol and Machine Pistol DT was 40% -> now 35%
5mm SMG DT was 45% -> now 35%
9mm HSMG DT was 35% -> now 30%
Billpup and ARM DT was 45% -> now 40%
AC7 and ARK DT was 35% -> now 30%
Family Guy DT was 45% -> now 40%
MMG DT was 35% -> now 30%
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