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Spelljammer ERP Session Transcripts (edited)


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Howdy, folks. As many of you probably know, there's a new chat available for forum use, the . We've recently begun playing a freeform ERP based loosely on the old Spelljammer AD&D setting. So far I've been acting as DM, and players have included Caulder, lurker, Shrike7, and SinfulWolf. I've recently begun recording these sessions, with the idea of occasionally posting them.

In this particular session, we found ourselves short a few players. Shrike and lurker decided to play as Fyaria (a drow female known for enjoying well-endowed males of the monstrous variety, normally an NPC but played by Shrike in this instance) and Rylgos (a mute female drider played by lurker, specializing in the use of her crossbow) have to find a new cook for the ship, after the old cook is killed in port. Most of the action occurs between the drider and an elven female, so expect cunnilingus, webbing bondage, domination, and oviposition. Enjoy!

Third Game Session, 16 November 2014, Part One (finding a cook):

Shrike7: Anything we can do with just us drow-likes? XD I would suggest the ritual, but kinda wanted Mina around for that one.

Hope62: Hrm...

lurker twiddles multiple legs '3'

Hope62: I'm trying to think of something that would involve just the two of you. I was planning a minor subplot in port (minor spoiler: your cook is dead and you have to find a new one or risk eating dry rations the whole trip).

Hope62: But that might not really involve the drider.

Hope62: There's also Fyaria, who wants to get her some drider loving.

lurker: True, but then again with everyone else 'occupied' who's going to defend the captain? ','

Hope62: But that doesn't involve Elise.

Shrike7: We could split up then, I suppose.

Hope62: Or I could let you play Fyaria, Shrike. :3

Shrike7: XD

Hope62: Well, I guess we could have drider and drow go on the cook quest together.

lurker: I has no complaints '3'

Hope62: Up to you guys. Drider-love, or Cook-quest?

Hope62: Or we could even combine the two. The task of finding a new cook is too trivial for Elise, so Fyaria (played by Shrike) and drider are sent.

Hope62: Wacky hijinks ensue!

lurker: Heh

Hope62: And I cannot for the life of me recall the drider's name. I remember it was complicated.

Shrike7: That's not a bad idea. Not sure if I'm feeling up to take massive drider ovipositor today, though XD

lurker: Rylgos for the dridername ','

Shrike7: Rylgoth? Close, not quite.

Hope62: Rylgos. I'll try to remember.

lurker: I got it all on notepad over here :p

Hope62: Well, maybe Fyaria is recovering from all the dicks she took last night.

Hope62: She might just be doing some flirty stuff and foreplay, kinda setting up Rylgos for later loving.

Shrike7: i spose if Lurk's up for that, nobody likes a tease, you know. *nods*

Hope62: I'm sure there are more ways to finish off a drider than to take in all their eggs. xD

lurker: Yer acting like she'd not find ways to be devious back :p

Hope62: Oh, and one more thing. Find me pictures, please. Of Rylgos, of Elise, and of Fyaria. Though I think you already had two for Elise, Shrike.


[Rename] lurker -> Rylgos

Shrike7: humanoid: http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/picture.php?albumid=100&pictureid=14474 and the hybrid and spider forms:

[Rename] Shrike7 -> Elise

Rylgos: Luckily I got a way to show off Rylgos, once I piece it together ',';

Elise: Are you drawing it yourself?

Rylgos: Nah, bits and pieces on Secondlife ',';

Elise: Ah, I see.

Hope62: Neat. :3

[Rename] Hope62 -> DM62

DM62: ((So I figure we'll start with Shrike playing Elise and me playing Fyaria, then Shrike will take over once the quest begins.))

Rylgos: ((Rightright))

Elise: (( *nods* alrighty* ))

DM62: It is first morning in port for the Spider's Kiss. Elise has slept in past her usual waking time, and is awoken by the ship's bells for 0800. Mina is wrapped in her arms as the "little spoon," and both drow and surface elf have moved to the left side of the bed, as they made a mess of the right side last night.

DM62: Rylgos wakes up at the bells as well, suspended in her webbing. The majority of her new shipmates have not gone out of their way to greet her--they avoid her with a mix of fear and loathing, which is pretty much what Rylgos has come to expect from the majority of drow and other inferior races. The only exception so far has been a few of the officers, and the hyper-feminine drow female that gave her a lustful look the previous night.

Elise: The drow extricated herself, leaving Mina asleep for now, stretching slightly before getting dressed and making her prayers to Lolth in the small shrine she kept in her room. The bells rang normally, so she knew the ship was all well for the time being, so she made her way to the galley first, looking for breakfast.

DM62: On her way to the galley, Elise passes the minotaur's door. She hears pounding, grunting, and moaning from within--it would seem that the minotaur is either up early for morning sex, or spent the whole night fucking. The deep voice rumbles from within, "Good morning, skipper. Join you for breakfast in a little while."

Rylgos stretches in her hammock slightly, a yawn being stifled by a arm as she slowly extracates herself from the webbing. Taking a few moments to extract a few things from her pack, the drider preens her hair back in order, straightens her clothing, and follows the general rush of crew to find some food, returning any dirty look she got in turn.

Elise smirks, pausing at the door for a moment to answer. "One of those nights you're going to kill your toy there, Bas. Don't take too long." She said, continuing on.

DM62: Elise and Rylgos arrive at the galley at the same time. Within, the early-rising drow are picking listlessly at their food. Shel'thuud, the yuan-ti navigator, is not eating, sitting at the officer's table with her arms folded. "Captain, good morning. I hope you've got a plan to fix this."

DM62: The food smells horrid--the eggs have been burnt, and the meat is undercooked and overspiced. The food seems barely edible in its current state.

Elise frowned. "You'd do better to treat your captain with a little more respect, Shel'thuud. -Especially- before she's eaten." She warned, reminding the long-time officer of the few times she's changed form and literally eaten members of the crew, though usually for a great deal more serious offenses than bad attitude. "What problem has you so riled up?"

Elise: ((damn ninja DM, with your multiple posts :p ))

DM62: ((Heh.))

Rylgos wrinkles her nose and makes a face of disgust upon catching the scent of the food. Seeing the commotion with the captain and her navigator, she scuttles over to listen and perhaps assist.

Rylgos: ((Also, Rylgos refs, hot out of the oven - http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/album.php?albumid=720&pictureid=14488 http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/album.php?albumid=720&pictureid=14489 ))

Elise: ((Very nice))

DM62: "Yes, Captain, begging your pardon, but it's the cook! Apparently he split off from his group last night and never came back. The word is that he tried his hand at a knife-fight for money, and lost. And, no offense, but there aren't very many good cooks among the drow, Captain." The yuan-ti indicates the rancid food on her plate.

DM62: ((I approve, lurker. :3 ))

[Private] Elise -> DM62: what's the slutty drow's name again, Faeydra?

[Private] DM62 -> Elise: Fyaria. And while she IS slutty, she's also a very proficient thief. And she's one of two crew members who really know Hades's Stone, the other being Bas.

Elise: "I see," Elise said, her frown deepening as she inspected the food herself. Glancing about at the few other crew around, she made mental note of who was doing what for duties for the day. "Fyaria, head into the port and confirm our cook is dead. If that's the case, find a replacement or two, and bring them here so I can meet them. Take Rylgos with you."

DM62: The drow snaps to attention. She still looks a little tired and a little sore, but much better than she was last night. "Aye-aye, Captain. Who's Rylgos?"

Elise: "The new crewmember you were eyeing on the way home last night." The captain answered with a smirk, nodding towards the drider.

Fyaria blushes deeply. "Aye, ma'am."

Rylgos perks up a bit as well, having been near the Captain at this point. Managing to catch her attention, she signed a quick 'Yes captain'. She gets a slight flush at Elise's comment but takes it in stride, straightening her equipment harness for a second now she had to leave the ship.

Elise: "And make sure the new cook is actually interested in the job. Nice as it would be to have one less share to split, I don't want some slave cook trying to poison our food, hmm?" Elise said, giving the food one more disgusted look before leaving it alone, heading back to her room briefly to gather one of her scrolls.

DM62: The group hears a roar. At the other end of the galley, Bas is holding a female drow against the bulkhead by her throat. "YOU STUPID BITCH! The cook disappears, apparently dead in a knife-fight, and I have to find out the next morning?! And the Captain has to find out at breakfast! I should pop out your eyes!" The female drow squirms under the first mate's fury.

Rylgos winces, her ears twitching at the screams and yells from the other side of the galley. She glances towards Fyaria, figuring she'd be getting up soon to do the task but leaving her to her, er, breakfast.

DM62: As it turns out, the drow is the officer of the deck from the previous night.

Fyaria signs to Rylgos, "Nice to meet you. I've got to get my gear from the crew hold, and weapons from the armoury."

Rylgos seems surprised at Fyaria's choice to use sign, and quickly signs back 'I will meet you at the boarding ramp, then,' soon scuttling off to that location until Fyaria's ready.

Elise walked past the pair into the hall calmly, not even sparing the drow a glance as the minotaur tore into her. Gathering the scroll she wanted from her room, she went back to the galley, calmly sitting at the officer's table and using the scroll to summon enough food for the officers, once things calmed down. It was a little bland, but much better than the slop whoever decided to try their hand at breakfast had made.

DM62: Bas stops by the officer's table long enough to apologize for the incident and explain that he'll be "addressing the issue" with the drow, personally. He then hauls the drow off to his quarters for punishment--which means that his personal slave will get a much-needed break, at least for a day or two.

Fyaria buckles on leather armor and retrieves her six daggers from the armory--two she carries in the open, and then the four that she hides about her person. She does not take long to reach the ramp.

Elise: Elise gave a nod. "Take some food with you, it won't last for long." She said simply.

DM62: Bas nods, taking a large handful of food with him... and stuffing a napkin into the mouth of his detainee.

Rylgos had taken a second to retrieve the rest of her gear from her hammock, but had still beaten Fyaria to the ramp, waiting for the drow patiently. When she arrives, she gives a nod of acnolegement.

[Rename] Elise -> Fyaria

Fyaria: "Alright then." Fyaria signed, heading down the ramp and into town.

Rylgos nods, shifting her crossbow a little on the strap now hanging from her shoulders- ready in case she needs it, but still loose and non-threatening.

DM62: ((Fyaria can think of three places she might check: the harbour master, local taverns, or the slave auction. She could also try recruiting from a restaurant, but restaurant owners don't typically like that.))

Fyaria: ((gonna head to the fighting pits first, confirm the cook is actually dead.))

DM62: The Blood Pits is the main fighting arena in the port, and currently closed for business. There's a one-eyed hobgoblin with a bucket of body parts and gore--he's picking up pieces from last night, obviously.

DM62: "We're closed, you two. Come back in about three hours."

Rylgos wrinkles her nose in disgust at the gore, giving a bit of a frown as she crosses her arms. Still, she stays back and lets Fyaria speak, what with her having the actual voice.

Fyaria: "Just here to check up on a fight last night. Our ship's cook was in one, human, knife fighter, shaggy brown hair. Remember him?" She answered, using a hand to indicate the man's general height.

DM62: "Remember him? Yeah, I'll never forget. He's the one who took on the elven kineticist." He growls. "That's why cleaning is taking so long today. Usually, our fighters end up in a few big pieces, instead of a million little ones."

Fyaria: "Heard he had died, didn't hear it was so messy." The drow answered, pausing a second. "Hmm... What's your policy on the dead fighter's belongings?" She asked, looking to get some benefit from this sudden job, besides the company, of course.

DM62: "Heh. I'm the guy who cleans up body parts. If I find anything, I usually keep it... but normally the owners have already ransacked the arena before I get here."

Fyaria: "Shame." Fyaria said, giving a shrug and turning to head off. "Guess that's all then, thanks." She said, starting back towards the taverns. Switching back to sign, she started a conversation with Rylgos on the way. "So, you were hired for the next job, hmm?"

Rylgos follows as they finally leave the gore pit, glancing occasionally at the surroundings as they walked, signing back at the questions. 'I guess that is one way to put it. The Lady requested me specifically to assist, so I guess it's more of a third-party hire.'

Fyaria: "Oh, interesting. Does that mean you know something we don't, perhaps?"

DM62: The first tavern they reach on their route from the fighting pits is The Dripping Cunt, a saloon made large enough to accomodate large creatures, where Fyaria herself accomodated several large creatures last night. And one huge creature.

Rylgos: 'If anything, even less, just enough to know we're hunting flayers. I'm just a hired blade, and I'm lucky I even know what your ship name is. Then again, not too easy to communicate when very little creatures speak sign,' she counters back, giving a bit of a shrug for emphasis.

Fyaria: "Yeah, I was going to ask about that. Lose your tongue somewhere? Cause that would be a shame." She signed back, giving a smirk and a lewd wink as they went up to the tavern. Fyaria led the way in, glancing about. She recognized a few of the employees about, but very few of the customers, this early in the morning.

DM62: The bartender, an ogre with multiple battle scars and a rather huge musculature, saunters over. He frowns down at Fyaria. "Hrmph. I didn't think you'd be moving for at least a few days. You're a resilient one, you are. Get you two anything? We don't start the shows for a few hours, yet."

Rylgos flushes a little bit at the woman's comment, her ears twitching slightly. 'The goddess had quite the... sense of humor about my situation, by what I could tell,' she comments, though again prepares to keep quiet as Fyaria's about to be distracted with their task.

Fyaria smirked at the bartender's comment, recognizing him from the night before. "Business this trip, not pleasure. Later tonight, maybe. Today though, I'm in search of a cook to replace the idiot that went and died on our crew. Don't want to poach yours, but do you know any others?"

DM62: "Hrm. Well... you might want to ask over at the First Bar. One of their bartenders is an out-of-work cook. She'll in town looking for something or other. Drugs or something, I dunno. Human. Chestnut-brown hair. Green eyes. Perky tits, but keeps 'em covered. The bitch."

Rylgos smirks a little at the ogre's comment but doesn't otherwise reply at that.

Fyaria gave a sultry smile, reaching up to draw her finger along the line of her own mostly-bared breasts. "A shame. Thanks for the info." She said, heading back out again.

DM62: The ogre unabashedly stares at her breasts, and watches the drow's ass as the group leaves the bar. A mind-flayer leads an elven male through the thoroughfare. The First Bar is within sight--it would seem that it just opened for business. The First Bar isn't built to accomodate large creatures, though Rylgos could probably work her way inside carefully. It's a more traditional saloon, made to accomodate medium creatures--and most of the sex happens in private rooms.

Rylgos follows Fyaria as she leaves, her back shuddering a bit as the ogre ogles her spinnerets. Still, upon reaching the next bar, she signs to Fyaria quickly. "Perhaps it's best if I stay outside, I'd probably surprise a few patrons not expecting a creature of my size in there."

Fyaria: Leading the way again, Fyaria paused just outside. "If you want. Stay close though, just in case." She signed. Just inside, She glanced towards the bar first, to see if the bartender on shift was the one she wanted to see.

Rylgos gives a nod in reply, holding her crossbow in her arm as she curls her legs into a sitting position.

DM62: The bartender is currently a drow male, cleaning the bar with a rag while waiting for customers. No one else is in sight, inside the bar.

Fyaria: Giving a short tsk, Fyaria strode up to the bar. "Morning. Have you seen the other bartender around, by chance? Human woman, brown hair, green eyes, great personality?" She asked, gripping her own chest at that last list item.

DM62: The man smirks at Fyaria. "Good morning, hon. Nice tits, but that's not exactly MY game. Rynil should be starting her shift within the hour." This drow is an extremely obvious homosexual male.

DM62: Outside the bar, Rylgos feels a hand patting her abdomen. "Um, excuse me?" She hears a female voice addressing her in Undercommon.

Rylgos had spent a good amount of time sitting watch, though the hand on her backside surprised her. She glances back, her hands having scooped up her crossbow but didn't wheel it around. She waited to see who or what it was before she tried to sign out the usual 'I'm sorry, I'm mute.'

DM62: The bartender offers Fyaria a drink while she waits.

DM62: Rylgos sees a short human female, dressed rather conservatively for this town, with just a hint of cleavage. Full breasts, chestnut hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin. "Um, hi!" ((We'll use this for now: ))

Rylgos blinks a little bit, realizing this might be the woman they were seeking. "Yes?" she quickly tries to sign out.

DM62: The human seems confused at the sign. "Er... I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to sell a few of your unfertilized eggs? Not many appreciate this, but they're amazing when properly prepared." She looks up at the drider hopefully.

Fyaria: "Mmm, a shame on both counts." She said, taking a seat and the drink both, and sliding a coin back across in return. "So, not your game, eh? Do you pitch, or catch, then?"

Rylgos isn't too surprised at her lack of sign registration, and with a practiced movement pulls a pad of paper from her bag, scribbling out a quick note. "I certainly see no problem with that, though I also think there was a collegue of mine looking for you. She's currently inside."

DM62: The human looks a bit confused by the use of the note, then looks up at the drider. "Mute? I see. Well, I guess I'll just... go talk to your friend? I'll be right back!" She saunters into the bar, and at this point Fyaria notices her.

Rylgos flushes a bit in embarrassment as she nods. She relaxes slightly, her eyes returning to watching the street.

DM62: "Honey, I'm multi-talented." The bartender gives the drow female a wink. "Oh, and here's Rynil. I think she's the one you were looking for."

Fyaria: Fyaria chuckled, sipping her drink and glancing at the door. "Aye, she seems to match. Thanks for the drink." She said, lifting off her seat and heading towards the woman there. "Hi there, honey. I'm told you're quite a cook. How would you like a job cooking, hmm?"

DM62: The woman raises an eyebrow. "Can't do it just right now. Got something I need to take care of in town, first. Or... maybe you and your friend can help me with that? I'm Rynil, by the way." She offers Fyaria her hand.

Fyaria: "Fyaria." She answered, giving a shake. "Our ship is heading out in the morning I think, so we have until then. Let's head back outside, and hear what you need done."

DM62: "Um... Mar'telus, can you cover me for now? You still owe me from that party last month." She arranges to have her shift covered, and follows the drow outside. "The thing is, someone in town stole my spice rack. I need to have it stolen back. It has rare spices that I've collected, bought, and bartered for over the past decade."

Rylgos listens in as the two return outside, giving a quick signing to Fyaria to ask to translate for her. "Do you know who the thief was, or maybe the location it got stashed?"

Fyaria: Fyaria gives a nod, standing beside Rylgos. "Doesn't sound too difficult." She said, translating the drider's question for her.

DM62: "Yeah... that's the hard part. She's the Old Lady's secretary. A succubus. Usually assumes the form of a blonde female human." Her brows furrow. "When she leaves the Old Lady's stronghold, she stays at one of the nicer homes in the West Portion, which is a secure area for the extremely wealthy residents of Hades' Stone."

Fyaria: "Ah, I know of her. That's quite the high order, don't you think?" Fyaria answered, grimacing slightly. "Though we should at least know when she isn't home. Any idea if she keeps pets?"

Rylgos widens her eyes a little, having recognized the succubus from her hiring. "Secure from the ground at least," she signs over to Fyaria. "Perhaps with the right distractions, I could climb in and acquire the spice rack before she can notice?"

DM62: Rynil shrugs. "From what I hear, she's got some kind of menagerie in her basement. Everything from wargs to dryads. She's been known to host orgies for the town's elite from time to time, though not tonight."

Fyaria: "I was worried more about guard pets, but very interesting. At least the spice rack shouldn't be down there. Sounds like a second story entrance is the way to go, though. I wouldn't mind calling up one of the ship's mages to check for magical protections, though. Think the captain would go for that?"

Rylgos shrugs. 'Compared to suffering the breakfast of today, I think she'd try anything.'

DM62: Rynil's eyes get a little wider. "Erm... there's one more minor detail. The West Portion is actually a wild-magic zone. So... just be careful with using magic over there. There have been... incidents. Recently, it was an overpowered Enlarge spell used during coitus."

Fyaria: "Well, then I doubt she's got any magical protections up, the wild magic would make sure they didn’t work very well, or very long." Fyaria said, glancing at the port's timekeeper. "She should be on shift at the Lady's house now, as well. No better time than the present, shall we be off?"

Rylgos nods as well. "At the very least, scouting mission, if not infiltration. Either way, it is a good time."

DM62: Rynil raises an eyebrow at this. "It IS a secure community. We'll have to sneak or bluff our way past the guards at the gate."

Fyaria: "Not a problem." Fyaria answered confidently. "Especially since we shouldn't need to use the gate at all, right Rylgos?"

Rylgos nods in reply with a smirk, her back legs rubbing a bit. "Indeed."
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Re: Spelljammer ERP Session Transcripts (edited)

Third Game Session, 16 November 2014, Part Two (the heist and the "elf puppy"):
DM62: ((So what's the party doing? Heading for a less-frequented part of the wall between the West Portion and the rest of the town?))

Fyaria: ((Sounds like a plan. Hop over, act like we belong.))

Rylgos: ((Would be smart, I doubt we'd be able to sneak in right near the gate))

DM62: The wall seems to have regular patrols by individual guards, dressed in plain clothes and carrying concealed weapons. Any given part of the wall has a guard pass it every fifteen minutes.

DM62: You find a part of the wall not visible from the gate.

Fyaria: "This looks good." Fyaria said, leaning against the wall and pulling a tabacco stick from a small pouch. "Wait here till the next patrol passes, give it a minute or two, and up and over. Either of you want one?" She said, holding the pouch out for the others.

DM62: "No thanks." Rynil politely refuses.

Rylgos leans against the wall casually as well, idly figiting her legs and taking a second to stretch her arms. She shakes her head as well, simply moving her crossbow from the torso sling to the back harness.

DM62: On schedule, the guard passes the area of the wall, giving a courteous greeting as he walks by the smoking drow and her two companions.

Rylgos nods to the guard as he walked by, naturally trying not to be too suspicious.

Fyaria: Fyaria smiles and waves back, the guard having a wonderful view from his higher perch. She had finished her break a minute or so after the guard passed, carefully putting the small nub out and tucking it into another pouch. "That should be good enough. Rylgos, if you please? Remember that we shouldn't leave anything for the next guard by to notice on the wall."

Rylgos nods, and rapidly grabs the two woman, being as gentle as possible as she clutches them close to her body around thier waists. After that, she takes a few seconds to strap them onto her with a few lines of webbing around the waist, and rapidly the drider's legs began to blur, gripping the stone of the wall and starting the ascent at a rapid rate.

DM62: Rynil blushes at being held so close, carefully averting her eyes from the drider's magnificent bust. The party makes it over the wall without difficulty.

Fyaria takes the chance to grip the drider a little more firmly, the hand under her front softly teasing the underside of Rylgos' bust, out of sight byt heir mass. Giving the drider a sly wink if she glanced over, she stayed attached abit longer than was necessary for the drider to get the webbing back off her. "That's the first step. Rynil, you know where her house is?"

Rylgos reverses down the wall just as rapidly, setting her companions down and releasing the web strap off of them, blushing at the stealth grope but doesn't comment much more than a quick adjustment at the webbing that acted as her top under the vest she wore. She too glanced to Rynil in a questioning manner.

DM62: Rynil points up the hill. "See that mansion, a few blocks down? With the red brick fence? That's the one." She's still blushing slightly from the ride, but maintains her composure, tying her hair back in a ponytail.

Fyaria: "Long sightlines, tis a shame. We'll just have to be fast, once we get started. Let's do a loop around, see what there is to see. Open windows, guards or servants, any indication of defenses, that sort of thing." She said, starting off in a casual pace.

Rylgos nods as well, following the others and staring at the place as well. She glances between windows and other entries, trying to think of a good penetration point for her to use in case they go with a distraction technique.

Fyaria: "Try not to look so obvious. Glance at the other places around as well, look bored."

Rylgos looks embarrassed at that but quickly changes her focus, only occasionally glancing back at the mansion for a apraisal.

DM62: The top windows are all of the shutter variety, currently closed. The front lawn is the largest in its vicinity, approximately 100 feet wide and 50 feet long. Towards the front of the yard, a blonde female elf is claimed to what looks to be a doghouse, with a sign: "I'm a bad puppy. My mistress says you can punish me." She appears to have already been "punished" by a number of neighbors.

DM62: The back yard is much smaller. Entry on the ground floor to the house appears to be a main front entrance, and a rear entryway that seems mostly suited to delivery and slave use. There is also a front balcony on the second story, overlooking the neighborhood. A male orc stands on the balcony with his arms crossed, an axe in his left hand. He idly watches the party go by.

DM62: Oh, and the chained elf is also wearing doggy ears and what looks to be a tail buttplug.

Fyaria: "Ooo, yum. Well, if we need a distraction, I think we've found one." She said, licking her lips slightly at the chained woman. "Guard on the second floor, but not facing the rear entrance, which looks easier anyways."

Rylgos nods slowly, flushing at seeing the elf woman. "That's just the outside, though. Who knows how many other slaves a succubus has acquired and stashed, perhaps a good chunk of her furnishings to boot. As for the spice chest, I'd assume that'd either be in the kitchen, or she have it hidden to avoid this very situation."

DM62: Rynil shakes her head. "True, but most of the business of the house is conducted from the rear entrance. One loyal servant could sound the alarm. Entry by the front is safer, once someone gets past the guard."

Fyaria nodded. "I can sneak by. Give me every detail of this spice rack you can think of, and I'll get in and check the kitchen. You two will be on distraction duty. I suggest the poor puppy, should get his blood boiling well enough to keep focused there."

DM62: Rynil describes the rack in great detail, then stops. "Wait... distraction? With... with the elf?" She blushes a bright red.

Rylgos hums a little at Fyaria's words, smriking a bit at her suggestion. "Certainly an attempt, and if he gets too warm he may need some extra company," she teased back, ticking her front legs together. "If that happens he'll be easily down for the count."

DM62: Rynil is now entirely red-faced. "Um... I don't know if I can DO that. I'm not... I've never been with a woman before and..."

Rylgos hums lightly, getting her notepad and writing a note down before passing it to Rynil. "Well you did want some eggs, right?" She tries to look a little innocent, though the glint in her eyes seem to hint at a little more deviousness.

Fyaria chuckled. "Mmm, you'll likely learn. But later, rather not have you be all awkward for the distraction. Just stand nearby and watch. Maybe entice the orc, of you're comfortable with that. Means you're the main show though Rylgos, try and save some for later, hmm?"

DM62: "You're going to... in her?!" She takes a deep breath. "I guess I could play the role of observer. Maybe collect the eggs... after."

DM62: ((This is also my way of ensuring that the players get to do all the really fun stuff for now.))

Rylgos flushes a little and gives a weak little chuckle, writing another note. "I can save that for later, of course. It may be a bad idea trying to put the eggs in a creature that well-used, and all that. Just stand back, and if you really start to get warm let me know."

DM62: "Um... um, okay. I'll just watch for now. Uh... thanks." She seems to be a little less panicked by the idea of watching the drider take advantage of the poor elf puppy.

Rylgos nods to Rynil, and then quickly signs to Fyaria. "Give me a few moments, the orc should get distracted quick enough." After that, the Drider would move to the front lawn, purposefully moving towards the elf, naughty plots starting in her mind.

Fyaria: "That does it then." Fyaria said, giving Rynil a quick hug. "Orc's watching. I'll swing around in a few minutes, once he's busy." She said, giving Rylgos a wave as she walked off back down the hill, leaving the other two for now.

DM62: Rynil takes a few breaths and undoes the top part of her blouse, showing significantly more cleavage than before. She lets her hair back down and follows the drider at a short distance, folding her arms under her chest haughtily as she watches the drow reach the elf. She stands at about a ten foot distance, observing silently.

DM62: The elf is lapping water out of a bowl, and fails to note the drider's approach, her bottom red from spankings. A few pieces of grass cling to her backside.

DM62: ((Surprise round! >:3 ))

Rylgos watches the other woman seem to reveal a little more of herself, and decides perhaps it may be best to act as the subservient of the two, perhaps appearing as if the human mistress had ordered her to take the messy pet. Circling around until her legs silently stepped up onto the doghouse, her spider legs were silent as she loomed over that reddened ass. The only real warning the poor sub may have gotten was perhaps a ominous looming shadow as the drider started to prepare webbing to grab the woman's legs. If she didn't immediately notice, she'd soon find her legs tugged upwards, the drider's forelegs holding the lines like a puppeteer by each the girl's ankles, spread open wide and close to the drider's torso.

DM62: The elf woman yelps as her legs are webbed open, giving a surprised wail as she finds herself drawn wide and upside-down. Her pussy seems to have been recently licked clean, but is still red and puffy from recent use. Rynil stands and silently watches the group. The orc on the balcony has put down his axe on a chair next to him, and is leaning forward against the railing for a better view of the elf woman's predicament. He snaps his fingers three times, and is joined by a second orc, who takes up a similar vantage point. They seem happy at their luck: a morning show!

Rylgos grins a little as a guard from inside the house comes to view as well. Perfect, that'll make their own spy's job a little easier. Still, her task at hand is the elf, and keeping those two nice and sated. Barely showing any real bashfulness now, the drider leaned forward and lapped at the sore-looking snatch, pitying the slave's situation a tiny bit but more than willing to take advantage now. Still, she wanted a bit of fun too, though, and her hands reached down, grabbing the elf’s head and shifting the straps of webbing off of her lower torso, her human sexual organs quickly revealed to the elf before her face was pressed into Rylgos's snatch roughly.

DM62: Rynil gets slightly more into character, speaking harshly to the bound elf. "Are those the noises a bitch makes? You'd best start being more puppy-like, lest I have words with your mistress!" The elf gives an "Arf!" and then starts lapping at the drider's snatch obediently.

Fyaria counted the seconds in her head, taking about three minutes time out of sight before coming back up the hill again, approaching the mansion from behind, and aiming to scale the fence along the side of the building, taking her time and making sure she had no watchers, and made no noise.

DM62: Fyaria spots a male human, wearing a bronze collar, carrying a basket of oranges into the rear entrance. He quickly disappears inside, leaving the back exterior of the mansion seemingly abandoned.

Rylgos peers up and winks to Rynil as she joins in, trying to look encouraging before sliding back into her task. The elf's obedient lapping let her give a hiss as fingers run through the elf's hair, randomly stroking along the proper ears on her while still holding her close to her. Her other hand wanders, stroking along the nude form idly and exploring various spots, while the drider returns each lick given to her in turn, her tongue slightly longer than it had been as a human and letting her nearly cover the elf's snatch with each pass.

Fyaria: Smiling as she heard their prospective chef start to take a more active role, reaching the wall of the mansion and glancing to the back, then the front. Figuring the kitchen would be closer to the back entrance, she made her way to the door, listening and making sure there was nobody near the door inside before stepping in and finding her way to somewhere she could be unseen.

DM62: The elf "puppy" shudders under the drow's caresses and licks, her own juices flowing freely. At one point she forgets herself, giving a loud, "Oh, FUCK" in Elven. Rynil seems to appear nearby out of thin air with a wooden switch, which finds its way to the elf's buttocks. "Go ahead, speak like an elf again. We'll see what your mistress thinks. Now KEEP LICKING." The elf winces, but continues lapping at the drider's human-like snatch.

DM62: Fyaria finds herself in a fairly large chamber, adorned by a large number of life-like statues. Most of them appear to be in some state of undress. In a far corner of the chamber, with her back to Fyaria, is a hooded woman who appears to be humping a prone statue of a woman. The prone statue has been adorned with a strap-on dildo for this purpose.

Rylgos blinks and winces as she hears the whizz of a switch being smacked, both in surprise at how fast Rynil was falling into the surprised role and having not expected her finding that tool. Still, the drow lapped and teased along her more, cleaning the juiceas as fast as they drool from the elfkin, before quickly sliding it into her proper now, wiggling it around lightly. Her hand moves away from the elf's head, expecting her to keep it there now, and both now go to abusing her breasts, rubbing and tweaking at her nipples and squeezing her breasts to add to her stimulation, while the drider's own juices rewarded the elf's diligence and obedience.

Fyaria: The drow woman raised an eyebrow at the scene, but shrugged, moving past carefully to find the kitchen.

DM62: The elf woman shudders, coming close to orgasm, but valiantly attempting to hold out until permission was granted. She makes strained dog noises between licks, doing her utmost to behave in this bizarre sexual encounter. Rylgos notices that the orcs on the balcony are openly stroking themselves to the scene, warty green cocks gripped tightly in hand.

DM62: Inside the house, Fyaria finds herself in what appears to be the kitchen, with knives and pots and pans adorning the walls. There appears to be a small side door to the, and a larger one ahead. A wood stove sits to the left, with a freshly-lit fire starting inside of it. The room appears unoccupied.

DM62: There are also large cabinets adorning most of the left-hand wall.

Fyaria: Fresh fire meant it wouldn't stay that way for long, however. Fyaria started at the cabinets, quickly checking each for the spices she was after, then the smaller door, assuming it was a pantry.

DM62: Fyaria makes it to the pantry when she hears a footstep behind her, at the entrance. The male human that she spotted earlier has entered, and drops the pile of firewood as he sees her. "What the..."

Rylgos wiggles her abdomen a little, shivering a bit as the elf's licks keep teasing along her body. While it seemed that the elf wasn't long for the need, the fact the Orcs were loving this was sure to allow for some extra distraction needs. Her tongue goes faster, twisting and starting to thrust a little into the slut's body as she growls in lust, her upper body shivering slightly even as she tries to keep her task at hand going.

DM62: The elf is convulsing with each lick, perspiring heavily in the morning heat while desperately trying to hold back her orgasm. She laps at the drider with utter abandon, channeling her frustrations into her tongue. Rylgos notes that Rynil is blushing deeply and trembling a little, but keeps her arms firmly crossed under her chest, doing her best to maintain her impassive facade, the switch still grasped in hand. The elf is close but... well, so is the drider.

Fyaria flipped around, sighing to herself as she rushed the man, threatening him with a blade to his neck. "You will stay quiet. There's a spice rack around here, as well as a few other valuables. Where might I find them?" She asked darkly, watching for any others to come into the area. She couldn't hold multiple people at knifepoint very well, after all.

Rylgos has to admit, the elf's stamina was not something she had expected, and the trembling drider's fingers start to squeeze a little tighter into the elf's breastflesh, the spider half of her now joining in the trembles. Still, she has to at least beat out this overused slave, at least for her own pride's sake. Her groans grow louder, her tongue twirls a little faster, and her lower lip presses around with her mouth as it attepts to bump and twitch against her clipt.

DM62: "The mistress will kill us, lady. Both of us. No one's ever escaped. But there's a new spice rack just inside the pantry. And that locked cabinet [he points] has her valuable plates and silverware. Just... just knock me out or something?" The male slave asks nervously.

DM62: The elf woman is already broken, and loses this contest, orgasming explosively on the drider's long tongue. Her juices flow faster than the drider can lap them up, and she thrusts her tongue in desperate thrusts into the drider, having been trained to do so upon climax. Rylgos notes Rynil shifting her legs uncomfortably, but she makes an effort to maintain her facade. "Ha. I knew the bitch couldn't hold back. Maybe it's time you emptied your egg sacs, my pet? I'm sure she's pressed all the residual sperm out by now."

Fyaria: "Least I could do. Turn around." She said, letting the man go and taking a half step back. "Thanks for the info." She told him, before driving her knife into the base of his neck. If the succubus was that serious about dogging her leads, then it was best not to leave anyone that could describe her. Leaving the knife in for now, she took the body to the pantry, removing the knife there so the blood wouldn't drip in the open, where it would be spotted faster. Grabbing the spice rack, she tucked it under her arm and started back out, wary of any other slaves about.

Rylgos pants weakly and squeals with the elf's cum leaving her, gasping and squirming against the elf's tongue as her own juices flood out, her hands tightening slightly against the woman's breasts. She pants and leans downward slightly, breathing hard as she refocuses, hearing Rynil's words and blushing deeply as she does a obedient nod. While still a little shakey, she twists around the elf's body, reversing her back right-side up and laying on the ground as she moves off the doghouse, moving her spider body to hover over her now as she prepares for round 2.

DM62: The male is a rather easy kill, and Fyaria finds the spice rack, matching Rynil's description, with relative ease. She heads back out the same way she came, but does not see the hooded female riding the statue. The statue is still there, adorned with the strap-on. A number of the statues have been adorned with gray hoods like the one that the female was wearing earlier, and Fyaria has a bad feeling about this. She's being watched.

DM62: The elf woman lay there weakly, convulsing slightly in the afterglow of her orgasm. She looks up at the drow with fear, but submissively offered no resistance, making small "arfs."

Rylgos shivers as she glances upwards to the balcony, seeing if the orcs were still watching or if they had left before she starts in earnest. Still, she clenches her teeth as she feels her ovispivor begin to slide from it's position under her spinerettes, the black, long tube throbbing as it slides out a foot or two. She grins down at the elf as she starts to show fear, admittedly always liking the reaction when she needed to lighten her load of eggs.

Fyaria: The drow frowned, glaring at the seemingly inanimate statues. Still, she couldn't think of a way to deal with the issue, or if the watched feeling was just her being paranoid, so she continued, slipping out the same way she had come in, and heading back to a spot she could hide near where the three of them entered.

DM62: The orcs have apparently finished themselves off at least once, but are still watching and stroking with great interest. The elf is clearly afraid, but makes no sign to flee, knowing that her mistress would subject her to even worse torture upon learning the news.

DM62: Fyaria hears a noise behind her, but manages to slip out the door unimpeded, finding herself on the street behind the mansion again.

Rylgos smirks lightly, glancing to the human as she shifts downward, the blunt puckering of the breeding tube pressing at the soaked folds of the elf, a hiss leaving her with the egging tube pressing at the woman's entry, the back end of the spider shifting from side to side to grind it a little harder to force it deeper.

DM62: The elf whimpers and gives short, pained barks as the tube presses inside her, her well-lubricated entrance yielding rather easily to the intrusion. Even Rynil is unable to completely supress her urges, and one hand is between her legs. The human is clearly frigging herself as subtly as can be managed, under the circumstances. Rylgos bottoms out inside the elf, her ovipositor in ideal position.

Rylgos grunts, her teeth biting her lower lip as she shivers against her prey. Not bothering to tease the elf this time around, she simply grinds herself into the elf as she lets the eggs flow, the hardened bulbs squeezing down through the ovipositor and towards the elf's waiting belly, as her hands squeeze at her own breasts while the elf's tight insides massage her all the while.

DM62: The elf orgasms involuntarily, screaming silently as her hips shudder with each egg. It has been some time since Rylgos has had somewhere to lay her eggs, and the elf's abdomen begins to acquire a slight bulge as the drider fills it.

Rylgos: The drider's relief is just as potent as the pleasure the elf was suffering, her legs jittering occasionally as the occasional mini-orgasm shakes through her during the laying process. Her torso collapses to the ground, panting into the grass as she works on packing the elf's belly, the ovipositor only slowing when the elf's belly grew round and bumpy with the infertile offerings. She pants weakly as she glances upwards at Rynil, her face red and hair disheveled from her performance.

DM62: Rynil moves in as the elf reaches fullness, taking the ovipositor in a steady hand and working it out of the elf. She places a small silk pouch over the tip of the ovipositor... it looks like it will barely fit, but it appears to have magical properties. For all intents and purposes, it feels to be the silken pussy of an elven maiden around the ovipositor, and the egg-laying tube slides in to the silky entrance easily. It massages the ovipositor, coaxing out even more eggs--it's the perfect breeding hole. Rynil gently rubs the drider's abdomen, seeming to know exactly how to stimulate Rylgos. This feels truly amazing. The elf lays in a daze, virtually comatose.

Rylgos squeaks weakly as she's dragged from the elf, a egg left uneasily pressed into the elf's entry from the drider's escape, thinking it perhaps was a cue for them to go, only for the magic pouch to slide around it instead. A loud groan of bliss leaves the drider as her abdomen twitches, if anything this enchanted sheath coaxing eggs out at a much faster rate. The drider's eyes flutter slightly, drooling from the pleasure given to her while her human nethers drool nectar down her front, the drider soon reeking of heat as the human pushes all the right buttons.


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Re: Spelljammer ERP Session Transcripts (edited)

Third Game Session, 16 November 2014, Part Three (the new cook prepares fresh drider eggs):
DM62: The human skillfully continues milking the drider, murmuring softly as her fingers work their magic. Rylgos has only once met a drow with this particular skill set, and never a human. About a half-hour passes in this way, until Rylgos is certain that she's (a) out of eggs and (b) all dried up. Rynil deftly removes the back, helping the exhausted drider place its ovipositor back in its proper resting area. She then produces a second pouch, and goes to the task of gathering the eggs that are already flowing out of the stuffed elf. Rylgos has a few moments to catch her breath. Even the orcs are exhausted, slouching on the balcony chairs, watching through droopy eyes.

Rylgos staggers back onto her legs a little, still quite wobbly as Rynil works the eggs from the elf's belly, panting still as she tries to recover herself from the events of the last half-hour. At any rate, she was sure they had provided more than enough of a distraction with her hoarse screams having gotten quite loud towards the start of that strange item's use. Straigtening her clothing a little, she waited for Rynil to finish, flushing deeply all the while.

DM62: Rynil leaves enough in the elf for a slight bulge. She smiles shyly at the drider, "Now web her to the top of her doghouse, and let's be off." She places the small pouches onto her belt. There is, by now, an audience of about twenty neighbors watching the show, in varying states of arousal. Fyaria stands hidden among them.

Rylgos nods, shivering a little bit as she gives a weak little smirk. Picking up the elf, she hoists her up and lays her draped over the top, bent over the crest of the doghouse and spreading her legs before swiftly letting the webbing fly. Soon the poor elf's tied up in a hybridized coccoon with the doghouse roof, the only things visible is the elf's mouth and jaw, breasts, and a good chunk of thigh and belly, leaving her still readily open for anyone else that was adventurous.

DM62: Two male neighbors are quick to take advantage, and the party is able to stroll out of the community by the gate, coasting on the notoriety of their recent performance.

Rylgos smirks lightly as they meet up with Fyaria, though is still quite flushed as they beat an escape towards the wall. 'Were you successful?' she signed after they got out of view of the manor's current lawn party.

DM62: Word even reaches Elise, who is waiting at the ship's brow in the fading daylight. Rynil guides the party to the gate--the guards only bothered those coming in, not going out.

Fyaria had already managed to stow the spice rack in her pack for now, walking out the front with it under her arm would make it suspicious. "Went well enough. Might have been spotted inside though, so we had better not stick around too long." She told them, leading the way for now. "So, that's all you needed, right?"

DM62: "That, and a cut of the loot. Yes. I'd love to cook for your crew. Who's our captain?" The group reaches the ship without incident, stopping only briefly at the First Bar for Rynil to resign.

Fyaria: "Elise Baen'und, a noble. You'll meet her soon enough. I assume you have a room to clear out somewhere? Crew quarters are communal, but there's a locked chest for each, I wouldn't take anything you'd miss that wouldn't fit in there."

DM62: "I don't have anything of value at home. I assume I can get a blanket and bunk? This spice rack is my most prized possession."

Fyaria: "Good enough, then, and yes. Once we crack open the last cook's chest, you may even find more you like in there. Wasn't a hazard of the job, before you ask." She answered as they neared the ship. "Captain should be around, I'll let Rylgos find you to your spot, while I go get her."

DM62: ((Feel free to take over Elise again. Captain's heard about the "drider show" already.))

Rylgos nods and bows, her flush having finally disappeared by now as she quietly leads Rynil towrds the crew deck, already grabbing her writing pad to communicate.

[Rename] Fyaria -> Elise

Elise: ((Mhmm. She'll meet the new cook in the galley, if you want to have her come up after.))

DM62: Rynil accompanies the drider, but insists upon seeing the galley first.

Rylgos diverts the direction they were going instead. Guess it did make sense, for the new cook to want to see the kitchen.

DM62: As Elise nears the galley, she hears a human voice speaking in a sharp tone, in Undercommon. The woman is giving three stunned drow the verbal lashing of a lifetime as she puts her kitchen in order. Within moments, the drow crew members are scrubbing every inch of the kitchen, as though Lolth herself was waiting to devour their souls.

Elise: The drow noble smirked, arms crossed lightly as she enters the small kitchen and finds two males and a femals on hands and knees scrubbing, a human standing over them all. "Impressive. But can you cook?" She said, eying the other woman up in an amused fashion.

Rylgos was assisting as well, but clearly wasn't the focus of the ire, simply dusting off cobwebs from the upper corners of the ceiling. She salutes Elise should she look upwards but keeps working, her abdomen perhaps looking a little more flat than it had before.

DM62: Rynil snaps to attention. She turns and gives a deep, respectful bow to the drow, in the old manner of drow society. "Mistress Captain, that remains for you to judge. If you would like, I could prepare freshly gathered drider eggs, with either natural or... "elf puppy" flavouring." She maintains the bow out of respect.

Rylgos almost immediately flushes as red as her back markings.

Elise glanced upwards at the drider at mention, catching the blush but not commenting on it. "Well, by all means. Second test will be breakfast for the crew in the morning, as you'll find it rather rare that you'll need to cook just one meal at a time on this ship. I'll be at the officer's table. Talleth, bring me some wine while I wait." She said, turning to face one of the males in the room at her last statement, making him jump before she walked out to the galley again.

DM62: With her spices available and the kitchen at her disposal, Rynil is quickly able to prepare a delicious serving of chilled drider eggs, half natural and half "puppy eggs." The eggs are exquisitely spiced. It is, beyond any shred of doubt, the best meal that Elise has ever tasted on this ship. Possibly the best in her life, but that's a lot of tasty meals to compete with. The human woman brings them out, bowing and serving them to the captain herself, then standing and silently awaiting the captain's approval.

Rylgos has finished with her ceiling work by then, and simply moved to a side of the mess hall, letting the cook work her magic to impress the captain as she sat on her legs like before.

Elise: "Mmm, quite impressive." Elise says, having finished near half the plate before speaking. "You certainly can cook an exotic dish quite well. I take it you've been set up with a bunk and chest already?"

DM62: "Mistress Captain, I deemed it more fitting to set the kitchen to order before assuming a place among your crew. And, with your permission, I do have certain requirements, if I am to function as your ship's cook--your satisfaction and the morale of your crew are to be my chief concern, for which some provision must be made." She speaks Undercommon most properly and fluently, and Elise wonders if she doesn't have some experience catering to drow of noble birth. She waits for the Captain's permission before presenting her conditions for service.

Elise: The captain gave a nod. "Go ahead." She said simply, sipping on her wine.

DM62: Rynil formally requests, in proper Undercommon, a number of things: (1) that her spice rack be securely locked in the kitchen, and remain her personal property, (2) that within the galley and kitchen, Rynil would be a tyrant, ceding authority only to the Captain's commands, (3) that she remain free and under no obligation to perform "other service," such as sexual favors, except to assist in the ship's defense in time of battle, and (4) accomodations befitting the ship's supply officer, a position that seems to be vacant. Further, Rynil has some skill at alchemy and at harvesting alchemical ingredients, which she would be happy to use for the ship's benefit. Finally, she suggests that she take a small working party with her into town tonight, to gather fresh foodstuffs and supplies, as the larder is lacking in certain areas that might be cheaply and easily filled.

DM62: Bas scoffs at her commands from the doorway. "Never happen. You're more likely to... are... are those fresh drider eggs?" The minotaur looks at the plate in front of the Captain.

Elise grew a smile as the woman stated her terms. "The crew that will be helping you in the kitchen will have other duties. You will check to make sure they don't have other duties before you extend their shifts as punishment, and that any shifts end in the case of defensive action. Beyond that, both the chef and supply officers get half shares each, as they remain behind on offensive actions—that is a flat rule across the entire ship and all positions. You continue to impress me, so if you insist on taking the duties of both onto yourself, then I can see into awarding you a single share total, so long as you continue to prove yourself competent at both." She continues calmly. "Bas, you and two other crew can accompany her on this supply run. You will hold the coin for this trip, I assume that won't be necessary next time we make port."

Rylgos: (oh lord, from potential mercernary sniper to renewable food resource at this rate X3)

Elise: "And Rylgos. I sincerely hope you restrained yourself some in preperation for the ritual tomorrow." She added, not looking towards the drider nearby.

Rylgos gulps, flushing a bit at the captain's remarks. Guess on the bright side she'd always been a bit fast on the, ahem, resupply. 'Yes captain,' she signed in her direction, though whether she saw or not she wasn't sure.

DM62: Rynil bows to the Captain. "Aye-aye, Mistress Captain. It is a pleasure to serve under your command." Bas snorts in disbelief, but mutters a stunned, "Aye, Skipper." The new supply officer turns to her subordinates. "What are you lazy *drow expletive* doing eyeballing? We need a proper kitchen! NOW!" The human becomes a figurative whirlwind in her galley, continuing to set her kitchen to her demanding standards.

DM62: ((Renewable food resourse FTW! xD))

Elise chuckles, watching the woman round on the kitchen crew, nodding Bas over as she started to eat again. "Don't look so surprised, your own impromptu presentation wasn't that impressive. For a human, the girl has spirit." She said, pulling a pouch of coins and placing it on the table beside her. "For the supply run. make sure she gets whatever she's looking for cheaply enough that we can actually fill the kitchen hold. We may be out for a while, this time."

DM62: ((Did anyone catch the Firefly reference?))

Rylgos: ((Never saw Firefly so I'd obviously miss it :S)

Elise: ((I did not, which I am slightly ashamed of. huh. XD ))

DM62: (("Did she really make fresh bao?" :3 Lurker, you need to watch Firefly.))

Diagasvesle: (Nope, I never saw nothing on firefly either.)

Elise: (( Aaah, now I see it! XD ))

DM62: Bas nods to the Captain. "That she certainly does, Captain. We'll pick up plenty of supplies. She probably knows all the right places to buy them, too." He looks back at the plate. "Captain are... are you going to finish those?"

DM62: Rynil makes a point to take a break from drow-ball-busting to ask Rylgos about dietary preferences. She explains that she's harvested eggs from driders before this, but never cooked for one.

Rylgos shrugs a little, and figures out a simple list. Nothing too extravagantly over a drow's dietary choice, minus a small footnote that occasionally live game may be caught and devoured, not that it'd be a concern considering this circumstance though

Elise: "Yes. Yes I am. Remind her tomorrow's breakfast is still on the test, as well. You are dismissed; perhaps you can get her to cook some for you after the supply run." The Captain answered matter-of-factly, getting right back to it.

DM62: The minotaur is clearly disappointed, but smart enough not to protest. His stomach grumbles involuntarily as he gathers a working party for the supply run. Rynil issues strict commands to her subordinates, "on pain of starvation at my hands," and then accompanies the minotaur, asking him a dozen questions about the ship's crew and other exotic races onboard. She brightens upon hearing about the yuan-ti, and as the two walk away, Elise can hear her talking about the various dishes she knows of that the serpentfolk are known to relish. The voices fade from hearing, and the captain is alone with her meal. And the drider. And the stressed drow scrubbing the kitchen. So... not really alone, at all.

Rylgos for her part was certainly not going to pester the captain unless pestered first, leaning backwards onto her upper body and letting her mind wander.

DM62: ((Fun session, I hope? I think this is a decent stopping point, unless the Captain has further business.))

Elise: ((I can't think of much business, no.))

[Rename] DM62 -> Hope


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Re: Spelljammer ERP Session Transcripts (edited)

Bonus Session, 16 November 2014 (drow and drider hook up):
Rylgos rocks back and forth with the boat's movements, the drider's body draped out in the webbed hammock that has turned into her corner of the ship. Asleep from her night watch, the Drider was still dressed in her light loincloth and cheststrap, but her gear harness and vest was all tied into her hammock under her currently.

Fyaria: A shift in the hammock's rocking was all the drider got for warning before she felt someone else in the hammock with her, slight hands questing about her form, starting to tease her breasts and slide along her lower abdomen already. "Hey there." Fyaria said in a sultry tone when Rylgos opened her eyes.

Rylgos grunts slightly as she feels fingers tease the curves over her body, one reddened orb sliding open as she catches sight of the teasing little drow in her hammock. A mumbled, tired amount of murmers leaves her, quite lethargic than even her usual usual attempts of vocalization.

Fyaria: The drow let out a purr, hand slipping all the way down to the slit that hides the drider's ovipositor, teasing the opening deftly. "Now now, this is the first time we've really had matching shifts. You don't want to waste it sleeping, do you?" She teased again, her other hand slipping the vest open so she could lean down and lick at a nipple.

Rylgos hisses slightly as the slit under her spinnerettes getting teased, and the drider's eyes focused slightly in a unamused manner. She wasn't quite awake enough to shove the horny little drow away though, and thus the drider gave a slight whimper when her lips brushed against the piercings on her nipples, her spider legs giving the occasional twitch in reaction.

Fyaria: The drow woman let out another wordless purr, starting to tease the drider more and more. her mouth locked around the nipple and piercing, while the hand that was there slid downwards, raking nails across her humanoid belly before reachingher hips, finding her other slit, and teasing them both in a matching rythmn.

Rylgos gasps loudly as her humanoid nethers are teased with the egglaying slit, her legs twitching more and more as each rub and tease. A loud mewl leaves her with one of her hands press against her head, holding her close while all of her body shivers into the webbing under her.

Fyaria: "Mmm..." Fyaria moaned into the drider's breast, the vibreations rumbling through the sensitive flesh. The drow pushed herself closer, her already naked form pressing tightly as the hammock starts to rock lightly. Her hands grow more bold, two fingers slipping into Rylgos' nethers, curling around insistently.

Rylgos shivers, the fingers in her causing her to rock and squirm, the hammock's movement growing more and more while she rocks against her. Her fingers twitch and reach upward, grabbing the elf's hips and twitching as her mind swaps from tired to horny.

Fyaria: "Mmm, there you go..." She purrs as the drider beneath her starts to wake properly, her lips leaving that nipple to speak, then turning downwards again, latching onto the second nipple. Her thumb started to tease Rylgos' clit, rubbing and pressing just around it, bringing it to life.

Rylgos grunts harder, one of her hands gripping the drow's ass while the other slides forward, gently rubbing along the other woman's slit, her groans echoing louder while more of her fluids flood around the fingers plumbing her inside.Around Fyaria's fingers exploring her back hole, she may notice something starting to press against them...

Fyaria gave a light moan as she started to feel the return attentions, grinding her hips against the drider's hand as her hands started a little faster, the lower one slipping inside enough to spread Rylgos' lower folds, helping the ovipositor emerge, then starting to rub along it's length as well. "Mmm, yes, that's what I want..." She moaned, starting to shift herself on top of the drider further.

Rylgos shivers, her hips giving a twitch as the drow slides above her. Groaning hard as the ovipositor's teased as well as her nethers, she leans forward and catches the elf's lips into a kiss, the hand at Fyaria's folds sliding a few fingers in to tease a bit more readily.

Fyaria groaned into the kiss, the pair's breasts pressed against each other tightly. A short gasp into the kiss accompanied the fingers sliding into her own womanhood, which just made her press all the harder, moving both hands to stroke at the ovipositor, sending shivers of pleasure through the drider's form.

Ryl whimpers and spasms as the hands both tease that special shaft, natural lubricant drooling a little from the shaft's tip while the driider gasped for air. Even still though, her hands tormented the elf's body, the fingers thrusting a little faster and curling to find her special spot, while the hand on her ass clutches quite possessively as the drider moans in lust

Fyaria: The drow woman continues for a moment longer, then pauses, breaking the kiss. "Awake yet?" She teases lightly, leaning in to kiss and nibble ont he drider's neck.

Rylgos shivers, glaring at the drow a little, giving a flick across her clit with her thumb and a light nod of her head. Devious ideas were forming in her head...

Fyaria responded with a gasp and a moan at the rough treatment. The nod made her grin though, kissing down some as she moved to line herself up with the rather prominent shaft below her...

Rylgos gives the slight whimper as the elf moves off her fingers, reaching the hand back up to lick it clean. Her back legs reached down to her spinnerets and carefully started to feed some webs out, letting Fyaria's warm body press up at the twitching eggtube below her.

Fyaria: The drow woman failed to notice, her attention focused on her hips as they reached their destination. Letting out a soft moan, she pressed against the ovipositor, letting it slide into her folds for the first inch or so, then out again, sliding her folds along it's length, getting a feel for it's size. "Mmm, wonderful..." She purred, biting her lips as she lined up again, pressing down in earnest this time.

Rylgos: The drider groans hard, her normal body squirming as the lust reverberates through her, the drow's movements just adding to the delicious wake-up call, but as Fyaria sunk down again, she'd suddenly feel a silken smooth strand wrap around her body, right below her bust and around her arms, followed by another, and then another, the spider's back legs stealthily starting to wind several silken strands to secure the horny drow.

Fyaria: The drow moaned deeply, feeling the ovipositor fill her slowly. By the time she felt the strands on her, she was fully settled on the shaft, her inner walls pulsing around it slightly as she accomodated the length. "Aaah, into bondage, are you? I should have known." She teased, slowly starting to grind her hips in place.

Rylgos smirks a bit, the stands having by now formed a neat, foot-wind binding around her waist and upper arms. She bounced her abdomen upwards, having her ovipositor thrust in a little deeper and bounce the elf a little as a response, back legs again reaching back for more silk.

Fyaria gasped at the sudden thrust, tilting her head back and stopping her own grinds for a moment. Groaning, she picked up the pace again, this time bouncing as well, drawing herself up a couple inches before dropping down again, her half-bound arms stretching forwards to grip at the drider's torso, stabilizing herself.

Rylgos continues to bounce her abdomen in an attempt to compete with Fyaria, managing to grip her hands and add them to the bondage, leaning them upwards to be tied to her front between her breasts. Even as she keeps playing with the webbing and securing her parner the drider keeps purring with delight, the meaty shaft twitching at the tight embrace it was now suffering. All the while she watched the drow, a naughty little smile crossing her lips.

Fyaria groaned slightly when denied use of her hands, wriggling slightly as she flopped forwards, leaning in to start kissing the drider again, hips rocking against the shaft buried in her, feeling an orgasm start to build in her gut.

Rylgos: The drider smiles as she falls forward, landing onto her belly and purring slightly with the kisses. A hand rests onto Fyaria's head, giving the very gentle press downward from her belly button to her slit, her growing moans matching the increased twitching of hunger in her belly and shaft. Yet again she'd feel webs crossing along her, wrapping around each leg from thigh to anke and pinning the two relatively neatly, her free hand massaging her own breasts with a purr of lust

Fyaria: The drow went at the offered slit eagerly, groaning with pleasure as she slid her tongue around Ryl's folds, circling around her clit and delving deeply into her passage. Another moment and her first climax hit, making her gasp and shudder, her folds clamping tightly on the shaft buried deeply within her, increasing the sensation of their mutual thrusting.

Rylgos groaned deeply as Fyaria licked at her slit while riding her shaft, and a loud squeal of pleasure left her when she came as well, her folds gushing fluids for the drow to taste while her shaft hammered and grinded hard at the elf's deepest recesses. Whimpering loudly, the ovipositor began to throb hungrily, and Fyaria may start to feel it swell inside of her unevenly..."

Fyaria: The drow moaned as she started to come down, only to feel the drider cum as well, the faster thrusting starting her towards another climax as well, feeling the ovipositor start to shudder and swell, stretching her even wider. groaning, she strained against the webbing to stretch her legs a little wider, hungry for what she knew was coming next...

Rylgos leans upward, pressing Fyaria to be sitting atop her as she wraps her arms around her current partner, groaning madly as more and more eggs begin to flow through her body, several starting to press at the tip of her shaft and right into thier intended target. Well she was geting what she wanted, and now she couldn't run away if the drider wanted to keep going!

Fyaria moaned deeply, slowly trying to buck as she felt the eggs stretch her wide, making her cum a second time, her juices gushing out around the ovipositor deep inside of her.

Rylgos shudders as she reaches a plataeu of endless bliss, each egg shivering her into a euphoric high as more and more are fed through. She holds around her little prize tight, the drow woman having fallen to a little bit more than just a creature to dump eggs into at the current situation, nipping at her ears even as more eggs start to flood in.

Fyaria was almost mindles with bliss by this point, gasping for breath as one egg after another was slowly pumped into her, shaking in bliss in her restricted state.

Rylgos is drooling slightly as the flood of eggs slows down, finally leaving the drow a little bloated but nowhere near as bad as that one incident. She pants weakly, not pulling free and leaving the rock-hard pole lodged into the elf, scratch along her head like a pet.

Fyaria hung on Ryl's belly, eyes a little unfocused as she came down from her orgasmic high, and the bloated feeling in her belly. She didn't notice the scratch at first, finally blinking a few times and shuddering, groaning at the feeling of the thick shaft still inside of her. "Mmm... Wonderful... Had fun, hmm?"

Rylgos nods slowly, a bit of a trickster's glint into her eye. Slowly and carefully, the drider shifted up from her bed and landed on the floor- Fyaria dangling under her belly via a few chords to hold her still. Moving slowly to Fyaria's bunk - every step of her legs causing another bounce that shakes that shaft into her belly a bit- she shifts her up and reaffixes her with webbing to the bunk with a smirk. She quickly signs out a 'Hope you stopped for mess before this, I'm not sure you're gonna get free before your next shift', while still smirking lewdly at her.

Fyaria: The drow woman groans at the motion, then starts to squirm as she realizes what the drider is up to. "NNgh, hey, don't! Let me out of here!" She curses, accompanied by the laughter of the rest of the off-shift crew, most of whom had been watching rather openly.

Hope62: ((And thus, Ryl becomes a hero to the drow... x3))

Rylgos just seemed to realize that there had been so many people in the crew cabin, but took it in stride, grinning and patting her on the head. "I'd have played with you more, but I am hungry, so you hang out here for a hour or so..." she signed again, grinning wider as she went to walk out. :3

Rylgos: ((Sorry, couldn't help messing with her. :3 No male driders so we totally safe!))

Rynil sidles in as the drider leaves, beginning the extraction process. She places a small pouch of coin next to Fyaria's pillow. "Pleasure doing business with you." She chuckles at the sorry drow.

Fyaria: ((I think any male will do, actually. XD ))

Rylgos: ((Oh dear. Also, good save there. :p))

Hope62: (("Drow flavour" now available! Wonder if Fyaria will feel weird about her next breakfast…))

Lily: ((Awkward silence in the mess hall?))

Hope62: ((New nickname: "Over Easy."))

Rylgos: ((*rimshot*))

Fyaria: XD