Starcraft RP transcripts (edited)


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Nov 10, 2008
First Session, 9 January (part one, waking up, meeting the nurses, meeting the doctor)
Koprulu Sector, Katella Five, Sub-Oceanic Lab 00013, Project “Harmony.” 19 September 2500. Project Log: All subjects in cell sector B have been fitted with the spinal chip to ensure compliance. It is unfortunate for these prisoners that they chose to work against the UED… but now perhaps they can serve a greater purpose, helping us to understand the Zerg.

Test subjects include Amelia, a colonial scientist, desig B1; Valeriya, a Dominion tank operator and marine, desig B2; Kana, a colonial mechanic, desig B3; Kendra, a colonial farmer, desig B4; and Sari, a Dominion transport pilot, desig B5. Subject B1 seems to be a suitable candidate for breeding with species Z09, the “defiler.” We have altered her mate, actually reducing his breeding capacity to an extent, due to the extreme hazard the creature presents not only to Terrans but even to other Zerg. Nurse Tayla will be taking care of her physical well-being, conditioning, and personal needs. Subject B2 showed high compatibility with Z12, the “lurker,” but is also a powerful marine; I’ve assigned Rebecca to help condition her and look to her needs. Subject B3 is a strong candidate for breeding with Z01, the “zergling,” and Nurse Maria will be working with her. Subject B4… is interesting. Very rebellious, with a strong force-of-will, though the spinal chip will keep her tame if need be. She seems to have the fortitude for a genetic splice with Z02, the “hydralisk.” I’ve assigned Nurse Sheila to her; the submissive little thing should help keep B4 under our control, if not completely happy. And we have Subject B5. The quiet one. An excellent candidate for merging with Z05, the “mutalisk.” Nurse Claire will be assigned to B5.

At any rate… the patients are coming online now. I’ll give them a few moments to get oriented, then I’ll brief them on what’s to come. Some of them might argue, but it’s not as though they have the means to actively resist. A bit worrisome, from an ethical standpoint, if one thinks about it… but we’re trying to save the species. Extreme measures are acceptable, in such a situation.

End log.

For all three of you, your day begins in the same manner. You become aware of a dim but steadily brightening light. Then you awaken in a small but comfortable medical bed, with the smell of fresh linens. Your body is naked, but covered with the fresh white bedsheets. Two guards wearing full body armor are standing next to an exit hatch, each of them with a side-arm holstered securely on their hips. A female nurse is watching your reactions, taking a few notes, and checking instruments. "Don't try to sit up yet. You've been unconscious for a while. Your body will need time to adjust to consciousness."

Amelia inhales as she wakes up, squinting her eyes and gently turning her head as she comes to, her long, red hair mostly hidden underneath her, as she slowly takes in the room. "The...Where am I?"

Valeriya grunts, eyes opening. This was... Hm... She looks over at the woman levelly, observing quietly over her surroundings for a minute. Finally she speaks up quietly, voice accented. "What is happening?"

Kana woke with a sniff, taking in the scent of laundry, and trying to remember just how she got here in the first place. The feeling of the blanket on her bare skin made her wake up a bit faster than then even the normally excitable girl would and she cracked open her eyes. Noticing the guards she was about to stand up before the scientist spoke to her. "Did I drink too much last night? Or do I just need some coffee. I don't really remember signing up for science."

The blonde nurse shakes her head. "Just focus on waking up. The doctor will be contacting you via vidcon in a few moments. She'll be able to answer all of your questions." The nurse checks Amelia's vitals, including pulse and blood pressure, noting results in a datapad. Valeriya and Kana each receive an identical response. A few moments later, there's a beeping sound from the large mirror on the wall across from each of you. Then the mirror goes black for a moment, and is filled with the image of a young redheaded Terran female, wearing a white labcoat and sitting at a desk. She smiles at each of you through the screen. "Good morning. My name is Doctor Ciera Smythe, with the United Earth Directorate. We're communicating via video teleconference. I can see all of you, but I've disabled your microphone for the moment--I'd like to explain where you are and what we're trying to accomplish here, and then you'll have a chance to ask any questions you might have." She gives a polite, if somewhat distant, smile.

Kana nods, not like she could do anything else with the microphone off. She wasn't exactly going to be getting past those guards, and for all she knew she signed on to this willingly at some point and just forgot. She just hoped it was for something benign, like a better tasting coffee or something. Not like that was likely at all but she could hope.

Valeriya looks, watching quietly. United Earth Directorate? The Earth? She'd only vaguely recalled that part of history class. It didn't really seem to matter that much. A planet that tossed all the folks they didn't want into space, and left them to fend for themselves. What the hell were they doing here? Or was she there now? Did it matter?

Amelia sits still as her vitals are taken, noting how the nurse jots them in the datapad, her own scientific curiosity getting the better of her as she studies the room, until the mirror becomes a transmitter, giving her a view of a similarly redheaded scientist. "Fascinating. I didn't think Earth still cared about this sector."

The redheaded doctor continues. "Unfortunately, each of you took up arms against the UED, and each of you faces possible death for high treason. The good news is that your DNA made you eligible for a special program that would guarantee your complete pardon. You've each been fitted with a small spinal chip that will ensure your cooperation. It does have the capacity to cause some short-term memory loss, so I'm putting your individual contract up on your view-screen now." Each of the patients is treated to a full view of a long legal contract, but with their signature at the bottom. "Still, this is an exciting opportunity for you to help us contain and defeat the Zerg once and for all."

Amelia: “What? I don't remember signing that!" Amelia says as she struggles to try and sit up, one hand coming across her chest to hold the sheet over her body.

Valeriya: Great, a re-soc special. Either it didn't take or they didn't want to erase them outright yet. She somehow doubted those were acquired validly. Not that it mattered. Given the armed guard, they didn't even need the flimsy excuse.

Kana: 'Wait what. When did I do that.' Kana thought to herself. 'I just did some maintenance work for those armed guys that came by. I didn't think that counted as taking up arms myself...' Looking at the legal document that came up before her she had a different thought. 'Or maybe I got drunk and punched someone important, that'd probably count too. Seriously though I wonder what they are talking about with us containing the zerg. I hope that doesn't mean weapons testing...'

The nurse gently presses Amelia back down, and the Terran scientist finds that she feels unable to resist the nurse's gentle touch. "Over the next few days, we're going to be adjusting your... threshold for pleasure and reproduction. We've administered certain agents to each of you, which will make you a bit... easier to change. Your body will adapt quickly... and you'll probably enjoy it. At any rate, I promised to answer your questions." She presses a few buttons on her own datapad, and a small, blinking red light appears at the bottom left corner of the viewing screen. "Now I can hear you, and you can all hear each other. Let's be civilized and respectful, and we can have an open discussion." She smiles again.

Valeriya: “...So you're trying to turn me into some sort of breeding tool. Why?," asks Valeriya quietly, staring at the woman unceasingly.

Amelia: “Just...Answer me one question. How does turning us into breeding machines help us stop the Zerg?" the scientist asks as she lays back down.

Kana: “Why are you mutating us? I thought you guys could already like...clone people or something." Kana asked

"Not breeding, necessarily, so much as control. We've been studying the Zerg problem for a long time. Longer than you know. We've studied battle statistics, tactics, and individual anecdotes. A LOT of data. An odd little anomaly came up. Zerg take ten percent longer, on average, to kill human females in battle. Further study found that it wasn't a general rule--most women died about as fast as their male counterparts in similar situations. But in about ten percent of these cases, the zerg creature would take twice as long to kill their adversary. They hesitated. We suspect that there may have been a certain level of breeding compatibility between them. Then, of course, the female attacked and became a threat, and mating was no longer an option."
"Also, we have backup genetic material from each of you. If we DO need to make clones... we have the material on hand."

Valeriya: “...So I'm alive... Because you want me to act sexy for a critter. And you don't see a problem with this...?"

Kana: “Wait. So your planning to breed us /with/ the Zerg?" Kana said with a blush on her face. "T-That is certainly a weird science experiment..."

Amelia: “A fascinating hypothesis. If I could see the data for myself and confirm this, I'd gladly partake in this experiment." Amelia says, a look of contemplation on her face as she theorizes and considers the possibilities

"I think this is a wonderful alternative to what normally happens to Terran traitors and terrorists. Normally you'd be publicly whipped, sodomized, and executed. Our faction defends us all... but it is often rather draconian in its methods. This will provide us with valuable data about the Zerg, and permit you to redeem yourselves by playing a part in the salvation of humanity. As for breeding... there are still a few tests to be run. And we need to see how well the agents took--your reproductive systems will need some adjustments, before we'd even consider permitting such a mating to occur." She smiles. "As for sharing the data... I'm transmitting some of the summary data to you now." A small statistical readout shows up on Amelia's viewscreen.

Kana breathed a sigh of relief. What she had seen of the zerg from people that passed through made her think getting up close and personal with them was a very good recipe to be cut to ribbons. "Well...don't really have a choice then...Though what's going to happen to us when the experiment is all said and done?"

Amelia: “Fascinating." Amelia says as she begins to go over the data. "Imagine if we could find a way to control the infestation process in its entirety. We could give humans all the benefits without losing their control." Amelia says, already theorizing about what kind of experiments and tests she could run with this knowledge.

Valeriya: “...I see Earth was better forgotten then, if that's what you do." She elft it at that. No point in complaining or dying over nothing and dooming a copy of herself to the same. If that wasn't much better. Still, she'd find a way to blow this popsicle stand soon enough. Blow it up perhaps even. She didn't want to think what could happen to her if some critter got in her... She'd seen what they do to people. Made her stomach lurch just thinking about those poor souls.

"Now, now. You consented to this experiment willingly, as I understand it." She makes a note in her datapad. "If the project is successful, we might be on the verge of peaceful coexistence with the Zerg. If that happens, you'll be free to relocate to any of a number of Terran colonial worlds, though you'll be restricted to those that already have Zerg inhabitants. Peace or no, we've no intention of permitting Zerg contamination of new worlds."

Amelia: “Understandable, really."

"Also, not all of you have been selected as breeding candidates. Some of you were picked up for genetic splicing. You'll also be an important part of this project, some day acting as ambassadors to the Zerg on our behalf."

Kana: “Well...I just hope the experiment's a success then?" Kana said, confused as to whether she should be happy she'd get to go free when all was said and done at the expense of becoming a zerg mutant, or terrified at the possibility.

Valeriya: “One can claim anything when the witness has no memories.," says Valeriya simply. Peace. With the critters? They had a better chance with the protoss, who destroyed worlds just as easily as the zerg did. They were intelligent at least. But no. The zerg were cogs, bugs, all acting to the same beat. They'd be as peaceful and friendly as a rabid dog. Maybe it wouldn't bite you immediatly. But teaching it a new way to spread it's disease wasn't helping anyone.

Kendra: Silent so far, Kendra skimmed the data and listened, brows furrowed deeply as the others spoke and the doctor on the screen prattled on. She spat into the corner, wishing she was back on her farm. Her hand idly slid down her stomach, over a scar that marred the skin, navel to side. "They should be destroyed, no bargained with."

Amelia: “Good, empirical science is what separates us from them. If we can find a way to coexist without the need for extermination, that is far preferable." Amelia says simply as she continues to look through the data.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Starcraft RP transcripts (edited)

First Session, 9 January (part two, a brief conversation, getting to know the nurses)
The doctor smirks at Kendra's comment. "There are quite a few loyal citizens of the UED who said the exact same thing about all of you. Believe me, this beats a traitor's death. And you have my personal assurance that I will do my very best to ensure that all of you are comfortable and well-cared for. All I ask is your cooperation." She pauses. "If any of you are harboring thoughts of escape, it would be understandable... but believe me, there is no escape from this laboratory. We are a mile-and-a-half under the surface of the ocean on a remote world. The only way to the surface is by a specially-designed submarine, and the only way from that submarine to another planet is through a ship with a specially-designed docking set-up. Any attempt to escape would likely result in your own death... and quiet possibly the death of everyone here. So let's all try to get along, shall we?"

"Also there are no males at this facility. That's at my own insistence. Whenever you have male guards and female residents... things get complicated. So there'll be none of that nonsense."

Valeriya: Fascinating. Still, if a battle cruiser could carry a contingent of tanks, it probably could scoop up a submarine. No males? Odd, but whatever. Earth must be a weird place. She glanced over at the guards then back. Well that'd make it easier to stand toe to toe with them in an unarmed setting. Well, if one didn't factor in stimpacks.

Kendra looked to the screen now, brows still furrowed. "Save us from the horny guards by getting us to fuck blood thirsty aliens. Your heart must have grown three sizes that day," the farmer said, turning her head towards the wall. Some of the others she was wondering if they didn't need a good knock to the head, judged purely from what she heard them say.

"Actually, no. I didn't do that to save you from horny guards. I did it to save our data from horny guards. Make no mistake about this... my objective is to save our race from annihilation by helping our leaders better understand and possibly control an existential threat. Your comfort is important to me, but even your lives are secondary to that goal. After all, if we lose the war, your lives are forfeit, regardless. Now. Are there any further questions, or shall we proceed to phase one of your conditioning?"

Amelia: “Now now, let's remain calm. There's no need for aggression, passive or otherwise." Amelia says, growing tired of the conversation, wishing she could just have a private chat with this woman by herself, rather than a conference call with people she can't even see. "I would like to proceed with phase one if you please!"

Kendra said nothing, just turning her head to spit again. Manners never were her strong suit.

Kana sighed and nodded her head. "Might as well get started with this."

Valeriya: “Not everyone likes the idea of finding new ways of being infested.," says Valeriya simply, "Get a close look at one before you get all gleeful over it. Do as you will, not like we have a real say." You saw fucked up shit in combat. It wasn't called combat because it was full of daisies. But the zerg made some of the most fucked up weapons and acts humanity could take and dialed it to 11.

"That's the point of having you sign a contract and submit to a spinal chip. I'm afraid you no longer have a say. Nurses, you may proceed with the first stage of conditioning." The red blinking light goes out, and the viewscreen reverts to a mirror again. The blonde nurse with Amelia smiles. "First we need to get you ready." She reaches down, placing her delicate fingers on the bedsheets at Amelia's crotch, gently rubbing her through the clean linen sheet. A redheaded nurse is sitting next to Kendra, biting her lips a bit nervously. "I'm... I'm supposed to... um... prepare you now. Would you like to start with a massage, ma'am?" Meanwhile, Valeriya's nurse is more direct. A pale blonde, she sneers. "Now I must make you ready." She pulls back the sheet, revealing the tank-driver's naked body. Kana's nurse is a tanned brunette, who doesn't speak but leans in to softly kiss her neck.

Kendra: Glancing at the red head, Kendra was thankful the woman was pretty. Made miserable times just a touch more bearable. "You heard the yammerin head. It seems I don't have a say. Do what you have to, lest they throw you in here with us," the farmer said, leaning back in her bed, staring straight up.

Amelia gasps as the nurse touches her through the sheet. "H-Hold on. W-What's this for?" she asks, a little concerned about the mental state of her nurse.

Valeriya looks at the woman levelly. "...So you say." Valeriya is easily 6 feet, with several scars and is quite muscled, being a bit on the heavier set of body types. A few metal implants are on and in her body from her time as a Marine to install the CMC armor on her body, and some of the scars were from stim damage. A tattoo of an iron cross is on her upper left shoulder.

Kana wasn't entirely sure what she was expecting, but the tanned girl kissing her on the neck was /not/ it. "Wait what. Do I have to be like, horny or something for this to work?" The mechanic didn't resist in any way, but she did seem rather thrown off by the sudden shift in what was going on.

The redhead chuckles. "I'm the bigger idiot for volunteering. I miss my girlfriend... but the money was so good it was hard to say no." She starts softly rubbing Kendra's shoulders, her deft but strong fingers digging into her achy muscles. Amelia's nurse chuckles. "We're going to need to do some... reshaping... down there. It's much easier if you're already excited." The nurse continues rubbing at Amelia's crotch. Valeriya's blonde nurse gives her body an appreciative look. "You are strong woman. I think I will enjoy this." She begins vigorously rubbing oil into Valeriya's skin, massaging her muscles, though it also reminds the marine that it's been a while since she got to have any adult encounters. Kana's nurse nods. "Yes. Your body's natural lubrication is the best way to make this work, I'm afraid." She runs her hands softly along Kana's body.

Amelia gasps as the nurse continues. "A-Ah...I see...Well then...C-Carry on." the scientist says, trying to supress the blush on her face.

Kendra: Girlfriend, of course. Seemed just like these folks to dangle promise and then only to have reality snatch it away for them. She was, rather skilled with her fingers, working into muscles hardened from years of labour. Her family never had been rich enough to afford the type of machines inner world agriculturalists used. Old school, her father had always called it. "Always the money, isn't it," Kendra said eventually.

Kana: “O-Okay." Kana said with a nod as her body started to flush from the nurses touch. At the very least she was thankful it wasn't some big power armoured marine doing this or something.

Valeriya: “Weak people can't handle the suits weight.," grunts Valeriya, shivering a bit as she's massaged over, quite knotted up, "Not that I have to wear full CMC anymore... Suits don't fit well inside of an Arclite. Wonder if the other two got out..." While one person could operate one, optimal crew of an Arclite was three people. The driver, the gunner and the commander. Still, her thoughts were a bit distracted from the feelings she was getting being rubbed down. IT had been awhile. Even before the memory gaps...

The nurse working Amelia gives a little smile at the scientist's stammering, as the linen sheet begins to show a damp spot where the nurse was rubbing. "Mmm... looks like someone's going to need fresh sheets when we're done." She teases her a little more, then slips her hand under the sheets, her soft fingers pleasuring Amelia directly. The woman massaging Kendra chuckles. "Yes it is. That's why my girlfriend ran off and married her rich friend, the moment I was off-planet. Serves me right, I guess." Her fingers work lower, along Kendra's back, loosening up her tense spine. Meanwhile, the tanned brunette begins kissing lower, moving her lips and tongue down to softly tease Kana's right nipple. Her fingers are sliding softly over Kana's inner thigh, teasing all around her, but not touching her sensitive genitalia yet. Valeriya's muscled blonde nurse smiles down at her. "You are attractive. I think I will enjoy." She leans in, her fingers starting to work Valeriya's thighs, giving the marine a smouldering kiss.

Amelia: “A-Ah...Yes...It looks like I might need new sheets. S-Sorry about that..." she says, before the nurse reaches under her sheets and touches her directly, causing her to moan in pleasure.

Valeriya blinks in surprise at the kiss before shrugging and wrapping an arm around the nurse and yanking her close, making out hotly back. Well, not like she was a critter. She wasn't thrilled about the situation but fuck it. She'd rather have a good last time as a sentient free being. Well, relatively free. She breaks the kiss after a moment, looking at her. "...Well then, we can impress each other I guess."

Kendra: Gasping softly, Kendra did feel a twitch of sympathy for the woman, as her fingers began to work lower, loosening her. Why the need for a massage, she wasn't sure. Nor did she really care in the long run. This could well be the only enjoyable aspect of her stay here. "Perhaps it does. Or perhaps your better off without her," Kendra said, shrugging, as she melted a little bit more.

Kana twitches when her nurse started to tease her nipple, and let out a quiet moan when the girl's fingers teased around her slit. "U-Ugh, come on don't tease me that badly. I-I'm really sensitive a-as it is."

Amelia's nurse smiles at her patient's reaction, continuing for a few more moments before she reaches into the drawer and produces an unusual-looking sex toy. It seemed to be a knotted phallus of sorts, but with inflatable knots running up the length of the toy, which was about a foot long. "I'm a little scared of this thing... but also a bit jealous." She grins. "Need to reshape you, though." She pulls back the soaked sheet, exposing Amelia, beginning to tease her with the tip of the odd toy. The muscular blonde returns Valeriya's kiss, then presses her back onto the bed. "Marine thinks she's in charge. But Rebecca in charge. Little marine will learn." She gives Valeriya a rough spank, holding her down. Kendra's nurse chuckles a little. "Better to learn about it ahead of time, right?" She works her fingers along Kendra's sides, the tips brushing against the sides of her breasts slightly, and Kendra gets a whiff of her shampoo... lavender of some delicious variety. Meanwhile, the tanned brunette gives Kara a devilish grin. "It's only teasing if I stop, right?" She moves lower, softly planting a kiss on the woman's clitoris, then leaning in to breathe in her scent before giving it a long lick.

Kendra: A soft gasp spilled from Kendra's lips as she felt fingers sliding along the sides of her breasts, eyes fluttering a moment. "Ya, maybe... seems you got another girl under your fingertips though," Kendra said, smirking as she glanced to the nurse, naked beneath her exploring hands and eyes.

Valeriya smirks a bit as she's pressed down. "Oh by all means. Teach me. But you better measure up, or I'll be wearing your scrubs soon enough."

Kana: “A-Ahh!" Kana moaned as the nurse kissed her clit. The girl wrapping her legs around the nurse's head as she's licked. "I-If this is going to be s-standard around here. I-I think I'll like b-being an experiment."

Amelia pants as she's teased, before eeping as the sheet is pulled away from her, and looking the toy over. "A-Ah! W-What is THAT? W-Why do I need that?" she asks with a shudder, shivering a little at the thought of having that inside of her.

Kendra's nurse gives her a shy smile. "Well... maybe. Though I'm... I'm more looking for a Mistress than anything else. I've... I've never quite been one for conventional relationships." She continues her massage, her fingers teasing over and working Kendra's thighs. The pale blonde does not disappoint, holding Valeriya down with one arm while she undresses with the other in a swift, brusque fashion. She chuckles, then begins rubbing her pussy against the marine's taking her pleasure from her patient. "Little marine will enjoy, too, I think." Her body is muscular, but her breasts are full with round, pink nipples. Meanwhile, the tanned brunette doesn't reply to Kana, instead leaning in and lapping into Kana's gash. Her nose rubs against Kana's clit as she eats her patient out. Amelia's nurse raises an amused eyebrow. "Don't worry, dear. We'll only go as far as you can, each session. But eventually... well... this is the shape of the... phallus that you might be dealing with." She softly rubs Amelia's pussy with the tip of the odd toy.

Valeriya smiles a bit, before gasping a bit as the sexy nurse begins to grind against her, grinding back as she gives soft moans, hooking her leg a bit around the nurses's back. "Mmm, well you're right about that..."

Kendra bit her lip, but then frowned and looked down at the nurse currently working at her thighs. "A what now? You'll have to excuse my... hillbilly education," Kendra said. Was she being proposed for something... before being experimented on. Maybe, just maybe, the nurse might be a way out. Or... at least a good way to get off while all this was happening.

Kana moaned, the nurse seemed to know what she was doing at least as her clit was teased along with her the liking her slit was getting. The redhead bringing her hands up to her breasts and started to feel herself up. The tech already flushing and starting to drip from the stimulation.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Starcraft RP transcripts (edited)

First Session, 9 January (part three, fun with the nurses, Amelia gets a scary toy)
The pale, muscular blonde grins back, continuing to grind against the scarred marine, reaching down to firmly tease one of her nipples... but not too hard. "We will have to use a toy, soon, to condition you. But not until Rebecca and Little Marine have some fun." She begins grinding more aggressively, panting slightly in lust. The nurse massaging Kendra blushes. "W-well... I kind of... prefer it when the person I'm with... is in charge. You know... holds me down... and stuff. But I've always gotten turned on by that stuff. Just... nevermind... I'm a weird girl, is all." The tanned brunette between Kana's thighs continues licking, her tongue working deep into Kana's pussy, and then she hears the snap of a latex glove, and a moment later a lubricated finger is sliding slowly but firmly into her anus.

Valeriya: “Better be double ended.," smirks Valeriya, groaning as she reaches up to tease the nurse back, flicking her nipples as she shivers, clearly enjoying the feelings. "Mmm... Never really been with girls before... But figured eh, better a human any day... Can't say I'm disappointed."

Kendra: “So you like someone on top of you, being a bit rough," Kendra said, smirking. "Spankings and the like. I've always enjoyed doing that. Usually get it right back though," she said, the idea of this... mistress intriguing the backwater farmer. "Don't think that's weird. I just didn't know what it was."

Amelia shivers as the toy ghosts at her entrance. "O-Oh my...T-That does...Not look comfortable at all..." she whimpers, though secretly she's excited beyond compare at the thought of how it might feel inside of her.

Kana: “W-Wah!" Kana jolted at the finger in her rear, she had missed the sound of the glove as she had been to focused on the feelings from the nurse and playing with herself. "H-hey! Why do y-you need to go in there!"

The muscular nurse raises an eyebrow. "Better be? Little Marine still think she in charge. But Rebecca know." She teases Valeriya's clit with her thumb, still humping her. "Little Marine belong to Rebecca now." Kendra's nurse bites her lips shyly. "Um... well... I'm supposed to... massage you everywhere... if you wouldn't mind turning around." Amelia can feel the toy pressing up against her, the first inch sliding in nicely, then the first knot, stretching her a little as it's twisted and worked into her. "Don't worry. We'll only go as far as you can stand, today." Already the second uninflated knot is pressing at her folds. Meanwhile, the finger slides even deeper into Kana's ass. "Because, dear," she pulls back, her face connected to Kana by strands of pussy juice, "the fella you might be mating with sometimes misses his mark. And sometimes they work over a female... as a pack." She returns to munching at Kana's pussy, her finger twisting in Kana's asshole.

Kana: 'A-As a pack?' She thought to herself, that left a zergling as far as she knew. Gulping a bit at the thought she quickly lost herself back into the pleasure the nurse was inflicting on her. Deciding that it could be worse, she could be getting fucked by like an ultralisk or something, so she let her hands start teasing herself again as she felt a knot of heat and tension quickly forming in her gut

Kendra: Now Kendra smiled, slowly turning over, exposing herself fully to the shy, pretty nurse. She'd gotten to the point where she may as well take every scrap of enjoyment she could. Before things became less enjoyable. She was a farmer, not a soldier. She wasn't getting out of here; not without a lot of help anyway. "Well then sugar. Do your job."

Valeriya smirks, giving a groan, rubbing over Rebecca's nipples, her chuckling, "Only cus there's a chip in me that doesn't let me turn the tables... Or I'd have you under me, sexy..." She groans as she tries to grind faster, "But I can give good as I get..."

Amelia moans as the toy begins to enter her. "Ah! Well, then, let's see how much I can stand, hm?" she says, her hands gripping at the bed, her muscles tense, clearly enjoying the feeling of the toy inside of her.

The tanned brunette chuckles, but continues lapping at Kana's pussy, sucking on her juices, her finger twisting deeper and deeper into her rectum, soon to be joined by a second. The shy redhead nods at Kendra, moving up on the bed with her, softly massaging her pussy from the sides, working the muscles in her inner thighs, blushing furiously at the intimate task. Rebecca gives a predatorial grin. "Little Marine is free to think so." Still, her pale skin is flushed as she humps back harder against the marine. Amelia can feel the second knot popping into her... then the third knot, and a fourth, as her nurse skillfully twists and works them in, massaging her clit to help her feel the pleasure over the discomfort. "Just... just six left, my dear." She's pressing the fifth knot against Amelia now.

Amelia: “A-Ah! It's so big...B-but it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would! Ah! It's actually...Really good." the scientist says, supressing her need to moan like a whore, the pleasure overwhelming her senses as she tenses up in climax, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Valeriya smirks, "Didn't get these scars by being bad at cooking you know." She grinds eagerly, groaning as she pants, "You're tough lookin, but you didn't have to get pumped full of drugs and stuff..."

Kendra: Leaning back on her back, Kendra folded one hand behind her head, letting the nurse do her work, and reaping the benefits of it as her nethers began to slicken, glistening with a steadily increasing desire. The redhead was good, certainly. "Tell me more about these, mistress's," Kendra said, her other hand reaching up to slowly run over the nurse's neck

Kana wasn't going to last much longer. The short girl wasn't kidding when she said she was sensitive, and the second finger joining the first in her rear drawing another jolt from her. The feeling of the nurse working her off, along with her own hands playing and pinching at her breasts and nipples, was causing her to start seeing white. "A-Ahh, I-I'm about" Further words were cut off by Kana letting out a loud cry as her legs tightened around the nurse's head, her orgasm causing her body to shake with pleasure.

"That's it... and if you need to climax, just let it happen. It will help lubricate you better, and you don't want to frustrate this mate, if possible." She rubs Amelia's clit a little faster, popping another knot into her, then the six soon after. The seventh is pressing, though Amelia can feel her pussy getting rather full at this point. The large blonde nurse gives Valeriya's clitoris a dominant twist. "Little Marine likes to talk." The shy redhead blushes harder, breathing a bit heavier as she continues to massage Kendra's inner thighs. "W-well... sometimes Mistress would tie me... down... and make me lick her... until she came on my face. Or if I was a bad girl... she might spank me. Sometimes in front of people." Kana's nurse doesn't let up at all, eagerly lapping down her juices as the woman reaches her orgasm, making enthusiastic slurping sounds as she helps working her through the climax.

Valeriya: “Little nurse likes to play.," smirks Valeriya, groaning a bit with a shudder, as she twists her body a bit, trying to flip them both so she's on top and the nurse below, going to grind her eagerly with a smirk.

Amelia: “A-Ah...The last thing I want to do is infuriate...A zerg with a cock this big!" Amelia says with pleasure as her climax rolls over her, the sixth knot popping inside. "O-One more...I think...That's my limit."

Kendra smiled, fighting down the urge to raise an eyebrow. City folk were into some kinky shit, and she had to admit, it certainly sounded appealing. "Like people watching do you? Or... is it because Mistress liked people watching," Kendra asked, letting a thumb run up the woman's neck to her lips, slowly trailing across them.

Kana: The actions of the nurse dragged Kana's orgasm out a few moments longer, but soon the redhead slumped back into the bed. The redhead still had her legs wrapped around the nurse and she wasn't sure if that was the end or if something more was going to happen.

Rebecca grins as she reads the movement correctly, twisting Valeriya's thigh to prohibit the movement, then giving her rump a rough slap. "Little Marine think she can play too... but she wrong." She grinds a little slower now, determined to draw it out. Amelia's nurse nods, firmly pressing in the seventh. "Not bad... but I think you can take just one more." She begins pressing the eighth into Amelia, still softly rubbing her clitoris. "Come on, dear... just one more..." The redhead blushes a little more. "Mistress liked that... I just... I liked making Mistress happy." Her fingers softly slide across Kendra's clitoris. The tanned brunette softly pulls back once Kana's slumped back, pussy juice covering her face and the front of her white uniform. "Well... now we'd best get to the conditioning." She reaches into a drawer of a nearby nightstand, producing a seven-inch toy that looked something like a canine phallus, including inflatable knot. "I think we'll stick to the pussy for today." She gives Kana a wink, teasing her pussy with the head of the phallus.

Valeriya groans a bit at the slow down, her raising an eyebrow a bit as she starts trying to wrestle the nurse down, eyes scanning a bit to see if she had missed the socket implants. Maybe she was actually a medic? She... sorta remembered something about enemy forces bringing a new type of CMC armor with medical equipment...

Amelia: “Ooooh. Alright, just one more!" Amelia says with a moan of delight at feeling the toy being pressed in for an eighth knot, her hands balled into fists as she grips at the sheets, clearly enjoying the large toy pressing into her.

Kendra thought she was starting to understand. Even as her head leaned back and back arched with the pleasure to her clit, a hungry moan spilling from her lips as her fingers grazed down the side of the nameless nurse's neck. Maybe, she didn't even want her name known. Just to be called by pet names. It... seemed to fit with what she was saying. "So then sugar," Kendra started, panting. "You're hoping for little ol me to take over?"

Kana: “Wait, conditioning?" Kana asked, before seeing the rather large toy. Idly she muttered. "Sooo...t-that's what they'd look like?" Then the nurse came back and teased her with it. "Wait, a whole day?" T-That was going to make walking around really awkward, not that their was anywhere to go...

The large nurse doesn't appear to have any implants, but her strength suggests otherwise. She gives Valeriya another smack on the rump, grinding faster as she nears her own pleasure. "Mmmm... Rebecca might have to keep Little Marine for later." Amelia can feel the eighth knot stretching her, straining her, before finally popping inside. "Mmm... very good, dear... eight is an impressive start. We'll have to work that number higher, eventually, but this is a good start. Just... hold them in for as long as you can." She softly massages Amelia's mound. The redhead bites her lip, then nods at Kendra, leaning back to await her new Mistress' first command. The nurse with the canine cock shrugs. "They tend to... tie themselves to their breeding partners, sometimes for a whole day. Best you get used to it now, my dear, before you spend a day being dragged around by this cute little gash." The tanned brunette slips the head of the toy into Kana with a fluid motion, the toy sliding in easier than it probably would normally due to the large amount of lubrication.

Valeriya blinks in confusion as she groans. "...Okay... How? I've had to tear bulkheads open with my hands... Admittedly with CMC enhanced strength but still, there's no way...," She pants, shuddering as she get's close with the nurse, "Have I been weakened...?"

Kana: 'Ohh god, why is it every time this nurse says something I'm getting frighteningly detailed mental images.' Kana thought to herself as she tried to shake the image of being dragged around all day that was in her head. Unfortunately her attempts at that were not helped by the toy sliding into her, and going in easy enough. It was a bit big, and she twitched a bit as it hit deep in her, but she felt she could handle it. Though then she remembered the knot...

Amelia: “Ah...80% isn't so bad..." Amelia says with a moan, as her insides clench and constrict around the toy. "N-No worries about letting it go...It feels good." she says with a smile on her face as her mound is rubbed, shivering with a second orgasm fast approaching, squinting her eyes shut and crying out in bliss as she cums, squeezing around the toy hard.

Kendra thought for a moment, feeling a little antsy. She'd never imagined herself in this kind of position sexually before, and her eyes stayed on the red head for awhile, trying to think of something that'd be sexy. "Make me scream honey," she eventually said, sliding her hands to her own breasts as she watched the shy nurse.


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Re: Starcraft RP transcripts (edited)

First Session, 9 January (part four, Kendra gets a submissive, more fun with nurses and toys)
The nurse is working faster and faster now, her wet pussy making squelching noises as it slides against Valeriya's. "Little... Marine... not only... strong... woman..." She clenches her jaw, nearing her own peak. The tanned brunette smiles. "You don't seem to MIND the mental images, dear. I think you can't wait to get knotted by one of them. Maybe even service a whole pack." The toy slides deliciously deeper into Kana, and the tanned brunette leans down to softly lap at her swollen clitoris. Amelia's nurse giggles. "More like... twenty-six point seven percent, dear. The knots... get bigger." She presses a button on her datapad, and Amelia can feel the knots beginning to expand inside of her, stretching her beyond what she thought were her limits a few minutes ago. "Just... try to hold them in, as long as possible." The redhead nods, then leans in, softly lapping at the base of Kendra's pussy, her tongue sliding up her gash needfully. She uses her skilled fingers to spread Kendra slightly, giving herself better access.

Valeriya: Valeriya, gasps, shuddering, "Artificially... strong with... naturally strong... should... win...," groans Valeriya, settling for now for just grinding back just as eagerly, working to give as much pleasure as she was getting. Didn;t matter her position in the end after all...

Kendra felt her eyes fluttering, her fingers tightening on her breasts as she let out a hungry moan. The nurse was certainly skilled with her tongue. The ex-girlfriend was missing out on a lot. Stupid bitch. The farmer groaned again, her back arching further, pushing her breasts higher upwards.

The big nurse grinds more aggressively, desperate for her orgasm. "Little... Marine... like... to..." Whatever thought she is trying to express is suddenly lost, as she gives a shuddering grunt, her pussy convulsing and spurting juices onto the marine against her. She holds herself there, shaking through her climax. Kendra's nurse seems to note her lover's satisfaction, pressing her face in enthusiastically to give Kendra a deep licking. It was quite obvious to the farmgirl that she had found a woman who truly enjoyed the taste of wet snatch.

Kendra: A taste that Kendra was happy for. Her hips started to move, grinding down on those tongue and lips, smearing juices across her chin as she did more than work. Kendra doubted that the woman was asked to do anything like this but... consequences be damned she was going to cum all over those lips and tongue. Pinching her own nipples, she groaned louder, letting the nurse hear the results of her skills.

Valeriya groans and just let's her mind be washed with bliss as she grinds eagerly, panting, before crying out as she orgasms, their juices mixing as she shudders against the aggresive nurse, shivering as she enjoys her first intimate experience with the same sex.

Amelia: “Ooooh! Ah! That...That feels even better!" Amelia cries out, shuddering as the toy inflates inside of her "Oh goodness! So this is what my partner is going to be like! Ugh...I should be ashamed it feel so good." she whimpers, tears in her eyes from the mixed pleasure and slight discomfort of having the toy swell massively inside of her.

The redhead moans into Kendra's pussy, and throws a leg over the side of the bed... pressing her soaked crotch against Kendra's thigh and humping her through wet silk panties, as she eagerly lapped at the farmgirl's pussy, her nose practically buried in Kendra's muff. The muscular nurse holds herself against the marine for a moment longer, enjoying the afterglow, before gently pulling back. She reaches into a drawer, producing a strap-on with an attachment for the nurse... and a very large phallus that would probably be stretching Valeriya open. She grins, slipping the smaller end into her own snatch with a pleased sigh before buckling it onto herself. Amelia can feel the knots swelling up, moment by moment, until finally a small red light appears on the datapad readout, and the growth stops. The nurse grins, softly massaging Amelia's clitoris and stroking her stuffed pussy lips. "Mmm... almost fifty percent, dear. Not bad at all. Just... just keep holding it in you. As long as you can."

Amelia: “That's...Not hard! I doubt they'd come out if I wanted them to." the scientist says, rolling her head back and forth, almost wanting more stimulation from the nurse and her strange toy.

Valeriya: Valtyria raises an eyebrow as she shivers in the afterglow, noting the big strap on. "...That strikes me as... Excessive for first time. Hmph. I get to use it on you next... Hope that won;t break me..."

Kendra: Lifting a leg, pressing it hard against the nurse's cunt through those panties, Kendra reached down, dragging her nails up the woman's leg until she was gripping her ass, groaning louder, and louder, as she felt an orgasm start to well up in her loins.

Amelia's nurse chuckles. "If your partner is happy, he purrs sometimes... and it feels a bit like this." The massive toy begins vibrating inside of Amelia, as the nurse leans in to softly lap at her clit, fingers massaging the puffed pussy lips. Rebecca shakes her head. "It... is a bit large. But you have already received treatment. You are... stretchier... than before. Now... your mate will want you to prepare him." She moves the strap-on's business end to Valeriya's mouth, leaving no room for interpretation. The shy redhead is moaning into Kendra's cunt, her face pressed in as far as it can be, tongue desperately licking at her new Mistress as she creams her own panties against her thigh. She humps back automatically, her desires leaving her few options at the moment.

Kendra: Reaching down to grasp at the nurse's hair, fingers sliding through her locks, intertwining through them, pulling her tight to her gushing cunt, Kendra let out a long loud moan of pleasure as she came under the red head's ministrations, juices running over her face.

Amelia cries out in disbelief at the vibration of the toy. "Oooooh. All the more reason to make him happy! After all, there's nothing wrong with...More data..." she whimpers, trying to stay conscious despite the overwhelming pleasure the toy and the nurse is now giving her "Oh goodness...I'm at my limit here, Nurse! I-I'm going to-" she cuts herself off with a cry of bliss as orgasm takes her once more, her whole body tensing and shaking from the power, before finally falling limp on the bed.

Valeriya raises an eyebrow, staring at it. "...Think you;re reading way too much into how a critter thinks...," she grunts, before rolling her eyes and beginning to lap at the large device, too big to get in her mouth easily, but clearly not unused to oral work. "Even if somehow they... mmph... Do have somethin in their heads besides murder, you think they gonna grasp anythin... *lap, lap* besides grab and ravage on the spot...?"

The redhead eagerly laps and gulps down as much pussy juice as she can, the juices running down her neck and over her cleavage as she works to pleasure her Mistress. Her pussy is still spasming against Kendra's thigh, leaving a large wet mess under that side of the bed... it would seem the redhead was a bit of a squirter. Amelia's nurse continues lapping and kissing at her clitoris, as the toy hums inside of her. As Amelia is coming down from her orgasm, the nurse presses a button, letting the toy shrink slightly and vibrate less. The large nurse grins. "Maybe the critter does this, instead?" She grabs a fistful of Valeriya's hair, forcefully pressing the massive phallus into her throat. "Maybe the critter does not like Little Marine talking too much."

Amelia: “Oooooh. I could get used to sleeping with whatever critter this belongs to...Ah...This has been...Possibly the best sex of my life." she says, panting from exhaustion, a smile on her face as she looks down at her Nurse.

Kendra: Slowly coming down from her sexual high, her thigh gently pulling away from the slick panties covering the woman's crotch, Kendra smiled at the nurse. "Good girl," she purred, fingers slowly loosening from their hold in her hair, letting her free, and raking her nails over the nurse's hips as a final reminder.

Valeriya grunts, gurgling as her throat is stretched around it, her gaging a bit in surprise, glaring slightly, not appreciating this. It was probably accurate on this would be what it did mind. Unlikely why it did it. Instead she decided topress forward, taking it deeper, before wrapping her arms around the nurses waist and starts lifting, going to pick her up and drop her down on the bed, planning to catch her off guard.

The nurse giggles, climbing into bed with Amelia and smoothing her sweaty hair back with a few fingers. "Well it's just going to get better from here, my dear. As I understand it your mate is... a very protective and nurturing one, around a good lover." The redhead looks up at Kendra with a dazed smile. "Thank... thank you, Mistress." She starts to gingerly rise from the bed, nearly tripping before catching herself, her head still spinning a little. Rebecca chuckles at the marine's attempt, jumping forward instead of letting herself be lifted, the cock ramming deeper into Valeriya's throat and tossing her back into bed. Finally she pulls back from her throat a little, letting the marine breathe. "Little Marine is feisty..."

Valeriya gasps, grunting a bit as she recovers, coughing slightly. "... Well you don't run an arclite by being a wilting flower...," she mutters, rubbing her neck, "If I stretch already, dunno why this things needed..."

Kendra: “Watch yourself little dove. Don't want you getting hurt... unless I do it," Kendra said, believing that the redhead would enjoy those last four words slipping from her lips. She leaned back in her back, naked and basking in the glow of her orgasm, and staring at the ceiling. "What's next? I don't believe that was all there was to this."

Amelia: “Ah. So he's going to steal me away and hide me in his nest like a prize, is he? Take care of me like a good, upstanding gentleman, hm?" Amelia says with a mirthful chuckle, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Treatment make you stretch easier. But not stretch enough. Still need... work." The muscular blonde pulls back, climbing down off the bed, then flips Valeriya onto her stomach, surprising the marine with her sheer strength. "If Little Marine is good, maybe critter take pussy today." The redhead bites her lip. "Um... I don't know, honestly. Doctor Smythe told me... just to massage you... and make you feel good." She looks a little confused at the moment. Amelia's nurse chuckles, giving her a kiss on the nose. "If I don't get to you first, cutie. He might have to fight me for you." She pulls Amelia close, snuggling up against her.

Amelia: “Who's to say he won't enjoy having both of us, hm?" Amelia asks with a giggle as she snuggles with the nurse. "I doubt he'd object to a second willing partner."

Valeriya looks back, then sighs and looks forward with a grunt. "Seems like I'm liable to get both either way... Do what you're going to do then. Least I'll enjoy it with you."

Kendra: Propping herself up on her elbows, Kendra looked to the nurse, studying her a moment. "Come here," she said softly, lips pursed slightly. What she said sounded, different from what the others had in store for them. What was the good doctor's game?

The nurse shakes her head. "Doesn't work that way, dear. Only a small percentage of human females are compatible with Zerg subjects. Non-compatible humans... are either threats, food, or both." Rebecca nods, and Valeriya can feel the head of the massive, slick phallus rubbing against her pussy, preparing her. "Little Marine is going to be having a lot of pleasure here. But I get to enjoy Little Marine first." She begins pressing the massive cock into Valeriya, spreading her snatch wide. The shy redhead nods at Kendra, moving closer, her eyes fixed on the ground. "Yes, Mistress?" Her uniform is disheveled and covered in pussy juice, and her nipples are pressing out against the fabric visibly.

Valeriya bites her lip with a grunt as her body is forced to stretch around the great thing, panting. "Hng... yeah... but least I can enjoy this... with a person... not just some animal..."

Kendra: Reaching out and turning to rest on just one arm, Kendra drew the woman's face to her own, until their lips met. She groaned softly, tasting herself, tongue flicking outwards to savour that flavour, before pushing into the nurse's mouth a moment, trailing along hers, before suddenly breaking the kiss. She smirked, feeling a tease as she laid back down. "You have a name little dove? Not that I'll use it, but you shouldn't keep things from your mistress."

The muscular nurse takes her time, slowly working the massive cock into Valeriya bit-by-bit. "If... if just some animal... why do they win so much, hm? Why do they beat us? Maybe they look like beast... or move like beast. But they hunt like hunter." The redhead returns the kiss softly, her breathing getting a little faster at her Mistress' touch. "Yes, Mistress... my name is Sheila."

Valeriya moans. "Cus... they work like bugs... hng... big floatin ones tell em what t' do... And some other critter tells them what t' tell em... Least that's... what the boss used to say. But these critters just kill, hng. Something else thinks for em..." She pants, shuddering as she's worked into, quivering, not wanting to think about the possibility of something even bigger than this in her...

Kendra: Fingers slowly trailing down Sheila's chest, running over her breast, Kendra smirked. "Very pretty little dove. Now..." Kendra laid back again. "Why don't we get something to eat.

Amelia: “A shame...I think he'd really like you." Amelia says with a smile as she snuggles up to the nurse in her bed, rather pleased with this turn of events. "What strain is he? I know a lot of people like to name the strains, so I'm a bit curious."


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Re: Starcraft RP transcripts (edited)

First Session, 9 January (part five, orgasms and cuddling, a dialogue, breakfast)
Rebecca shakes her head. "They have... a hivemind. Shared intelligence between them... smarter than us, but less diverse by far. Unity of purpose, though." She humps the thick cock deeper into the marine, stretching her wider than she's been stretched before, yet Valeriya seems to be in no danger of tearing. Sheila nods, giving her Mistress a little bow. "Um... I can bring back some breakfast, if you like, Mistress. What would you like? We do have a chef here." Amelia's nurse kisses Amelia softly. "I'm not supposed to say yet, dear. You can guess, if you want... but I can't confirm or deny your guess. You don't get to know your mate until Phase Two."

Amelia: “Well then, we should hurry up and get me ready for Phase Two, dear...I want to meet my mate, if he's half as good a lover as you are then I'll be more than satisfied." Amelia says, before kissing back, enjoying the amory of this nurse she'd found herself in the arms of.

Valeriya groans, shuddering and panting as she bites her lips, groaning at how full she felt. "Well, yeah. Don't matter. Real smart at killin', but nothin else. That's it. They're like Adjutants. Incredible at what they're for, but don't ask one how it feels or if it likes coffee."

Kendra: “Eggs, bacon, homefried pataytas, and fresh milk... or, just milk since I doubt you have cows about," Kendra said. She could get used to this mistress thing. She liked the power, never really had power before. She leaned back in her back, basking again, and smiled. "Thank you dove."

"Oh, don't worry. I'll be around for the entire process. I just can't accompany you into the mating areas. We don't want to confuse your mate with anyone else's scent. That would make things much riskier." The nurse holds Amelia close, relaxing. Rebecca humps a little deeper, but then stops pressing in, merely using what was already inside of Valeriya to pleasure her, rutting the top third of the cock in and out of the marine. "True... but maybe if they have lovely women to impress, they too might evolve, in time." Sheila blushes at Mistress' smile. "Yes, Mistress." The first containment door opens, and before it closes behind Sheila, Kendra notes that it's a decontamination chamber with a second containment door at the other end of it. She can hear the hissing of compressed air from the chamber as Sheila goes through the process.

Amelia: “A shame, really. I doubt a big ol' Zerg is anywhere near as good at cuddling as you are."

Valeriya does get a slight blush at that, groaning and panting, before smirking back. "Flatterer. But you assume they've got concept of beauty. They're, unf, weapons, they just see targets t' kill or infest. Monsters that devour planets. And even if you convinced some ling that it wants to be friends, you have to convince the monster that guides them all. And not buying, hng, that. Whatever it is, it didn't come for peace... I've seen what it does to people..."

Kendra: “The fuck is this place?" Kendra said, sitting up, running hands through her hair as she slid carefully out of bed. She didn't bother dressing; no use trying to hide modesty if someone just watched her gash getting tongue punched. She shook her head. A mistress wouldn't use such crude terms. Kendra started to move around the small room she was in, looking for whatever clues she could find.

The nurse chuckles at Amelia, then looks serious for a moment. "That might be so. But I don't generally express my displeasure by destroying someone's DNA. Your lover is... very loving, but very risky... I guess what I'm saying is to be careful, and try your best to stretch yourself each time. I... I don't want you to get hurt." Rebecca continues humping in and out of Valeriya. "Little Marine... thinks... a lot about strategy. A lot... for a little tank commander." Kendra's mirror turns back into a viewscreen, with Doctor Smythe giving her a small smirk. "You're in Sub-Oceanic Lab 00013, Katella Five. Do you like Sheila, so far, dear?"

Valeriya: “Know your... hng... enemy.," pants Valerya, "Artillery has to... know how they'll move... how they act... how they think... or you... oh god... Just hit dirt..." She shudders, moaning hard, clenching on the big toy, "Getting... gonna..."

Kendra: “Yeah I heard your spiel. And yes I like the little dove. Did you enjoy watching Dr. Perv?" Kendra said with a smirk, stepping back to sit on her bed, arms crossing beneath her bust. She stared at the screen, not showing the fear she'd buried deep in herself.

Amelia: “Such concern. How did you end up as a nurse at this crazy science experiemtn, hm?" Amelia asks, smiling at the concern for her well-being. "As for my DNA being rearranged, that's a price I'm willing to pay for the advancement of science."

As Valeriya nears her climax, Rebecca begins working the cock even deeper into her, roughly stretching her, making her take just a little more to bring her to her peak. "That's it, Little Marine. Cum for Rebecca's big cock." Doctor Smythe shrugs. "I enjoy my work. And my work right now is to observe... and sometimes to inform. I just wanted to let you know that you might be feeling a bit... different... over the next few weeks. Your treatment has already been administered, and should be having its effect rather soon. Sheila is there to make sure you're as comfortable as you can be. In every way. Not that she minds... I'm rather convinced she's had a thing for you since she saw you unconscious a few days ago." Amelia's nurse smiles back. "Gotta pay back my student loans somehow. But I'm not talking about DNA reworking. I mean that if your mate perceives you as a threat, or as food, he will literally unravel what makes you... you. Just... just do your best to keep him happy, okay? That's all."

Valeriya hisses and groans before crying out in climax as she clenches over the massive toy, writhing and convulsing a bit, toes curling as she does just as Rebecca wants.

Kendra: At this Kendra frowned. "What treatment? What did you do to me?" she asked, leaning forward. She felt anger turning her heart, making it pound in her ears, threatening to let a haze of red fall over her eyes. "Different how?"

Amelia: “Ah. Then I suppose I need a good teacher to teach me how to keep him happy and pleased so he doesn't decide to eat me." Amelia says, a hand reaching down to grope at her nurse's bottom. "Tell me your name, sweet thing...You probably already know mine."

Rebecca holds the toy inside of the marine as she orgasms, then starts to gently ease it back out, softly caressing the muscular marine's body. "Shhh... very good, Little Marine. Very good. Rebecca is impressed." Doctor Smythe raises an eyebrow. "You've been treated with a formula that will make you... stronger. Better-armored. More dominating. And... probably some cosmetic effects as well. You're going to have a slightly greater level of commonality with this," a picture of a hydralisk flashes up on the viewscreen," than the average human does." Amelia's nurse nods. "My name is Tayla. Tayla Goodwin." She softly teases her fingers along Amelia's neck.

Valeriya groans as she's pulled out of slowly, shivering. "Mmmf. So... what now...?"
Kendra: “Wait... you put hydralisk in me?" Kendra said, her hand going to the scar on her belly again, her eyes wide. "Why... the fuck would you do that?"

Amelia: “Well then, Tayla, I hope there's not any rules that say you can't sleep here with me. Better to have someone to cuddle than sleep in an empty, lonely hospital bed." she says, rubbing her cheek against Tayla's as her neck is teased.

Rebecca finishes easing out of Valeriya with a pop, then starts unbuckling the toy. "Now we can cuddle, if Little Marine likes to cuddle. And you can rest, for when we continue your conditioning. Little Marine has to get stretchier." Doctor Smythe nods. "We did, dear. We're trying to create a slight hybrid. One that the hydralisks would be unable to distinguish from another hydralisk, permitting them to walk right into a hive and destroy it without being seen as a threat." Tayla grins. "My job is to make you as comfortable as possible, Amelia. And I like my job." She kisses Amelia's cheek, pressing closer.

Amelia: “Then feel free to comfort me as much as you like, Tayla." Amelia says, reaching down and pulling the sheet over them both, content to snuggle with her new friend under them.

Valeriya: “...Yeah... Cuddling’s fine I guess.," grunts Valerya, before reaching up and tugging Rebecca down against her with a smirk.

Kendra: “So, you think your God then," Kendra said, and took a deep breathe. It seems whatever was going to happen to her was well out of her hands now. Could she even concieve of a way to fight it.

Rebecca grins, letting Valeriya pull her in close, giggling and kissing the marine's neck. "Little Marine has excellent taste in women." Doctor Smythe laughs. "No. I don't think I'm God. I think God is a fickle child who likes to play with his toys until he gets bored. Then he smashes them together and breaks them. I don't think God deserves to play with his toys anymore. I think it's time his toys took matters into their own hands... which is why I'm going to help humanity win this war. Not the Zerg. Not the Protoss. Not the inbred colonist rednecks. Real humans. From Earth."

Valeriya: “Mmm... Beginner's luck I suppose...," chuckles Valeriya, pulling her close, "As I said, never swung for my own team before now but... well, yeah... This plan won't work, you see that right though? Nobody can make the zerg accept peace. They're not built for it. Try the protoss, at least they talk. So I'm told anyways..."

Kendra: “We're all from earth, or did you forget how you 'real humans' ejected our ancestors into space for some damn experiment?" Kendra shook her head, standing up to pace back and forth.

Rebecca shrugs, leaning close against Valeriya. "Little Marine thinks Zerg don't talk... but Little Marine thinks the bosses listen to Rebecca? Rebecca is close to bottom rung. Not quite as low as Little Marine... but not listened to." Doctor Smythe leans back. "I'm not sure what our ancestors did. Frankly, I don't care. Horrible things happen, in history. Millions and billions of people die. Sometimes those deaths help Humanity to push forward, to evolve. So yes... your ancestors might have come from Earth. But all this time out in the depths of space, and all we see on our arrival is weakness and internal strife. You colonists aren't the future of Humanity. But maybe you can be used to help Humanity forward, over this new hurdle."

Valeriya: “Oh I imagine they talk, in a fashion. But only the high up ones think," grunts Valeriya, before shrugging, "Well... When it goes wrong, least I'll try to keep you clear. Not that you need much help. You could be a marine with strength like that. You;d be terrifying on stims."

Kendra snickered. "Last time I heard someone bumble on about the future of humanity, it was a broadcast from the emperor. You know, source of all that internal strife. Say what you will dahlin, yer still a bitch," Kendra said, turning to look at the doctor.

Rebecca holds Valeriya close. "And Rebecca will help train Little Marine to take big cock from mate. And will help Little Marine stay comfy and happy." She gives Valeriya a small kiss on the forehead. Doctor Smythe purses her lips slightly at Kendra's response. "Well. Thank you for your input. I ho-" Her communication is interrupted as Sheila returns, carrying a large breakfast tray with arms for eating in bed. "Mistress?" Doctor Smythe rolls her eyes, pressing a button, making the viewscreen turn back into a mirror before Sheila turns to look at it. "Um... is everything okay Mistress? Sorry... all we had for eggs was powdered. Same with milk. But we've also got ham and sausage." She brings over the tray.

Kendra: “Not your fault dove," Kendra said, turning a warm smile to the girl that had fallen for her, gently rolling her fingers along the woman's jawline. "Set it down. you hungry at all?" she asked, picking up some cutlery and cutting off a bit of egg, and lifting it to her mouth... and instantly missing the farm.

Sheila smiles shyly. "I... I could eat a little, Mistress."

Project Log, supplemental. As predicted, some of the subjects showed signs of discontent. Subject B4 seems to believe that I’m to be compared with Arcurus Mengsk—maybe I should ask for a pay raise. Still, the subjects have all taken to their nurses. It does not matter if they love me or hate me, so long as they comply with the experiment and enjoy the company of their nurses. The compatibility conditioning continues, with great success for all five patients—a rarity, to be sure, as the subjects in cell block A demonstrate. Ah, well. Tomorrow we begin awakening the subjects in cell block C. This is Doctor Ciera Smythe, Project Lead, signing out.