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Nov 10, 2008
This stemmed out of an idea Hardware had once for trying to add more of a role-playing focus to stat generation, and take the focus off of the numbers. Here's an example/template for use with 3.5e d20 or Pathfinder:

Strength: How are you with tests of strength?

A: Wet paper has beaten me at strength tests.
B: Scrawny 95-lbs weaklings laugh at me.
C: I am a scrawny 95-lbs. weakling.
D: Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.
E: I can handle physical labor.
F: I've benched a horse.
G: I'm going to pump you up.
H: I make Arnold look like Twiggy.

Dexterity: How would you describe your agility?

A: Flat, level flooring proves to be a navigational hazard for me.
B: "And the klutz of the year award goes to..."
C: I'm not allowed to wear heels.
D: Nothing special.
E: I can generally avoid face-planting.
F: I might be able to make a go of being a juggler.
G: I catch flies bare-handed.
H: I've managed to catch a flea or two.

Constitution: What's your status with the local healers?

A: Not so good, I break like the wind.
B: First-name basis.
C: I'm a regular.
D: They know me by sight.
E: We've met a few times.
F: They know me in passing.
G: I'm more likely to be bringing someone to them, rather than needing their help.
H: They know me only by reputation.

Intelligence: How good are you with lore?

A: I accidentally the entire *derp*.
B: I don't understand these tiny pictures...
C: Sometimes, I can actually follow along when I have help.
D: Well, it's kind of obscure, but I think I can understand it.
E: Wait, that means this over here, doesn't it?
F: I can accurately quote it, most of the time.
G: I actually understand quite a bit.
H: You know, those strange runes around that big red button *ARE* a warning...

Wisdom: How do you react after waking up from drinking?

A: Wha... Wait, what? Where?
B: Why do I have this cone? And who's familiar is this anyway?
C: I seem to have misplaced my pants.
D: Don't trust me to make decisions.
E: Give me a few moments.
F: I'm alright.
G: Don't nobody worry about me.
H: I can still handle a riddling game.

Charisma: How likeable are you?

A: Even my reflection hates me.
B: Angry barbarians are better.
C: Am I foul-tempered, or just drunk?
D: I don't really stand out in a crowd.
E: I can generally make friends.
F: I don't usually have to pay for my own drinks.
G: Potential exists for a public figure career.
H: Hey, everybody! We're all gonna get laid!

Of course, for different systems, you'd want other questions and numbers of answers. Each answer, in this case, has a modifier tied to it. For the example, I put them in order, but it could be interesting to switch things around.

As is obvious, each stat has a question associated with it, and each answer gives a short description to pick. These answers can help act as a springboard for how the character will act, or suggestions of stat-levels for a related and already figured out description.

Forgot to add this in earlier: Each answer has a modifier tied to it. In this case, -3 to +4. In cases where the modifer has two numbers associated with it on the standard roll, I'd say do a High/Low roll to decide which.
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Nov 1, 2013
Re: Stat Generation Questionnaire Prototype

I think this would be especially brilliant for people who are new to table top RPGs, since numbers can seem very arbitrary and abstract. Your template gives a great sense of proportion.


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Aug 20, 2013
Re: Stat Generation Questionnaire Prototype

Yeah, he stole that whole thing from me, but whatever...