The Conspiriacy


Nov 14, 2008
It's been Established that the Shepherd Family played an important role in the history of Silent Hill and it's surrounding area. Hundreds of years worth of scattered in game notation document this

In Silent Hill 5: Homecoming, one character could be referenced to as J. Shepherd, a young boy who frequently plays with a futuristic toy gun who meets his fate drowning in an accident

Fastforward 500+ years, Commander Shepard begins seeing an appirition of a small boy, this apparition is J.Shepards Elder brother A.Shepards attempt to perform CPR to his drowned little brother creating a small semblance of his real self in his dying dreamlike fantasy

In other words: Commander Shepard and his epic journey was nothing but the delusions of a dying child from Silent Hill...

Search your feelings... You know this to be true...