The Irrumation Society U.K.


Demon Girl Pro
Jan 9, 2011
//This is the Irrumation Society UK story thread. All posts from here on out must be IC, (in character) while inside this thread. To sign up for this game please be sure to vist the OOC thread here.//

Scene 1: Bad Gentlemen

"O Yylbralin, Yylbralin!
My lady of darkness, whore of sin.
With blade, bullet and staff we pray.
Yylbralin, we pray for your song this day."
- Chant of the Caligulus Clan.​

London, England at sunset was sparsely populated at Craftyn Street. It was a small hidden road within the maze of rural and rustic buildings. Luckily, your instructions were very clear of where to go thanks to that mysterious envelope you had received this morning. You find yourself inside of a dusty, abandoned bakery. 'The Green Scone' had seen better days it would seem, with it's cloudy windows; heavy cobwebs and overgrown ivy going up the stonework and rusted drainpipe.

The inside of, 'The Green Scone' was eerily empty. The small former bakery had nothing to offer inside but dust and bad wallpaper. There was however a strange lever on the wall. A classic lever made of metal and topped with a red knob on the end of it. The lever was also unusually clean which was strange considering the rest of the room was in ruin.

What do you do?