"The merchants of Dere (RP)"

Feb 2, 2017
Welcome and good morning/noon/evening/night.
This is a little free RP by Milia fan and myself played off-site.
We will update it in turns when we have enough conent.
Hope you enjoy it!


It is late afternoon and the slight ascents in the landscape indicate the approaching mountains.
To finally wander through the mountains seems like a wonderful thought, considering that the roads up until now were hardly more than mud. Even though the wars are over, and the many fragments of independent lands have finally been united to the Zornbold Empire, the current situation is still chaotic, with bandits and scoundrel still pillaging and assaulting these roads after nightfall.

A curve in the road leads to the scene of a farm coming into sight, the fields of corn growing quite tall and well, the barn recently painted and appearing well-maintained, the windmill spinning slowly with the light winds.

Seeing the farm Curthan peers into the grey sky, inspecting the forming clouds.
'Seems like it will rain heavily this night'*he thinks to himself.
Overlooking Mizuki’s clothing, her worn brown cloak covering her leather vest over her short-sleeve silk shirt, black skirt, knee-height stockings and short boots, and his own, a black-padded mantle over his shoulders, brown shirt underneath, grey pants and boots, he comes to a conclusion.

He turns to his companion and says, “Looks like rain, how about we seek shelter in that farm?”
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Dec 31, 2016
Re: "The merchants of Dere (RP)"

*Place holder* I have a bit of content but I need to discuss it with you first before I commit to it, I'll edit this post at that time.