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The She Wolf


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Nov 28, 2008
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The She Wolf​

December 1941, Somewhere in Eastern Germany

Smoke drifted lazily to the ceiling, gathering in a cloud that hung in the room as Colonel Heinrich Von Eisenberg let his cigarette dangle from his lips. The tip burned brightly as he breathed in, leaning back in his plush leather chair, uniform in hanging open with trousers around his ankles.

One hand was settled gently on the head of the demonic woman kneeling between his legs. Her lips were utter bliss, wrapped tightly around his cock and sliding along his sensitive flesh, pulling him into the hot wet cavern of her mouth. Her skilled tongue coiled and stroked his shaft, drawing low groans from within as smoked.

Heinrich didn’t know her name, nor did he truly care. She was forced to do his bidding thanks to Doctor Wilhelm Richter’s work. This nearly human looking beauty was one of many summoned from a world not seen by human eyes, now to serve the Reich. They had hoped to get soldiers from the dark depths, but none of the men had complained about the leathery winged sluts of hell that had emerged.

A second one leaned over the arm rest of the chair, her lips and tongue toying with the skin of his stomach and chest, her wings folded tight to her back as she groaned hungrily, slowly pushing at the tunic barely clinging to her shoulders. The blonde haired bombshell had not even donned garments of her own since emerging into this world.

Despite the pleasure coursing through him though, Heinrich struggled to keep his wits about him, and looked across the room to the figure sitting in the chair facing him.

Her ruby lips were curled upwards in a coy grin as she watched him, leaning back in the chair with her own wings stretched outwards behind her. Black leathery spines with a deep crimson webbing seemed to be the only signs that this woman was not of Earthly origin, unlike the others whom had horns sprouting from their foreheads of various lengths and angles, their feet twisted and warped into claws or hooves, and slender tails whipping from behind.

No this one seemed to be something else, even as a gloved hand raised her glass of wine to her lips, sipping at the fluid, leaving a barely noticeable smear of lipstick in her wake. Violet eyes that seemed so much more predatory and fierce than the others looked over the rim of the glass.

“What do you hope to accomplish Heinrich?” she asked curiously, setting her glass down once more. The other demons who spoke all held German accents, but not this one. No her voice came through thickly Scottish, and that confused Heinrich. Her fingers silently tapped against the edge of the arm rest, and her breasts pushed tightly against the low cut dress she wore.

Heinrich found it difficult to look away from the flawless pale slopes of her bosom, contrasting sharply with the shimmering black leather that fit snuggly to her perfect curves. When he did manage to look away from her cleavage, it was not to those haunting eyes, but rather lower to where the hem of the skirt ended abruptly. Were she standing it would scarcely cover her rear, but sitting it slid upwards to expose the creamy flesh of her thighs.

Were it not for the delicate way her legs were crossed, he was sure he would be able to see up that dress, and he was sure she wouldn’t care. Lace bands wrapped around her thighs, the toppings of a pair of stockings that emerged from within her knee high leather boots, a three inch pointed heel complementing her essence of sex and danger that permeated from her presence.

“I could ask you the same question,” Heinrich said, and gestured down at the two succubi pleasuring him with their mouths. He took another haul of his cigarette and considering getting them to stop.

The way that woman’s eyes lingered on her sisters though, enjoying the sight before her, Heinrich couldn’t bring himself to do it, especially as a fingertip ran over his balls, the tip of a tongue sliding over the head of his cock. A groan slipped free from his lips, and the woman continued to smile.

“What are you?” Heinrich asked of her, and felt his eyes transfixed to her beauty as she rose to her feet. Absently, he jammed the nearly finished cigarette into the ashtray beside him.

“A succubus,” she purred softly, the words scarcely heard, but dripping into his ears like honey.

He moaned, shaking slightly as he felt his seed burst into the mouth of the demon between his thighs, filling her mouth with sticky cum. She pulled off of his still fully erect penis, thin trails of his spunk mingling with her salvia up his shaft.

Heinrich stared upwards at the beauty walking across the room, her hips swaying with each step, pointed boots tapping against the wooden floor as the heels hit the boards. The smile seemed more predatory, hungrier. Heinrich didn’t even notice the two other succubi sliding off to the side, watching the scene before them as the outsider amongst them approached her prey.

For a moment Wilhelm’s words of warning crossed his mind: “Beware this one, this violet eyed bitch. The amulet’s power does not control her, and she has an agenda of her own. She is a she-wolf Heinrich.”

Those words were gone as fast as they had come, as leather clad fingers slid up his throat and stopped beneath his chin. She tilted his face upwards as she stood above him, and her long tongue slid out from between those soft lips. She softly licked his lips, groaning softly as she tasted him, and he felt his cock twitch between his legs.

Straddling him in the chair, she slowly descended, leather held breasts passing before his face as the hem of her dress rode up to her hips. He moaned hungrily as he slid within her. Hot and wet and welcoming she took him into herself, and ran her fingers along his cheeks. He struggled to find words, but nothing came out but moans.

“I am Lyn,” she purred into his ear, her hips rolling above him, the leather cups of her dress rubbing against his bared chest.

Once more he tried to speak, struggled to find coherent thought as the seductress rode him, even as her fingers pried the bars of rank from his tunic. She smiled and tossed them to the floor.

“You are mine Heinrich, even if you could try to deny it, you are mine,” she growled softly, and licked at his neck, running tongue upwards to his lips, pushing the muscle hard into his mouth and crushing her lips against his own.

He grabbed her hips, felt her moving beneath his palms and through the leather, this perfect beauty. He closed his eyes, savouring the kiss that would not break, her tongue exploring his mouth, coiling around his own.

She held him close to her, and reached into his soul. He didn’t seem to notice, lost in the fugue of lust and desire. Sweat rolled down his forehead, dripping down into the shadows of her cleavage as her hips moved, her inner walls stroking him higher and higher into bliss.

With tongue swirling hungrily around, she clenched down upon him. Lyn felt him spurting within her womanhood, his seed coating the hot flesh within her, and her tongue plunged down his throat. His moan was cut off, and he started to thrash in his chair.

The two watching succubi hissed, and laughed at the man whose flesh grew pale and sallow. Lyn slow pulled away from the kiss, pulling on a thin string of faintly glowing light that vanished between her lips. She climbed off the soul less husk that did nothing but stare and breathe.

“You fell so fast,” she said quietly, and turned to walk from Heinrich’s office, with hips swaying and heels tapping. The night was young, and her unnatural hunger still burned within her.