Thedoc90 - Dragon Rising


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May 4, 2016
I basically decided to dump some of my shit here, because, well maybe it'll help me actually work on stuff if I keep a bit of a log.

Dragon Rising (Working title) is an RPG I keep saying I am going to work on, but I don't really get much done.

I'll give a basic overview of the project right now as well as attach an image of the main character, Charlotte Freeman.

Kalemaer is a confederation that consists of three groups; Maeric, Kaledon and Dulann. Maeric is a kingdom with a mostly human population and an elven aristocracy. Kaledon also has a mostly human population as well as a decent dwarf population because of its mineral wealth, and familiar cold climate. Dulann is a desert situated between eastern Kaledon and northern Maeric. It has no central government, but has many city states that conduct trade with Kaledon, Maeric, and whoever else has gold.

Kalemaer is at war with Solva-Sol, the nation of the dark elves that was once an impenetrable forest preserved by druids in service of Elana, goddess of life. Now, however, it is a land stripped bare and dominated by heavy industry.

In Maeric and Dulann there exists the Freelancers' guild. As an organization it provides sellswords, merchants, doctors or any number of professionals for hire so long as the local government, or concerned private citizens can provide the funds necessary. The Freelancer's guild has no presence in Kaledon due to the king's distaste for mercenaries and the like. Since the start of the war with Solva-Sol the Jarls have grown dissatisfied with their own ability to satisfy the needs of the people and the king has allowed for the establishment of a guild hall in Kaledon.

Now with the begrudged blessing of the king, and minimal support from the skeptical Freelancer's guild Natalia, an elven woman placed in charge of the project, has found an investor by the name of Charlotte Freeman. Charlotte and Natalia, along with Jessica, an enigmatic witch, and friend of Natalia must now ensure the success of the guild despite having all of the odds stacked against them and win the favor of the Jarls so that they can sway the king and allow the guild to expand more.

Alright so all that shit's out of the way.

Basically I want it to be a story driven RPG focused on recruiting new guild members and building a good relationship with the town as well as expanding and upgrading the guild hall. I've done shit tons of outlining bullshit and written most of the story, but have done minimal time with the actual RPG maker editor and little to show for it. I've worked a bit on the other characters' designs, but I'm not an artist by any means and anything that doesn't look like shit takes me forever to put out.

So anyway, I'm going to challenge myself to make progress updates every few days and see if I can't get anything to happen.


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May 4, 2016
Re: Thedoc90 - Dragon Rising

Alright, it's been a bit since I posted anything, but I've been working on things some more and I wanted to talk about a game mechanic.


Stress is tracked over the course of the game and plays a large role in the way the events of the story unfold. It will affect courses of action that the player can take as well.

Situations that can increase stress include losing to powerful opponents, making difficult moral choices, inability to maintain positive relationships with other characters, and non-consensual sex.

Situations that can decrease stress include defeating powerful opponents, making good choices, maintaining positive relationships with other characters, and consensual sex.

An early example of a moral choice occurs when Charlotte encounters a troll who has killed a band of adventurers and is going to rape a young woman who survived the attack. In this situation Charlotte will have the opportunity to save the woman by attacking the troll, which if successful would decrease her stress level, or to sneak past the troll while he is occupied to get the medicine required for the quest she is completing without any conflict. In a third scenario she can attempt to distract the troll for long enough for the woman to escape and then try to outrun the troll to get the medicine.

In the first and third scenario Charlotte can reduce stress by making "Good" choices, but she also puts herself in a situation where she can greatly increase stress by failing. In both of these scenarios she can lose a combat encounter and be raped by the troll. In the second scenario Charlotte will increase her stress by making the "Bad" choice, but over all it is safer than the first or third choice.

High amounts of stress can also lead to 'lost time' when in a situation that could increase stress. 'lost time' can have catastrophic results, and will greatly increase Charlotte's stress as well as having the potential to result in the player losing their ability to make choices in certain scenarios.

For example at a normal stress level in a situation where Charlotte was sexually assaulted she might be able to either Defend herself, Negotiate with the attacker, or fail at either or both of those things and get assaulted. At a high stress level however when placed in that situation she may simply black out and wake up sometime later only to find that she had killed her attacker.

Having high stress at certain points of the story can effect the character's ability to make important decisions as well, pushing them towards different outcomes.

Alright so, that was fun to talk about. Hopefully I can get a small gameplay sample out at some point.