Third Headquarters (Single-player management)

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May 5, 2009
Somewhere in Nevada...

The full moon is high as you exit the unmarked jet plane you rode in on. Around you there is only the runway, a radar tower, and three discreet hangers; all cleverly camouflaged into looking like a strange rock formation, even the very solid tarmac looks like the ugly brown-beige of the desert sand.

You and twenty other recruits, fresh ones by the looks of it, are greeted by your new commander, Gerald Imbiz, a tall pale man with dark hair and a darker uniform. Despite it being the middle of the night, he's wearing Aviator Sunglasses.

"Welcome," he says coolly, "to Third Headquarters. Your new home for the foreseeable future. Unlike an official military, we don't have superior officers to order you around right now, aside from myself and our head of research, so you will be left to your own devices when off duty for the time being. That said I expect you all to maintain total discipline and comportment at all times, and your only duty is to complete missions you are assigned." He points towards disguised tower, where a small thin woman in a lab coat has just limped out the now open garage door. "Now, if you would all gather your belongings and head inside, we can show you our meagre facilities."


Current Base Layout:

Third Headquarters is located in North America. It has no special traits.

Facilities: Three Hangers, a Runway and Radar Tower, an Elevator shaft running from the surface to a second subsurface floor, and an Excavated subsurface with the Command Center, Barracks, Armoury and Residence.

Third Headquarters has no training facilities and no one is using them.
Third Headquarters has no production facilities and is not making anything.
Third Headquarters has no laboratories.

Current Research: Improved UFO Tracking

Armoury Contents: (3/5 tonnes filled)
Shelves of SAP Pistols plus enough jacketed bullets to fill a plane.
A wall-rack filled with Billpups plus enough ammo to fill another plane with.
One 'Family Guy' LMG
A single hunting rifle, it looks like it has seen better days.
Several crates of Fragmentation Grenades.
A crate full of various combat knives.
A case of Flashlights.
Johnson&Johnson Emergency Medical Kit™, ten of them still in the shrink wrap.

Two XB-71 Erinyes - Modified Long-range Bomber with Rocket Assisted Takeoff
Three XD-142 Albatross - Modified Cargo Plane with VTOL and RAT

I used a random generator to pick the base's name. Unintentional reference, and if you get it you get a space cookie.
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May 5, 2009
Re: Third Headquarters (Single-player management)

For players that want a single player experience, I'll have them operate out of this base. They'll operate separately and indirectly affect each other, but I won't force you to interact. On missions, they will be accompanied by red-shirts.

For players that can schedule a game together, or players that want the full experience, they'll get their own base in a separate universe, and won't interact or affect the people in the single player game.


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May 5, 2009
Re: Third Headquarters (Single-player management)

Current Roster
  1. Akkerman, Daan
  2. Arlotti, Lazar
  3. Barnes, Hali (Hali)
  4. Hanley, Saqui
  5. Isaacson, Erazem
  6. Langray, Brianna (Mind Flayer)
  7. Lowry, Ayesha
  8. Nardo, Albertine
  9. Nussenbaum, Avraham
  10. Orphan, Lauren (TentanariX)
  11. Ralston, Emil
  12. Sauber, Asim
  13. Schnur, Akachi
  14. Serpico, Celia
  15. Stasiuk, Sixten
  16. Tal Lane
  17. Tindall, Leah
  18. Vincze, Joetta
  19. De Vroom, Sinikka
  20. Wolters, Bernadette

Commander: Gerald Ingham
Head of Research: Yvonne Ingham

Memorial Plaques
  1. June 5th, Somewhere in the Congo - Joe King - Recruit - Missions 1, Kills 2 - Killed by Boorus Claws - last words:
    "You've fallen into the King's trap!"
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May 5, 2009
Re: Third Headquarters (Single-player management)

Current Research Project(s):
Improved UFO detection:
It is currently very difficult to detect alien vessels approaching our planet. They have some sort of stealth technology that often prevents them showing up on radar, almost always prevents missile locks of any kind, and can even make the ships appear to be invisible. Doctor Ingham is working tirelessly on trying to figure how they are doing it, and Mizrin doesn't know enough English or understand his own technology enough to help. Ignman is also using an office in the command center as her lab, and the space could be put to better use. She isn't sure where to begin, so progress has stalled.
Assigned researchers: Doctor Ingham

Available Research Projects:
Improved UFO detection - Unknown Man Days Work, Unknown Science Type (Classical Physicist? Nuclear Physicist?) Current Project
Boorus Slither Autopsy - 4 Man Days Work
Understanding Alien Biology can go a long way to helping us understand how they fight, and how to kill them more efficiently.
Boorus Scyth-claw Slither Autopsy - 5 Man Days Work
How different is this creature to the one without claws?
Boorus Psy-hat Slither Autopsy - 10 Man Days Work, Needs Sociologist
Why does this creature have a bigger cranium than it's brethren?
Boorus Larva Autopsy - 3 Man Days Work
While we have a stolen autopsy report from the criminal faction, getting first hand understanding from a real expert in biology would be ideal.
Boorus Flesh Pod Autopsy - 30 Man Days Work (Needs Laboratory)
We need to build a lab put this thing in before we can start to dissect it. Learning how these aliens do space travel in completely biological manner could help us improve our own space travel attempts. At least it will once we can make a better cover for the patents than 'figured out how the aliens did it, now we deserve money'.
Advanced Medical Facility - 300 Man Days Work (Needs Laboratory) Needs Sociologist, Engineer
Some of our conversations with Mizrin hint at alternative life saving and recuperative medical procedures we may be able to duplicated, but to do so will require designing an entirely new type of facility to build in our bases. Unlocks new Facility, justifies to the council XXXzone program hiring of Doctors

Note: Autopsies require Scientists with the Bio-chemist type, or Doctors. If an autopsy says it needs another type of scientist, then it needs a Bio-chemist or Doctor that also knows that science type, or another scientist with that type.
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