Thought is the Wind, Knowledge the Sail (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru


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Apr 22, 2010
Re: Thought is the Wind, Knowledge the Sail (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

The more the Talean newcomer spoke, the less genuine the smile Arianne's became, until the blonde's graceful expression was but a shell, a facade that only served to cover up some undoubtedly negative emotions--anger, perhaps even disgust.

"I had no... 'right'? Don't be silly, Hiri. Rights belong to those who are worthy of them! Just as you were worthy of an education here, I am worthy of spreading His message to those who are chosen for the Academy's elite. I certainly hope you aren't implying that you are more worthy than I?"

"What are these 'rights'? The RIGHTS of one who brings value to society, who single handedly takes it to the next level... take far more precedence over those of one who does not! Do you think someone like that fool from earlier--Trib.. lin, or whatever his name was, should have the RIGHT to do much of anything? I'd say that would be a mistake. Don't you agree, Wenille? Tria?"

The two girls looked at each other, and then nodded their heads with a solemn look.

"See? You're the only one here who thinks this way. Are you really sure you'll fit in?"

Hiri's other comment, her deduction about the abilities of the other necklaces, brought a twitch to Arianne's eye. "Clever, aren't you? Yes... these are but mere logs of our bonding sessions. No one will forget what happened here tonight. But people won't spread them... if I don't want them to. Still, you can have this one. If you don't take it, I may just end up losing it." She stuck her arm forward, holding the necklace by the chain, the pendant dangling slightly.

If the other girl were to take a closer look, the noble's hand trembled as she held the necklace for Hiri to take. It was clear that Arianne was furious, boiling beneath the surface, but she wouldn't let it spill over... not yet, at least.

"Too much to ask? It might be. You should just consider yourself fortunate for having received my mercy. Don't try to talk me out of this, Hiri... or any of us. The Director is the reason why us talented, noble, intelligent elites of different origins have assembled like this to begin with. I won't see you breaking it apart."


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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Thought is the Wind, Knowledge the Sail (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

Hiri's tone became flat and hardned agaisnt Arianne now. She had given her best effort, but the girl she once would have been eager to call a friend was clearly having as much of a superiority complex as Trilbin. The only difference was, she actually wielded enough power through these stones and her precious Director to do something horrible with it - like controlling the minds of herself and her friends.

"Oh no, Arianne. I have no desire to come between you and this Director. I wouldn't want you to feel less special than you already are. You're welcome to him, if that's what you truly want."

Hiri steeled herself, then put her hand out, waiting for the offered necklace to be extended to her. She was counting on grabbing it by the chain, and careful not to have her skin make contact with the jewel. She'd take this trinket - if only to study it and learn how to undo its power. It could be as simple as smashing it, but she wouldn't take any chances just now.

Once she had it in her hand, by the chain, she would continue to bolster her will, bend herself now to resisting any call to further orgiastic desire. She still looked at Arianne.

"But I'm still going to take my time to consider. And yeah, I think I am worthy of that. One day, I'm going to control one of the most lucrative trade fleets in the world. I'm sure my full cooperation would be handy to the Director and all his multinational plans, and he'd probably be pretty pissed if your underhanded approach scared me off. So like I said. Myself, and the girls who came with me tonight for the first time, are going to take our jewels and consider the offer. Because we're all worthy of being asked - nicely."

Hiri tilted her chin up, squaring off with Arianne. Inside, she was trembling. This was a messed up gambit she was going for, but she had to bank on Arianne worrying that she might upset her precious Director's plans by pushing so hard. It was quite possible they'd just hit Hiri over the head or something, but maybe Hiri would be right about that. Maybe she could leverage her inheritance and cooperation here. It was her only safe bet. She needed to be alone with Anwen, Tria and Frey and get those blasted necklaces off of them before it was too late.

"Don't be mad, be glad Arianne. A little respect and courtesy is all I ask, and then we can put this nasty business behind us."