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The Hunt is On! (Mind Flayer)

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    "No offense, but that's more than Just a mark. And we were promised that we wouldn't be hurt, remember," Diana said to Elanna, looking a bit upset about the whole thing, despite the pleasure that was very apparent on her face.

    Ynissa was quite thoroughly out of it, and barely conscious as Elanna healed her wounds up, though the pain was still there a bit as she weakly reached up to wipe her eyes.

    Meanwhile, Diana was having the time of her life as Lilitifa kept bouncing, her hips giving a few more thrusts to coax the last bit of her seed out as she kissed Lilitifa, and submitted to her lips. When Lilitifa began to pull off her cock, Diana gently reached forward and held onto her for a few moments, giving a couple of more thrusts to try and get everything out of her balls, and only after that did she pull back a bit, letting her cock pop free. Diana reached down with her right hand and brushed her fingers across Lilitifa's folds, while her left hand stroked her cock some, and coaxing out another couple of large spurts onto Lilitifa's ass, her balls as always, producing oh so much cum to spurt out.

    After she had managed to calm down enough, Diana stumbled along with Ynissa, who also stumbled, to the baths again, to get cleaned up. It was a quick bath, with Diana not denying Maya the chance to join them, though this time without the "thorough" cleaning that she had given them, this time around. After they were done, and Lilitifa spoke to her once they were out of the bath, Diana sighed. "I didn't expect you'd be able to lift the curse, since she was the one who placed it, and you would have to have powerful purification magics to do so. But if you can help, then alright I would like that," Diana replied, smiling as she took Lilitifa up on her offer to help out, poking her ass out when she got over to her.

    Diana's legs quivered at the rush of succubus energies flowing into her, and when it was done, she sighed softly, looking quite pleased with the feeling of it. "A-Alright hon... thank you. I appreciate it. Also, when or if you see my family any more, please... try and help them some if you can. I-If you do, a-and can, then I... I would be willing to do most anything to repay you," Diana said to Lilitifa before she and the others vanished, leaving the bags of gold. "W-Wow, that's a lot of gold. Ynissa... we could probably use this to buy us a house of some sort, with as much as we've got here. M-Make a base of sorts I mean to stay at," Diana went on to say, where Ynissa nodded softly.

    "Y-Yeah, that is an awful lot. I wonder how much they left us," Ynissa said, nodding in agreement as she thought about about how best to use it all, and trying to forget what happened not long ago with Elanna and whatnot.
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