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Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

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    Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

    Fancy Omazinai House is a shop located in downtown Tokyo that specializes in selling crystals, charms, potions and expensive jewelry. It normally receives a fair amount of business and customers but on this particular day it is getting a rather impressive influx of shoppers. The reason is it selling a new love potion and exquisite diamond jewelry. Superstitious and love sick people as well as those who love shiny jewels are flocking to the shop while the items are present and the sale is still in effect. Inside the shop a fairly attractive red headed woman is barking the wares, and luring new shoppers to check out the merchandise. She is wearing a mid length, skin clinging, black dress, furrs, a good amount of makeup, and high heels. Outside people are shoving and cutting in a desperate race to get their hands on the goods.
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    Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

    Anai was walking past the Fancy Omazinai House, listening to her headphones and generally intent on ignoring the crowd at the kooky crystal store. The only reason she visited this area was due to the music store right next door, which had good deals on some rad tunes from all over the world. It was only after she bumped into a random person in the crowd that extended out onto the sidewalk that she looked up and realized that there was something special going on today.

    She took off an earphone and tried to catch the reason for all the commotion. A love potion? Oh please. Like there could be such a thing! And all these people lining up to fork over their money?

    Anai shook her head and put her earphone in, then tried to find her way past the crowd so she could get to her music store.


      Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

      "Falling like a shooting star..." Jade mumbled/sang quietly to herself as she wandered around the floor of the relatively small music store. She had heard it was usually pretty packed, being such a popular place with such a small amount of real-estate, but today it was almost empty. Something to do with whatever was going on at the new-age place next door, Jade surmised. Wasn't any problem for her though, in fact it was rather nice. She had to convince one Japanese couple that she wasn't actually the lead guitarist and singer of Starstruck, but just a westerner who looked like her. The man at the counter looked like he'd be harder to convince, but she could probably get away with an autograph at the most, he did have a job to do, after all. The price of fame...

      She stopped browsing the selection for a moment when she noticed something, or rather, someone outside of the store. A dark-skinned girl who stood out from the largely Japanese crowd as much as Jade did herself, probably moreso. Jade had come to the store to look for some music to consume instead of create for a change, but finding an exotic beauty was even better. Jade watched the girl for a moment before being sure that she would be entering the store and went back to looking over the products, or at least appearing to do so. Really, she kept her eye on the girl, looking for the best time to approach her.

      Of course, the girl might recognize Jade first...


        Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

        Anai wormed her way past the crowd, having to press her body up against the music store window for a moment in order to slide past some gawking onlookers. Finally she arrived at the door and pulled it open, causing a small bell to tinkle announcing another visitor to the shop.

        She smiled, for she was at last back in her element, and she began to hum as she looked around for something to buy with her weekly earnings from Foxtail Desserts, a new-fangled cafe and patisserie where the waitresses wore signature fox ears and tails, to resemble the mythical kitsune. Fanboys and even some fangirls of this popular sub-culture enjoyed paying a little extra to be served by the foxgirls, and Anai made enough money from her tips to build up her ever growing musical collection.

        The dark skinned senior student had several albums in mind for her wishlist, one of which was the live tour release of Starstruck's worldwide tour performance from Tokyo - a concert that Anai had attended. She hummed a bit of the lead track's melody to herself as she listened to it on her earphones.

        She was so absorbed in looking at the album titles on display, Anai didn't even see Jade until she was almost on top of her. The foreign guitarist happened to be standing in front of the live in concert album stack that Anai had been looking for. As she reached past Jade to try and get to the stack, she finally glanced up and did an instant double take, before freezing still, her eyes going wide.

        "Jade? Jade Thomson?" Anai inquired, stunned by the surreal coincidence of having a guitarist in the band whose album she was about to buy standing in front of her. "It is you, isn't it? You can't be a look-alike. Oh wow! This is amazing! I love your music! I was at your concert in Tokyo!"

        Despite giving a typical fangirl response, Anai tried her best to not squeal uncontrollably, and managed to keep herself under control.

        "I was just going to pick up the live in concert album now!"


          Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

          Jade was prepared to be recognized, but the fact that the girl started to gush as soon as she saw the performer caught Jade a little off guard, causing her to blush slightly before she got her composure back.

          "Well, it's a good thing those stage lights make it pretty much impossible to see the audience," Jade started, smiling brightly at the girl. "Otherwise I would have been too distracted by your beauty to play as well as I did." Despite the flirting, Jade had actually not been too pleased with how she performed that night. The tour had really taken a toll on her and she had been a bit on edge during the performance. Still, the girl before her seemed to be making the stress go away just by her presence. That, and the fact that she was very cute, caused Jade to decide that she was going to try to keep this girl around as long as she could.

          "You know, I've got a spare album that I've been looking for a fan to give to. I could even... personalize it, if you want." She let the word 'personalize' hang a bit to give a suggestion that she was prepared to do more than just autograph the disk case.


            Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

            Seeing the normally confident and sexy musician blush at a common compliment for a celebrity made Anai a tad self-conscious. Had she gone over the top? Or had Jade Thomson just not been very used to fans accosting her in stores? Maybe she'd been trying to remain incognito and Anai had just dumbly blown her cover.

            These thoughts eased away however when Jade paid her a compliment.

            Oh good, she was used this sort of reaction. Hey, wait, did she just call me beautiful?

            Now it was Anai's turn to blush. She covered her mouth and patted Jade's shoulder.

            "Oh no, the stage lights are totally on the right person. You're gorgeous! And when you've got your stage make-up on and your guitar slung in front of you, you're a dream! Don't be silly. I'd kill to be as beautiful as you."

            It was typical girl behavior. Downplay your own attributes and praise those of others. Though it wasn't a false flattery by any means. Anai, along with a large portion of Starstruck's fanbase all considered Jade's sex appeal to be a huge part of the band's success, whether you were a guy and wanted to be with her or a girl and wanted to be like her. Though now that she thought about it, Anai thought she remembered something about one of the band members being outspokenly gay. Had it been Jade?

            "Ohh, I couldn't just take one from you. I want to support your band! Your music is inspired. But maybe if I buy this album properly, I won't say no to getting it personalized by you! I mean. If that's still okay? Gosh, I can't believe I'm actually getting to meet you!"

            It might be disappointing, but there was no indication that the dark skinned girl had picked up on the suggestive tone that Jade had implied with her use of the word "personalize." Perhaps it spoke to a slight naivety or innocence on Anai's part. As it was, she had a bit too much positive energy stored up from this excitement and decided the only way she could let it out was to start singing the first verse of Starstruck's hit new song.

            "Falling like a shooting star/ from the deep blue sky above,/ burning up the atmosphere,/ a symbol of new found love./ Let my fire trail light a path/ so you'll be able to find me soon/ as the lunar winds guide you / by the light of the whispering moon.~"

            Jade would notice that Anai's singing was flawless, hitting every note perfectly, and even managing to show an emotional connection to the lyrics that the band's own vocalist had difficulty finding sometimes.

            "Woo, sorry. Just had to sing it. Didn't want you to think I was just saying I'm a fan."


              Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

              Jade giggled a bit at Anai's words. The girl was very cute, which only served to make up Jade's mind to take her back to her hotel room.

              "Well, if you insist. I'd be more than happy to make it as memorable an item as possible for you." She was pouring it on a bit more than she might otherwise, but the girl's enthusiasm was making it hard for Jade to resist. Plus there was something else nagging her... She was about to say something else when Anai broke into song, stopping Jade in her tracks, her expression changing from a confident smile to being awestruck.

              "That was... To call it incredible would be an understatement." Jade said once she got her voice back, her tone changed from suave and sure to a more 'ordinary' tone, though her amazement was clear. "I don't think simply being a fan does you enough justice, you should be up there on stage with us with a voice like that!"


                Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                Anai giggled to herself as Jade showed a genuine interest in her singing.

                "I think a certain Starstruck vocalist might have something to say about that," Anai laughed, waggling her finger. "Thanks though. I do practice my singing. I'm hoping that one day I might be able to find a band of my own to sing with, but my parents insist that I get a university degree first."

                Anai shrugged, as if that alone was reason enough for her to put her own dream off for a while. In the small pause that followed she plucked up the album she intended to buy and walked over to the cash register.

                "I'll only be a moment," she said with a smile, and then handed the case to the clerk who had been studying the two of them intently throughout all this. He kept his eyes downcast once he was face to face with her though and quickly processed her purchase. Once that was done, Anai returned to where Jade stood. Her CD was inside a small, pink plastic bag with a cute chibi pirate panda printed on one side - the brand name of the independent music store written beneath it: Pirate Panda music.

                "So, you'll autograph it for me then?" She smiled, still innocent and hopeful. "I don't have a marker with me, though..." She frowned, and looked up at Jade to see if the musician had a solution or any particular suggestion as how they should solve this small dilemma.


                  Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                  "That's... probably a good idea." Jade said in response to Anai's mentioning of education, unable to hide a note of disappointment from her voice. It was partly because that meant the incredible singer wouldn't be joining her band, but mainly it was because it reminded Jade of her own education, or lack thereof. She never did like school, but she was aware that, unless she got really lucky with her music, she'd need to finish high school eventually.

                  So caught up in her own thoughts, Jade missed the girl going to the cash register until Anai was already there. The distance gave Jade a moment to collect herself. "Come on... cute girl who's also a fan and I'm more concerned about school? Something's gotta be wrong with me today." She put her confident mask back on and waited for Anai to return.

                  "Like I said, I'm all for more than just autographing it, but if that's all you want..." She replied, smiling and leaning away slightly. "I know I've got some markers in my suitcase... but that's in my hotel room. It's a short train ride away though." She motioned vaguely in a direction that may or may not have been where the train station actually was located in.

                  "I can run and get one and meet you back here, or..." She paused for a moment as if taking a moment to think, but she already knew what she'd say next. "It would probably be faster if you came with me when I did that though. Saves the time of me having to run back here."
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                    Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                    "More than an autograph?" Anai wondered what other things the musician might be able to do for her as she walked in the direction of the shop's exit. "What exactly did you have in mind? Oh! All the way to your hotel room? Hmmm..."

                    As Anai mused, it would be very clear that she was a little dense as far as understanding Jade's obvious come ons. Whether this was a cute or frustrating quality would be up to the guitarist to determine.

                    "Well, I certainly don't mind walking to the train station. I have to go there anyway, since my workplace is two stops down the line. I work as a waitress at Foxtail Desserts. You should stop by sometime if you're ever feeling hungry while you're in town." Anai hummed happily as she pushed open the door and walked back onto the street. The crowd outside the curio shop had not diminished much.

                    "So how long are you in Tokyo for? Do you plan on seeing any of the sights?" Anai asked innocently, but with genuine interest.


                      Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                      The innocent obliviousness was both cute and a little frustrating, but Jade found it cute enough that it cancelled out any frustration. She just smiled and gave the girl a quick shoulder hug as they left the store. "I'm sure we'll think of something." Unless Anai indicated she wanted it to continue, Jade would back off from the hug just as quickly, to keep it friendly.

                      "Foxtail, huh? That one of those cosplay cafe things?" Jade asked as they walked. "I'll have to check it out, though... come to think of it, I don't know who to ask for." She kept a light tone while implicitly asking for Anai's name.

                      After receiving it she smiled. "Anai... a nice name..." Her tone started out lightly, but she became a bit preoccupied. "Sounds familiar... can't place it though. Oh well, probably someone from childhood." She shrugged it off and addressed the question of how long she'd be in town for.

                      "Well, my visa expires in three weeks or so, but that can be extended. I'm taking a vacation after that tour with no real plans yet on what to do afterward, so I guess the answer would be... it depends." She didn't mention that there had been a bit of friction between her and a couple other band members over what direction to go in next and she wanted some distance to make up her mind. Rather than burden the girl with her own problems, she instead smiled at her. "But already I think I've found something worth staying for."


                        Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                        Anai appreciated the hug, and gave Jade a gentle squeeze.

                        "Heh, beautiful, nice, and you play music. You've got it all!" Anai said sweetly, not minding the hug being drawn out, but not complaining either when Jade drew back.

                        "Yup! Cosplay. They don't do that very much in America do they? I work as a kitsune girl. So I wear little fox ears and a tail, and then they have these little maid outfits we wear. Very cutesy... Ahhh! My name!"

                        Anai bowed in apology. "S-sorry! It totally slipped my mind! I'm Anai! Anai Nassar! Not a very Japanese name... my dad's Egyptian."

                        She blinked and looked up as Jade mentioned something about familiarity with her name. The strange thing was, Anai was having funny feelings that she'd met Jade somewhere before as well, sort of like a deja vu feeling. However, that was impossible. She'd have known if she'd met a gorgeous, American musician before.

                        "Just three weeks!? Such a shame! That's not nearly enough time. If you could stay longer would you? I'm sure there's a bunch of neat places you'd like to see, and if you needed someone to take you places, I wouldn't mind! Maybe we could even play some music together! I play piano/keyboard as well as sing!"

                        Anai practically beamed with giddy energy, her head bobbing and bouncing to some internal melody that seemed to always be wandering through her head.


                          Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                          "I'd be happy to stay as long as it takes to see everything you've got in mind." Jade replied with a flirtatious smile, but the possibility of making music with Anai triggered a more earnest desire in Jade to stay with the girl. "And I'd love to jam some with you... Does that translate? 'To jam' I mean."

                          After Anai replied, Jade responded to her earlier comment. "And I wouldn't say I have it all" She commented. Anai's energy was endearing, but Jade had a worry, one she always had when 'courting' a cute girl. Rather than state it bluntly, however, she continued to be a bit coy about things. "For example, I don't have a girlfriend right now."


                            Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                            "To jam? Yeah~" Anai hummed while quirking a brow at the peculiar vibe she was starting to get from Jade's smile, though sensing the real interest in the guitarist's appreciation for her musical ability washed through all that. "You mean you want to make music together. That would be great! I'd love it!"

                            She held the door open for the westerner, and it was in passing that Jade mentioned how she didn't have everything, including a girlfriend. Even Anai, in all her daydreaming about music, managed to catch on to the emphasis put on the "girl" in girlfriend. Suddenly, for the japanese student, the underlying meaning to everything Jade had been saying for the past minutes started to roll home.

                            It was stunning, for certain, but not shocking in the way that Anai might have anticipated, had she been previously queried on her potential responses to being hit on by a lesbian. Up until this point, Anai had not given much serious thought to her sexual preferences. To be honest, she didn't think about it all that much, beyond the concept of romance and being with that special person that must be waiting out there for you. Society had naturally encouraged the notion that she should be on the look out for attractive boys, and some of those had naturally hit on her in the course of her high school years, but Anai had been quite sparse in her approach to dating. She had dated one boy for a couple months in her previous school year. The entire courtship had been innocent enough, and hadn't gone beyond heavy petting and groping above the clothes. This wasn't because she wasn't attracted to the idea of going further, but it had more to do with her uncertainty that he was 'the right one' for her. And so she had resisted further advances, he had grown frustrated, and in the end they split up.

                            Anai had launched herself into music rather than pursue another relationship since then, and she was yet to have a significant sexual experience. So the realization that this American girl was being so forward with her - in typical American fashion no less - left her with a mixture of feelings. In no particular order, they were: befuddlement, embarrassment, curiosity, empowerment, and a tingly sensation that she would have to admit was the unexpected and highly intriguing occurrence of her being turned on.

                            She looked at Jade again with new eyes. She was gorgeous. That had not been a lie. Even without the stage makeup, for a westerner, she had a very classical sort of beauty. Long lashes, soulful eyes, well defined facial structure, symmetry, well-maintained hair, a slender neck, long legs and good curves around her hips. The only thing she really lacked was a bust, but that sort of thing wasn't that big a deal for Anai really.

                            "Oh. A girlfriend? Well, uh. I'm sure you could get one if you really tried." Anai toyed with a loose strand of her hair as she tried to speak while working around her own feelings in her mind. "I mean, it would be hard to refuse someone who could serenade them and look as nice as you do. A world traveling superstar like you... I'm sure you could have a lover in every country if you wanted."

                            Anai was now a little nervous and kicking herself. Was that last line stupid? It could probably be taken the wrong way. She hadn't meant to imply that Jade might be the sort of person to sleep around everywhere she went. But at the same time, with the way Jade was hitting on her, she just wasn't sure. Did Jade really want to jam with her? Or was she just interested in getting her alone, like in a bedroom of a hotel somewhere? Would that really be a bad thing though? She was so damn hot. And Anai wasn't finding herself repulsed by the idea of experimenting at all. But yet... Anai hadn't been the sort of girl to just jump into bed with someone - boy or girl. Ooh, it was so confusing. Maybe she just needed to find out right now what this was all about.

                            "N-not that you would! Oh. Just ignore that. It was stupid. Say... um, I don't suppose with all you were saying before... About making my autograph memorable? Was that um... how would you say.. um, code?"

                            She made air quotes with her fingers as she said the word 'code' to make her meaning a bit more clear.


                              Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

                              "Geeze... when you put it like that..." When Anai mentioned Jade being able to have a lover in every country, it did make the musician consider her penchant for flirting with girls wherever she went.

                              "Am I really that promiscuous?" She thought to herself, rubbing her neck. "I mean, it's not a bad thing... I don't hurt anyone, never ask them to do things they wouldn't normally do... Oh whatever..." She'd figure it out later, there was a more pressing matter at hand.

                              "Ah, yah that was... code, I guess." Jade replied smiling a bit. She was quiet for a moment then sighed. "Ah, I guess I'll just come out with it... at first what caught my eye about you was your looks. You have an exotic beauty that makes you stand out. Yah, that might be a bit shallow, but talking with you really made me want to get to know you better. And that's not 'code'." She paused to make eye contact with Anai. For some reason, she really wanted to make sure she wouldn't be misunderstood. "And then when you started singing... I think I've still got goosebumps from that. Anyway... If your... preferences don't swing that way, I'd still like to be friends at the very least. Please believe me, Anai, I'd never force anyone do to anything they didn't want to do." Jade sighed as if a weight were lifted from her. She then remembered something.

                              "Oh right, Japan. I shouldn't use your uh... personal name. Sorry, Nassar... san?" Though she had inexplicably good Japanese, the customs were still new to Jade.

                              ((Oh, about how far from Fancy Omazinai House do you think they've gotten? Should this be moved to the residential thread? I assume that would include Jade's hotel room. Also, a Youma might show up right at a critical point in their conversation, though that wouldn't necessarily be so bad, storybuilding-wise.))
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