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    Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

    "Mmm hmm. The way you wear it is cute. Very western though," Anai commented, deciding to leave things at that for the moment. An adventurous, naughty thought had crossed her mind, but she found herself trying not to come across as too eager. Certainly the American was eager enough for the both of them.

    It was Jade's habit of not taking her eyes off of Anai that led to her fumbling the pen onto the floor, behind the desk. Instead of going around and picking it up, she comically leaned over, displaying the entirety of her bum to Anai's gaze. The tan skinned girl could hardly believe it, and bit at her finger as her eyes ate up the pleasant view.

    Why did she have to be so enticing and exciting? Anai had just wanted a signature from a celebrity and now was finding herself getting more and more turned on by the thought of transgressing - of doing the irresponsible and taboo thing of letting the rock star get to her.

    On top of just her sexiness, this view of her being so goofy as well was too endearing for words.

    "Hee hee, who'd have thought you could be so cute? Jade.~" Anai sighed and held out her album to the recovered westerner.

    As Jade finished her signature and handed the album back, Anai put it down on the side table and moved her hands to the front tied bow of Jade's kimono, beginning to untie it.

    "Do you want me to help you wear this kimono properly?" she asked, with a quirk of her eyebrow as her gaze moved to Jade's and her fingers slowly undid the knot. She'd stop if Jade wanted her to, but she had the urge to be a bit mischievous and give the blonde beauty a chance to show her some more of that aggressive charm.
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      Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

      "Huh? Cute?" Jade asked, walking back over to Anai. It wasn't a word that was often used to describe her, but then she remembered what she had just done. "Ah! I gave you quite a show huh?" She took Anai's album and started to write on it. "That was honestly unintentional... Wasn't really thinking, but... well, if it worked out well." She smiled and handed the album back. On it, she had written "Anai, Never far from your heart. ~Jade".

      She had apparently expected Anai to examine the album more or something, as she looked a bit surprised by the darker girl starting to undo her sash. She quickly recovered though, smiling down at her. "If you're offering. Maybe you can show me what it looks like on you. Maybe a little demonstration?" Anai's forwardness gave Jade a bit of a thrill. The girls she was used to had always seemed so struck by being in Jade's bedroom that they either were afraid to, or didn't want to take the initiative. Jade had been planning on taking the seduction a bit slower, but her impromptu show apparently spurred things along.


        Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

        Anai did catch the words written on the album. And they brought a widened smile to her lips, but she hadn't wanted Jade to think that she was just here now to get a signed album. Jade had, in this brief time together, proven herself to be quite a character - even someone that Anai thought she could be a potential friend to. Maybe even more than that.

        "Oh? A demonstration on me?" She stopped untying the bow for a second to look up at Jade's sparkling, gorgeous eyes. "This kimono, would it fit me? You're taller, after all, but I could try I suppose."

        Anai backed up and took off her yellow and black beanie, shaking her hair loose and then removing her jacket as well. As she did so, she sang verses of a song from a different contemporary group, Thought Machine. She didn't want to seem as if she were obsessive about Jade's group alone. She probably got that kind of worship all the time.

        "Okay then, I can probably wrap it around me like this. Unless you're aiming to see more of me? Oh that's right. You are interested in that."

        Anai laughed lightly, and folded her arms across her chest, biting her lower lip as she openly pondered whether she should undress more for Jade's benefit. She lowered her gaze and took a step forward, once again placing herself in front of Jade.

        "Maybe I'd be more comfortable about showing off myself in your kimono if we made a game out of it. Something like Truth or Dare. What do you say? You can dare me to wear your kimono - and then I'll give you a truth or dare to do as well. First person to cross a line is the loser. Mm?"


          Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

          "Well, the woman at the shop said that it should fit most sizes." Jade gave a slight shrug. She thought it might be a bit small on Anai, at least around the chest area, but since that was something Jade was self-conscious about, she didn't voice it.

          She found herself humming along with Anai's singing. It was a catchy tune, but Jade wasn't really a fan of the band's music. However, when Anai sang it, it just sounded... better. It was another mystery about the girl that tugged at Jade.

          "A game hm?" Jade cocked her hip, resting a hand on it. "That sounds fun. So the first dare is for you to wear my kimono then? I suppose that means I'll need to take it off first." She gently tugged at the edges of her kimono, not enough to remove it, but more to give emphasis and also give Anai time to reply first. "What kind of line are we talking about?" She asked as she fiddled with her kimono.


            Re: Fancy Omazinai House (maikochan/Blueslime)

            "I mean that we stop when one of us refuses to answer a truth or complete a dare, because the other one has 'crossed a line,'" Anai emphasized the phrase. "It just means that we have to not offend one another's sensibilities."

            Anai sat down at the edge of the bed and leaned back onto her hands.

            "So while I'm getting your kimono on, tell me: do you want to tell a truth or take a dare?"