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    Re: Jacque (Occam's Razor)

    Reimi decided to take charge of the situation as she strolled out of the remains of the back room, still visibly trailing a strong aura of magic from the burst she had fired. She was clothed in a more standard dress, looking the part of a merchant's daughter. The dress was simple enough but her general attitude helped to carry the impression that she was self important and spoiled.

    "We're leaving now, Jacque." She states bluntly, her eyes shining as she drops a pack at her feet, glancing down at it before looking back to Jacque. "Make yourself useful and carry that, the sooner we're out of this stupid town the better."

    "I guess you can come along too." She turns to Erica with a frown.

    "So kind of you, but should a mother have to ask for permission?" The older woman smiled, collecting up the last of her stuff and moving to the door, giving a quick glance out.

    "Shut up, It's not like I want to deal with you." Reimi huffed, crossing her arms. "Should I torch that?" She asks, turning back to Jacque and motioning to the bloody mess he'd left on the ground.


      Re: Jacque (Occam's Razor)

      Jacque takes the pack without hesitation and slings it over his back, before turning to face Reimi and shaking his head. "No. I have no qualms with leaving a corpse." he says, before turning for the door and pointing one hand towards it. "We should leave immediately. There are bound to be more on their way."
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