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    Sign up thread

    Sign ups go here. Please look at the Rules & Character Thread if you want to see the current rules and important characters at the time of your sign up. Note, unless specifically asked for. All characters start without being magic girls and within the first session/arc they gain there magical girl powers through the events. I ask for the Power Theme and Magical Girl Description at the start because it makes things go faster.
    Character Creation Rules
    Name: Character Name Here
    Image/Physical Description: This is for your non-magical girl form, so what you look like on the average day.
    Magical Girl Description: Same as above, but for your magical girl appearance. It does not have to look even close to your normal appearance as the transformation magic can effect everything from breast size to body type, to outfits.
    Two People/Items that your girl is attached to: These can be anything, an example will be provided below. These two people and or items will be major parts of the players game.
    Power Theme: Again this can be anything, it just controls the appearance/type of powers you have.
    Region of Operation: Pick a region from the Rules and Locations thread
    Example Character (Cross_Grave's Character)
    Name: Yukiko Amamiya.
    Image/Physical Description: Image
    Magical Girl Description: Image
    Two People/Items that your girl is attached to: Hibiki: Long Time Friend
    Tsubaki: Mother
    Power Theme: Oni/Fire
    Region of Operation: Northwest
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    Mythweavers Charactersheet
    Orcpub version, includes picture

    Re: Sign up thread

    Name: Branimera Morrigna Synclair
    Image/Physical Description:
    Magical Girl Description:
    Two People/Items that your girl is attached to: Her Tamaskan Dog, Lyn. Her silver pendent of a sword with an emerald in the middle.
    Power Theme: Dullahan/Life
    Region of Operation: North
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      Re: Sign up thread

      Name: Ami Wildgrace
      Physical appearance:


      MG appearance:

      Two attachments: Kaoiri, her childhood friend.
      Iaziihus, The spirit protector of her family. Represented by a medallion she carries with her at all times.
      Power Theme: Water
      Region of Operation: West
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        Re: Sign up thread

        Name: Bree Sakamoto
        Image/Physical Description: Regular form
        Magical Girl Description: Magical form, and this is sort of her halfway form when she starts losing power and reverting back to her regular form
        Two People/Items that your girl is attached to: Iori Hanza, and Iori's slightly younger sister Misa Hanza.
        Power Theme: Swords/Martial Arts/Lightning
        Region of Operation: East, but will patrol regularly into northeast as well.
        Check out My Twitch Channel! I stream a variety of games on it on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with the occasional stream on Wednesdays, but I try and keep it Wednesdays for a mid week rest day so on those days it's an, I'll stream if I feel like it kind of deal. I try to be as entertaining as possible, and I get salty at games often enough to be funny, at least I think so anyway.

        Also check out my erotica novelette, Angel's Sin. There is an image link of my book cover to the Amazon Kindle Store page for it, so check it out.

        It's also on Excitica, which is an erotic book site.

        Also check out my brother's sci-fi/drama novel. It's on the Amazon Kindle Store the same as mine, but obviously in a different genre of course. And also check out my Brother's Patreon page to check out all of his books, as he has quite a few on there now that he's written.


          Re: Sign up thread

          Name: Helen Anaise Richards
          Image/Physical Description: Pic
          Magical Girl Description: Pic
          Two People/Items that your girl is attached to: Her best friend Yuki who insists on using her middle name, her ruby and sapphire pendant
          Power Theme: Madness/Sexuality/Illusion/Chaos/Darkness, fuck it she's a sexy jester basically.
          Region of Operation: East Region

          Seeds Consumed: 2
          Prey Slaughtered: 1 wolfdude youma, 1 bigger wolfdude youma
          Corruption: 12
          Bonuses: +1 defense +1 attack


          Am all for going occasional session over PbP, or maybe occasional bouts of PbP when a block happens, you can get most of my contact information on here or from RJ, or just PM me.
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          Moar Pics for characters and stuff


            Re: Sign up thread

            Name: Lan Shuriai
            Image/Physical Description:

            Lan is a very bright, intelligent, and gifted 18 year old high school student in her senior year. She is a talented artist and skilled with computers. She has a somewhat quiet personality when not around her friends, Jyun and Shiino. When hanging out with her friends she can be somewhat talkative. She has a very dry sense of humor, quick with comebacks and insults, and generally snarky and sarcastic. She is also surprisingly logical, and is less likely to take action without thinking things through carefully first.
            Magical Girl Description:
            like this only with a silver knee length skirt.
            Two People/Items that your girl is attached to: Her crush, Jyun Makizashi (male) and her best friend, Shiino Takashi (female).
            Power Theme: Gravity
            Region of Operation: West Reigon

            I would prefer a PbP session.
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              Re: Sign up thread

              If you're still taking new players, I'd like to do a PbP.

              Name: Sammy Takenaka
              Image/Physical Description:
              Magical Girl Description: (except blonde)
              Two People/Items that your girl is attached to:
              ---Noriko Takenaka: Sammy's mother; blames herself for her daughter's rebelliousness
              ---Haruko Ito: Sammy's only 'good girl' friend and her loyal groupie; Sammy saved her from bullies in elementary school, and Haruko has nursed romantic feelings for her ever since.
              Power Theme: Wuxia martial arts and Ki
              Region of Operation: Northeast Region

              A 19 year only high school junior and serial delinquent. The illegitimate daughter of an American businessman and a Moonlight City woman. She's living with her older boyfriend, and is on bad terms with her mother.
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                Re: Sign up thread

                Name: Sayukai Quinn, the Bright Witch Aliday
                Image/Physical Description: Dark-skinned and with dyed blue hair with purple highlights, Sayukai is a relatively short woman, only about four foot six even having matured to her current age of twenty-seven. Her typical attire is rather punkish, including miniskirts, long socks and gloves, and a pair of purple glasses with a neck chord.
                Magical Girl Description: For being referenced as 'Bright' and 'Witch' Aliday doesn't feature a lot of bright or witchlike elements to her costume. Her primary weapon is the fully-focused Lightheart Blade, while her main attire is simple black clothes, a light jacket-dress with a bikini top and shorts beneath. Armored gauntlets and leg gear keeps her with extra armor, and a energy projector hovers over her right shoulder which fires deadly beams at the opponent while on the run. She can also project beams from her hands as well, or from the Lightheart Blade itself.

                Two People/Items that your girl is attached to:
                The Lightheart Blade - The object responsible for her discovering her magical girl heritage, Sayukai believes it to be the source of her power, and thus tends to keep it close to her at every moment. The blade is about six inches large, more of a shortsword or tanto than a true sword, but when channeling her magic girl powers, it becomes a mighty beam sword capable of striking down evil, burning the souls of the corrupt without dealing damage to the body.
                Mercy Quinn - Sayukai's older sister by a few years, Mercy was always busy whenever the younger sibling wanted to play, and the divide only grew when Mercy became an archaeologist. Eventually, the two lost touch, but Sayukai's always been curious what's happened to her, especially after the discovery of her magic girl powers while abroad. In fact, it was part of the reason she came back to Moonlight City, to try and get back in touch.
                Power Theme: Light Rays and Energy Projection, Swords
                Region of Operation: Southeast Region, as it holds her childhood home and where she headed towards as soon as she arrived back home.

                Having spent her education days from a foreign exchange program to the peaceful, prosperous US town of Nirvana, Sayukai did not know of her heritage until she was accidentally given the Lightheart Blade after a train she was riding in collapsed to a tunnel under the city. While there, she discovered her magical gifts, and gained many friends with the heroes that dwell there, before finally deciding to head home to Moonlight City. While she discovered her gifts on accident during her stay in Nirvana, she has used them to some effect similar to her other superhero friends, and has kept a mostly pure heart because of it, meaning she has reached a few years in somewhat ineptitude of her true powers.

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                  Re: Sign up thread

                  Name: Margaret
                  Image/Physical Description:

                  Magical Girl Description:
                  Two People/Items that your girl is attached to: Father and her secret harcore doujins
                  Power Theme:.Purify
                  Region of Operation: East

                  Margaret has been in the outside a girl who always tried her best to fit in the society. Being succesful on this until she reach her 18 aniversary. When most of her family died in an accident and most of the people than she know give her back or a false pat in her back... That was her limit, as always deep inside her the world looks to be just plain with false and boring people, completely different of what she has seen in doujins and internet in secret.

                  With most of her lover ones dead, only his busy father remain, who even not cried when Margaret's sister, brother and mother died. Margaret Deep inside wanted to end this cruel world and change it into something better at her eyes.
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                    Re: Sign up thread

                    Name: Reina Amemiya
                    Image/Physical Description:
                    Magical Girl Description:
                    ---NOTES: Amemiya's weight triples when in her magical girl form, for better or for worse. This is due to most of her soft tissue and skeleton from the neck down being replaced by a sort of metallic alloy. Amemiya has yet to explore her magical body's properties, but she at the very least has full mobility from before the accident.
                    Two People/Items that your girl is attached to:
                    -Her more than friend, not quite lover, Matsuda Kenichi. Currently comatose.
                    -A red scarf given to for her birthday, hours before her the accident that put her in a wheelchair.
                    Power Theme: Repulsion
                    Region of Operation: West, but will occasionally patrol another area if she gets a moment to train against different Youma types, most frequently the Northwest region, but sometimes will go as far afield as the eastern regions if she has a break.

                    Reina Amemiya was nothing special; no particularly close friends, loving but not entirely close with her family and polite and unremarkable to her peers. A plain girl with plain dreams of settling down one day some time in the future. Whilst she was still in school, somewhat contrary to her domestic dreams she trained in a kickboxing gym, mostly for fitness, though she did have a rather uninteresting run in the ring during one summer break. It was in college where she eventually met her Matsuda Kenichi. The two of them seemed to be on the way to becoming a couple when disaster struck on her twentieth birthday; they were involved in a huge pileup on the highway, which put Matsuda in a coma, and left Reina paraplegic. Though the official word was a gas explosion set off the accident, Reina was sure that she saw a strange beast running with the traffic as the accident occurred. Ironically, her drive to get to the bottom of this, and to take revenge for what happened to her has finally come when she can't even stand under her own power.

                    EDIT: PBP preferred most of the time, but can Skype if schedules allow.
                    EDIT2: Decided to throw in something about the magical girl form, if its alright. I can revert this if needed.
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