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    Penguin seemed to hum at his words. "... I... I'm sorry, it's just hard to understand your point of view... I mean, I get it, but... That's not how people think around here. I mean... Some do, like you. That's why the meat was taken from a sample and given by donors, mamono who donate to science and get replicas of their meat made here. I wouldn't dare eat a holstaurus, for example... Sure, they're a bit strange, but they're very friendly people." she explained. Though, at the last line he said, Penguin seemed to revert to her previous stature, the one that Shiva had prepared her for. Something about someone wanting either the things he did, or just big changes, seemed to affect everyone in the Magi, all reminded of one woman, the one named Cleska.

    Though, with naught more to say, Penguin sat down in her chair and began to wave her hands around at the console in front of her, interfacing with the weaves before her, bringing up fuzzy clouds of what seemed to be Sona's dream she was having. Even as her dreams and thoughts shifted with the consistency of the wind, all seemed the same.... She was having nothing but lewd dreams. Most of which featured Glenn... Most others featured Penguin... And seldom few others showed the various women he met, including Aurine. Though all the scenes had one thing in common. Sona was sharing who got to be on top, and when she was on top, she had her thing on display. "This girl... Won't stop thinking about sex..." Penguin whispered to herself with a blush. After a while, Penguin's eyes seemed to dull, as if she had forgotten that Glenn was in the room. Watching Sona's dreams, Glenn would even see a slight movement, Penguin drifting her hand to her nether regions, touching herself with slow motions. Left hand on the armrest and the other gone out of view to someplace obvious. Though if she did know he was there, she must have thought he wouldn't conclude that she was doing that. Her lack of awareness to the people around her was like someone who might speak with a stranger maybe a few times a year. "I should have accepted you..." Penguin said sadly, that line of thought seeming to cool her off a bit. Still at a whisper as if she were talking to herself, she seemed in a somber mood. "She..." she turned her gaze over to Glenn, as if deciding to remember he was there. "... When she started to defy her design, she professed her love to me. When I said that two girls can't love each other, she produced... A penis... I did something horrible, spurning her because it was so bizarre... Everything spiraled out of control, I felt like I couldn't go back and make up the mistake I made... How I wish I could go back in time and fix my mistakes... But... She returned anyway... I felt both happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I had a second chance. But sad because the thing I did to her couldn't be undone. I rejected her... But I won't do that this time..." she said, welling with determination, however weak it seemed while she wore it.

    "Even if I become a mamono and inherit her curse... I will love her in return this time. Even... Even if she wants to stick that thing in me..." She shuddered, covering her ears and closing her eyes as the fuzzy cloud before her was displaying a rather lewd scene of Sona's perspected, plowing into Penguin with her cock enabled, as if Sona could hear her and was reacted to her voice in her dreams. Then, she looked at Glenn directly, closing the console down. "I think she will be asleep a while yet... I think I should nap too..." She said, her eyes looking tired suddenly. She rose from her chair and went to the corner of the large messy living room, where there seemed to be a matress on the floor and a thick blue blanket. Penguin approached, and climbed into it, wrapping herself up. "There is an extra blanket in the bathroom... If you want to stay... It should be thick enough to be enough of a bed...." she explained. It seemed like Sona would sleep for a while yet, while seemingly having the time of her life in her world of dreams.


      Glenn caught the scenes portrayed on the console when Penguin sat down to operate it, watching with interest from where he himself sat as the dreams flared to life on screen. They were drawn like the wind, wiping occasionally into different scenes and sights. All of which were very lewd, and featured several people. Himself and Penguin chief among them, though he caught a few others including Aurine of all people. Sona seemed to be enjoying herself, as was to be expected from a dream. Though she was very keen on enjoying herself with her... growth... fully prominent, even in the scenes featuring himself. If she had dreamt of doing anything besides just that it wasn't apparent, or was no longer the subject of her twisting dreamscape.

      It was rather obvious what the girl decided to do from the comfort of her chair, though he couldn't exactly see it himself. He heard her story clearly though, about what had occurred between her and Sona. He gave the mimic a long glance before looking back at Penguin, his eyes softening somewhat. Had Sona really done such a thing, admit something so big? At this point he had little reason to doubt Penguin about everything, and he could feel how passionate and determined the girl seemed to be over this issue. He could sense how much Penguin wanted to make up for what had happened between her and Sona, and between that and her declaration of how far she'd be willing to go, it left the man far more conflicted now with what he hoped to accomplish by being here.

      He had wanted to save Sona from making a huge mistake, and being preyed on by an abusive master because of a misunderstanding. To share in his travels with her and reconnect but instead he found himself contemplating whether it would be truly best to interfere now or not. The way Sona wanted to be was not at all something the man himself was all that interested in, and yet Penguin was more than willing to reconcile and be there for her in more ways than he might be able to. Sona clearly picked up on that from the sights he saw, watching as the mimic girl readily enjoyed using her newfound member to reconnect with her Penguin in the dream, much to the loner girl's chagrin.

      "That's alright... thanks. I think I can manage without though." The man sat in silence as Penguin made herself comfortable, tossing herself into what constituted a bed for her nap. His eyes glanced back towards Sona and watched the girl sleep for a time, absorbed in her dreams. What was he going to do now? Would it really be alright for him to interfere in all this? Sona held some rather strong feelings about him... but was he really able to match them? Match them like Penguin seemed to be willing to? He cared for the mimic girl... enough that he certainly didn't want her to come to any further harm. If she were with him that might be far more a certainty. Especially with this whole business involving that power he was supposed to have. Not to mention the angels. If what Shiva said was true it was going to get very nasty when those angels arrived. "Maybe it would be better if I didn't stir things further... you'd be safer here than following me to whatever fate is coming." He spoke in a thoughtful whisper to the mimic while watching her still.

      He glanced at the door then, thinking that perhaps he should just leave and let the two of them find themselves in peace again. Even thinking to tell Penguin to keep it a secret so as to not agitate Sona. It was a thought that lingered for a long time... before he dropped such a thought and let out a sigh, crossing his arms and placing his face into them where he still sat. He really didn't know what he was going to say to Sona when the girl finally awoke from her slumber but he hoped whatever he came up with might be enough of a good answer to assuage things between them. Taking his hat, he tilted it so as to shade his vision, and began the long process of drifting into his own dreams.

      Though unlike Sona, his became quickly filled with a myriad of encounters in his own past. A dreamscape of twisting scenes of darkened grim places, battles and violence that were only interrupted by the occasional scene of drunken light blooming around with the sight of emptying glasses and the barest hint of auburn hair and pumpkin eyes hauntingly close, yet so far away.


        Drifting off... His dreams were met with an odd disturbance... A mortifying feeling came over him, a feeling of entrapment, almost suffocation on a metaphysical level that couldn't be explained properly. All he could truly define was an intense feeling of discomfort...

        (Inspirational Music Used - Magical Mystery )

        "Something happened." said a voice that sounded like a whisper, as a dense and dimly lit fog seemed to suffocate him in a black void, with the only presence being a pair of eyes of crimson red.

        "The information I'm getting isn't consistent. It shouldn't be possible." The voice stated, before another pair of red eyes joined, the both of them felt like they were staring into his soul.

        "Whatever happened, I'm sure that I can take care of it!" announced a more determined and cheerful voice.

        "After so many failures, I wonder if you can..." the whisperer said with a tone of despair.

        "Something was just broken, like it was before, creating something new. It's fine as long as existence itself doesn't come crashing down~"

        "The chosen souls are dwindling, becoming apart of the world and throwing it into chaos. I suppose this is what she wanted, but I did not expect it to go like this."

        "Don't expect too much!" the cheerful one laughed. "You might just find yourself on the road to disappointment."

        "Disappointment is a good word..."

        "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything! You already know you can count on me!" she assured the whisperer. "I've collected what I could, the ones who lost their way are right here..." beneath the smaller eyes, was a red glow that Glenn found familiar.

        "At least one of you have been successful... My contact from Atlantis has not been speaking to me, and the others are simply playing around."

        "Why not? Everything is going just the way the gods desire, each in their own way. Why not celebrate?"

        "... Because we must prepare. The shards of fate indeed hold a special property..." Silence passed. "... I see..."

        The red eyes turned to gold, and angelic wings grew from their backs. What seemed like a counsel of seven stood before him.

        "If you control Fate, you control the meaning of existence itself. There is one who has seemingly found out. Their name is-"
        "Glenn~!" a loud and familiar cheerful voice rang, springing Glenn from the strange scrying nightmare. A pair of solid yet squishy arms wrapped around him, and a pair of bountiful breasts pressed hard on his shoulder blades on the table.

        (Music Used - Sona's Theme, Gearing Up )

        It was Sona. The golem looked different than before, now with hair that seemed to flow like water of rainbow colors, her essence flowing through the frame. Areas were seemingly adjusted as well... Somehow pulling more attention to her crotch and breasts. "You came back for me~!" she said with cheer. She looked like a puppy who was happy that she wasn't being yelled at anymore. She was just happy to be with her human again. In addition, she seemed to have sprouted jagged wings that were see-through and flowing in rainbow-like miasma. Sona also notably had less of a presence around her that Glenn perhaps liked before. She was now leaking almost no energy. "I was so worried you hated me forever, but Penguin told me you came back in such a horny rush to see me again!" she declared with glee.

        Sitting with a straight posture was Penguin on her bed, sitting on her heels with her legs tucked under her. She looked flustered at Sona's recap. "I-I didn't..." she mumbled.

        Sona hugged harder, Glenn was unable to breathe for a moment as her nipples stabbed into his back. It was up to him whether it was suffering or bliss. "There's nothing quite like make-up sex! Glenn waited so long that he passed out! I wonder if I'm still dreaming?" Sona hummed, suddenly thinking that this bliss could yet be another dream. "Oooh, I don't know~! All I wanna do is get cozy with everyone who cares about me!" she declared. "Does everyone want to have a threesome?" Sona inquired with cheer.

        Penguin was so flustered at Sona's words that all she could do was utter. "Ah... Uh....Uh... Oh..." she mumbled tiny nothings while wasting the air around her.
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          Unseen by the man as he slept, were the disturbed rustlings that he made occasionally. Expresses of breaths and twitching from time to time as he remained trapped within the dreams of his own. Those rolling and wistful scenes he had dreamt of before, quietly lost into the depths of his mind. But as he dreamt a worse kind of feeling left a perverse mark on him, seeping into him with a kind of dread and suffocation that he hadn't felt since... well it rather reminded him of bad dreams that a child might feel. Like realizing one were lost in a maze with no knowledge of how to escape or what might be hiding just behind the next hedge corner.

          The darkened foggy void, the whispering and cheerful voices, the intensity of their staring eyes that changed from crimson to gold, and their gilded wings. The whole scene held him in it's nightmare that echoed vividly to the man. Confusion and panic welled up in the man as the suffocation became too much, his instincts to escape desperate movement that he couldn't enact. But before more could come from the seven figures that stood before him in the dream the man found his world jerking back to reality as Sona's cheerful beautiful voice echoed loudly in his ears. His body twitching in surprise as she wrapped her arms around him from behind and surprise left his heart bouncing in his chest.

          As bright and cheerful as Sona's demeanor was, it didn't keep the man from going ghostly white due to the dream he had. 'W-what the hell was that!? I've never had dreams like that before. Were those people... angels?' He breathed heavily as a cold sweat came over him. A task that was made harder due to how Sona was hugging him so tight in excitement. Clearly thinking things quite lewdly with her own misunderstandings. "O-of course I came here for you. You had me w-worried myself you know. I thought your old master was..." He began trying to hide any trembling from catching his words, before shaking his head. "Well I didn't think anything good was happening until I knew better." Shifting in her grip the man felt tortured in a way. "H-hey... a little hard to... breathe here sweetheart..." He said with a gasp.

          When she finally let go of him he finally got a good look at her himself. It wasn't the old blue twin tails look that he knew but it was still clearly her. Just with a far more greater wash of colors than before. Her hair was practically a rainbow now and she even had... wings? It was an appearance that erupted with happiness and energy but without the gradual loss of it like she had before. And it was a look that helped calm him from his dreams. "Geez... I thought... are you really alright Sona?" He asked with concern, his own face still mostly pale. "I shouldn't have gotten so mad before... if I had only just explained things more calmly..." He began with a tone of regret. His heart feeling far more heavier than it normally did.


            When he said sweatheart, Glenn saw Sona adopt a feline grin and a blush on her face. "Oh... Glenn-Glenn-Glenn!" she began to wiggle back and forth excitedly. Though at this point he could tell she was doing that motion as a tell that she was becoming ferociously aroused. Right before she'd jump him for energy during Jill's construction, Sona would wiggle like a cat bracing itself to pounce it's prey. She was wiggling now. Which only meant... Yes indeed....

            Glenn was tackled in the chair.

            The chair tipped back, showing no allegiance to the man who was abusing it's support and allowing the enemy to advance. The mimic frame golem seemed like she'd cause his head to hit the concrete, before he felt hands catch his head and back, gently laying him onto the ground once she had pounced him. She had him straddled on the floor. He was oddly enough, still in a sitting posture, though now at a ninty degree angle from where he used to be. Sona's butt, more firm than ever before, so much so that it felt like a special kind of real, was up against his crotch. She was bouncing her hips up and down, giving his clothed crotch light pats while her cheek nuzzled against his. "I was dreaming about you coming back, Glenn!" she declared. Surprisingly enough for Sona, she left out the grand details of what happened in her dream after he came back. "I'm so happy-happy-happy!" she squealed, as she straightened her back. Her boobs in his face. The gap in her armor just wide enough for his face to be smothered between contained breasts. "I've made up with both my lovers! This is the best day ever!" she cheered in disbelief at how good things were going for her. "As long as you will still accept my love, Glenn, don't care at all about the details!" she said, forgiving him just like that.

            With all due respect, he could breath out of his mouth. Meaning he could choose to be trapped in her marshmallow prison a bit longer, before Penguin stood up. "Both... Lovers?" she inquired hesitantly.

            Sona cheered. "You said you'd accept my love, right, Pengi~?" Sona uttered her nickname. Penguin blushed visibly. "I-I thought you meant the D.... T-the d... Thing...." she stuttered and stammered. Sona just laughed. "That's not all there is to my love, silly! I love a lot of people besides Glenn, you know! It's just that Glenn is what's keeping the group together, kinda. So I need to show him extra love so we can all be together~" she cooed. "If I think about it, I kinda brought you into his harem, huh~?" Sona said with a joking cute giggle.

            "Harem..." Pengun seemed at a loss for words. "I'll... Do my... Best...?" Penguin said, seemingly afraid for her future.

            Then, Sona turned to Glenn, releasing his face from her boobies. "Glenn, let's have sex with Penguin!" she cheered. Penguin paled, adopting a strange smirk as if laughing, but it was clear she was suffering from some kinda stimulation overload. Combined with the fact that she was an obvious pervert, no doubt her heart was racing hard. The introvert looked ready to pass out.


              Glenn recognized that telltale sign as soon as she began it. But even though he realized what was coming it didn't lessen the impact of it when Sona suddenly pounced, dropping the man to the floor with the tipping of his chair. To his relief his head avoided a nasty fall thanks to the mimic girl, but that still left him at the girl's mercy where she straddled him. Her hands cushioning his head from underneath, while her body drew close and she bounced excitedly, face smoothing among his before it was buried in her chest. He could hardly believe that Sona was... forgiving him just like that. He had almost expected her to be angry in a way like Shiva had been, even if only a little. The girl truly was inclined to be so bubbly and happy.

              When Sona aired her suggested intention to him he quickly replied, "W-what?" Said with a breath as he was released from the prison she had been holding him in for the past minute. Looking to Penguin she seemed absolutely lost to all the talk, overwhelmed by the talk of lovers and her joking about being in a harem with him. And with the mimic's last suggestion she certainly looked like she might pass out from the vocal stimulation alone. "That's uh... I mean... Penguin she doesn't like..." He began initially looking up at Sona before looking back towards Penguin once more, his eyes becoming very aware of the outline of her body barely hidden by the tight clothing she liked to wear. He was pretty sure it was the same curvy outfit she had been wearing when they first met, minus the loose coat she had quickly dawned.

              The sight got the same rise out of him as the last time, and with Sona on top of him it would be very hard for him to try to hide it. Especially since she could probably feel it where she still sat on top of him. "You really have a way of putting me in quite a spot Sona..." He said with a blush as color finally began to return to his face, looking away slightly. "Would that really be okay? I mean this is supposed to be your and Penguin's thing. She's the one that you know better and who... well... I'm just some... guy who washed up on shore here. Who couldn't even keep you safe from someone like Aurine. She told me about how she used your life as a bargaining chip to spy on me. Used your worry of harm to the both of us." He revealed to the mimic, a little ounce of anger leaking in near the end of it as he clinched his fist a little. "It's... disgusting. You shouldn't of had to go through any of that. If I stick around you might just have to deal with even worse somehow... but here you wouldn't..."


                Sona seemed confused about the bit with her and Penguin. "Huh? What are you talking about? I have a thing? Well, I do~ But... Hmm..." she seems to think a bit, a course of direction that does not go far. "... Nope! I have no clue what you mean. I am friends with Penguin, and I'm friends with you! I like her, I like you! It's that simple!" she declared, while wiggling some more, her breasts dragging along his face from side to side. Then, at the note of Aurine, Sona's smile faded a bit.

                (Inspirational Music - Folsense )

                "It was like that at first..." she nodded. "It's true... But... I think something went wrong with her, at some point. Her soul... When you first met her, was... It was like it was fake. A facade. Someone who liked keeping secrets. Someone who does a lot of bad things... But when she met you, she... To me, she seemed to brighten up a little..." she seemed to have difficulty saying her piece. "I don't hate Aurine, or blame her... She... When we were alone, she told me to mind my own business. I tried to make peace... Because I wanted to help her get along. She spoke with me at length, about how foolish I was and how little of the world I understood... And after you got mad at me, I realized she was right. I was wrong. I thought as long as I stayed positive, it didn't matter what happened, because I could always pull through." she put on a somber smile. "But... Then you got mad... I felt like I ruined everything. I felt like, in that instant... I should have listened to Aurine, and been more careful of what I did... She said... That she was proof enough, that if people find out who you truly are, then you could lose them forever. It was the worst feeling. I felt like I was dying, like my chest sunk, and I was drowning. It wouldn't stop... And I felt so hungry too... But I couldn't come to you for energy... So I thought I was going to curl up and die... I was... Frightened beyond belief... To be with everyone... Then be completely alone..." she declared, much of the mirth drained from her face.

                "... But..." she put on a smile again. "I'm not afraid of Aurine. I'm not going to push her away or scorn her. Because she's just like me, in a way. She's someone... With a problem. But she's trying to love with all her might. And I really respect that. She's so much stronger than I am, in every way. If you had left me behind at Waymeet... I'd probably be dead... But she didn't crumble like I nearly did. And I really..." she heaved a heavy sigh, one that allowed her assets to help lighten the mood. "I really respect her for that! Despite how you feel about her right now, she... She's still trying to love you... And... I think I feel the fear that she probably feels every day... I'm afraid of losing you." she confessed. "... We all have our problems, Glenn... I've learned that it's fine, because there's something wrong with all of us. Even you... You're kind of scary sometimes... As if... There's one thing on your mind and you... Are obsessed with it. To the point that... Shiva said she doesn't trust you anymore... But I trust you... And I hope Shiva will come to trust you too. She... S-she... She's what I think both Aurine and I are afraid we'll become. Bitter... Alone... And wrapped in this feeling that the world is out to get you. Shiva acts brave, but I can see it on her soul... She's afraid of the world around her, she feels like it's a place that wishes to feed on her, and so she must fight it... So..."

                She lifts a hand. "We all of our problems... And I think all of us are drawn to each other because we want comfort... So... Can you accept us, as flawed as we are?" she asks with a timid voice, before placing her finger against his nose. "Boop..." she booped him tenderly, as if knowing the stigma that was the last time she did it, but more to emphasize.... Would he embrace them, or become like Shiva, and shun the world in distrust and lack of desire to cope with it's disgusting flaws?

                All the while... Penguin was with her hands in her lap, her gaze off to the side, as if in another world. Sona's words king of that world, ruling her thoughts, as if she too, had her problems as well... But she said nothing, a girl too timid to fight what seemed like destiny to be cast aside as a freak.
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                  That something was wrong with Aurine was a thought Glenn could get behind. The way she had been towards all of them certainly spelled as much. He could still remember waking up to find her crazed demeanor holding him hostage, as well as that change of self from earlier that did little to make him think better of her. Hearing of her conversation with Sona, what the bishop said to her had truth to it but her intentions behind it weren't the purest. He could imagine Aurine's voice antagonizing Sona in his mind, calling her a fool and using her bright nature against her to lead her into making bad decisions. All the better to get him all to the sea bishop's self like she wanted right? It made him sick thinking about it, as well as how frightened and terrible he had caused Sona to feel...

                  "There is a big difference between you and Aurine though. You still have a heart. Who you actually are has a heart and a willingness to be a better person. But Aurine...? She'd get rid of each and every one of you the first opportunity she could. And if you ever got in the way between her and I?" The man grimaced, shaking his head. "To her the only problems are with others and by others. And that includes things like my lack of willingness to be with her and associating with the rest of you. To her it's a problem of mine and not my choice that I might not want to be with her, and something she'll just have to fix by... and I quote 'destroying my body and soul and rebuilding it from scratch' to fix. That might just be talk from her, but it doesn't inspire any good thoughts from me. And neither would her actually trying to fulfill those threats..."

                  He didn't doubt that Aurine felt something for him, and was perhaps fearful that she might lose him. With how rotten her heart seemed to be... it left little sympathy in him. Pity perhaps... pity that she couldn't realize why she had drew the man further and further away. She might actually have been or could be a good person if she only figured it out and improved herself. "S-Sona..." He began after she booped him with his finger, inspiring the memory of the last time she had done a similar boop. "For you, Penguin, and many of the others I can easily say yes but... someone like Aurine...?" His face crumpled into discomfort. "I'm not so cruel to say she shouldn't have comfort... but I don't think I can ever be that person for her now. I can't give her what she wants. S-she wants to go run off somewhere to the end of the earth and live alone in peace. Just the two of us... away from all this. But I'm not going to run. Too many people's lives are at stake, and someone has to fight what is coming..."


                    Sona looked sad at his words. "Aurine has a heart too..." she tried to protest. "She used the power of the shard to keep me healthy. Why would she do that if she didn't want me getting closer to you?" she inquired. "I think she knew what she was doing... Even if it was all just to make you like her more than not... I think that desire, acting upon it alone... I think that love in itself is proof of a heart." Sona said in defense of Aurine. "We've all said things we regret, things we thought were right, but just in the moment. You said things that really upset a lot of people as well, Glenn... But despite them thinking awful of your intentions, aren't you being forgiven?" she gave argument to his thought process. "I'm sure even Shiva will forgive you, the one who thought... She actually thought about getting ready to kill you, if she saw you go too far. But I know she will still find it in her heart to forgive, so please... Glenn... See what I see... The side of Aurine you don't know about... And forgive her." Sona said. "She's done so much so far, despite the reasons you hate her. Her home is destroyed, and yet she put everything on you, leaving it behind. I don't know what's going through her head, and I don't think you do either..." Sona sighed.

                    "I think her world will be crushed if she hears these words from you... And I know what that feeling is. You know I know that feeling... I don't want to see it happen twice." she declared. "All I'm asking... Is to forgive... Try to let Aurine have a second chance. She gave me a second chance, she gave you a second chance... And we gave second chances to each other, Glenn." she said, while taking his hands into her own. "I owe her this much, to not aid in casting her away. So I can't just... Agree with you..." she professed. Indeed feeling like Aurine did something for her that made her think Glenn was wrong. "There can be a happy ending to our stories... But not like this, Glenn... Everyone can see it in your eyes, in a way... For a while... You weren't on the road to happiness... Please, let the people that care about you bring you back. We need to do this together... A good ending isn't made by going off on your own... You'll just be... By yourself, and alone... You don't want that, right?" she inquired sincerely.


                      "She doesn't want you getting closer to me. She wants to BE closer to me than anyone else. To be the only one. She only kept you healthy to keep me happy. To prevent me from being upset and unbalancing her position. Not because she actually cared about your conditions out of altruism. If it had been an option she would have left you to die without a second thought, just to improve her own chances. And that goes for everyone else." He insisted, not really convinced that it wasn't all an act and remembering Aurine's own act and the intentions she had said to him some time before. He remembered her snips at the others. Being asked to forgive Aurine was something very hard for the man to consider, and his gut raged to him that despite the former mimic's pleas that doing so would be a terrible idea that would only serve to make a fool of him and jeopardize the lives of everyone around him.

                      "It's not going to end well." Glenn replied to Sona when she asked him again to forgive Aurine, some heat rising as she laced fingers with his own. "But I'm already giving her a chance. A chance she's technically failed out the gate already but... I suppose waiting to see a little longer might not hur... might not... well it might be interesting I guess." He sighed, and then broke eye contact with Sona when she talked about is lack of happiness they could see in his eyes. Hands tightening against Sona's own. "I don't want to be by myself. I know what that's like all too well. No...not now... and especially not here on this island. But how are we going to work together now though? Shiva... she hates my guts. You said it yourself, she was actually thinking about killing me. And I can't imagine Aurine will get along with any of you any better than she already has been." He grimaced, already hearing conflict in his head between Aurine and Shiva brewing up over the two of them coming to blows over this or that.

                      After a long moment of silence the man looked back at Sona and then glanced at Penguin before speaking again. "D-do I really come off as scary? I've been told I'm intense sometimes but scary... that's pretty new... these days at least..." He pondered as his grimace was replaced by a slight twist of contemplation.


                        When Glenn called it interesting, Sona seemed a bit happy to hear that line of thinking. "See? That's the way! Just kind of... Give people a chance." she said. "Don't worry about Shiva. Despite how violent she is, she still has that light inside of her. If you look for it, you'll find it. Why not appeal to her? She likes alcohol." Sona offered an idea. "And she likes your butt, like me! I think you can do it if you try to!" she stated that she believes in Glenn.

                        Glancing at Penguin confirmed it, the girl seemed to become shy at his gaze. The impression left on her was one that made her wary around him.

                        (Music Used - Calm Afternoon )

                        After a time, Sona rose, bringing Glenn in his chair back up as well. "I guess the threesome can wait though. It looks like we have to fix all the bad things that happened! Thanks to some nice dreams, my head is clear. I got all kinds of frustrations worked out of me in those wonderful dreams~" she said with a smile. "I'll be with you the whole way, Glenn! If you're worried, just look to me and I'll make the situation bright and sunny~! Everyone likes me, you know? Even Aurine, if you can believe it. I let her absorb some of my soul once, and she actually found my bright and cheery taste therapeutic. Even if you can't find the strength to do it, I'll be there to ensure we're all happy and fucking again!" she declared her true intentions.

                        "Um..." Penguin finally spoke up. "Glenn... I think we should both listen to Sona... I feel like... Both you and I have suffered because of it... That... That is... Because we didn't listen... I'm not ready to accept how strange she is, but... My life became a lot better when she returned to me. I think you have something to gain as well... Even in regards to this... Scary Aurine person. I think that if she truly loves you... S-she'll listen to you. If she won't... T-then that's not love, right?" Penguin offered.

                        Sona clapped her hands. "Exactly! Put Aurine's love to the test, challenge her! She's the one following you, not the other way around! Give it a try! I bet it'll be fun to see a flustered Aurine, right?" Sona giggled. "Anyway, what say we find our friends?" she said, eager to go outside.


                          "Do you really think it'll be as easy as showing up with a bottle of booze?" Glenn asked after his chair was brought upright again. The merc girl liked a kind of cherry saki didn't she? He couldn't recall if they had finished the bottle they had partook in back at her shack. There was a lot about that time which was fuzzy, no thanks to that very saki. Gifting her some more was worth a try. Though how he could incorporate his bottom into was beyond him. Gift it while wearing tight pants? The idea sounded ridiculous, and it wasn't like he even had any clothing to help with that. Closest was the clothing Cynthia had given him but they weren't exactly revealing.

                          The man was glad to have Sona by his side and to see her bright and cheerful self once more. A lot of the worry of his mind was lifted too knowing that her new body would be more than capable of keeping her energy and spirits high. "I'm glad to have you back Sona... I just wish things hadn't gotten to this point. If I had met you first... if you were the one to hold onto that shard... maybe it wouldn't have." The man speculated. He certainly would have preferred Sona being his shard's 'protector' over Aurine. She wouldn't have had to worry about fading away with it either he imagined. And who knows... maybe she could have kept the others placated too with the energy spread around like she claimed helped with Aurine.

                          He listened to Penguin when she spoke up, nodding in agreement at her words and looking to her and Sona when she joined in. "You might not think that when you meet Aurine. If you think I'm scary you're in for a shock." The man slowly stood up out of his chair. "Put it to the test how exactly? Ask her to sleep with you or something? That doesn't exactly sound like the most healthy thing for me to be asking. At least not if I want to keep my sanity. And it's not like I can really ask her to do very much else. Not to mention the last time I asked her to do something was back in Waymeet and she was none too happy about your involvement with me while she was away. I kinda don't want to wake up to a face like that again."

                          The man would follow Sona if she led them outside, at which point Glenn would notice the bike he rode in on, rubbing the back of his head at the sight of it. "Oh yeah... I might have... borrowed... someone's bike. Could one of you do me a favor and report this as found so someone can pick it up for the guy who's waiting on it's return." He asked sheepishly. "And do any of you know a good place to get some quality spirits around here?"


                            Sona giggled. "Shiva is a more innocent girl than you give her credit for~" she said with cheer. "All I am is nice to her, and she likes me. I think you being... W-well, maybe just be nice and she'll like you?" Sona shrugged. She seemed to be pricking at Glenn's often distance attitude, while also presuming that being bubbly like Sona is the solution to all problems ever. However, she seemed confident about Shiva.

                            Sona scratched her head about the bit with the shard. "... All I can guess is that Aurine had a really good reason. I mean, why eat the tree when you can just eat infinite leaves?" Sona inquired with an innocent grin. Though the mental imagery made Penguin visibly despair at how... Strange her creation was.

                            Then, at Aurine, Penguin just shied off. The mere idea he gave to give contest against her own saw her waving an imaginary white flag and not offering argument. Meanwhile, Sona blinked, as if confused. "If it's to make you happy, I think Aurine is more agreeable than you think! I believe you oppose her so much that all you know is conflict from her! Instead of warding her off, make her do things you like! To me, she seems frustrated because she doesn't know what to do to satisfy you... A-and other things too, but she told me lots of interesting things that she definitely told me not to tell you or she'd choke me, so I'll tell you now!" Sona said with a smile. "She said things like, she'd get on all fours and bark if Glenn asked her to! Or wear any outfit he likes, and when I suggested even having a threesome with me and you, she made such a blush! Before she grabbed my head and squeezed reeeaaaly hard! It was so cute! I didn't even mind the pain because I was laughing so hard! She gave up when I didn't stop laughing. We had so much fun~!" Sona said innocently. "But, unlike all my other suggestions, she didn't say no or call me stupid! So that means she'd even be up for a threesome, I think!" Sona offered with a smile, casually mentioning an insult without much mind. It seemed Aurine's abusive nature bounced right off of Sona.

                            When he asked about spirits...

                            Sona giggled. "Silly Glenn, there's no ghosts around here!"

                            Penguin shrugged. "I-I don't go out to drink anywhere... B-but there's a bar nearby where... A local girl and an unknown accomplish started a bar fi..." She didn't cut herself off due to some kind of realization that Glenn was the unknown, but because of her slip of tongue. She held one hand over her mouth, as if the shame of her misspoken word was enough to kill her. "... I heard it's good..."

                            "That sounds like Glenn and Shiva!" Sona declared.

                            "Sona..." Penguin sighed.


                              The man merely shrugged at Sona's words to him about Shiva and Aurine. "If you say so... they haven't seemed all that innocent so far though. And with Aurine... well I'm expecting a pretty good reason at this point." He remembered that the sea bishop did comment about that, of not actually wanting to take the shard from him at all. That it was done so at the request of Cynthia. The question now was why exactly? What was really gained by doing all of that, compared to doing something like he had suggested could have been done when he had first met with Aurine. There was clearly something bigger going on that he wasn't privy to. That vision he saw with those 'angels' certainly pointed to it. And he was pretty sure it wasn't some deception either. The feeling that had coursed through him had been... intense. He was half tempted to say something about it to his companions but held off. It had seemed like something he wasn't meant to see, and given how the others were hiding things up until now he felt it would only make them want to double down on those efforts to keep him in the dark. He had a feeling the visions wouldn't allow that though, if there were more than one.

                              "Make her do things I like?" He questioned with a roll his eyes. "I'd like her to be an actual good person. And not someone who threatens to paint the walls red just because the person she likes says no or someone else gets in her way. Which I remind you is how she will see all of you; people in the way between her dream world with me." It sounded like a terrible idea. Leading Aurine on to do things for him. If what Sona said was true she would likely do it but she would also expect something in return. And without her growing as a person she would just be the same old Aurine. Who would probably get frustrated enough to repeat that whole scene he had with her back in Waymeet. And who would probably just do the things he asked as an act and not change at all.

                              He sighed himself at the thoughts and at the comments about Shiva and his escapade at the bar the other day. "Oh... that place. I remember that place, certainly a dive bar filled with some questionable people. And some assholes who needed a good beat down. Not sure how they'll feel about seeing me again. Though it was mostly Shiva who caused a mess. Are you sure there are no other places we could go? I was more thinking of something like a general or liquor store honestly." He asked, briefly patting Penguin on the shoulder in assurance that what slipped out during her talk was alright.

                              If there was a general or liquor store it would be the one he would prefer and head off towards. Otherwise it would be back to the bar where he had first met Shiva, hoping very much that the damage from before had been quick and easy to repair and that they wouldn't think to ill of his presence.


                                Penguin seemed to tense up as her shoulders bunched together and she adopted the face of someone who looked ready to cry when Glenn touched her shoulder. "Mnn..." She made a small whimper.

                                Sona started to seem frustrated as she grabbed Glenn in such a way that he was bent over from behind to receive a boob hat on his head with Sona's arms wrapping around him. "Gleeen! You can't be like thiiis!" she pouted. "That line of thinking is why all this bad stuff happened! You gotta focus on the good things, trust me! Don't make me do stuff, like punish you!" She warned him. "Since you've been a bad boy, I get to do things to you! So if you don't want me to tease you a lot, you gotta try!" she declared.

                                After recovering from the shoulder tap, Penguin spoke. "T... There's a quiet shop you can just buy spirits off the shelf just down the street..." she declared.