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    Glenn quickly steadied himself when Sona leapt on him from behind, stumbling a step or two in the process. "Alright... alright I get it! No need to get rough sweetheart... I'll try to think positively..." He told Sona before pondering a moment or two with his new backpack. "I guess I could always ask Aurine to... give advice when I need it? And to help out with some of the plans I have? Being a mermaid she would know about how best to make people comfortable in or with water right? Or even how to channel it properly?" He asked idly. It would be pretty helpful to know some things about making aquatic mamono comfortable from an actual aquatic mamono. Plus she could also have advice on normal mamono too, though at that the locals, Duvain's or even Cynthia's help could be a substitute he figured. "I don't know how well she'd be up for fun with others Sona. She seemed quite adamant about not wanting to be involving in that kind of lifestyle. I'm surprised she didn't squeeze your head flat honestly. I don't think you'll be able to do such a thing again now that you've got a physical body."

    Hearing of the smaller shop, the man gave a relieved smile. "To that quiet shop it is then. I'd rather not make a scene again if it can all be helped." Hopefully the small shop would have something that Shiva would appreciate. With little time to waste he would lead them towards the shop's location as it was pointed out, pondering exactly how he was gonna pay for the alcohol in the meantime.


      "Yay!" Sona replied, immediately happy to hear his words, bouncing and waving her body back and forth as if slowly wiggling, her hair going to and fro slowly. When she heard his idea about Aurine, Sona nodded, grinning. "Aurine would love that! You're off to a great start!" she offered a thumbs up with her left hand while her right went to her hip in a special pose while winking at him, before returning to weaving about and bouncing slightly on her heels. Then, at the last bit, she just chuckled. "Hee-hee-hee... You see, because I did this, that means Aurine owes me, right? I ain't scared~" Sona said with confidence. Then, she rose her arm. "Let's go shopping!"

      Then, Penguin decided she needed something from the store and decided to come with as a good excuse to get out of the house...

      (Inspirational Music Used: Toy Block Tower )

      Penguin as it turns out, had a car. One that she offered to drive since someone was coming to get the bike. When they arrived at the store, Glenn saw that it had a very simple name. 'General Store.' Indeed, very normal. Penguin found a block sectioned off by white paint on the ground for her hover car to land on, before everyone got out. Then, as if great minds did indeed think alike, they saw the one and only who would also be thinking of alcohol at a time like this. Her white hair made her stand out even amongst the twelve other patrons in the shop. That and her sudden and aggressive movements, she was easily the most rowdy looking person in the area. She was currently looking to and fro in the side aisle pertaining to the spirits Glenn sought. She looked scuffed up as well, worse than before. One might assume she got into a fight after he left, presumably with Isabell's crew. She had some bruises and red marks as well as rips in her clothes with red cuts that bled. Everyone around her looked at her as if she were someone to stay away from. Yet still, her eyes were glistening with childlike glee as she observed her choices of self poison. She looked like a child that couldn't decide the toy she wanted. Or rather, one she could afford it seemed. There was a particular brew labeled 'Summer Breeze' that looked like a drink meant for the rich. She stared at it with Envy. "Still here as always, waiting for me~! Oh how I think about stealing you everyday~" Shiva cooed, her hands clasped together near her face in glee.

      "If you steal, I will shoot!" declared a man who looked like he was from a different area of the island, possessing short black hair and narrow eyes.

      Shiva growled at the shop owner. "Shaddup, every day with you! I'm not gonna steal it. I have more respect for alcohol than that!" she declared.

      "Why you steal chips then!?" he shouted angrily.

      Shiva's face began to look like an angry lion, veins appearing in her forehead. "BECAUSE IT'S NOT ALCOHOL! Don't you understand the universal tongue, you freaking Zippangu baka waru!" Shiva suddenly spoke in a tongue Glenn wasn't familiar with.

      "If you're not gonna buy, then leave! You crazy lady! How are you still not arrested!?" he made a hand gesture as if to shoo her. Shiva was gritting her teeth. She looked ready to jump over the counter and fight the man. And oddly enough, he looked ready to receive her.

      Sona just giggled. "Shiva's having an exciting time as usual, and how convenient! Go get her, tiger!" Sona declared, making a feline hand motion and ushering a small 'rawr' at him.

      Meanwhile, Penguin looked terrified. Her eyes were wide open and she was shaking in place. "... I-Is no one worried about how angry she looks...?"


        Glenn was grateful that Penguin decided to come along with them and offered them a ride in the vehicle she possessed in the process. He hadn't been looking forward to traveling on foot to such a place in lieu of leaving the bike behind. His developing skill of riding such thing still ongoing. He had driven similar vehicles like the bike back home and yet despite his best efforts he was having the hardest time controlling it properly like he could before. It was almost like he was having to learn a new dialect, just in magical form. It was perplexing... but not something insurmountable. He'd get the hang of it eventually, and with Shiva's help it would be almost assured but... that assumed she'd even want to teach him as well as she had any longer.

        They made their way to the shop in good time, a little place that served for general goods. And which a number of people were casually perusing the goods on display. One of which stood out immediately. Shiva was here... and she looked worse for wear. Despite her enthusiastic movements the scuffling marks left on her were plain to see. Her clothing was torn, with cuts and bruising clearly visible. Had the group with Isabel gotten into another fight with her after he left, or had it been someone else? Perhaps the people from the bar the other day? The man couldn't guess. What he did know was he hadn't expected to run into her this soon, and that his stomach crumpled with some anxiety with how she might react to him being here if she did see him.

        "N-now!?" He asked in a bit of a hush, turned back toward Sona and then around again to Shiva when he did so. She seemed very interested in a certain bottle the owner had on display, and if the man had to guess it was a drink she couldn't afford. The two of them had a history as well he heard, and looked about ready to come to blows. Perhaps finding her in such a disheveled state shouldn't be all that surprising then if this is how she normally interacted. Taking a deep breath, he shooed any thoughts of hiding in the store until the girl left to get the bottle in secret and approached the two of them, looking down towards the floor and at a slight angle away from Shiva so as to not be betrayed by any angry look she might give him.

        "Excuse me but are you the owner of this store. I was told this was an excellent place to acquire a gift... for a friend of mine. I may have said and done some stupid things and well... she really likes her drinks..." He explained to the man before pulling out the bag with the last bit of the few valuables he happened to have from Waymeet and placed it on the counter. All the while feeling on the spot as the person he was talking about was literally only a foot or two away. "Would this be enough for that bottle you have there?" He asked the owner, turning to give Shiva a long nervous glance and to see how she would react. As well as a nervous smile.


          Walking right up, the man looked at what he had to offer. "I don't accept tha-!" then he realized that he was giving something amazing. He scooped it up immediately. "... Exception. " he added, before pointing at the drink. "It's yours, enjoy, fine customer!" the man said with a bow of his head.

          Glancing back at Shiva, he saw the expression of someone who looked like they just saw the love of their life walking away, holding hands with another person. He certainly had her attention. But his words didn't seem to sink into her mind, as he felt like Shiva now had a massive target pointed at his head, and she was staring at him in such a way that he could see her envisioning how she'd attack him for the drink in the reflection of her eyes, open wide with shock.

          "If she gets in your way, I will taze her." the shopkeeper rose a small gun with a metallic fork on the end of it and winked. "Most of time, it work."


            "Thanks... but that'd shouldn't be necessary." He answered the shop keep, making his way over to retrieve the brew that Shiva so greatly fantasized over. His intentions and words clearly went over the merc girl's head as she seemed absolutely beside herself with what was happening. That look in her eyes speaking volumes of what she intended to do given the circumstance. Was she considering this one of those betrayals she said she hated so much? Glenn really didn't want to find out. He already had his imagination considering how she would attack him over this if he did nothing to save the way it was going currently. Carefully he collected the drink from the shelf, and then turned back to face Shiva's stare.

            Shiva really was in a poor state. And her shocked yet hostile look only made her look worse off than when he last saw her. Glenn glanced past Shiva towards where everyone was for a moment to catch a glimpse at Sona's enthused face before looking back at the merc girl. Taking a deep breath before approaching closer to her while holding the delightful beverage she desired. "I wasn't expecting to run into you so soon... but... t-that's good! It's good to run into you here now, because I wanted to say... thank you. For everything." He told her with a slight pause. "I know I wasn't what you expected, and in ways you aren't what I expected either. Some parts still really bother me too but, I'm pretty sure now it's just your way of being you. One of those rough patches everyone has. Including myself..."

            Nervously, with some anxiety that she might actually make good on a thought to attack him in the shop the man shifted on his feet. "I didn't mean to make you upset before. I still have a lot to learn about this island and the people on it. And despite what you might think... you're wrong. I may have thought about it but... I never crossed you out as a friend." Following his words, Glenn glanced at the bottle in his hands before returning eye contact with Shiva. Bringing the beverage up and stretching his arms towards her presenting it. Cradling it towards her in an open gesture.


              Approaching Shiva, she looked as patient as the town executioner, watching the obedient accused accept their fate. Her hands were held as if holding an invisible great axe, waiting for him to lower his head and be dealt his final blow. Then, he began to speak to her.

              I wasn't expecting to run into you so soon... but... t-that's good!
              Shiva blinked, her mouth opened a little bit. "... Hah?" she offered a voice of confusion.

              I wanted to say... thank you. For everything.
              She had a moment of silence, "..." Before leaning back, her expression was flat, as if in total disbelief.

              I know I wasn't what you expected, and in ways you aren't what I expected either. Some parts still really bother me too but...
              He went on, talking about himself, about her, but Shiva quickly seemed like a woman with a short attention span as her expression quickly showed that the topic was being lost on her. Until he uttered a pair of words:

              -you're wrong-
              And just like that she seemed to become highly aggressive in the face. As if an insult to her being correct was made and she had to respond to that challenge.

              However, her immediate hostility was canceled when he held out the beverage. Being presented the alcohol, he seemed to at the very least, end on a good note as her face brightened up such that if one took a picture, someone who never knew her would think Shiva was just a happy young girl.

              She snatched the drink right up from his hands and hugged it to her body, humming lovingly as if finding the drink so precious. A union she had been waiting for with great strife. After a minute of her hugging the alcohol bottle, lost in a world where only she and it existed, Shiva looked up and saw Glenn there. Then, a moment of seriousness briefly seemed to flash on her expression. "You said a lot of annoying shit... But someone who buys me booze like this...

              "I can't bring myself to hate 'em~" She said with a smile and a shrug, before unceremoniously popping the top of the bottle off with her powerful finger alone and taking a whole mouthful, to which she quickly corked it and let out a drunkard sigh. "Pu-hah!" she laughed while coughing at the same time. "This... It hurts so much! I love it! It's like I'm drinking liquid poison!"

              From the smell, Glenn's nostrils never graced a more powerful alcoholic beverage. It had characters he didn't recognize on it. It wasn't a common language to this area. From somewhere else, traveling far to grace the mouth of someone rich. "Fuuuck...!" Shiva gestured with some discomfort, her arm going to support herself on the nearby store shelf. "... I... I think taking a mouthful like usual was a... A... A bad... Eye... Dee..." She started to look VERY unsettled. She clearly underestimated the alochol's power. She was too complacent.

              "Hah! What you get, dumbass girl!" the shopkeeper seemed to be at the peak of his day, laughing and smiling. "That's the best oni brew from Zippangu! Legendary! Idiot like you can't drink like an oni!"

              Shiva's left eye was twitching and she was shaking like a wet dog. She slowly brought a hand to her stomach, seemingly making some desperate weaves. After a moment, she seemed to calm down... Slightly. She lumbered forward, almost falling and as such, she grasped Glenn's clothes at his chest for support, looking up at him with a wide smile and speaking with the breath of the devil. "G-Glenn... I can't walk, and I might vomit... Help me, okay?" she inquired. Even if he had every intent, his body screamed to run away from the smell. Shiva's grip was absolute. She was ready to tear off his shirt before releasing him.


                Despite all of his words practically flying right over Shiva's head, the message he was trying to convey at least seemed to get across when he presented the delightful bottle to her. The numerous faces she made cementing into a visage of joy as she cradled the bottle she took with animate happiness. The sight he had to admit was actually quite cute. Especially given what he knew of Shiva's normal disposition. Glenn continued to stand somewhat awkwardly as she held the bottle in her own little world for over a minute, glancing at the shopkeeper who was watching the sight with some amusement himself, before the merc girl would finally turn her attention back toward him.

                In the span of a moment the man went from relief that the gift had gotten him back on Shiva's good graces somewhat to being absolutely terrified at just what the hell happened to be contained in that bottle. From the smell alone he wasn't convinced that the stuff actually wasn't liquid poison like Shiva described. The stench was strong, from an absolute ridiculous proof contained within. So much so that he feared even the slightest friction could be enough to cause the stuff to ignite. And worse yet, it was something that even the merc girl could barely handle. "A brew from Zippangu? Those Oni sure they don't play around." The man commented idly, watching Shiva on the verge of collapse where she was before he saw he weave some kind of spell craft and calm significantly.

                Being approached, the man grasped at the merc girl's arms when she stumbled forward and grabbed at his own clothing. Taking his clothing in a death grip to support herself, and looking up to speak with him with a voice that carried the scent of that powerful brew she now held. In the state she was in, she would probably have to crawl out of the shop to get anywhere. "Jeeze Shiva... how did you ever live this long? You really are one tough girl..." He said with a slight smile, shaking his head some in disbelief of her antics. "Come on... Sona and Penguin are waiting." Glenn revealed to Shiva before hooking his arm around her back and then the other under her legs to carry her out. Where he would rejoin with Sona and Penguin still holding onto his smile from before with a poisoned yet grinning Shiva.


                  When he went to pick her up, Shiva seemed to get the idea. Or rather, she didn't. She tried to help... In a way, and ended up wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. His hand on her legs ended up on her ass and his hand on her back ended up on the back of her head. Glenn found that if he didn't hold his hand tightly to her ass, she would fall. "Alright... Let's... Urp... Let's go..." she cheered with a quickening loss of sober mentality. Seeing the two, Sona and Penguin blinked. Penguin looked the most confused.

                  "W-why... Are you carrying her like that?" Penguin asked, astonished at how Glenn's fingers were digging into the wonderful mix of plush and firm that was Shiva's powerful ass. "Way to go, Glenn!" Sona cheered, seemingly thinking him now on ass groping terms with Shiva meant he was successful. Meanwhile, Glenn's neck was being tortured with delightful feelings of Shiva groaning and moaning into his neck flesh. "I need something in my mouth..." Shiva said with a sickly tone, before deciding that Glenn's earlobe needed to be in her mouth, as she began sucking on it and sending an odd feeling through his body, a mix of a feeling like tickling and bizarre pleasure.


                    Feeling hot under the collar and holding a blush, Glenn carried Shiva the way she had mounted him. His grip initially set to carry her differently now having to cradle both the girl's head and her ass to keep her from dropping to the floor. A much more perverse scene than he would have liked but it worked. "It's not how I intended to carry her... it just happened." He assured Penguin, the shy yet perverted girl getting a eyeful of his hand sunk deep into the flesh of Shiva's ass. Doing his best not to trying to actively grope it, as well as trying to ignore the assault on his neck. Shiva's moaning and squirming there sending tingles through him where groaned.

                    A sharper tickle spread through him when the merc girl, not content to just breath heavily into his neck, decided to take his earlobe into her mouth. Gently sucking on the thing as he carried her. Considering how he was carrying her, it made him very self conscious of how they appeared to be acting. Not to mention it felt good. Far more than it probably should in fact. It made he ponder if even touching that brew could cause such an effect through his skin. Or Shiva had a few extra tricks she was keeping up her sleeves. Either prospect was scary. "We need to get her someplace where she can recover for a bit. How about we go back to my room at the dorms? I'd imagine the bed and room there is better than..." He paused to glance at Shiva before continuing, "...well it's comfy enough. The place should be big enough to accommodate all of us. Plus I'd like you to meet Jill and give me your insight on her design so far Penguin. I still do have a bit of... weight control to work through with her."

                    If there were no objections, Glenn's room at the dorms would be their next destination. Which hopefully wouldn't be too far, as the man could only imagine how awkward it would look for him to be carrying Shiva around the way he was while she was suckling on his ear. And how bothered both that and the sensations of it would make him.


                      Penguin suddenly looked suspicious of Glenn. "I... I suppose I'll come with too..." she said, though it seemed like now she wanted to keep an eye on him, a critical eye.


                      Making his way back to his apartment, thanks to Penguin's vehicle fitting them all, the trio plus drunkard made it to his home, where Jill was currently doing casual cleaning. Dusting and sweeping. Though the place hardly seemed to need it. It looked like she'd been doing nothing but making sure it was welcoming. "Ah, master, you did not inform me you were coming. I would have set candles to create a welcoming aroma." she declared, giving a bow. "You have guests. Shall I prepare a meal?" she inquired.

                      Meanwhile, Jill would also prepare a spot for Shiva on the couch, complete with a puke bucket, if it was absolutely needed.

                      Shiva let out one sigh.

                      And then it was needed, as her cheeks puffed out and she turned green.

                      In the aftermath... Shiva looked peaceful. Meanwhile, everyone was gathered around her as if attending a funeral. Silence filled the room.


                        "Ah... hello Jill. Sorry sorry but I still need to sort out getting one of those communication devices." The man responded to her upon entering the apartment with the others. Their time made much quicker than foot travel thanks once more to Penguin's vehicle. "Food? Yeah sure though make it light like trail mix or chips or something like that if you could. Nothing too big." Taking Shiva over to the couch prepared for her, Glenn would set the merc girl down and free himself from the torture she was giving his ear and mind. Which was a good thing too, since not too long after he had done so the girl emptied herself of what remnants of the brew managed to remain in her stomach. Filling the nearby bucket prepared for her with an odorous mix and leaving Shiva in the throws of peaceful relief. Looking once more like just a sweet innocent girl to the foolish observer.

                        Glenn shook his head and rubbed his forehead briefly in the silence that followed before speaking to the group. "Well now that we're here, make yourselves at home. It's a little bare I'm sure but I wasn't really afforded this in the best of circumstances. Still, indulge yourselves." He told his guests, before leaning down to look at Shiva and inspect her injuries. From what he could tell they didn't seem to be more than superficial. But they definitely didn't look all that good. "Jill, what kind of clothes do we have around here. Anything fresh that Shiva might be able to wear?" He asked the golem as he scanned Shiva further and summoned up a healing weave to work on the girl's injuries. Focusing on providing a bit more of a soothing cool experience to the magic to help with the process. Channeling the magic through his hands as he attended to her.

                        When that task was done the man would finally begin to relax. Pulling off his outer clothing, which he didn't even want to think about what was currently stained into it, and settingly down into his silken black undershirt and shorts underneath. The ones that Cynthia had given him some time back, and if he didn't know any better had also weathered far better than his other clothes currently for one reason or another. "Penguin this is Jill. The golem I talked about before? Sona's old body..." Glenn stated as he introduced Penguin to Jill, speaking more softly at that last bit while pointing Jill out. "She retains some memory from that old body but I'm not sure if she will recognize you further. I don't think it will be a problem. It took me awhile to fix her up but I think I did fair enough. There's still this problem of weight though. I'm thinking some kind of arcane stabilizer; a simple passive weave that uses her soul to lighten her but... I'm not sure how best to implement it." The man scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Maybe something with a conscious control mechanism? I can imagine being able to control one's weight like that could come in handy both in and out of battle." Glenn told Penguin, though he mostly wanted to not get crushed by the girl's massive weight again honestly. Not all the time at least.


                          Jill looked to be in the fridge before Glenn gave his desire for something ultimately simple. She expressed one of her few emotions so far. Disappointment, before simply handing him a glass half filled with a handful of trail mix, an assortment of random treats with lots of vitamins.

                          Inspecting Shiva, there were many bruises and cuts. Many did seem like light damage, with some worse than others. As far as a fight goes, she took minimal damage. "I can examine what she is currently wearing and synthesize a replica of her garb." she declared, before getting right to that over the table, her eyes firing straight and thin beams onto the table that seemed to manifest into clothing stitches.

                          Introduced to Jill, Penguin stuttered. "O-oh... Okay." she said in reply. "If it's her weight, then you might need a whole new frame... The old model's armor was very heavy.. Most of it, you removed." she declared. "If you did something like trying to lighten the weight with her weaves... It would be costly. She would run out of energy quickly... I can think of a way to do that, but it would be temporary."


                            Glenn frowned at Penguin's words, giving Jill a good look where she stood fashioning a new set of clothing for Shiva. "I was afraid you might say that. Suppose it's the simplest way without involving magic but... I'm not sure if I've the time to craft a whole new frame right now." He told Penguin. With the whole incoming threat his time might be better spent training to combat it rather than building up a replacement mechanical skeleton. Though if there was another pre-built frame he could get his hands on that would certainly make things easier. "The old frame was taken out of scrap storage... which I'm still not too sure how I feel about it being disposed that way but... if there were heavy frames there you don't suppose there would be lighter frames dumped there too? It would be a hell of a lot easier to fix up one than scratch build one."

                            Even if the man could get his hands on a lighter frame somehow that still left one problem. How to properly transfer Jill from one frame to another. He wasn't entirely oblivious to the process; the artificial soul was usually contained within the chest of most units per a Magi standard. So, it should be as simple as disengaging that soul from the current body and connecting it to the other. The skin sheath he had made for Jill would also have to be transfered lest he need to entirely create a new one. Building one around the skeletal robotic form had been morbid enough. Just thinking of pealing it off now to wrap around another twisted his stomach in a very undelightful way.

                            He watched Jill do her weaving to build a new set of clothing for Shiva with idle curiosity. As being able to replicate all manner of clothing would certainly be quite beneficial in the future. For everyone around and involved he figured, not to mention himself. A few moments later his old thoughts concerning the golem raised in his head, and with them he turned to Penguin once more. "Was there a time where Sona was like Jill. I mean... if enough time passes will Jill develop into her own somewhat?" He asked with curiosity. "When I fixed her up I figured she could eventually grow beyond just a servant if she learned enough. But the way Isabel spoke made it sound like I was just thinking foolishly..." He sighed then, rubbing the back of his head. 'Wouldn't be the first foolish thing I've thought or done here...'


                              Penguin shrugged. "I-I never go to the scrapyard often... Y-you can probably find something?" she theorized. But Jill immediately interjected. "Master, my current frame is fine and integrity is functional. With the defenses this frame offers I can offer you far more than if I were light and frail." She said, seemingly with a lack of desire to have her body swapped out.

                              Penguin hummed at his next question. "Um... I suppose... But Sona was someone who broke the mold she was created with and became her own person. Jill is still working under that mold. It's true that golems often show different characteristics depending on who their owner is, which is why Isabell discourages us from getting friendly with the golems... I-In your case, it seems like Jill is defiant towards you..." she noted how she refused the idea of a new frame. "What usually ends up happening to males is that their golem... Swaps the relationship..." she declared. Jill was in the middle of finishing the clothes, and offered no response to everything Penguin said. Rather, for a brief moment, Glenn would see Jill's eyes stop weaving a moment and regard him, before going back to work.


                                Defiant? While it might have been true that Jill suggested against a new frame, saying she was acting defiant was a bit reaching Glenn felt. It wasn't as if she were saying no right out. And what Penguin said about the change in relationship... it was only for a moment but the man noticed the golem's eye regard him ever so briefly before returning to her work. The weight of that glance far heavier given the implication of it. He was reminded of how assertive she had gotten only a day or so before. She had practically taken charge of that encounter... and was very willing to keep charge of it even after he had come to. It made him wonder just how far it might have gone if he had taken up her offer to join him when he went to wash up. His mind quickly filling with betraying thoughts of sharing a tub with the beautiful golem and continuing where they had left off then...

                                He snapped out of his thoughts with a shake of the head, a light blush etching on him. "But does that swap happen because of the curse, or because of something else. Like a lack of understanding a golem's wishes?" He asked grabbing his chin for a moment before regarding Jill. "The points you make are true, but offense and defense aren't everything. When I was fixing your body I intended for you to be versatile. A light weight body that could be equipped with a removable armored hardsuit. Effectively the best of both worlds. That way when you were out of combat you wouldn't be weighted down in armor and weapons that could get in the way of... other duties... or things you might want to do." He said clearing his throat a moment after.

                                Placing his hand on Jill's shoulder Glenn took a deep breath. "I trusted you once with Isabel and you weren't wrong. If you believe this is the best course for now I'll trust you again. To be honest, I think it will work out much better. If we get into this fight with those 'angels' a strong frame will be better than a weak one surely. And if I actually did create a hardsuit layer it'd be even stronger." He stated giving her a smile. "That said, I can't say that it won't get in the way. After all you've got a bit of a crushing presence as it is. Which isn't bad sometimes but... I can think of a number of scenarios where being lightweight would be very advantageous. No matter who you ended up with...". He didn't intend to entirely imply it but it was a truth he couldn't overlook. If Jill developed further there might indeed come a time where she might take leave elsewhere. And then these changes he proposed that benefited him now would then also benefit others and Jill herself.