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    Penguin shuffled a bit in place. "... The curse..." she replied softly. "The succubus curse changes the life it touches. The only discretion it makes is between men and women, and ultimately since souls are born without gender, the discrmination is made due to it's succubus nature targeting women with certain characteristics. S-some women are actually immune to it like men are, if they lack... S-something most women have..." she said, and this time her eyes were on Shiva, who was rolling a bit on the couch and letting out a stinky burp.

    "Heh, I guess that's true! Shiva's already kinda a mamono!" Sona chuckled.

    Jill looked at him flat, now holding Shiva's new clothes, which she folded and put near the mercenary. Her face was as emotionless as one could expect from a machine. "Other duties?" she inquired. "I do not have any task I must perform for you that requires a light frame." she replied squarely, her expression doubling down on her firm response. "Angelic blades can cut through any material, but my frame is built like many machines, with reserve power supplies in my joints and feet to give the mobility I require to move quickly in required bursts. But weapons that are not infused with their fire will not affect me. Historically, they have not imbued their arrows and light attacks with fire, as the theory behind the fire is that it is hard to create. They simply cannot imbue all their weapons with it's power. That is my purpose, to fight the humans and handle the light assault from Angelic forces with impunity. When the true angel forces march in, that is when I shall make way for the other set of golem make: The elite who are designed from the ground up to fight in melee with angels. Even so, they are estimated to have a high destruction rate." she explained. "I was not designed to be destroyed."

    Her head lowered, and for a moment she showed a pinch of emotion as she lifted a hand to touch the one on her shoulder, squeezing it a bit. "I was designed to protect my master. By any means."

    Sona stepped forward, and waved at Jill. "You don't need to be so formal!" she began, and Jill turned slowly to face the former golem. The air in the room changed a bit. It seemed to come from Jill. The two golems looked at one another. Sona's glowing gaze, and Jill's flat stare. "I'm like your older sister, so you can leave protecting Glenn to me!"

    Jill's reply came firm. "You are designated as a failure, a rogue. Someone who turned on her master and then fled the Magi, and is ruled by immature emotions is ill fit to be a guardian. From what I gather, you even upset your second master. Your performance does not surmount mine." Jill said very coldly to Sona, her eyes having shifted to red. Sona simply looked shocked, her face almost like the time Glenn lost his patience with her. It was clear Jill hit a soft spot. But how she knew about Glenn being upset in any detail was anyone's guess.

    Sona was a bit shaky. "J-Jill... You don't hate me, do you?"

    Jill's eyes became blue as she tipped her head back into a straight pose. "No. There is no reason to hate you, but I must educate you that you are not fit to be his protector. That is why I exist. Despite some issues you have, it is clear master still yet wants you nearby. I will not chase you away or wish ill upon you. However, I have learned who you are. A creature of whimsy. I will not accept you as a guardian to Master. I will not trust his life in your hands." She declared, before reaching up to brush some of the hair Glenn bestowed upon her to the side of her face."I know this upsets you, but your chance to be trusted has expired. Not that he needed you for that anyway. He trusts me, so I shall protect, serve, and fulfill his every wish." Jill turned to Glenn, and seemed to try and mimic the smile he gave her.

    Not only Sona, but Penguin looked shocked as well. Penguin stuttered. "J-Jill... Aren't you going too far?" she seemed insistent. "I think you might be... G-getting ahead of yourself...?"

    Jill replied firmly. "On the contrary, former engineer Penguin, I was designed with Sona's faults in mind. I have not been letting the curse get the better of me. I was designed to be flawless by my creator, Queen. I would never betray my master or the Magi. My loyalty is absolute, unlike the previous generation."

    Sona stepped forth, looking flustered. "W-what if Glenn leaves the Magi!? Isn't that a contradiction!?" she exclaimed.

    Jill shook her head. "Then, he wouldn't be my master anymore. But, he wouldn't do such a thing. That would be foolish to abandon such a prestigious position." she said with confidence. Sona seemed outraged.

    "The only one who's foolish is you!" she stated. Jill's smile faded. "How can you pretend to be so important to Glenn if it's clear you don't even love him!? What is wrong with you!?"

    Jill rose an eyebrow. "There is nothing wrong with me. I love my master, no matter who they are-"

    Jill was interrupted when Sona, with a firm face, delivered an ear ringing slap to Jill's cheek.

    The room was silent for a time.

    Jill's latest emotion, was pure shock plastered across her face. "... Did I do something wrong, Master?" Jill inquired to Glenn, still looking shocked. "I do not understand why Sona struck me. May I retaliate?" she inquired, and though it was a simple question, Jill looked intense with that desire to strike back.


      Glenn could guess that the something Penguin referred to was a certain type of feminine charm that made them more vulnerable to the curse's effect. A charm that could also effect males he wagered, if they happened to more inclined to that reality as well. He wouldn't have to worry about that since such things never interested him, and he certainly didn't think along that kind of charm's thinking. Even with one embarrassing scenario he could recall, he'd still be right along with Shiva with where he stood. It made him wonder what happened to men who weren't as comfortable with themselves however. How did the curse effect someone like that? He'd have to read up about all of it at a later time.

      "So frames like yours are for skirmishing and light assaults? I can relate to that. When I was enlisted back home I had a similiar role. Didn't stop them from putting us on the front though..." He stated with a hint of bitterness, recalling the time he had been in military service to his homeland. It was one of those times he would rather forget. Things seemed to be going alright with the golem until Sona dropped in, and quickly the mood changed. Jill lambasting the former mimic girl with what might amount to the closest amount of passion from the golem that didn't involve her straddling him for his energy. Clearly, it struck quite the nerve.

      The sentiments Jill spoke of also struck a nerve with Glenn. He knew it was part of the golem's design to never betray the Magi, but such a design meant that a Magi golem could never really love anyone who wasn't a Magi themselves. In the soul of such golems the Magi was their first love and duty above all others. 'A golem with such thoughts ingrained into their very soul would never be truly free to make their own choices would they?' He asked himself in thought, further feeling that his thoughts of Jill becoming like Sona over time were misplaced. Quickly things became heated between Sona and Jill, and before he could intervene the former mimic had already struck Jill with a powerful slap that echoed throughout his personal chambers and left silence in it's wake.

      The man let out a breath at the antics before regarding the both of them. "No, you may not retaliate. I know you don't understand but love isn't blind obedience. Whether it be to another person or an organization of some kind. That conditioning in your soul compels you to serve the Magi and by extension your master... but that's not really your choice is it? It was already determined for you by someone else. My uncle is a practitioner of the necromystic arts and they had a term for the kind of arcane bond like that. I believe he called it 'Vassalization'. One's will imposed upon another to the point that duty and love become practically synonymous. Something akin to domination but far far greater."

      Briefly he raised an eyebrow while he regarded Jill further. "And I have to agree with Penguin. You seem to be getting ahead of yourself and your position. In fact, you're starting to sound a lot like Aurine." He twisted his lips in discomfort at that thought. "I suppose that might just be a little bit of Isabel coming out through the soul conditioning. She tended to get a bit ahead of herself too and nearly caused strife between her and I because of it. Sona ended up helping the fortmaster soothe that potential strife quite a bit. Instead of writing her off perhaps you might consider learning a thing or two from her?" He suggested to the golem, coming between the two of them and placing a hand on each of their shoulders as if to encourage a bond between them. "If you take the time to listen to Sona and consider things further you'll find the answers to why responded like that. Despite what you might currently think, personal desire and duty are not one and the same."


        Jill looked taken aback, while Sona looked to be calmed that she didn't go too far, or so she seemed to understand by Glenn's reaction.

        Jill regarded Glenn with eyes widened and a step backwards. "I am the one at fault?" she questioned. "That is not possible. I am not cursed, and I am not flawed." Despite her expression, her tone was still mostly singular and simplistic. Like a machine. Then, he got between her and Sona.

        "If you take the time to listen to Sona and consider things further you'll find the answers to why responded like that. Despite what you might currently think, personal desire and duty are not one and the same."
        Jill looked at him and listened, before her eyes looked straight ahead at Sona, who he could feel was unnerved by the act. "... Yes..." Jill agreed, before her eyes twitched a bit and her eyes flashed red, as if something did indeed go wrong for a second. She turned her head, and looked at Glenn. "... Master." she said simply, before seemingly letting the matter drop either to the floor, or into someone else's hands.

        "Jill..." Sona called out, but Jill simply turned away and went to her chamber. "I must recharge." she said simply, before closing the pod and falling into it with her arms folded, and closed her eyes. Glenn knew enough that this simply meant that she has completely removed herself from the situation. She was just a doll now, until she woke up.


          Glenn raised an eyebrow at the golem's twitches, watching her as she turned face and went into her charging pod with barely a word. The conditioning was strong but despite her best efforts Isabel's creation could stand up to the curse that effected everything only so far. And given how Jill was responding... and the episode he had with her before... well he hoped the girl would be able to come to terms with not being as flawless as she considered herself to be. Perhaps even learn some sentimentality from Sona. That is if she actually let her 'sister' encourage her. He really wasn't looking forward to a day when the two of them might come to blows. He'd much rather want them to look out for each other.

          "Don't sweat it too much." The man aired towards Sona, patting her shoulder briefly. "I'm sure Jill will come around. Even with the changes Issy must have done to the souls of golems between your time and hers. Assuming she actually did any changes; I wouldn't really know. Penguin probably knows better about the insides of a Magi golem's soul more than me. My closest understanding involves that hexagram place you pulled me into once." He commented before plopping himself down on the couch nearby to Shiva, putting his feet up to relax. "I suppose now that you're corporeal using that space isn't exactly going to be an option. Let's hope we never get into trouble that might require it now eh?"

          After some time of laying about and partaking a few bits of the mix Jill had served, Glenn turned to Shiva. "So... uh... you feeling better?" He asked, the awkwardness of the recent events with her still very fresh in his mind. "That oni brew had quite the kick! I only smelled the stuff and it was strong, can't imagine how tasting it must have felt. Initially at least." He added quickly given the outcome that came to her. Silence followed, with Glenn fidgeting where he sat, unsure what to really say to Shiva next. "Shiva... about tomorrow. Perhaps it might be best if I went to meet with Anubis... alone. We both don't need to put ourselves into danger again. And it is my responsibility to meet with her once more. I don't know how she's going to respond about my 'predicament' though. I suppose she'd figure then who has a shard and who doesn't then wouldn't she?" The man sighed and rubbed at his temple. 'If I had my shard this wouldn't be a problem. I'd be able to hold the danger myself instead of putting Shiva at risk again...'


            Despite him mentioning how much she knew, Penguin looked confused when he mentioned the inside dimension of Sona, who just made a catface at him.

            Relaxing a bit, everyone got cozy in a way... Until Shiva woke up and seemed to cast away all sense of quiet and comfort with her aura alone.
            "Ugh." she groaned with displeasure. "Fuck you." Shiva replied to his question. She opened her eyes, and seemed to summon a block of ice that she immediately put to her head.

            Sona chipped in. "That means she's fine~" she said, patting Glenn in case he got offended.

            She adjusted herself to get more comfortable, resting one leg over the couch and lifting the other up. She seemed to pay no mind to the very nice panty shot she was offering. Or maybe she didn't know that Glenn could see where her slightly thick thighs ended and her pantyline began, the cloth curving around to emphasize on her crotch and butt. "Yeah, thanks for the brew. I haven't suffered this much in a while. Really makes you feel alive." she said with a chuckle. It was still unclear if she was hostile or not. Her words backhanded.

            Then, he mentioned that he was going to meet with Anubis alone. Shiva rose up to a sitting position, the panty shot vanished under her skirt. "Except you don't know what you're talking about. Again." Shiva growled. Though she quickly winced, suffering from a hangover. "Last I saw, she didn't catch the bird yet, it's been giving her trouble. Before that whole fiasco, I was actually planning on stealing it before she could get it. Thus invalidating her stupid conditions." Shiva stated. "So instead of sounding off like you need to go lick her gummy pussy like a good boy, how about we be a little bit cheeky?" she suggested with an evil smirk. "If you're going to help, you are going to be a hard BACK seat. If any one of your fingers touches the bars, I get to keep those fingers. Got it?" she said with warning. "Otherwise, I'm taking Sona. I'm not gonna let old yella take a dump on my yard."

            With a bit of a weave, she seemed to fix what was causing her pain inside her head once the ice lessened the pain. "Then we can decide if we need her help. Which I'd hope we don't. That dog is a pain in the ass. But she's known historically to be one of those honor sluts. If she fails to catch the bird as she agreed, and WE catch it instead, she'd be disgraced. Not in the violent way either. I think." Shiva hummed. "Basically, it'd give us breathing room when talking to her. She may even be satisfied with just giving you doggy style once or twice. Who knows."

            Sona chipped in. "Honor? I thought Anubis betrayed the Pharaoh?"

            Shiva nodded. "Her pledge was to her people, not the Pharaoh. By design, all godlike figures of The Sands were meant to be servants of the people, so she claimed to backstab her leader to save her people. Didn't work out for her in the end. Bunnies." Shiva shrugged. Then, Shiva looked at Glenn. "Right. I should mention, if you see a bunny girl, or any race you aren't familiar with... Show it some fucking respect. In the case of bunnies, they can literally reverse you back to the time you were a baby. They're NOT to be fucked with. Even I respect those fuzzy ears. And I usually don't respect people." she stated.

            "But they sound so cute!" Sona cheered.

            Shiva chuckled. "Oh yeah, real cute. If you see a small grumpy one, pet the shit out of it. See what happens."

            Sona threw her arms up in cheer. "Yaaay! I really wanna pet a small bunny now!"

            Shiva leaned towards Glenn. "... If anything happens to her in regards to a bunny, I take no responsibility."

            Penguin rose a hand. "S-Sona... Please don't aggravate any bunnies..."

            Sona was bouncing on her heels. "I'm not gonna aggravate them, just pet them~!"

            "Closed Casket." Shiva concluded.

            Then, Shiva looked at Glenn. "So, wanna go bird biking?"


              The man cast an eye at Shiva's words, rubbing his temple some more. "A bit cheeky? That's one way to put it I suppose." The idea she put forth was an intriguing one; return to the desert and catch the bird before the lord of the dead could. Such a plan could give them the edge when negotiating with her too, as she wouldn't have the shadow of a favor hanging over them. It also sounded potentially dangerous; what if they came across the desert forces while doing this? What if they were captured? If that happened in the man's mind it sounded like giving Anubis all the chips instead. She'd have far more power then to convince Isabel to join with her, if she decided to take that route. "Let's hope that honor extends to those she captures..."

              Glenn groaned slightly at her comments about her bike again. "Of course... hard seat..." He was almost afraid to ask what she planned to do with his fingers; on this island it was more up in the air than normal. He assumed the worst though. "Bunny girls can do that huh, I'll keep that in mind. And I don't plan on disrespecting people if I can help it. Give me a little credit at least. Our first meeting with Anubis should be at least worth some showing of that." He rolled his eyes at Sona's bubbly enthusiasm about the bunnies, before glancing at Shiva and then looking down with a twist of the face. He really wanted to say even this was too dangerous... but Shiva was prepared to go off on her own regardless. And if he said no now it would just be distancing himself from the crazy merc girl after gaining some of her favor back.

              After a moment he took a breath and then looked Shiva in the eye. "Okay... let's do this. Lead the way... A-aunt Shiva..." Glenn added awkwardly, glancing at Sona when he said it with a small amount of heat hitting his face along with some discomfort. Saying something like that sounded so wrong to the man... but he remembered the merc girl had wanted him to call her that before so... it couldn't hurt right? Well, aside from his pride. "Given how big our party is getting we might have to invest in more than just bikes to get around locally. Maybe I should build a hovercar too. I was always better at driving a car than a bike." Rather quickly the man piled on his gear, before standing ready to follow Shiva out once more. His mind still wary of the danger of traveling once more into that barren desert that stretched for miles around. "I don't know when we'll be back..." Glenn directed at both Penguin and Sona, "If you guys would like to stay here you're more than welcome. Given how Jill is... I'd certainly appreciate keeping an eye on her."


                Give me a little credit at least. Our first meeting with Anubis should be at least worth some showing of that.
                Shiva looked at him with a blank stare. It seems she had no words beyond that. Though she seemed struck with awe as she was called Aunt Shiva. "... If I told you to say that, I was not sober. Don't ever do that again." she said with warning. Though, it was with warning that was bit back, as if she had a feeling it was her fault.

                Penguin nodded. "I wouldn't mind looking at your design..." she hummed, examining Jill already.

                "Kay, let's go." Shiva said, grabbing Glenn by his shoulder and pushing him forward to walk out. Sona waved at them. "Good luck! Don't get hungry and accidentally eat it!" she said. That comment made Shiva ask him later, as they got near the bike. "... Does she have a habit of eating things?" she inquired, before getting on and allowing him to take the hard back seat.