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    Glenn listened on throughout their trip as Shiva relayed her thoughts concerning what they would do with the cockatrice. Those thoughts quickly turning to other things as she spoke her mind. Speaking of hating the past and the things that people worry about though their lives. Those words echoing what Sona had eluded to about Shiva being someone who shut out people mostly and how he had seemed to be going down that route as well. In this she also spoke of Cynthia and of her love and hate relationship with the crow. Of how she seemingly had no problems at all compared to her and how she saw her sister's focus on selflessness to be quite the foolish and bad thing. Pathetic in her own words. Shiva clearly had no love of being selfless, especially merely for the sake of it.

    She even spoke of how she viewed him at first, and how Sona had helped change that view. Surprising given that he recalled the merc girl not caring much about the former mimic at first. Thought that made him wonder just what she had initially planned to do when he first encountered her. Had she planned on taking him somewhere and merely robbing him? Beating his ass as she had put it, to teach him what it was like to have real problems? He squashed the thoughts before they started taking his mind for a ride of it's own. Something much easier to do given her thoughts on Sona, which echoed his own similar thoughts he held only a while ago. Sona was... someone who deserved another who could be there for them more fuller than he currently could. It was either that or she would need a whole hell of a lot of growing up to do, and given how innocent she was he worried that Shiva's predictions might be a very real possibility. Not everyone was made to handle such experiences he knew.

    "It's not wrong to be selfless Shiva. Helping others... it's always a good thing... but being selfless for no reason is quite... naive. Even I have reasons for why I consider others before myself. And try to put them before myself. I'm sure your sister has her reasons too." He told the girl before crunching his face slightly. If he didn't know any better she almost sounded like she was going through her young moody years, which quickly prompted him to ask. "This might sound out of place but... how old are you again?" He completely expected to be bapped for such a question but it intrigued him. Some of the ways she spoke reminded him awfully a lot of himself when he was younger, who was far less concerned with helping others and more of helping himself. The only difference being that he had never been that naive; he had learned far earlier the lessons that she had learned, and tempered them better as well.

    Regardless of the conversations, the smell of the bird's trail leaked into the man's nostrils as they closed in on it, and he found himself quickly becoming engorged. Shiva's body doing little more than to entice the direction of his rising lust. "That... makes sense I guess. I don't even want to guess how we'd be able to do that mid flight if we could." He commented, eyes narrowing a little at the comment of his sluttiness. "It needs to be done right? Besides of course I'm fine with it... if you are... just don't slam into my lap like back at the restaurant. I'm still seeing a few stars from that one..." He told her before embracing her from behind. His hands being guided by her to her chest and crotch where she wished them.

    He found himself quickly drawn into the building heat. Shiva's ass smoothing along his still clothed member with gentle glides while his hands went to work on their own. Grasping the girl's chest and grooving his fingers into her flesh, what little happened to be there, and his other hand dipped it's fingers into her folds. His thumb rubbing ever so lightly against her jewel from time to time. After some time he let the hand grabbing her breast slide down along the girl's side and grab at her thigh, digging into the flesh there before returning to work on her chest once more. During which he would also move closer to the girl, closing the distance from behind and becoming even more of a hard back seat than he had been before. Breathing harder against her neck as the merc girl continued to edge him on with her motions.


      "If it's for a good reason, it's not selfless. If it's for your buddy, it's not being selfless. Being selfless IS wrong, because it implies that you're making a sacrifice purely out of good will. And it's not a good thing. People will not remember your efforts. You risk everything to save someone for no reason, all for nothing. If I saved you, it'd be because you have meaning. There is a reason. But some rabble I don't know or care about? Let nature sort them out." she said with a cold tone. "I was once naive. Not anymore. I'm above being nice." she declared. Then, he hit her with the question. "Wha... Are you trying to pick a fight, mother fucker?!" she cursed, eyes open and mouth wide with shock at the sudden question. "I'm twenty six! Why the fuck do you need to know!?" She asked in a fluster. Which meant that Glenn was old enough to be her father even if he didn't look it. "How old are YOU!? How about that? About to get some gray hairs!? Hairline receding!?" she inquired with hostility.

      Then, as lust was rising... "Oh boo hoo. The more you bed me not to, the more I want to do it. I love bullying weaklings." she said with a smirk. "Besides, I'm making you do all the work this time, since I need to fly." she said, before his hands went to her parts. "Mmm..." Shiva moaned as his fingers began to work. When his hand ran down to touch her thigh, he felt traces of scars along her side, one or two small cuts, and a long cut along the front of her leg that was so thin he had to touch it to know it was there. Her body was marked with old wounds, old memories. Each one she seemingly wished to forget. "Can you just whip it out?" Shiva said with impatience. It seemed he touched a nerve when he found some odd scars. She lifted her ass, giving him a view as she reached up and parted the cloth over her pussy, showing off her familiar pussy he saw before. Then, she sat back down, almost in his lap. She waited to see what he'd do with her nethers exposed.


        Taken aback by her sudden hostility and cold tone Glenn's movements froze before he laughed nervously. "S-sorry sorry, I just... well perhaps I should stop while I'm ahead..." He simply said, feeling a bit self conscious when she mentioned receding hairlines of all things. For some reason he had expected the girl to be far older than that. Most likely given the dual nature that she probably inherited given her family. If that factored into anything. Learning she almost a good two decades younger than him was a bit of an eye opener. And he'd be lying to himself if he couldn't relate to some of the anger she felt. He remembered very well some of the feelings he held around that same age for himself... and it made him ponder her comment from before at the restaurant about finding another someone...

        Receiving an eyeful when she raised herself, the merc girl's impatience became infectious. The man's manhood straining for release from the fabric holding it. Moving a hand back, he reached below and parted his own clothing just the same. Shifting as he was exposed to the air. Taking his hands he would guide them around Shiva's sides to grasp them, moving up with her as he aimed himself through her legs. Enough time to give her a sight of his member poking through them if she looked down, right before he would guide her down along with himself. Angling at just right to place his tip right at the entrance to her folds. Where he would tease the girl for just a moment before pushing upward and thrusting into her.

        The result was almost instant. Glenn felt Shiva's folds clamp down and massage against him as he began to thrust, matching them in a rhythm. His hands quickly moved from her waist to wrap around her from behind. Hugging her as he became more passionate in his thrusting. "How's... this...?" He asked briefly before losing himself once more into the rapid motions and warming pleasure that was coursing through him. Which was only made more intense by that distant aroma that infected his nose. Desire captivating the man as he made love to the merc girl on her bike. His pumping becoming more intense as time passed under the growing moon and as his resolved weakened to do anything else but fill her once more with as much of his seed as he could. Unless she stopped him, the small amount of pre and pressure that was mounting would rapidly become much more.


          His sign to stop teasing came from an uttered growl of impatience from the girl. Shiva's when already worked up, seemed to only find aggravation in teasing. It was only when he finally linked with Shiva did her growling cease. Her pussy was just as tight as before, his cock kissed all over by her folds squeezing it. Her ragged tone was replaced with a more feminine moan as their copulation began, Shiva giving out an indescribable gasp when she was hugged, before a growl came in line with his words. She offered no reply, just a gesture of annoyance at his question, as it were. Given the position of her arms, his embrace left Shiva's arms stuck in his bearhug. Her dominant nature reared it's ugly head, and he felt like he might get blown away and mounted by her at any second, until it became apparent that she was holding her breath for a moment and had to inhale. When she did, Glenn felt her strength to think and act melt. For the first time she seemed weak and vulnerable, but only in a certain sense. As his need for oxygen intensified, the true need only got worse with time. He felt his loins ache with the need to cum. Similarly to his time with Iora, he felt his sense of self being taken over. Though now without the drug, he could feel the weaves of the succubus curse now flowing through him. Ruling his senses. He even felt it going as far as taking over his body. Choice began to vanish over time and the only option was sex. "Glenn... The smell...!" Shiva tried to utter out.

          But whatever message she had was not delivered, as Glenn's mind, without training or defensive experience against such influences, devolved to that of an animal in heat. Shiva's neck was floating near his lips, and looked soft and delicious. Her sentence was halted when Glenn's mind slipped. His awakening only when he would realize that the curse possessed him to bite Shiva's neck in a dominant way. Another side of Shiva became revealed, a sadomasochist side, when Glenn felt her reaction to be her pussy squeezing down hard on his cock to the point of halting the love making with him fully slotted inside of her. When control returned after a brief bout with lustful madness, Shiva was released. As if his lust was infectious, Shiva seemed to sink, her body fully bending over and her ass resting perfectly into the line of his waist where they were connected. Her soft, bubbly ass another addition to the pleasure, as he could make out the shape of it just by how it was pressing against him. Her pussy loosened to like before, as if she were opening up for him. His lust hitting a peak, Shiva's eyes looked empty, only lust left behind as Glenn felt like her tunnel was opened wide to receive his seed. He could feel it welling up, ready to blow... His entire body reacting as if ready to cause him the immense pain of stress if he stopped now. To top it all off... Shiva's hands reached back as her finger tips just grazed his ass, the object of all their covet. Glenn felt like he was being pulled in, and held by his rump to hilt inside and release a torrent of seed.

          In the aftermath... Glenn would see what Shiva was trying to say. The scent was ever stronger, and the reason why was clear. Their prey approached them. The cockatrice, with white hair and a single red strand over the middle was standing in view, peaking around a rock. Whatever lust Glenn lost after cumming was immediately restored, and Shiva's wide hipped body looked ready for procreation.


            Glenn barely heard Shiva say something about a smell before his mind faded in clarity and the ambient magic he felt flowing through and around him took hold once more. His need to satisfy the call from his loins far greater than any other thought now. All he could think about was making love to the girl in his arms. Silencing any further talk from her with an attack on her neck, his own movements stopped for a moment as the act took her mind's clarity as well, her muscles clinching in response, before she sunk forward. Her shapely ass put on display where they were hilted and her folds relaxing in a way that he had felt before back in her hut when the two of them were drunk off their minds.

            He could barely stand it! With a maddening lust his free grip took to grabbing the merc girl's hips as he once more began to thrust in earnest. Pressure building further and further as her folds loosely coddled his pumping member. Despite her own lust Shiva managed to grab back herself, helping to pull him closer to her every time the two of them approached, her hands grasping the last edges of his thighs to do so. Rapidly the pressure from it all became too much for the man, and with a small moan of pleasure Glenn drove as far as their bodies would allow and lost himself in Shiva. Giving her some light little pumps as his member erupted, coating the sides of her folds in his seed as he came, a further few ropes blasting down where her body had opened itself further up to him.

            In the moments after his mind became clear once more, and between the wonderful sex they had just partaken in Glenn quickly realized something. The scent of that cockatrice had gotten stronger. Much much stronger in fact. And when his eyes came across a voyeur to their session the reason became clear. 'It's... right there!' His eyes widened in recognition but before he could reach for the netgun to perhaps capture the it or swing Shiva back into her mind wafts of the thing's scent traveling through his nose took hold of his mind once more. Struggling just a moment to maintain control. "D-damn... I..." He would say before his lust returned once more. His spent member perking up quickly where it loosened from, and pressing up against the entrance to Shiva's folds once more.

            Lust again gripped the man, though this time he was not content to hilt into her shapely ass once more. He took hold of one of her legs and hooked an arm around her back before twisting Shiva around with a quick shuffle of his arms, positioning the girl in his lap when it was all said and done. Wasting no time in joining with her once more, his pumping slightly erratic at first as he shifted to get comfortable with it before falling into a pattern. He moaned more audibly now, overwhelmed by the second bout of sensations that was being fed now, pulling Shiva into an embrace as he attacked her neck again. A hand dropping to dig fingers into the flesh of her ass as it steadily flopped between their combined movements. That familiar pressure building again, and the merc girl's body ripe and ready to indulge it.

            From there things seemed to become a blur. He had no idea how many more times either one of them would be enslaved to lust, Shiva's earlier sentiments of fucking like rabbits being an indication of the answer being 'a lot', but when clarity did return to the man, if potentially only for a moment, he would find himself kissing Shiva rather passionately. A hand gently holding her head as he did so. He would continue it for a moment before he would pull back and see that she was in the same boat. Her eyes full of the same clarity of mind as his own. "...Shiva... how long have..." He started to ask before he recalled what he had seen. Looking around with some haste at the area around them for their voyeur in the hopes that it might still be around them.


              The haze faded into a realization that the cockatrice had moved from when they last saw her. His question, though halved, was responded to by an elbow from Shiva into his side, enough to shock. "Long enough! You just kept fucking me long after you had the chance to recover and just inhaled more of that bird's musk!" she complained. "Nevermind the fact that you dumped a literal quart of cum into me at this point! What if I get pregnant!?" she lectured him. "The money your ass is gonna owe me aside, the bird ran off because one of Pharaoh's minions is nearby!"

              Shiva's words had a reply, but not from Glenn. "Run? Who needs to do that~?" replied a feline voice, before a familiar figure came into view.

              Sphinx, Anubis' number 1 servant was coming out from behind a rock, holding up a net that was used to capture a now whining Cockatrice. "I didn't think you'd have the balls, mister. You're actually trying to welch on Anubis. That takes balls, which are currently empty I think~" she cooed. "To be honest, I was having a lot of trouble catching her, but apparently when you two started having sex, she turned out to be a bit of a spectator! So, I must thank you for being the source of your own failure!" She said, as her knees became rather wobbly. Glenn was starting to smell the pheromones in the air again, though he had but bare lust to give, only feeling slightly more excited now. However, Sphinx hadn't yet taken out her stress, and was looking blood red in the face, sweating and buckling.

              Shiva was deadpan. "You're a fucking idiot, aren't you?" she inquired with a sigh, still disrobed.

              Sphinx sank to one knee. "S-shit... My weaves... Aren't working...?"

              Shiva chuckled. "Of course not, you halfwit. She's releasing a dense form of the succubus curse into the atmosphere. Did you make a weave of just lung protection? That's only gonna work if you're a human. The curse is gonna pass right through you, dumbass~" Shiva declared victoriously. "Thanks, for being the source of your own failure~!" Shiva mocked the Sphinx with an expression of ridicule.

              The Sphinx growled. "T-then, Option B!" she declared, before throwing her clothes off, revealing her beautiful brown skin, what little of it was hidden anyway, and her chocolate brown nipples with her tight pink pussy hiding between her thick thighs. As if seeing this coming, Shiva ducked behind Glenn and used him as a shield. The Sphinx began by launching forth powerful weaves that completely overwhelmed Glenn's sense of power and skill. They seemed to grip him, but did no harm at first. Rather, it seemed impossible for weaves to be made on the fly, even by a master. Sphinx revealed the cause to be her racial ability, as she then threw a sphere into the sky filled with her power.

              (Music Used - Riddled Battle)

              "This will be able to keep myself in check. I'll just fuck myself into unconsciousness while your friend with the stupid hair will take the bird." she revealed Shiva's willingness to sacrifice Glenn based off of her movements. Shiva merely replied with a simple "Tch," as if she'd been caught. "If you don't know the drill, human, I've just challenged you to solve my riddle. You both are forced to stand there, until you solve it. And since you're recovering, it's only a matter of time before your minds devolve into lust and you fail the riddle~ It's my win~ So, here's my riddle~" she cooed. It seemed as if her spell was affecting her as well, disallowing her from directly attacking Glenn. She held herself back so Shiva couldn't sneak in their victory.
              I have many techniques and forms, but only others can master them.
              I am witness to all emotion, from hate to happiness.
              The same person can have me and refuse me in the same day, but not when they are alone.
              What am I?
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                The man took the elbow he was given, some breath escaping from the impact as he realized the cockatrice was most likely long gone. "Well excuse me. I didn't see you reaching to steady yourself when the chance came sweetheart." He returned with a complaint of his own before cocking his eye when she mentioned a minion nearby at the end of her tirade. One of Anubis's own was something he feared they might run into. He had assumed it to be a lesser party, so when it was revealed exactly who happened to be near, and how close nearby exactly they were his face quickly drained at the sight of her. It was that Sphinx girl they had met before. And worse yet, she had managed to capture the cockatrice they were after while they were preoccupied with their 'preparations.'

                'Damn it, of course something like this would have to happen.' Now that they were caught doing this there was no chance that it wouldn't get back to Anubis herself, and Glenn wasn't sure if he should welcome or fear the royal mamono's response. The way Sphinx spoke he felt more it should be the latter. As if things couldn't get any worse the familiar smell of the cockatrice's pheromones began to work themselves up once more. Invading the man's nose and tickling his carnal senses. To his great relief it seemed he had a bit of time on his side, as lust was incredibly slow to build. The same couldn't be said of Sphinx however, as he noticed her face growing as red a tomato.

                The reason why came quickly. She hadn't prepared properly for the scent, which drove into a deeper level with people like her. Unfortunately, while her speech was informative Shiva's talk gave Sphinx enough time to ensnare both him and her into a trap. The mamono stripping her beautiful form bare as a flurry of weaves burst forth and grasped him, followed by some kind of arcane sphere cast into the sky. He wasn't sure how such a power could be done, as the way it was summoned seemed to just come into existence with barely any effort. Instinctual the best way to put it. However way it was done the man found himself unable to move even an inch, forced as he was to the game the Sphinx girl now wanted him to participate in.

                "Ugh..." He groaned at the predicament they both were in. Glenn didn't consider himself much of a riddle kind of guy. Hell, he couldn't even remember the last time he solved one. Something with hidden compartments on a job perhaps? That was usually when riddles tended to crop up in his experience. And his gut told him that even if he somehow managed to answer correctly it still wouldn't end well. He felt as trapped as the cockatrice must feel. All but caught in a net himself with all this. Hearing the riddle, no immediate answer came to mind. Well, except for one, but it was a bit more morbid than what Sphinx probably meant. Just what kind of answer could she be looking for be?

                If he didn't answer than he was sure that her prediction would come true; the lust would just forfeit him anyway. "I suppose I'm the only one that can answer this huh?" He asked, before letting out a sigh. His face twisting as he forced the words past his lips. "The answer is... a voice. It has different techniques and forms, each unique to each person when combined with their speech. It bares witness to every emotion imageable; hate, sorrow, happiness... And it is something you can choose or refuse to do, and yet be hounded by it's presence in the privacy of your mind." When he finished he let out a nervous breath. He thought it was a serviceable enough answer, but prepared himself mentally for the worst that was sure to come in the next few moments.


                  The Sphinx let out a laugh. "Wrong! Now, prepare for-" she was stopped as Shiva rose her hand. "Time out. You made me apart of the riddle too. I get to guess as well." she declared. The Sphinx stopped in place, before growling and standing in place, as if knowing she had to give another chance.

                  Shiva took but a minute to think about it. "Is it blowjobs?" she inquired. "You can have one and then refuse another, if you wanna keep going but he can't handle it?" she inquired. "You can't blow yourself, so others have to master it. And if there's shit like hate fucking there can be hate blowing, right?"

                  The Sphinx looked dumbfounded. "... The answer is sexual intercourse." she declared.

                  Shiva smirked. "Got it! That was easy."

                  The Sphinx looked drained. "N-no... Wait, that BARELY counts!"

                  Shiva shrugged. "Barely still counts. You lose." she declared. The orb had chosen it's winner and dropped promptly onto the Sphinx, exploding her with its energy and wrapping her in the bindings she planned on wrapping him with, winding up her soul so she cannot weave. A great length she took into ensnaring Glenn, backfired with her now ensnared. "Damn iiiit! I need seeex!" she whined, before inching her way forward and pushing her naked body against Glenn, making mewl noises as she had to hop on her feet to get closer, a prisoner of her own spell as Glenn and Shiva looked free again.

                  Shiva chuckled, picking up both the cockatrice and the sphinx under her arms like a pair of sandbags. "Look Glenn, we got TWO new pets!" she said with a smirk, with both the cockatrice and sphinx squirming in agony and whimpering for mercy.


                    Sure enough the answer Glenn gave wasn't the one that the Sphinx was looking for. Before she could reach out to claim him as her spoils however, Shiva interrupted. The merc girl was a part of this riddle too it seemed, and had her own chance to answer. Which she managed to get a closer answer than what the man had guessed. It was a good enough one that the tables were turned and the man found himself safer than he had been only moments before as the Sphinx got a taste of her own trap herself. The arcane orb setup for him ensnaring her instead as she writhed from within. Though a victory, the man was none too pleased to have been saved only thanks to Shiva's intervention. And in it all he was beginning to feel like an extra wheel in this place. Thoughts of home and the things he had left behind inspiring a curiously dull feeling in him.

                    When the Sphinx approached to bump against him, Glenn stepped away not at all pleased to have been placed in such a situation to begin with because of the likes of her. "Leave her. She's not part of this. If she goes missing and someone spots her with us it's just going to attract unwanted notice." Glenn told the merc girl, picking up the netgun off the ground after he had adjusted himself proper. Making sure his clothing was back to order. "And the last thing we want is Anubis flipping out because we caught both the cockatrice and one of her servants. I'm trying to help the Magi... not destroy it remember?" He reminded the merc girl, stopping to rub his chest at that dull feeling with a look of discomfort as he began to look terribly pale.


                      Shiva just shrugged and dropped Sphinx without too much care, as the feline began to panic. "W-wait, you're going to LEAVE me here in the desert like this? I-I know we said some things, b-but have a heart! C-come on, I won't tell Anubis about this, so at least take me somewhere out of this heat!" she pleaded.

                      Shiva shrugged. "Sorry cat, I've already learned how dangerous it is to make the princess over there upset. It's why we're all here in the first place."

                      Sphinx growled. "I'm not a fucking cat! Why does every foreigner think I'm a cat!? A sphinx is it's own breed! I can grow wings too! And my lion body is NOT a household cat! Also please don't leave me." She requested, her tail wiggling back and forth in agitation.

                      Shiva was already back on the bike, offering the wrapped cockatrice to Glenn. "Besides, Glenn would have to carry both YOU and the Cockatrice. Look at him. Does he look like he can do that?"

                      The Sphinx looked at Glenn, giving him teary kitten eyes.


                        Glenn was about ready to get on the bike and just take off with Shiva, their prize secure in it's trappings. The merc girl's previous comment about him being a princess simply bouncing off the man's head as he both ignored it and focused on how terrible he was starting to feel. When he caught the sphinx girl's eyes though it gave him enough pause to consider things for the moment while he took the bagged cockatrice from Shiva. "Don't you live out in the heat like this? I would think you would be used to it." He commented at first at the double image of Sphinx he briefly saw before he left out a sigh. "If we take you with us you have to be on your best behavior... you understand? Especially with the others." He told her while picking up her trapped limp form. "And no draining my energy while we travel. I think I might actually barf if you do." He warned, sauntering back over to Shiva's bike and embarking. Not before fiddling with tying the netgun to himself somehow though.


                          "Okaaay~" she replied lazily, letting out a mewl as she was picked up, almost seeming happy. As he had Sphinx on his back, a carnal smelling, whimpering Cockatrice in his lap and a gun at his side, he felt a constant vibration from Sphinx from behind, as if she were purring while pressing herself against his back. Shiva, in a surprise gesture, flew slowly to accommodate Glenn's many passengers...

                          Making their way back, Shiva decided to take them back to Glenn's place, coming to a stop in front of the building along the street side. "I hate driving slow." she griped. Over the course of the trip, Glenn's crotch became moist as Shiva's lust slowly recovered with the Cockatrice riding with them the whole way. Meanwhile, the Sphinx was panting heavily, breathing on Glenn the whole way as her lust was only contained by the weave trapping her. After coming to a stop, Glenn felt her lick his neck. "I'm kind of going crazy...~ Can I play with you a little~?" she cooed, her face deep red, Shiva's as well. "This bird causes a lot of trouble... I like her." Shiva chuckled. The cockatrice just gave a whine when she was mentioned, now limp and pathetic in her net. Her reaction made it seem like she understood language.

                          At the entrance to his eqvuivical apartment, Glenn had 3 horny females now looking at him. A mercenary(again), an Egyptian deity, and a bird.


                            The ride back to his apartment was surprising smooth given who was in control of driving. It didn't mean it was all that comfortable. Between gripping the seat with his legs, holding the cockatrice with one arm and reaching back with another for the Sphinx girl Glenn had much to focus on. So much so that combined with a bit of mindlessness that it didn't grasp his mind until after they were already in flight that neither he nor Shiva had actually used thought to wear the rebreathers for the return flight. Not that they would have done all that much this close to the cockatrice he figured, if she were exuding her scent at it's full power. Even with what little she was giving off floating in the air around them, the man's ill feeling slowly dispersed. Replaced with the gradual return of a pleasant lust that dulled his senses.

                            Idly he stroked the whimpering Cockatrice where she was held in his lap as he drifted into a relaxed state during the flight. His eyes closing as the sound and feeling of Sphinx purring behind him infecting his senses. Her breath hot on his neck where she was propped up, tickling his ears too with the feeling and sound of her purring along with it being felt through his body. By the time they returned to his place the constant drifting of the lustful aura had certainly had it's effect on all of them. Shiva's seat was soaked again, the cockatrice was no doubt aware of a certain growth trying to prop itself up in his lap, and he could practically feel and hear the lust in the Sphinx girl's breath. It was all enough to make him match their flushes with one of his own.

                            "Perhaps next time we won't have slow drive. I'll invest in getting a wider vehicle in the future." He commented, certain that even some kind of four seated mini vehicle would be serviceable enough. He was far better a driver at them, and the more he thought of it the more he figured he might even be able to just build one himself. The Sphinx girl's comment and lick sent a tingle running down the man's spine, and then another when he realized how close each of them probably were to losing control to the lust by this point. Each of their face's deep red by now. "W-well... let's get inside first before anything happens. Then we'll see where things go from there okay...?" He suggested, already feeling the effects of the lust start to well up again in himself as he gazed back at the brown skinned desert beauty.

                            Glenn would carry them once more if necessary back to his room, walking along with Shiva as he did so. Though he may search for some way to release Sphinx from her binding somewhat to let her walk independently if the option was available. Regardless of what happened, if didn't escape the man's mind that Sona, Penguin, and Jill would be likely still in his room waiting for his return with Shiva and the Cockatrice. Surprise most likely awaited them when they realized who their extra guest would be. The anticipation of it all left the man feeling more breathless by the second.


                              Shiva regarded Glenn's idea with disgust. "You mean like a big, fat van or something? Ugh... Just the idea of such a gross fat vehicle has me groaning." Shiva expressed her disgust of the very idea.

                              So, they all went inside and upstairs, the few who saw them turned head at the sight of it. "Is that man... Bringing... Is that is a Cockatrice and... Sphinx?" announced a green haired clerk at the desk. The brunette to her side merely stared in awe. "I will send this report to Queen." said the Brunette in a robotic way.

                              He made it up to his room, where Jill, Sona, Penguin, and Aurine were waiting for them. The sea bishop being the addition to the trio he was expecting. Aurine seemed to draw attention to herself as she paid no attention to the cockatrice, but to the grinning Sphinx instead. "Not even going to ask." she declared at the most unusual presence of the tan deity. "By the way, did you ever plan on checking back up on me? Or are you trying to leave me behind as if I'll disappear?" she inquired with irritation. Sona chimed in. "Glenn said he wanted to have an orgy with the cockatrice now, and then have you all to himself later!" she lied. Aurine's face lowered, as if feeling a mixture of emotions. "I sweat you're lying to me, but... I feel obligated to believe you, and it pisses me off." she said, before approaching Glenn, right as the pheromones seemed to hit her. As if some kind of switch in her was turned off, Aurine's face softened, and she slowly sank to her knees, as if her mind was emptied and a blush turned on her face.

                              "Master, my thoughts are becoming erratic." Jill said calmly, the golem looking a bit different in her facial expressions.

                              "I feel horny!" Sona declared with her arms in the air with excitement. She didn't look any different than before.

                              Shiva chuckled. "Well, things are getting fun in here. Surprised the fish isn't freaking out." she chuckled. Hearing herself mentioned, Aurine rose, and suddenly put her hands on Shiva's shoulders. "You wanna fight?" Shiva inquired plainly, before she rose her arms, Aurine caught her by the wrists and suddenly, passionately kissed her. Shiva struggled, to the point of being pushed down by Aurine's advances as they hit the floor, writhing together as Aurine switched to kissing and licking the same spots Glenn did. "You smell... Like Glenn~" she cooed in a haze. "T-then go lick HIM you fucking moron!" Shiva cried. "But he smells like you..." Aurine whined. "ARE YOU DUMB!?" Shiva cried out, her legs kicking about as Aurine showed surprising grappling ability and held Shiva down.

                              Sona began to struggle a bit with her armor, grunting and groaning. "Ng.... Ngh! D-damn it, I can't grow a cock!" she cried out. Then she suddenly bear hugged Glenn from behind. "Glenn, I don't like the armor anymore!" she pouted, as Glenn became subject of her dry humping. Meanwhile, the bound Sphinx lowered herself and began to make light licks at the underside of his clothed cock, adding to the moisture that dampened his pants.

                              Meanwhile, Jill saw no area to fit in, and her face was twisted with a slight hint of... Anger. Right before he suddenly heard his door open, and a certain Penguin slipped out of the room and fled the scene.


                                "A van? Heavens no! I'd settle on a truck sooner than I would a van if I needed one that badly. No... I was more thinking something muscly with four seats and a drop top." Glenn clarified to Shiva after her apparent disgust at the idea of a wider vehicle. All the while paying little mind to the on lookers the three of them passed on their way back to his room. Though he did catch their intent to inform Isabel of what just walked in. It was inevitable that it would get back to her. He hoped Isabel wouldn't freak out at the fact that she was being carried in, let alone being here at all. And if she did there was little he could do to stop it now that they were here.

                                Sure enough the others were still back in his room when they finally arrived back at it. With an added exception; Aurine was among them. Seeing the Sea Bishop again halted his lust, feeling the man with unease and a sense of dread. Especially when she asked why he hadn't yet decided to check on her, or if he ever would. "Didn't realize I was supposed to be checking up on you. I thought it was the other way around." He answered her dryly, fidgeting when Sona gave a more cheerful embellishment aimed at placating Aurine. It seemed to do just barely enough to soothe her, but despite the former mimic's advice the man found himself hard pressed to consider getting that close to Aurine again. The sea bishop's own dreadful words ringing to mind once again and leaving a bad taste in the man's mouth.

                                He watched with trepidation as Aurine approached, which turned to surprise as the others finally seemed to start being effected by the pheromones that the Cockatrice had been slowly emitting into the room. The sea bishop's face softening into an almost innocent expression as she dropped to her knees, and the others declaring their excitement at what was occurring. More surprisingly was Aurine's next reaction. Taking an interest in Shiva of all people and in a bizare turn of events ending up wrestling the girl to the ground while kissing her passionately, following the traces of his own actions on the merc girl. His sentiments echoing Shiva's but still glad that he wasn't the one ending up pinned by Aurine this time.

                                His lust began to build once more at the sight, conflicted as it was for him to feel lust as an effect of something Aurine was doing of all people, but was tempered once more when he was hugged from behind by Sona. Who wasted little time in trying to bear her own lust down on him in a way she was most concerned but seemingly couldn't summon with her current body. "Sona... stop..." The man told her as he felt an angry heat rise to his face, bitten back by the man as he struggled in her grip. Unable to hold them any longer, the Cockatrice and Sphinx were dropped from his grip, and very quickly he felt Sphinx take advantage of her position and begin to work on his clothed front. Moistening his pants further as she tried to lick at his growth through them.

                                The man barely had time to notice Penguin making a quick retreat, almost mistaking her for a tomato that rushed out of the room. He didn't mistake the look Jill gave him though, the android looking rather miffed at being the odd one out. As he desperately tried to free himself from Sona and Sphinx's attention it became increasingly clear that he hadn't the strength to do so even if he had wanted to. With no time to recover he was sure to be abused if this kept up. "J-Jill... stop them... please..." He requested, struggling to get the words out as his face contorted in discomfort as he began finding it harder and harder to breathe...